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“He lived in a golden palace.” “Ravan was the King of Lanka.” “He lived in a golden palace.” “Ravan was the King of Lanka.” “He was a devotee of Lord Shiva,
he was devotional and a scholar.” “He drove a wind chariot.” “People sang praises of him in Lanka.” “I will accept the nectar.” “Mighty Ravan. Ravan, who attained
victory over the three worlds.” “Ravan, who is omniscient. Ravan!” Glory to..
– King of Lanka, Kuber! Glory to..
– King of Lanka, Kuber! Glory to King Kuber! King, the gold and silver
that you donate everyday.. ..as a result,
no one is poor in the entire Lanka. That’s the reason,
people address Lanka as Golden Lanka. Glory to King Kuber! Yes, King. According to the horoscope,
Lanka will be surrounded by big trouble. Your brother Ravan was
praying to Lord Brahma for ages. He wants to become immortal and is
dreaming of ruling all the three worlds. As soon as he gets
a boon from Lord Brahma.. ..Ravan will attack Lanka first. Because he is influenced
by his grandpa Somali. He only listens to him.
– Yes. Somali will surely
provoke Ravan against me. Somali considers our
Lanka as his property. Forgive me, King Kuber. Ravan
is your brother, then why this anger? He is my half-brother. We both have the same father,
Vishrava Muni. But our mothers are different. King, if Ravan meditating succeeds.. ..then it will be impossible
to kill him or defeat him. What can be the solution
to this problem? Son, this is a very difficult problem. In fact, the root of all the
fights is Ravan’s grandpa, Somali. Lanka was ruled by
Somali dynasty earlier. Years ago, Somali died in a battle. Thinking that, I brought you to Lanka. But Somali returned alive. Then his daughter Kaikasi married me. And Ravan was born. Everything was going on fine. My family and I were happy. Mother, give me food quickly.
I am famished. Here, Kumbhkaran. Ravan.. Vibhishan, this is for you. And this is for my lovely daughter,
Surpanakha. Brother! It ran away! The mango isn’t falling down. Give my weapon back. I’ll never give it to you,
idiotic kid. You children have
woken me up by shouting. Go! Go away! Will you give my weapon or not? I will not give you the weapon,
but will punish you. Son, what have I taught you? When you don’t get anything by asking,
what should you do? Grandpa, we have to snatch it. Son, go ahead and snatch it. He wanted to punish me! Father? You’ve become very egoistic
with the power of these weapons. Egoistic and arrogance
are the two ornaments of demons. Yes, but it doesn’t suit children. You are giving wrong
education to my son. Who else can educate better than me?
– Sage Shukracharya. Sage Shukracharya? – Yes.
He is the guru of the demon clan. Son, you’ll learn about
the weapons and culture.. ..from Sage Shukracharya hereafter. I will make arrangements
to send you to school. Greetings, Guru.
– Live long. Ravan, you’ve completed
your weapon education today. Come son,
finish the weapon veneration. Wow, well done, prince Ravan. Prince Ravan performs veneration
and meditation of 10 years in one day. Son Ravan, you are the dream of
demon King Somali that has come true. Grandpa, my success is
the result of your blessings. Bless me. Mother, don’t be so tense. Brother Ravan must be on his way home. The day Ravan left for the school.. ..I’ve been waiting for
him since then, son Vibhishan. Today he is returning. Last few moments
are difficult to pass. Mother! Ravan! My son! Ravan! Greetings, brother. Vibhishan, my brother. How are you, son? You spent your entire
childhood in the school. I think you have returned only after
getting answers for all your questions. Yes mother, with your blessings. I don’t see Surpanakha anywhere. Brother, I am here. Surpanakha, my lovable sister. You’ve grown big. Brother, welcome. Brother, on the occasion
of your return from the school.. ..we’ve organized a celebration.
It will be fun. I think you didn’t like the
dance of these beautiful girls. You call these girls beautiful? Grandpa,
they are not ordinary damsels. They’ve been chosen from
millions of beautiful girls. Even the most beautiful girl of the
world is not like the angels of heaven. Real beauty is in heaven. And the one who sees Rambha once.. ..then the beauty of all
three worlds will look faded to him. Rambha? Nephew, Nal Kuber’s wife? She is really very beautiful.
