We are inside the cinema, there is nobody else left we are going to watch IbraTV on the screen ! Hi and welcome on your favorite channel IbraTv ! If I am here it’s because you guys have exploded the thumbs up in my last video even some videos reached more 300 000 thumbs up i’m world-class in french youtube AND YOU ARE MORE THAN 900 000 ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL IT’S A CRAZY THING ! f*ck yeah ! and i want to be clear : 2 of my videos about killer clowns have been deleted by YouTube because there was copyright if my videos do not come back, i’ll reupload, or on this channel or on my second channel ( IbraPlus ) so, don’t be surprised the video for one million subscribers it’s high expected from me i don’t know if i i’ll succeed but if i don’t, I apologize it’s impossible mission but i really wanted to make a very very great video if you do like this concept then keep giving us thumbs up, share our videos and we’ll keep doing that kind of videos on this, don’t forget to join me on Instagram somewhere below don’t forget to subscribe to this channel because we will continue to please you and on this I wish you a good viewing my friend STAY LOCKED IN A CINEMA (IbraTV) hi crony ! we are in front of the cinema we don’t know how it’s going to be cause there isn’t much space to hide I hope we’ll succeed but if we don’t then we shall go in another cinema good session to you and good luck to us
– no problems The women : that’s it ? so, where are we gonna hide guys there is so much cameras here actually, we are not all coming at the same time my brother is behind us guys, it’s very f*cking hard, there is a looooot of cameras as you see there is no space in the toilets to hide and in the cinema it’s very dark and I don’t even know if there is a place to hide somewhere either we will hide under the chairs either we will find another place but in any case, we will do it anyway because you gave us 200 000 thumbs up i mean : ALMOST 300 000 thumbs up it’s amazing, so, for you we will do our best to succeed the movie is ending but we still don’t have any place to hide cause the security guard is behind us i think got screwed, during the movie he was always behind us now he’s gone While my brother left to distract the security, we are hidden behind the screen in another room next door damn guys, you don’t know where i’m hidden some crazy stuff for the next one i ask 200 000 but for this one i want 300 000 thumbs up am i right Djam ? you are we are behind the screen behind the screen of the cinema buddy it’s been 30 minutes since we got here, it’s almost midnight damn guys you don’t know a crazy thing ! we can say that’s some kind of crazy stuff we don’t see you Djam i think we are literally behind the screen of the cinema who could do such things ? only for you honestly tell me, which other youtuber do such things for you ? so yeah i’m thankful, that’s why hurry up hurry up we went out, the security just passed we got scared, almost got caught we are in the cinema there is no one else but us we are going to watch IbraTv on the screen mission accomplished ! so i always wanted to be working in movies then here I am we are in the cinema we put IbraTV on the screen and there we go I hope you enjoyed it i don’t know if the security is going to come in in any case in any case, it was very hard cause he almost caught us at the beginning every time he was watching us
– yeah behind us everytime it was very hard and everything, we didn’t know how to do so we sent my brother to distract him and as soon as he distracted him, he called us and told us ” that’s fine he’s not looking at you anymore ” so we went in another room and here we are we’ve waited, waited behind the screen for one hour it was so hard who will dare do this ? tell me who Norman ? Cyprien ? who ? no youtuber is going to do such things for you it was so hard but we did it the idea is not from us, it’s from my buddy in russia but we loved so much that we also had to do it but the idea is not from us, we want to be clear we don’t know what to do, the cinema is ours in this cinema what are we watching ? i’m searching for music to dance but there isn’t much cinema buddy, i’m in the cinema ! this music is quite bad honestly cinema is ours do you see all this ? every places are ours we’ve launched IbraTV in the cinema I think it’s time to go, shall we Djam ? we didn’t get caught by the security so we are going to get out by the principal entreance and we’ll tell them we were sleeping so now we’ll turn off the cameras put it in the bag we’ll take our phones cause if the security guard ever catch us, he’s going to delete our recordings the alarm, let’s go this gotta be closed this is the the easiest i think this was the first time we escape so easily the door was just open, but there was the alarm but the alarm didn’t do sh*t only a alarm to warn like ” somebody is there ” is this the alarm ? the alarm triggered my brother is there so, did you guys accomplished this misson ? humm it was a bit dark but it was one of the hardest videos to make, but to escape….. we went out just like if we were watching a normal movie yeah ! we have watched IbraTv it was one of the most technic thing, the hardest to realize honestly it was really great i hope you’ve had this feeling that we had when we were under the sits yeah the security guard was there ! i can promise you i thought we were screwed but i think the guy was used not to see anybody so until now ! please ! if you know who is the guy of the security, if you do know which cinema we’re talking about please don’t fire him that’s not his fault, we’re just too technic yeah that’s all we didn’t touch anything And i talked to the guys for 30 minutes just so they could hide i talked to the security guard so please, don’t fire him that is not his fault we were just too powerful for him i hope you liked it, really, and if it does and that we deserve more than 200 000 thumbs up, then let us know share this, it was really hard and yeah don’t forget, we are gonna make a lot of other videos of this kind only if you want it ! am i right ?
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