Real Paranormal Footage! │ Ghost at Haunted Theater? (DE Ep. 61)

Tonight on Dead Explorer. We are at the haunted
Palace Theater in Seguin, TX. People report shadow figures, ghost girls, and investigators
getting scratched. I’m here with Roger of Shadowlight Paranormal, Javier, Sunshine,
and Mai to see if we can capture real paranormal activity on video. I’m Alejandro. I search
the world for paranormal activity. I am the Dead Explorer. There are some noises up here.
Is there anybody up here right now with me? That was me knocking a table. I’m looking
for the little girl that hangs out up here. Whoa, I keep hearing sounds from over here.
Was that you? What’s your name sweetie? Can you tell me your name please? On the left
side, I keep hearing sounds. It’s okay, I’m just here to hang out and say hello. Are you
having fun tonight with all these people here? There’s the trap cam going off. Are you at
the stairwell to my left? Man I really feel there is something up here. Is somebody in
the front row right now? Hello? What! I just heard heavy, heavy footsteps. Hello! I just
saw a red light on the front row with my naked eye. I mean there is no confusing it and there
is just crazy footsteps in here right now. I mean, it’s really beginning to freak me
out. I’ve come here to communicate with whoever lives here and to pass any message you would
like me to convey. You can talk and I’ll capture it with a recorder. You can knock and I’ll
capture it with a recorder and I can share it with the owner and I can share with people
who are interested about, in the Palace Theatre. That’s why I’m here. So if you want to communicate
with people who are really passionate about the Palace Theater, this is your chance. Is
anybody here to watch a show? I just saw something flash across this room right now man! Oh,
dude! Is that you? A second ago I saw something across camera one and camera two. Looking
at me? Yes. I just saw something run across man! How far up did you see it? It was right
above the row of chairs over here right where you at. I saw it on camera one and then I
saw it again on camera two. Jesus man. I saw it with my own eyes man. We need to review
this stuff. I was pointing the camera at myself like an idiot. It was something from behind
you, towards where my trap cam is. Is it possible at all that a car driving by could cast a
light through here? I don’t think so. Man. This is something. Which seat are you in?
Why do keep coming to the Palace Theater. Is this one of your favorite places? Whoa!
Major footsteps from over there. Whoa! Major footsteps from over there. More footsteps.
It’s not stopping. Are you over here on the right? So you are over on the right. I asked
where you are and you are on the right. Is that correct? I smell a soap, a perfume or
soap, or like a soft lotion. Are you a woman? Are you woman or a girl? Why is there so much
noise from up there? Man there is some serious creaking going on in these steps right here.
Are you in front of me? I wonder if when cars drive by somehow it shakes the structure of
this building. Whenever you do an isolation session you just got really stay calm. Especially
when there is a lot of activity going on. You do not want to start freaking out. You
don’t want to jump at everything you hear because then everything is paranormal and
a lot of times it’s not. Thank you for watching Dead Explorer Real Paranormal Videos. Please
make sure you favorite and like this video and subscribe for more Dead Explorer.


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