ResilientTO Telephone Town Hall Recap

[City of Toronto logo] [Resilient Toronto] [Music] [A Telephone Townhall, How Resilient is Toronto] (Eternia) Hello everyone, my name is Eternia. I am a two-time Juno-nominated hip-hop artist who cares passionately about the city I call home, which is why I’ve agreed to host this interactive conversation about Toronto’s most pressing challenges and how we’re dealing with them. I’m excited to be hosting our telephone town hall tonight with Toronto’s Resilience Office. We are building a Strategy so Toronto is ready to deal with the challenges we are facing – from climate change to globalization. (Elliott) Our office, and indeed my job, is
to lead the development of Toronto’s first ever Resilience Strategy, and that’s a Strategy to survive, adapt, and thrive in the face of any challenge. Another part of my job is to lead Toronto’s participation in the global 100 Resilient Cities Network. And, as the
name suggests, there are 100 cities around the world that are tackling the same problem, and we learn from them and they learn from us. (Annalie) In the work that I do, the young
people in the city now are more powerful than ever, because we’ve got leaders and innovators that they can see themselves to be. So whether they be on an international stage, whether
they be very local. Particularly for me that young creatives can see themselves on stage and on a different platform that was previously limited to maybe just Toronto or just Canada, but now the world is looking at Toronto as an international city, so how do we become that example of resiliency? (Merna) More than anything, it’s really just
being that conduit within your community. I think if each person kind of looks out for
those people who have dreams and aspirations and goals and even the smallest, slightest
kind of glimmer in their eye of potential, of something that they love to do, that we
support them. It is really hard to live under the poverty line. It is really hard to be
a broke artist. And so these things are very helpful. (Maria) I definitely agree with what Elliott
was saying about resilience being tied to equity. A lot of communities I’m personally a part of are at risk in various ways. So just like being concerned about the resilience in those communities because I think resilience is definitely a social justice issue. Some
communities are at greater risk than others, so it’s harder to be as resilient. Personally
with my photography background, I think seeing the city react to trauma, whether other problems resilience related definitely has changed how I see the city and how I see the people who live in it. (Eternia) I just want to thank all of you for
being here today. We had Maria Rio, street photographer. We had Merna, singer songwriter artist. Annalie Bonda, Executive Director of the Remix Project, and of course Elliott, our Chief Resilience Officer in Toronto at the Resilience Office here So there’s been so many great questions and inspiring conversation this evening. Thank you guys. And thank you everyone who was listening and who called in. (Annalie) It takes a village to raise youth,
it takes a village to support our senior citizens, and everybody in between. So as a community, let us be the support, the network, the family, and the greater village that is Toronto and
let’s be ever proud to call this city home. [Music]

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