Real Doctor Reacts to GREY’S ANATOMY #4 | Medical Drama Review

– If I loved you, not the woman that I’m trying to make you be– – What is happening right now? I think it’s a beautiful day
to save lives, don’t you agree? (squeals) – I’m gonna like being married. It’s the wedding part that’s ridiculous. (laughing) (pager beeping) (groans) Party’s over. – You know what’s funny? Even though this show was
filmed so long ago, this scene of them hanging around and
having pagers still rings true. All my residents still
carry their beepers around and they get paged, and
they have to interrupt what they’re doing to go
respond to an emergency. Now, we’re not surgical residents, we’re family medicine residents, but equally as important,
just on different terms. – You marrying Burke, it’s a sign. A sign that people like
you and me can do this. Be healthy, be happy. – Did she just steal my line in the show? – They found the fourth climber. Vitals are stabilizing after fluids, but– – I thought he was dead. – He was, according to his friends. Did the CT show him bleeding? – We haven’t done a CT yet. – I don’t understand. You said there was a head trauma. – Yeah, there’s been a little head trauma. Ice axe to the head. – Whoa. So you really need, probably,
a neurosurgery consult at this point for having an ice pick stuck in this gentleman’s head. Now, as I told you
earlier on this channel, if you ever get hit with something and it stays inserted into you, a knife, an ice pick, whatever it is, you don’t take it out because
it’s putting pressure on there to prevent you from bleeding out. So, if you take that ice pick
out, what’s gonna happen? The person’s gonna bleed,
especially from the skull. If you ever needed to get
staples placed in your scalp because you cut yourself,
you know how much it bleeds. Even the smallest little cut on the scalp bleeds a tremendous amount. It’s actually really scary. But it’s only because there’s a lot of blood supply to that area, not because there’s a lot of damage to that area. So just keep that in mind. – My wife came into my hospital and you neglected to tell me? – Doctor-patient confidentiality. – It’s actually a very
difficult place to find yourself because, if you have one of
your colleagues, family members as your patient, you want
to share and you feel like you should be able to
share, but in reality, you can’t. I actually treat a lot of my
colleagues, even my attendings, when I was a resident, their children. And as a result, the things
that their children tell me, I can’t share with them. Only when they’re brought
into the room by the patient or the patient expressed the fact that I can discuss their case with them, do I then incorporate them
into the conversation. But in reality, it’s two separate people. Just because I know
both of you doesn’t mean I can freely talk about
your care to one another. There’s some things we
share with our family, some things we don’t, and that’s a right. – She’s unconscious. There are medical decisions to be made! Legally, I have the right to know! I have a right! – She might be having a miscarriage. – What’s wrong with me? – I’m going to explain
everything to you, I promise. But right now, we need to get
you up to the surgical floor. – [Patient] Surgery? What about my babies? – Well, I think those
babies are coming out today. – But, I haven’t decided. I haven’t chosen parents. I need time to decide. – It looked like he was doing
an ultrasound of her heart, which is an echocardiogram. I didn’t follow the case
from the previous story, but it sounds like she’s pregnant and she’s acting as a
surrogate to give the child to one of the two families there. I wonder what could be
going on with her heart that they need to take
her for an operation? The medical curiosity in me is a-peaking! – How’s Rena? – I need to get a CT adrenal, but I’m pretty sure it’s
a tear in her aorta. Her heart is about to blow. – Whoa! So, dissecting an aortic
aneurysm is when there’s an aneurysm within the
aorta, which is the largest blood vessel that comes off of the heart and brings blood to the rest of your body. An aneurysm, first of all,
is a weakness in the wall where it actually protrudes out. So, if you imagine your
artery being like a balloon, and then one area of the
balloon is very weak, so it creates almost like an outpouching. When that happens, that wall’s
very susceptible to bursting and rupturing because it
doesn’t have all the layers that the rest of the artery has. So, what can happen is
you can have a dissecting aortic aneurysm, where it’s getting so bad that that weak arterial wall
is literally about to burst, and that patient can
rightfully bleed out and die because of all the bleeding internally. So you have to go for surgery immediately. I just don’t know how this
is happening in such a calm situation because it’s
really a medical emergency or a surgical emergency where you need to go, go, go, and start the operation. – I didn’t page you. Go home and get some sleep. – Yeah, but I’m here already, so– – You’re getting married
