Repeat Attenders | Official Trailer [HD]

It’s 17 years since I was released from jail. This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to speak to somebody about this and I’m glad to get this off my chest. The power of theatre is unlike the power of anything else. It exists in the memory after it’s over. If you had a good time at a show, you’re gonna need to remember that. The repeat attenders, they will do just about anything to come back and see that show over and over again. I have heard rumours about people that have seen the same show, like every single performance. I saw Miss Saigon 13 times. Wicked I’ve seen like 30 times. When you hear it, it sounds crazy but I think there’s always a story. It’s crazy, the idea of people dressed up as cats is just crazy. There’s no plot, there’s no story. It just struck a chord with everybody. I’ve seen the show Cats 105 times. He won 3rd place in a country fair. That’s him. I feel kind of obsessed. I have seen Starlight Express 41 times. That’s not much. My dream to become a real big musical star failed. My parents always said, you don’t look pretty you are thick and fat, they don’t need you. Now what should I do? Should I kill myself because I’m not the one who is on the stage? And this was the moment when I started to work against my Daddy. There’s obviously people who take it to extremes. In 1998 at the Palace stage door, I was arrested for stalking Debbie Gibson. I was seen as the guy that was going to kill her. They gravitate to a world that
disconnects them from the real world. When you’re in love with a show, it’s like being in love. We sort of compare it to heroin to chasing that high. As opposed to escaping into drugs or alcohol how much better is it to go see a show? Repeat attenders I love you, and I’m one of you. We are repeat offenders…attenders We are repeat attenders. [Hiss] Very fierce, very good.

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