RICHARD SORGE. MASTER SPY. Episode 11. Russian TV Series.StarMedia. Wartime Drama. English Subtitles

The Red Army is trying
to exhaust the enemy near Moscow. The divisions that had arrived from
the Far East have played their role. The capital’s defense
has been strengthened. Soon the commander of German’s Second Army
Heinz Guderian will write, “The Moscow offensive failed, in spite of our gallant soldiers’
sacrifices and efforts.” A radical turn will
come in early December. The Soviet troops will
launch a counteroffensive. The threat to the capital
will be finally eliminated. Star Media presents Aleksandr Domogarov, Shion Nakamaru Osamy Yamamoto, Andrey Rudensky Viktoriya Isakova, Andrey Leonov Yuliya Aug, Sergey Ginzburg Ivan Shibanov, Tatyana Kosmacheva Junsuke Kinoshita in Sergey Ginzburg’s RICHARD SORGE. MASTER SPY EPISODE 11 -Paul?
-Richard? Come in. They told me you were looking for me. Yes. Bring the wineglasses. What happened? The Japanese have just
announced that the Russians had redeployed their
Far East troops to Moscow. It can’t be! It’s physically impossible
for the Russians to bring their troops from Siberia. However, it’s a fact. One might think that the Russians
have insiders in the Japanese HQ and know
very well that they are safe. Maybe they do.
Their intelligence isn’t that bad. You know more about it than I do, though. If I worked in Kempeitai,
it wouldn’t have happened. I’d establish that the leak can
come not only from the Japanese HQ but also from here,
from the German embassy. Ambassador Ott or a close friend of his, with whom he shares
classified information. You are so imaginative.
You could be a writer. Why don’t we write a spy novel
and split the royalties? What would it be about? Here’s a plot. The protagonist,
an SD Standartenführer, finds out that his friend is working for the enemy. I don’t know where it will go from there.
Maybe you have some ideas. You’re an expert in intelligence,
after all. Actually, it’s quite simple.
I don’t envy the traitor. But the plot thickens. The protagonist had once
given his traitor friend a top-secret file.
If his ex-friend is arrested, they’ll find it during
the search and might think that the protagonist
and the spy are working together. Can you help me move the story forward?
Think about it, Paul. Tell me if you come up with something. I promise it’ll be a bestseller. May I? I’ve delivered the package
to Hanako Isiya. What did she say? Nothing. Do you need help? Go home. You need to have some
decoding experience to do this job. In Manchukuo, during the border incident,
I used to code messages by the hundred. -Go home.
-Yes, sir. We have virtually no chance
to get out of this safely. Our counterintelligence head became
a frequent guest at the embassy. Otto told me the Japanese
would soon find the transmitter they’d been chasing for a while. I’ll say it again: you need to
leave Japan as soon as possible. I’ll take care of the others.
Well, as they say in Russia, let’s drink the last one for the road. Richard, but we are… Branko. We’ve done everything
in our power. Or even more. Troop trains are going to Moscow
from the Far East. Let’s drink to it. I’m glad I had a chance to work with you.
You’re an amazing person. You sound like you’re giving me a eulogy.
Don’t. I’m still alive. Breaking up! And yes, I’m an ordinary
person. It’s just that the road I took proved to be the only right and just one.
After my first war, I came to hate all wars. Even if I
didn’t have any principles by then, this hatred alone would be enough
for me to become a communist. I’ve done everything I could. I don’t regret anything
and am ready for everything. Did you like the movie? So-so. I prefer comedies. Next time we’ll watch Charlie Chaplin.
You know, I like the Japanese cinema. It has less propaganda than the German
one and less cynicism than the American. It was a stupid story.
Not a bit interesting. I think you don’t get it. Wait. By the way,
you and the heroine have much in common. It wasn’t the rusty bus that was
holding them together but the road. They share this road. But they keep going in circles. I lied to you yesterday.
I wasn’t at the embassy or the newspaper. I met with Helma. She wanted… Doesn’t matter. I only met with her to say one word: no. What? Why are you crying?
Don’t. Don’t cry. I had long been thinking I’d
never met a person I could trust. I realized too late I had met you.
You have to trust me. Now, now. I have too many secrets in my life.
I don’t want to keep anything from you. Ramsay. His code name is Ramsay. -His code name is Ramsay.
-Ramsay? What does it mean? I think he’ll tell us fairly soon. We’ve
found out there are three more agents. The first one, Gigolo,
is probably a reporter. It says here he wrote two
articles about Liushkov. Who is Liushkov? The Russian turncoat.
The other agent, Joe, has access to papers in the prime-minister’s office.
We need to find out who can be that close, and whether they have connections with
the communists. You deal with those two. -I’ll take the third agent, a painter.
-Yes, sir. Why are you so sad? What’s up? I saw you with Helma at the reception.
She was holding your hand. Hanako, I’ve already told you
all about it. Stop worrying. When I saw you together, I thought…
I thought you were leaving me again. Leaving me again to be with her. I’m not leaving you. I love you very much. Then this officer came to me. OK. Take a seat. Come on, sit. What officer? Osaki. He was at the reception.
He was there. Then he came here,
and I gave him the papers from your safe. He told me it wasn’t your fault. He said
she was the spy, not you. She used you. Easy, easy. Now, now. Come on. Come on. What have you done? What have you done, baby? Can it be a mistake? We’ve figured out the key members
of the group. It’s not a mistake. -Who is your source? Is it trustworthy?
-I’d like to keep the source anonymous. Why? It’s my best informant.