– Yes, Ravan. You have seen her beauty. If you see her dance,
you’ll lose your patience. She dances very nicely. As though her body
is made of only meat. And doesn’t have a single bone in her. Looks like a branch of
flowers is swaying in the wind. Demon King Ravan? You are in Heaven? Yes, dear Rambha. Your dance has mesmerized me. You were watching my dance stealthily? So what’s the problem? This dance was not for you. But your dance has pleased me, Rambha. You are my father-in-law.
You are talking like this to me? My husband Nal Kuber is your nephew. Give some respect
to this relationship. Demons don’t believe in relationships. Forget all the relationships. Dance only for me the entire night. Leave my hand. – I will
not leave your hand until sunrise. Lord! Nal Kuber! Lord! Ravan! Lord.. Ravan, be ready to bear
punishment for your mistake. Will you punish me?
– Yes. I, Nal Kuber curses you. Curse! No, Nal Kuber! Ravan, I curse you! Hereafter, if you touch any
other girl without her permission.. ..or try to forcefully
marry any woman.. ..then your head will
be severed from your body.. ..and you’ll be ruined!
– No. Nal Kuber, you are like my son. Take your curse back. An arrow left from the bow
and soul left from body, never return. Ravan, my curse is asserted!
– No. If my devotion doesn’t
appease Lord Brahma.. ..then I better die rather
than living in humiliation. Greetings, Lord Brahma. Ravan, I’m happy with you. Tell me your wish. Lord Brahma,
I wish that I should never die. No animal or any
weapon should kill me. Impossible, son. Impossible. Every living thing has to die. Lord Brahma, if this is not possible.. ..then I offer you my last head. Wait, son. By respecting your ardent devotion,
I give you a boon. I am pleased, sir. I will give you nectar. Until this nectar is in your body.. ..no one can kill you. You will be immortal. Live long. I have become immortal! Forget King of Lanka.. ..I’ll become the King of heaven,
earth and universe. Ravan was meditating.. ..many years passed doing so. Here, we were in an illusion
that Somali got killed.. ..and you were made the King of Lanka. Suddenly, Somali returned. He must have provoked Ravan. What do I do now? Kuber, wait. According to the royal astrologer,
Ravan can return any time. Glory to..
– King Ravan! Glory to..
– King Ravan! Glory to..
– King Somali! Glory to..
– King of snakes, Vajranath! Glory to..
– King Ravan! Grandpa, I’ve seen King of snakes,
Vajranath’s power and brains. He can compete with me in power.. ..so instead of using power,
I will use my brains. Grandpa, why are you looking there? My destination..
your half-brother Kuber.. ..is ruling on my Lanka. Lanka belonged to you.. ..and I will make it yours again. But today is the turn
of the King of snakes. Who are you? Didn’t you get the message?
– No. Surprising? Look, here is the letter. I am King Ravan’s messenger. King of snakes, Vajranath. Who are you?
– Your friends. I am King Ravan’s messenger. I’ve brought this gift
on behalf of the King. King Ravan sent you
without sending a message. At such a late hour? Even then.. ..I welcome you all in my Kingdom. Please, have a seat. Get me a drink. Here, you are. What is this? You are attacking
a King being a messenger. I am not a messenger, but Ravan. Why did you betray? – I didn’t
betray you. This is politics. Without losing any of my soldiers.. ..I will win over your Kingdom. Where is he? Glory to..
– King Ravan! Demon King,
we will obey all your orders. Glory to..
– King Ravan! After Nagraj.. ..the time has come,
to defeat other Kings.. ..or kill them. So that you rule the entire world. Sure. Son Ravan, like you won this throne.. ..same way, I would wish to see
you sitting on the throne of Lanka. Sure. But Kuber is my elder brother. So, we have to send
a peace message to Kuber. Your decision is right. Brother.. Welcome to Lanka. Ravan, accept a small
gift from your brother Kuber. Brother Kuber.. ..the mountain of diamonds,
pearls, gold and silver.. ..has not pleased me,
but I’m happy seeing your respect. I have a wish.
