(Elle) Hi i’m Elle Mills and today i’m going to be reacting to High School beef with my High School teacher (Elle) I graduated last year and all this beef is from graduating students (Elle) Our graduating class had a Facebook group and a lot of S*** went down (Elle) We start off right after we graduate (Elle) Jada posts “ANYONE DOWN FOR GRAD REUNION AT BOWLING” (Elle) Katsia goes “Ok its been like 2 months since school started. Do we really need a reunion yet. (Elle) Well a lot of us don’t live in Ottawa anymore, sorry wanting to see people (Elle) There are some people i’d love to see again but a lot of us are footing a high bill that we can’t go and do anything pricey. Some need to pay for rent, tuition, food i’m just trying to flatten out some flaws HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (Teacher) What is she talking about? (Elle) I don’t know (Teacher) It went from like wanting to see people to I have bills to pay HAHAHAHAHAH (Elle) and then so all of a sudden randomly people started roasting everyone in the grad group by saying hi my name is this person and a roast (Elle) and it just went insane (Elle) Hi my name is David and i have a strict 10th grade only policy (Teacher) WOAH. That’s Low. (Elle) Hi i’m Jamie and Adam and we both hook up with the same girls but really we wanna hook up with each other HAHAHAHAHA (Teacher) They need to go to confession for that (Elle) My names Chris i’m living up first year because I know i won’t have a second HAHAHAHAH (Teacher) He’s come such a long way, why do they have to be so mean to him? (Elle) My names Mitchell and I hoverhand my mom HAHAHAHAHA (Teacher) That’s so weird (Teacher) So Sean goes “hey guys, half an hour till my birthday!” (Elle) Windell goes “Hi, i’m Sean and i’m using the recent popularity of this group to get people to care about my birthday” (Teacher) Ooooooooh that is like cutthroat, that is like really mean. (Elle) Hi, i’m Elle Mills and I don’t know how to pronounce people’s names on the announcements so i make *** do it. (Elle) and I go “hi i’m Elle Mills and i didn’t want to f*** ************************* so I made **** do it HAHAHAHAHAHA (Teacher) I know ******* as so sweet and innocent that this is scarring me for life (Elle) After all these roasts, you know how I was Valedictorian (Teacher) Mhmmm (Elle) I quoted my last line (Elle) and now it’s time for us to leave ***** and share the kindness that it taught us with the world. HAHAHAHAHAH (Elle) So someone goes again, we’re going back to the bowling. (Elle) Anyone down for grad reunion at bowling (Elle) Katsia goes naw (Elle) Someone goes ok fun sponge gotta absorb the fun out of everything (Elle) and then she kind of just goes into something about the angels? (Elle) Right? And then she goes Lucifer was the most beautiful of all angels and most beloved by the lord. But when Lucifer refused to bow to MAN the lord ripped his wings away and condemned him to hell for eternity. (Elle) and I responded with this photo (teacher) Gosh that’s a little bit out there (Elle) Kevin posted in the group, Elvis you canto run i’m calling the police under you (Elle) This is randomly in the group and were all like what??? No one talked in the group (Elle) And he goes Elvis, nice post on kijiji you got there Selling my monitor that you stole? (Teacher) What? (Elle) And then elvis goes lol Kevin nobody took anything from you! (Elle) Elvis, I will drop the police case against you, if you don’t f*** with me again (Elle) And I wrote i’m sorry but like what the actual f*** is happening HAHAHAHAHA (Elle) How do you feel about all that beef? (Teacher) There’s somethings I think I perfer not to know. Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed that video. Thanks to Ms. M for doing it Today’s video is dedicated to Janessa M. Someone who I alway see supporting my sister’s channel and I saw that she commented on the new video I did with my sister. I remember meeting you at the meet and greet. So you were very sweet and you had a hot boyfriend. So this one is for you. Hope you enjoyed. And besides that, that’s it for me and I’ll see you guys next video. Also if you wanna go any watch the video I’m talking about, it’s in the description below.


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