Rice Theatre | “Picasso at the Lapin Agile”

Part of my research is to find the thing that
will allow my students to understand the wide world of the play that they’re living in. So, “Picasso at the Lapin Agile” is a story
about Picasso and Einstein who meet in a bar. At a bar that actually exists in Paris called the Lapin Agile. And they meet in this bar and they talk about art and science and what is the connection of the two and that the two are not so far
apart as we think. So we’ve got these students who use both sides
of their brain all the time. Now what that means is that they now have to go and research what is the time period like, what were they listening to, what were these characters eating, what was the bar like, what were the colors like, what was the music like, what were they wearing. So this becomes research into the period of that time. It’s just a huge learning curve for them. It’s also been great because they get to work
with Mark who is our scenic designer, Christie who is our show-designer for this particular round,
so we got students who are designing with them, helping discover what that’s like. We have special problem classes where if you
come in here and you’re like, “Hey Mark, I want to learn how to scenic design, I really
like painting drapery, can we work on that,” he’ll make an entire course for that. We go out to see shows for VADA courses, which
I think is a really wonderful experience to go see shows in the greater community because
that’s kind of baseline research for art is go out and see it and enjoy it and take it
in, whether that’s going to the Alley Theater and seeing Skeleton Crew and then meeting
the actors afterwards. We just went to the the Windsors to Tudors
exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. We went to that for our costume design class
which is we took a painting that we liked from it, I did one of Queen Victoria, and
we’re making an entire costume and character design based off of that painting. We’re all interested art students, we’re
all passionate about things outside of the classroom and outside even just the VADA shows
we’re gonna be engaged in. Trying to do arts outside on campus. I did a show at my residential college last
semester. Everybody here is doing here within the major,
they’re doing this academically, they’re doing this to learn to be a better actor, but they’re
also passionate about arts and they’re passionate about theater. Everyone’s really driven and is really interested
in doing cool work in whatever they’re doing. Whether I’m in here with the Rice Players,
which is the student run theater organization, I spent like 12 hour days in here building
this set for our production because we’re learning it, we’re figuring it out. This has really turned into an amazing and
valuable experience for me. I made friends and people ayyyeeee. And met amazing people. Like I told you that I’m going to an audition
today. It’s my first professional audition, and I’m
so excited.

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