You settle in Lanka with your family. Eat, drink and have fun. Stay peacefully. It is our culture. Only eating,
drinking and having fun is not life. I wish that all the gods, monsters,
snakes and demons of the world.. ..and us become one. There shouldn’t be any
tiffs or battles between them. There shouldn’t be any fights,
what can be better than this? But until everyone doesn’t
come under one King.. ..and believe one culture.. ..there are chances
of battle taking place. Ravan, it is clear that you
are challenging me for a battle. No King,
Ravan is your younger brother. That’s the reason,
I allowed him inside Lanka. Lanka doesn’t belong to you, but me. I am the King of Lanka.
Lanka belongs to me. It would be better if your father
Vishwara Muni solves this problem. He won’t do injustice. I think,
King Kuber should consult him. You are right. So Ravan reached Lanka? Father, not only Lanka.. ..Ravan wants to sit
on the throne of Lanka. Ravan too is my son. But Somali’s thoughts have
effected Ravan so badly that.. ..he raised his weapon
against his own brother. Father, you should
solve this problem now. Ravan is of very arrogant nature. He won’t respect anyone. So, son.. ..don’t fight with Ravan. You give him Lanka. Leave Lanka. I should leave Lanka?
– Yes. – Never. Your betterment lies in this. What betterment lies in giving
away your rights like a coward? It is not right to risk
your life unnecessarily. I don’t care if I lose my life.
I will be called a martyr. It is not just about your life.. ..it is a King’s duty.. ..that he protects
everyone in his Kingdom. Ravan has become very arrogant
by getting powers from Lord Brahma. Ravan can kill so many people
to fulfill his desires that.. ..they can touch the sky.
– No. If this battle takes place,
then your golden Lanka.. ..will become a cemetery.
– No. I can never think of
this in my worst nightmare. I’m saying this to
avoid this nightmare. Save yourself from the
grave sin of killing humans. Sacrifice.. leave Lanka.
– Then where should I go? You leave Lanka and
establish Alkapuri in North. Father, you are right. I will listen to you
and am ready to leave Lanka. Live long. Glory to..
– The King of Lanka, Ravan. Son Ravan, I’m very happy today. I wish you success
on the throne of Lanka. Live long, son. Son Ravan, you are great. Because of you,
my long lost dream came true. The vow that I had taken of
snatching Lanka, you fulfilled it. You defeated Kuber and made me proud. By sitting on the throne of Lanka,
you’ve made me happy. Grandpa, I’ve just acquired Lanka now. I have to attain victory over
the three worlds from earth to sky. With this aim, I have decided that
brother Vibhishan, uncle Akkampan.. ..and you will be given
a special place in my court. Glory to the King of Lanka! Other than this,
I’ve decided that I will give.. ..a part of India
to my sister Surpanakha. Glory to..
– King Ravan! Please save me from that monster. Hand over that girl to me. This girl is under my protection now. Father.. You are great.
By saving my daughter’s life.. ..you’ve done a big favor on me. Sage, who are you?
– I am Mayasur. The god King of Devgiri mountain. I am Ravan.
– I know. She is my daughter, Mandodari. She is beautiful. Mesmerizing. Your daughter is like an angel. You are right. Her mother Hema was an angel. I want to get her married
and stay carefree. What’s there to worry? Anybody would be ready
to marry such beautiful girl. But I can’t get an angel’s
daughter married to a common man. I was coming to you with this problem. What do you mean? I meant, there would be
no suitable groom for Mandodari.. ..other than you, Ravan. I have no problem in getting married
to your daughter. Forgive me, King. Please forgive me. How dare you! You disturbed me while I was praying? Royal mother Kaikasi’s
orders forced me to do so. What did mother say? She is unwell. She wants to meet you right away. King of Lanka,
demon King Ravan is coming inside. Greetings, mother. What can I do for you? Live long. Son, you’ve done a lot for me. I won’t trouble you anymore. Serving mother is not trouble,
but a good deed. I wish that you too become immortal. So that I am fortunate
to serve you all my life. If the life is of million years.. ..the human gets tired of it. But you’ll not understand this now. No matter even if you
live for a few years.. ..but if you’ve lived it
to the fullest, that’s enough. If you have any wish, tell me. I just have a last wish. I wish to meet my Lord Shiv Shankar. My life will be complete. Mother, with your blessings
your son has so much power.. ..that he can pick you up.. ..and take you to the Kailash Mountains
where Lord Shiva resides. But I don’t have
so much strength in me. I can’t even move.
– Okay. I will get Lord Shiv here. What if he doesn’t come? Then I will force him to come. He has to come. Who are you?