in less than 12 hours. – (music drowns out speaker) – Well, Burke’s getting married
too, and he gets to operate. – There’s only one Preston Burke. – There’s only one Christina Yang. – I’ve given you the
day off, the whole day. It’s a kindness, take it. It’s your wedding day. There will always be more surgeries. – But– – Really, what would you rather be doing? Prepping a patient or
prepping for your wedding? Go home. – Those who love our jobs
and who are passionate about our jobs, we want to be there. But, at times, we have to pump the brakes and realize that, if we want
to perform better at work, it’s actually ideal to take some time off. This is why one of the biggest
problems that people face is that as they make more
money, you would think they would become more
financially independent, therefore take more time
off, but in reality, they just become slaves to
their money and to their job. It’s really important to not burn out because too many people in
our society right now are working day in and day
out, and there’s times we need to do that and we
need to put our foot down, but then there’s also times
where we need to understand that a break will actually
yield better results. – They recovered Lonnie’s body? – Not his body, he’s alive. So why don’t you tell
me what really happened up there with the mountain? – So, I’m assuming,
because I don’t know a lot about this case, they’re on a mountain, they were trapped, there’s
frostbite happening. Frostbite generally
happens on areas that have less circulation, and
areas that not only have less circulation, but
are ones that your body will decrease blood flow to
in order to conserve warmth. So, for example, if you
ever see your hands get blue when you’re really cold, that’s your body naturally protecting
yourself from losing heat. What it does is redirects
the blood back to your core so that you stay warm, your
vital organs stay well profuse with blood flow, and you
don’t need a lot of blood flow to keep your hands alive. So, if they look blue,
that’s what’s happening. There’s also a condition
called Raynaud’s Phenomenon. You have an ultrasensitive
reaction to cold. So, just being in a cold location
for a short period of time will make your hands turn blue. A simple test for that is to
put your hand in cold water, and I’m not recommending you do this, but you could put your hand in cold water and take it right out. If your hand turns blue really quickly, you have what’s known as Raynaud’s. – It was an accident. – I feel like it’s not McDreamy’s place to make the decision on whether
or not it was an accident. In this scenario, if I have
people talking about self-harm, or I don’t know what you would call this, like an assault-type situation. Even if you think it may be
on accident or self-defense, you have to get the authorities involved. I think that’s the ideal situation. Maybe not right in this
moment because no one’s escaping here, they all
look really injured, but at some point, you have to
get the authorities involved. – So, should I be worried or something? – Should you be worried
that I met a woman? No. Should you worried that, for me, flirting with that woman was
the highlight of my week? Yeah, you should be worried or something. – (laughs) What kind of threat was that? That’s manipulative, McDreamy. Don’t do that. – I just checked, Chief
Resident hasn’t been posted yet. – No, no, I wasn’t looking for– – Yeah, you were. – (laughs) Yeah okay, I was. – For those of you who
don’t know, Chief Resident is a really important position. Even more important when
you’re a surgical resident. I’ll give you an example. In family medicine, the senior
attendings all sit together on a committee and nominate who’s going to be the Chief Resident. Generally, the way it works
is the Chief Resident, in their last year of residency,
takes on the additional role of doing all the
scheduling, all the organizing of the rest of the junior residents. In internal medicine,
they may actually stay on for a fourth additional year. To do that, consult on difficult
cases, work in specialties that they feel they need more help in, or they use it as an opportunity
to showcase themselves for fellowship positions
that they may have not gotten or to make themselves more competitive in the upcoming match. Very prestigious, but very
difficult to be successful in. – Housing a human for nine long months is all that I can think about. The thoughts are invading
the surgeries that I love, and it’s hormonal and horrible,
but it is happening to me. – You want to have a baby. – (laughs) Did one resident
just ask another resident to impregnate her
because she wants a baby? I hope I’m missing something
and they’re actually in a long-term relationship,
and that was their way of talking about it. – Pressure’s dropped to 60. She’s bringing it down. Edison, how much longer? – Rupturing the membrane now. I just need two minutes
to get these babies out. – Make it one. She’s flat-lined. Stephen, start compressions. – Yay, they’re starting chest compressions before shocking the patient first! I’m sorry I’m so excited
