RGV Vangaveeti Telugu Movie Theatrical Trailer | Ram Gopal Varma | Vangaveeti Ranga #Vangaveeti #RGV

My name is Radha Who gave you that life? If you want to leave my gang, leave my Bejawada too! I feel like killing myself ! We must do something Radha Let’s kill him! I am Nehru, he’s my brother Gandhi. Then we have no choice but to kill him, do we? He has taken off our party flags
from every junction and every centre. It’s a shame. No matter how big a rowdy he is,
even he will bleed if stabbed. This is the party’s decision. I got information that they are planning to kill you. Why the hell compromise with the murderer of our brother? You have to grow from local level to state level. That means you should enter politics. We lose one from our family, They should also lose one. Before they do anything to you, You should do something to them Kill them, Ranga!


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