– I am King of Lanka, Ravan. Who are you to stop me on the way? I am Lord Shiva’s bull, Nandi. I want to meet your Lord. Fool, it is not easy to meet the Lord. Leave immediately or you’ll
be burnt to ashes by Lord’s anger. Does your Lord vent
his anger on his devotees? My mother is a devotee of Lord Shiv. It is her last wish to see Lord Shiv. So?
– I will request him. Impossible. Lord will not come. I have promised my mother
to get Lord Shiv with me. Will you take him forcefully
if he doesn’t come? If he doesn’t agree, I can do that. I will pick him up along
with Kailash Mountain. You are a fool. I won’t let you go near him. Go away! No! Lord Shiv will handle
this strange beast. Hey, idiotic demon. If you want to live,
apologize to Lord. Pacify him. If Lord gets happy.. ..he can forgive you. If not, you will suffer all your life. But Nandi, how can I pacify Lord Shiv? How can I make him happy? Do you know how to sing?
– Yes. Lord Shiv likes apology,
drums, and Tandav dance. Try if you can. The rest is your fate. I understood. Hey Lord Shiv, I made a grave mistake. Forgive me, Lord. Hereafter, I become your devotee. Please, accept my apologies. Forgive me, Lord Shiv. Your pleading has touched my heart. Lord Shiv, I am very thankful to you.
I am blessed. Hereafter,
I become your ardent devotee. Hereafter, you are my Lord. I forgive your mistake. I gift my sword, Chandrahas, to you. I give you a boon that you will
always attain victory on your enemies. Lord, I’m very happy
with your gesture and boon. But I came here for a special reason. I know.. Lord Shiva, you? You are here?
– Yes, lady. I am very blessed, Lord. I’m blessed. Your son Ravan had promised you.. ..I fulfilled it, lady. Serving and taking care of a mother
is equal to serving and praying to me. I am very happy with
my disciple, Ravan. Lord, my son Ravan.. ..is a little arrogant.
He doesn’t listen to anyone. Forgive him for his mistakes. Finally, give him salvation. He will surely attain salvation
if Lord Vishnu wishes. Son.. you made me happy. I will pray to God that
all your desires are fulfilled. Mother, with yours
and Lord’s blessings.. ..and the gift given by him.. ..I can fulfill my desire of attaining
victory over all the three worlds. Now no one can stop
me from moving ahead. Mandodari, I’m proud of you. You’ve given me such
a courageous son.. ..who will make me proud. Meghnath, you are great. Except one, no one in the world.. ..has strength and courage like you. Is it? Who is he? Your father, Ravan. Son Meghnath, did you see? I have defeated the
Kings of three heavens.. ..Yam, Kuber and Varun. And today I will defeat Lord Indra. Sure, father. Save us! It is Kumbhkaran. Move away. Run! Save us, Lord! Save us! Father, we won! I’ve confined the God
of three worlds, Indra. Son Meghnath,
you’ve made all the demons proud. We attained victory. Now we will leave for Lanka. Wait, Ravan.
– Lord Brahma, you? Meghnath, I am very happy
with your strength and courage.. ..I name you as Indrajeet.
You are a warrior. Release Lord Indra. But Lord Brahma..
– Ravan.. If Meghnath releases Lord Indra.. ..in return,
I am ready to give a boon to your son. What boon?
– Whatever you wish for. Can you give me a boon.. ..that no one can
defeat me in any battle? So be it. Before the battle.. ..if you perform special
prayers for Goddess Nikumbala.. ..then you’ll never
get defeated in any battle. Lord, I’m blessed with your boon. Greetings, Lord Brahma. But Meghnath, remember one thing.. ..if you are disturbed
by any of the enemy.. ..during the special
prayer before any battle.. ..then you’ll be killed
by the same enemy. I agree. Son Meghnath, you are Indrajeet. King of Lanka,
there’s a disturbing news. Uncle Mareej. King of Lanka. Uncle, how did this happen? Nothing is left. Everything turned into ashes.
Mother Taadka.. ..and brother Subahu also got killed. Taadka and Subahu also got killed? Who did this? They are two human princes, Ayodhya’s
King Dashrath’s sons, Ram and Laxman. Dashrath’s sons, Ram and Laxman? Do they have a powerful
army mightier than the demons? No, Ravan.
