Reagan And Nick Intercept Jess In The Hall | Season 6 Ep. 12 | NEW GIRL

– Jess.
– Jess! Hey, there she is! Oh, me. Hey. Huh. Sorry to interrupt. Are you rereading “The
Pepperwood Chronicles”? It is actually
my very first time. A TPC virgin. Yeah. I don’t believe it. I’ll get out of your hair. No, no, no, stay. What is all that
stuff in your hands? I’m totaling my assets. It’s really bleak. You can’t say that and
then not elaborate, right? No, I feel like we
should really unpack this. Really? Definitely. Thanks, guys. Well, Robby’s medical bills are
a fifth of a million dollars. And I’m freaking out. I almost rounded up
all my ballet flats and sold them on, the premier website for used flats.

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