that a patient’s flat-lining, but I’m just happy that he
said start chest compressions before whipping out the machine to shock. – Clamp. – Come on, come on. (cries) – Second baby’s out. Okay, go. – Oh, my God. But look at those horrible
chest compressions happening in the background. Oh, my God. The doctors, they’re
going like this. (laughs) Hold on. That is not 100 beats per minutes. That’s not two inches deep. Chest compressions, chest
compressions, chest compressions! I think I’m yelling it every video. – Is he going to wake up? – Do you want him to? – What? – The axe in his head was
put there deliberately. I just want to give you three
guys another opportunity to tell me the truth. – You’re not a cop! (groans) – What’s going on? – She started cramping and then
she got really diaphoretic. – Alert (background noise drowns
out speaker) to a possible DNC due to an incomplete miscarriage. – So, a DNC is a dilation and curettage. It’s basically a medical procedure to get the uterine contents out. That can be really important
if there is bleeding going on, you’re trying to figure out where the source of
bleeding is coming from. This is something you
need to do very urgently. I understand why, because
this patient is bleeding out, diaphoretic, cramping … Cramping means that
there’s bleeding, probably, happening in the uterine cavity. We need to diagnosis and treat it simultaneously with a DNC. – She went into early DIC. I gave her blood, platelets, FFP. Pregnancy at 52 is dangerous. I tried everything. I couldn’t save … (emotional music) – Oh, wow. (exhales) Oh, the babies. (groans) – I thought … I thought … For a second, I thought I had lost you. – I thought he lost her
too, because DIC can be a very deadly, and quickly deadly condition. It stands for disseminated
intravascular coagulation. It’s basically when inside your blood, you use up all the clotting
factors and you start clotting, so two things happen. The more platelets you have,
the more clotting that happens, but then you also use up all
your platelets so that you could bleed from other areas. Very unique situation. There’s very specific
protocols we have to follow in order to make sure these
patients A) don’t bleed out, and B) don’t form clots
in areas where they can be life-threatening: brain,
heart, lungs, etc. I think that might have
been the best explanation of DIC I’ve ever given
in my life. (laughs) – He’s a much better man than I thought. Looking over his initial
judgments, and he’ll sit with you, – Is it him? And he’ll make you drink your water. (dramatic music) – He’s the papa bear! I mean, sad that he lost his child, God. All right, I got to really
adjust my emotions here. – Because I’m your best
friend, and because I love you. I also have to say that
I’m in love with you. – I officially want to
check what they’re pumping into the air conditioning
units in Seattle Grace’s whatever-the-name-is hospital is. I don’t know if they’re
pumping pheromones in there, angel, Cupid arrows … Everyone’s in love with everybody. Everyone wants to cheat on everybody. People want to get married,
they don’t want to get married. They want to have babies, what? This is the most dysfunctional group of humans I’ve ever seen. – I want you to give me a reason to stay. – Even the patients are falling
in love with the doctors! I can’t even, I lost count of how many love triangles and circles and squares. I feel like, in order to
understand their relationships fully, I got to bring out the Pythagorean theorem on this one. I mean, for God’s sakes, Grey’s
Anatomy, keep it together. – You don’t want me? – Maybe I do. – No, you don’t. You want Ava. – She’s not Ava anymore, she– – (laughs) I know why this is one of the top fan-favorite episodes. Because everyone’s in love with every– Is it something about weddings? Or is this every Grey’s Anatomy episode? For some reason, every
episode I watched before this, there was a lot of medical
stuff, a little bit of romance. This is everyone is on top
of everybody all the time. – I’m up there waiting for
you to come down the aisle, and I know you don’t want to come. I know you don’t want to
come, but that you’ll come anyway because you love me. And if I loved you, if I
loved you, not the woman that I’m trying to make you be,
not the woman that I hope– – What is happening right now? Did they need to make everything more dramatic than it needs to be? You decide to get married,
you love each other, but the person’s hesitant, so now you’re being worried
that they’re hesitant, and your love contradicts their love. We should just change the
name of this episode to Dr. Mike Loses His Mind
Over Grey’s Anatomy instead of react. Just no reacting. I’m just losing my mind at this point. I feel like you guys missed out my latest medical memes review and my hospital vlog, so if you did, click
one of those bad boys. And, as always, stay happy and healthy. (calm music)


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