Ram and Laxman were here all alone. Ram and Laxman used
their divine weapons.. ..and killed the demon army. What was their enmity? Our enmity was with Vishwamitra. On your orders, we used to destroy.. ..the holy fire prayers
that he performed. This time, to protect his procedure.. ..he brought Ram and Laxman along. They did this to the demon clan. I will not spare Ram and Laxman. Where are they? They both have gone
to Mithila with Vishwamitra. Mithila’s King Janak.. ..has organized a wedding
competition for his daughter Sita. They’ve gone to take part in it. They are attending a competition
after killing my army? Let me also go there and see.. ..how powerful these princes are. Will you turn the competition
ground into battlefield? No, uncle. I will first know about my enemies. But you are not invited
in the competition. I will not go there as King of Lanka.. ..but disguised as
a common man. – What? King of Lanka, Ravan? You recognized me, King Banasur? Do you wish to marry Sita
by winning this competition? – No. I’m here with other reason. Okay. Who are the boys with Vishwamitra? They both are,
King of Ayodhya, Dashrath’s sons. Ram and Laxman.
– Ram, Laxman! Honorable guests, King of Mithila.. ..Janak..
welcomes you all to his Kingdom. I will get my daughter
Sita married to the man.. ..who will pick Lord Shiva’s
bow and place an arrow on it. Lord Shiva’s bow? Please come and try. What’s the matter, King of Lanka? Princess Sita is
divine like a Goddess. For her, forget the bow.. ..I can pick the burden
of all the three worlds. I think, there’s no courageous
man left on this earth. There’s no power left in the warriors. King of Mithila,
don’t worry unnecessarily. I am still left.
– Who are you? I am Lord Shiv’s devotee,
King of Lanka, Ravan! Stop laughing! I would’ve left from here right away.. ..but I want to see.. ..if any man can pick this bow or not. The bow that no one could
even pick up, this boy broke it? I think Ram has been
blessed by the Gods. What are you thinking? I am thinking, the bow of Lord Shiv,
which I couldn’t even move.. ..how that human being could
pick it up and break it so easily? I have a doubt. Hope Ram is not a
God disguised as human. Your doubt may be right. This is not impossible. Then even I have to think. I will surely avenge Ram and Laxman. But not now. Brother! Brother! King of Lanka! Surpanakha, what’s the matter? Brother, see this.
Look at your sister’s condition. Which demon did this to you? Not a demon, but a human.
– A human? Who is he? – One is Ram and
the other is his brother Laxman. I had sent an army of 14000
soldiers with you for your protection. The entire demon army has
been killed by Ram and Laxman. What? Impossible! Impossible! Brother, this is true. They both are dangerous warriors. I will teach such a
lesson to Ram and Laxman.. ..that the entire world
will remember till eternity. Uncle Mareej,
wipe the sweat from your brow. It is not good for you
to get scared being a demon. Ram is not an ordinary man. No conspiracy will work against them. Enough, uncle. Enough! Just obey my orders. I don’t want to hear anything. Lord, look, a golden deer. Yes. I saw it. It is beautiful, isn’t it?
Please catch it for me. Sita, a woman’s desire
melts any strong man’s heart. I have to respect your desire. Laxman..
– Yes, brother? I am going. Until I return,
take care of your sister-in-law. Okay, brother. I won’t be able to catch
this deer in this way. Help me! Help me! Laxman?
– I knew this was an illusion. Laxman, save me! Laxman! Laxman! Save me, Laxman! Laxman! Save me, Laxman! He is calling you for help. You go immediately.
– But I can’t leave you alone. Don’t worry about me. Go! Don’t delay. If I obey your orders, what
about the orders given by brother? No matter what happens,
don’t cross this line. Okay Laxman. You hurry up. Deceit? Sita? Give me alms. Give me alms. Give me alms.
– Sure. Sage, take this. I am a sage. I’m not untouchable for
you to give me alms from so far. I am helpless. Please take this. No, lady. Give me alms. Listen to me, sage! Okay. I cannot commit the sin
of sending a sage empty-handed. Leave me! No one can save you now!
– Lord! Laxman! Come on! Come on! No use of resisting. Come with me. Laxman..