When two know it, all know it. I don’t want to lose this source. All right. But if it’s a dud,
you and your source both will regret it. I think we should report to the minister. What do you mean,
the headphones are broken? Did you break them, you idiot?
It’s not a Japanese fake! It’s German! It can’t get broken by itself. What can I do for you? The minister’s order. From today on,
Osaki is in charge of the investigation. Yes, Colonel, sir!
Can I ask what the reason is? I don’t know.
Ask the deputy prime minister. I can lend you my tanto for the seppuku. Unfortunately, I’m not a samurai. It’s quite obvious. Branko Vukelic? -What can I do for you?
-You’re arrested for spying against Japan. Open up! The police. Max, I think it’s for me. Goodbye. It must be a mistake.
I’m a French citizen. I demand a meeting with the ambassador. You should be sensible and quit
opposing the arrest. Take him. Let me die with honor. We need to finish with Sorge.
We should eliminate him. Nice and quiet, at his house. -Kill him?
-Am I speaking Japanese? We don’t need him anymore.
Search the house. We’re looking for a file like this one. -When are we leaving?
-Right now. Come in. Boss, we need to leave.
They are arresting everybody. This is your new passport. I’ll see
you at the seaport. I’ll go get Hanako. Boss! Don’t do that. Let me get her.
I’ll bring her to the port. Boss, go! Go!
Don’t worry, I’ll stall them. See you at the port. I’m coming! I’m coming! Open up. I give up. I give up! I give up, Major! Run. Boss! Clear the way! Clear the way! What’s going on? Don’t you see? We’re late. Mr. Ozaki, you’re under arrest
on suspicion of espionage. Will you let me finish this? Can I take a couple of books with me? Fine. Darling, pack some underwear
and toothpowder. Also, the books:The Street Without Sun,
The Cold,
and Shanghai. You just need to get out of the city.
They’ll make you a new ID in Shanghai, and everything will be fine. OK. Stay calm. Follow me. Shit! Come here! You’ve lost, Ramsay. Take him. Bastard! Goddamn you! Liar! If you want to drive a wedge between
Germany and Japan, find a smarter way. This is ridiculous! Accusing Mr. Sorge
of spying for the Soviets! “Today you arrested Sorge; will it be
me tomorrow? What are you trying to do?” Break off diplomatic
relations with Germany? I’m as upset as you are,
but, unfortunately, we have irrefutable evidence, Mr. Ambassador. Richard Sorge is charged
with spying for the Soviet Union. Are you out of your minds? Mr. Ambassador is probably too agitated,
if he uses phrases like this one. I’ll gladly excuse you and let you go. Get in contact with General
Nakamura immediately. Set a meeting and demand releasing Sorge.
God damn their spy mania! Mr. Ambassador,
I think we should notify Berlin first. You’re right. Draft a message in the most
resolute tone. I’ll write to the Fuhrer. Yes, sir. This is the file you wanted me
to get for you. Mr. Schlesinger. You know how I feel about
you and your friend Sorge. Arresting him wasn’t my initiative.
We are the political police, and he was arrested by the criminal one.
I was against it. What evidence do they have? Some documents and the fact that Mr. Sorge
had several times been spotted in the areas radio transmitter went
on air from. This is ridiculous! Mr. Kawai. Has he started talking? I have my people everywhere.
They say Sorge remains silent and demands a meeting with the ambassador.
I’ll study the case and will be able to prove that your
friend has nothing to do with all that. I already have some materials.
They are quite interesting. I’ll personally report to prime minister. I’d be glad for you to keep me company. Thank you, Mr. Kawai. Unfortunately,
I have to leave. Some other time. Comrade Stalin. Panfilov reports that Ramsay’s
group was arrested today in Tokyo. -The whole group?
-Yes. See you tonight. Any instructions for Panfilov
about Ramsay? He’s waiting. Off you go. Yes, sir. Listen, Richard. They’ll hang you.
You’ll die for nothing, and nobody will appreciate your heroism. Stalin didn’t listen to your information.
The troops remain in the Far East. The German army took Moscow yesterday.
The emperor will soon sign an order for the Kwantung Army to attack the USSR. I don’t believe you. Here. Read this.
It’s your German newspaper. Long live the great Germany! Cut the drama. You’re a great actor.
It’s important for an agent. Thank you for meeting with me.
This is an extraordinary situation. The police has arrested several
German and Japanese citizens on the suspicions of espionage.
One of them is your assistant. I know about this situation.
I was shocked by the irrefutable evidence of their involvement in espionage. That’s true.
We were able to decode radiograms and expose the key members of the group. Since I used to be in charge of this case,
I know the details. The police doesn’t have any original
documents – just the copies. The evidence was supplied by a waitress
who used to live with Sorge, then left him for Osaki,
and then came back to Sorge. I think this arrest is an act
of personal revenge over a woman. I will definitely check this information. Is your source a waitress? The one who
slept first with Sorge and then with you. She didn’t sleep with me. Her friend, Toshi Narikawa,
says something different. The papers you’re so proud of are useless!
You have no serious proofs. I have the code and the agent’s
radiograms for several years. We can learn everything the spies
have been sending to Moscow. Congratulations. Great. How will you tie this to the suspect? I give you three days.
If you don’t find evidence, you’ll have to release them all and quit. Bastard! Son of a bitch! Let Richard go! You deceived me! He deceived you! That German is a spy. -Let Richard go.
-I can’t. You like me. I’ll be yours if you want. Forever. Just don’t kill him. What is it about him?
Why do you love him so much? Like a dog! Get out of here. Go!

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