Relaxed Performance Guide

(light upbeat music) – Hello. Welcome to A Noise Within Theatre. My name’s Alicia Green. I’m the director of education here. I’m going to take you around and show you everything
that you need to know before you visit us to
see A Christmas Carol. When you arrive, you’re going to park in the parking structure behind me. This is the parking lot
for the Metro Gold Line. When you park, you’re going
to park on the second level and make your way down these stairs. As soon as you’re here, you’re gonna follow me,
right up this sidewalk, and I’ll show you how
we get into the theater. You’re going to keep an
eye out for the green signs that will continue to
direct you to the theater. You’ll know you’ve arrived
when you see the gray sign that says ‘A Noise Within.’ Your first stop when you arrive is going to be at the box office. This is where you’re going to be able to pick up your tickets. You’re going to give them your name and then you’re going to be
able to get your tickets. Thank you. Next, you’re going to take
them to a ticket-taker, who’s going to scan them for you. Once you have your tickets, you’re going to take them to
the front door of the theater, where a ticket-taker is
going to scan them for you. (machine beeping) Thank you.
– You’re welcome. – Now, you’re in the lobby of the theater. There are a few things in the
lobby that I want to show you, the first being the restrooms
and the drinking fountain. Come with me, I’ll show
you how to get there. In this hall, you’ll find the restrooms, and then right behind you you’ll
find the drinking fountain. While you’re in the lobby
waiting for the show to start, some of our actors are gonna
come up in their costumes so you get a chance to ask them questions and see and touch their costumes. Once the show is ready to start, you’re gonna make your way
downstairs into the theater. Come with me. – This way. – Thank you. Now, we’re in the theater. Your ticket is general admission, which means you can sit anywhere that you feel most comfortable. We will have ushers who will
be able to help you find a seat or just go and find one
that suits your needs best. Let’s go find one. Once you’ve found your seat, you are free to get up and leave at any time that you would
like during the performance. You can use the restroom,
you can have a snack, or you can visit our quiet area upstairs. While you’re watching the show, feel free to make any sounds, to clap, to exclaim, to wave to the actors, anything that makes you feel
comfortable during the show. If at any time during the show you feel like you need to take a break, feel free to come up to the lobby level and visit our quiet area. We’ll have soft pillows,
cushions, and blankets, so you can take a moment and decompress.

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