– You called me for help. It was the conspiracy of that demon. Conspiracy with us? We have to go to Sita immediately. Sita? Sita? Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law! Sita is not to be seen anywhere. I had instructed sister-in-law
not to cross this divine line. Laxman.. Sita is surely in trouble. Somebody save me! Save me!
Somebody save me from this beast! Sita? King of eagles, Jatayu? Dear Sita, don’t worry. Move from my way! King of eagles! Oh Ram! Surpanakha! Surpanakha! Surpanakha, did you see my revenge? I abducted Sita and brought her here. Sita is depressed
missing her husband.. ..then how depressed
her husband must be. Ram will suffer to death. Guards! Take Sita to Ashok Garden. Vibhishan, what are you saying? Brother, I’m telling the truth. Abducting someone’s wife is a sin.
It is unmoral. This is not revenge.. it will
be the beginning of our ruination. Vibhishan!
– Return Sita respectfully to Ram.. ..and put an end to this right now. Sita can never step
out of Lanka’s palace. Will you confine Sita? I won’t confine her, I will marry her. King of Lanka. Brother, I think you’ve forgotten
about Brahma’s and Nal Kuber’s cruse. ‘I curse you that, hereafter..’ ‘..if you forcefully
marry any woman..’ ‘..your head will be
severed from your body..’ ‘..and you’ll be ruined!’
– No. Until Sita doesn’t agree to marry me.. ..I will confine her. Dear Sita, have food.
Until when will you stay hungry? Until my husband doesn’t
come to take me from here. Sita, he will never come. Forget Ram and marry me. Never! You don’t know Ravan’s anger! Sita! No, King of Lanka. No! Mandodari, explain to her.
If she doesn’t agree to marry.. ..then I will kill her. Greetings, mother. Who are you?
– I am Lord Ram’s messenger. My name is Hanuman. This finger ring is a
memorabilia of my Lord Ram. Mother, don’t cry. Mother, permit me.. ..I will take you to him. But by doing this,
he will be humiliated. It is better that he comes. Punish cruel Ravan and take me along. Mother, so it be. Lord Ram will surely come here. Hey monkey, who are you? First you tell me who you are? Don’t you know Ravan’s son,
Akshay Kumar? You must be..
Even I am Lord Ram’s devotee, Hanuman. Catch him! Come on! He killed prince Akshay Kumar. Lord Brahma’s weapon? Monkey, you’ll surely
be given death punishment. Because you are the murderer
of my son, Akshay Kumar. Who are you?
– I will introduce myself. First let me sit. Hail Lord Ram. Hail Lord Ram. Hail Lord Ram. Hail Lord Ram. I am the God of Wind’s son, Hanuman. I’m Lord Ram’s messenger. Send Lord Ram’s wife Sita
back to him respectfully.. ..and apologize to him. And if I don’t do that? Then Lord Ram will come here.. ..and will punish
you for your mistakes. I will surely punish you. Kill this monkey. Forgive me, Ravan. You can’t kill a messenger. The tail that he used
to sit opposite to me.. ..burn that tail. First.. our son Akshay died.. ..and now Lanka is burning. Since you’ve brought Sita here,
only destruction is happening. You return Sita to Ram. Mandodari, it is not possible. King of Lanka.. We’ve got news that Ram.. ..has taken the help of the
King of monkeys, Sugreev and Hanuman.. ..and has built a big monkey army. And Ram is preparing to attack Lanka. Brother, there’s only
one way to stop this ruination. To avoid this battle,
return Sita to Ram.. ..and apologize to him. Vibhishan, hold your tongue! I will never apologize to Ram! Brother, your ego will ruin Lanka. You don’t know Lord Ram’s power. Ram! Ram! Ram! Coward! Being my brother,
you are praising an enemy? Go away! Go to Ram! Brother, you’ve permitted me,
so I will surely do that. I am going to Ram. Hail Lord Ram. Your devotee Vibhishan
greets you, Lord. Did Ravan send you as a messenger? No Lord, Ravan shunned me. I have come to take
shelter to my Lord Ram. Glory to..
– Lord Ram! Glory to..
– Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram! Hail King of Lanka! Laxman! Meghnath, you are great. Laxman fell unconscious
by your Lord Brahma’s weapon. Tomorrow Ram will get defeated. Then his entire army
will be imprisoned by us. Sure.. Lord Brahma’s
weapon never fails. Laxman will not live until tomorrow. Meghnath, why do you look so worried? Laxman is alive.
