Relive the UK Theatre Awards 2018

For the UK Theatre Awards to exist and to recognise the work in the regions is so important and it’s so nice to be
validated that we’re making good work and that those audiences matter outside of London. I think Awards like this are extremely important. It’s important that everyone, all around the country gets access to high-quality arts. Theatre is not an exclusive taste for people who live in the metropolis. Theatre audiences are everywhere and deserve to have something to come and listen to and look at. Well it’s extraordinary, you know… just to be recognised by the theatre world for the job that you do and the job
that you love. I’m slightly overwhelmed but yeah it’s fantastic. Because I know if I want a career with longevity and if I want to learn my craft, then theatre is where it’s at. And to be
given this today is just…it’s fabulous.

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