‘Re-Skilling the Mid-Career Workforce’ Town Hall Panelists On Unemployment | WorkingNation

There seems to be more to unemployment than the rate. I mean this is we cover the jobs report coming out. We cover
the unemployment report. We see this general trend line going downwards and wow there’s so many people that are employed or at least the unemployment rate is so
low, but there’s more to it than that given what we’re seeing. We can’t rebuild our country, we can’t maintain our country when you know 38% of the people are sitting on the sidelines. A lot of people were
downwardly mobile, okay? In other words they’re not making what they made before
as Jane said maybe they’re working a couple of jobs. A gig job you know? The
people who like gig jobs tend to be in their 20s, not people in their 40s and
50s. At least there is some likelihood that when they get up the next day and
go in there their job will still be there. Now there’s fewer and fewer jobs like that and that’s part of the forces of
change that we’re all talking about that unfortunately you cannot repeal. So now
we have to figure out how to adapt. I think it’s the responsibility of
everyone who touches the workforce system, right? Employers have to you know one – be willing to share what information they have and talk about how we how job
seekers can access their career pathways. Training providers have
to ensure that the work that they’re doing is leading to actual roles and not
just training for the sake of training. And job seekers as well have to ensure
that they have the skills that they’re ready, that they’re flexible in terms of
attaining work. And I think that’s why we created that program that we’ll talk
about more today the New Start Career Network for the older, long-term
unemployed workers because they were in a sense nobody’s customer in the
government, you know? They exhausted their unemployment insurance. They’re obviously not going to the community colleges to start. So who is who is
helping them and unfortunately we had one of the highest rates and still do
have one of the highest rates of long-term unemployment in the country, in our own state. We’ve put together a coalition about 25 different
organizations. Hundreds of volunteer coaches. Some of them are here today to
address a problem that was not being addressed. And I just want to say while we’re on the point of government. Government may not be the answer but it can be an impediment.

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