– Alive? How could he escape the
attack of Lord Brahma’s weapon? By getting the Sanjeevani
herb before sunrise.. ..Hanuman saved Laxman. No! I made a mistake by sparing Hanuman. I have to reform this mistake. Wake up brother Kumbhkaran. Brother, what’s the matter? To avenge Surpanakha’s humiliation.. ..I abducted Ram’s wife, Sita. Now, we’ve lost millions
of soldiers in the battle with Ram. Okay. I have to keep up the
dignity of the demon clan. But I want to have food first. Then I will fight. I will fight with Kumbhkaran. Khan, Durshan, Trishara.. ..and the other sons got killed. Now, brother Kumbhkaran. Everyone died because
of your ego and arrogance. Mandodari, Meghnath is still alive. If not today, you will use
him to battle against Ram in future. Mandodari, Meghnath is an important
flower of the garland of my victory. He is a threat to enemies. Mother, it is possible. I have a boon for
which I have to venerate.. ..Goddess Nikumbala before the battle.. ..then even an army
of billions can’t defeat me. Live long. Imposter,
you walk on the path of injustice? Sinners,
you’ve disturbed my veneration. No Hanuman, the secret is.. ..only he can kill Meghnath
who has disturbed his prayers. ‘But remember one thing, Meghnath..’ ‘..if your special
veneration is disturbed..’ ‘..by any enemy
before your battle..’ ‘..then you’ll be
killed by the same enemy.’ Uncle. You traitor! So what if Meghnath died? I am still alive. I am immortal! I will fight with Ram now. Laxman! Murderer of my son Meghnath,
confront me! I will kill you first! Ravan, the one who defeats an enemy in
the battle is not called a murderer. Even you can’t escape
from my arrows today. Hanuman, you take care of Laxman. I will confront Ravan. Greetings, Lord. I am Matali. I’m Lord Indra’s charioteer. Lord Indra has sent
his chariot for you. Please, come. Ram, today you’ll surely
get defeated and die. Because I’m immortal. If you had so much
confidence on yourself.. ..then why were you hiding
like cowards until now? Today I will kill you
and settle the scores. I am immortal! Lord, this cruel Ravan
will not die so easily. ‘Lord Brahma, I ask for a boon..’ ‘..that other than human,
no animal or beast..’ ‘..can kill me.
– So be it.’ Lord, forgive me. To fulfill Lord Brahma’s boon.. ..and to reform me,
you had to take an avatar of a human. One of the pillars of the
three pillars had to come to earth. I am blessed, Lord. I am pleased by your gesture. I committed many sins.. ..but I will surely
attain salvation by you. Lord, my life will be remembered
as a teaching till eternity. Whenever people talk about injustice,
atrocities and ego.. ..the entire world will
learn from my destruction and end. And they’ll sing praises
of your greatness. Hail Lord Ram. Vibhishan, perform the last
rites of Ravan with royal respect. As you wish, Lord. Glory to..
– Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram!
– Hail Lord Ram! Glory to..
– Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram!
– Hail Lord Ram! Glory to..
– Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram!
– Hail Lord Ram! “He lived in a golden palace.” “Ravan was the King of Lanka.” “He was a devotee of Lord Shiva,
he was devotional and scholar.” “He drove a wind chariot.” “People sing praises of him in Lanka.” “I will accept the nectar.” “Mighty Ravan.” “Ravan, who attained victory
over the three worlds.” “Ravan, who is an omniscient.” “Ravan!” “Ravan!” “Ravan!” “Ravan!” “He lived in a golden palace.” “Ravan was the King of Lanka.” “He won the three worlds
by worshipping Lord Shiva.” “Lord Shiva gave him
Lanka and the trident.” “When he started doing atrocities,
Lord Ram took avatar.” “Mighty Ravan.” “Ravan, who attained victory
over the three worlds.” “Ravan, who is an omniscient.” “Ravan!” “Ravan!” “Ravan!” “Ravan!” “He set out to take revenge
from Lord by abducting Sita.” “His golden kingdom burnt
to ashes and he ruined his own clan.” “There was a commotion.
Ram killed Ravan.” “Mighty Ravan.” “Ravan, who attained victory
over the three worlds.” “Ravan, who is an omniscient.” “Ravan was the King of Lanka.”


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