Recommended website to watch Korean drama online for free

Hello today I want to show you how you can
download a …. download a Korean drama online and watch it online. The best website I
like to go to is Drama Cool which I have saved… but you can go to Google, look for Drama Cool ….c-o-o-l… I like Drama Cool because basically it shows … there’s no pauses in between, it just shows the whole program altogether and.. it is usually the first to English sub the latest Korean drama however the disadvantage is that sometimes the older movies you will
not be able to find at this website. So right we are here already and then because I love Korean dramas ….so we come to Korean movie (oh sorry! yup) you can come to Korean movies and then you find the one that you like. Click it … and this part here it will show you a short synopsis of what the drama is about …then you go further down, it will have these people who are acting in the movie but this is only the more popular ones… the main ones. Not
every single one and if there are comments given for this movie it will be listed here otherwise go further down. These comments are for the latest movies but for the one that you want, it will be right
down here And click the”comments” If anybody has given any comments, it will be listed here. So this one has no comments. So.this one and you simply click this. When you see the “SUB” here that means It has already been subbed with English otherwise they will indicate here as “RAW” means it is the original Korean form (viz. no subs) so now I am going inside this (link) and then… although they have these three different
servers I don’t usually need to go to any
of them because the current one is usually good enough. Now here you will see an ad and you just need to close that. If it didn’t
close .. (close) if you get a software like Adfender it will just have a “close ad” here. So now I have already closed that ad and then you just need to click this and it will load. Pretty fast actually. After you load they will have this thing (symbol) here that allows you to make it full screen okay and you can adjust the speaker sound and then you are ready to go. If you are watching halfway and you want to stop you can press the pause button okay? The only disadvantage about Drama Cool is that you can’t sort of speed it up because .. you see if I click it here it will go back again. Alright? So that’s all you need to get into one of
those drama … Korean drama sites. Thanks and enjoy viewing. Please feedback below.


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