RICHARD SORGE. MASTER SPY. Episode 2. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Wartime Drama. English Subtitles

of a coming disaster hang over the world. On the night of March 12,
the German troops, meeting with no resistance,
cross the Austrian border. “I announce to the German nation that the
most important mission is completed,” Adolf Hitler said. Now, after annexing Austria, has got
a foothold for a march to the East. The events have taken an irreversible turn. Across the globe in Japan the plan has been worked out
to intrude the Soviet Union. It’s crucial for Hitler to coordinate
his actions with the Japanese. In this situation, the German ambassador to Japan
becomes an even more important figure. How come that bastard came round me? I have no idea. He obviously had some help.
Can you find out who helped him? I can try, but I don’t make any promises. Comrades-in-arms, I’m happy to come
back to Japan to resume working with you for my people, for its revival,
and for my Germany. As a National Socialist and a German soldier, I enter this fight with unfaltering heart. Everything will change now! Under my
leadership we will work twice as hard. I myself will set an example. The sacrifice that is required
of us is no bigger than that made by previous generations. We have to unite,
as well as the whole nation. We can’t be defeated while
we hold together. Tonight I’ll see you at a reception
on the occasion of my appointment. And now, back to work. I’m patient. Very patient. Sooner or later,
this martinet will make a mistake. However, this martinet has just
quoted the Fuhrer quite smartly. Yes. These were very true
and timely quotations. Absolutely. See you at the reception. “Thus, according to our experts,
the best candidate for the position of German ambassador to Japan is Eugen Ott. Berlin shares this opinion. Who helped him? Come on. Ten newspapers! They made a national hero
out of this idiot. I want to know who wrote the article. Wait… Otto Lenz, Volkischer Beobachter. I’d be grateful. Thank you. What were you saying, Major? During the World War, battles were fought
in all oceans. However, major hostilities took place on land. I think if another world war begins,
it will be the same. If Major hopes to sit it out in Japan,
I don’t think it’d be possible. This time,
Japan will not stand on the sidelines. I’m sorry for being late,
ladies and gentlemen. I was talking to Reichsminister. I’m happy to see you all
and hope you’ll have a good time. Ladies and gentlemen,
I claim the right to the first toast. I want to toast our Reichschancellor. To his sagacity! In these most complicated political
situation, where Germany has to endure the shameful oppression
of the Versailles Treaty, our Fuhrer wisely appoints
to the forefront of diplomacy the most worthy man of us all –
Major General Ott. To the new ambassador. To the Fuhrer! You’re right, Paul. We are just
our military leader’s soldiers. Schlesinger is good. -What do you mean?
-Never mind. Ladies and gentlemen,
I have an announcement. Today I made my first appointment
as an ambassador. I appointed Richard Sorge
my first assistant. Please welcome him. Thank you. Richard,
please come to me with your charming date. I want you to stand next to me. Congratulation.
This move should be expected. I must confess I was astonished
by what I have seen in Germany. It’s not the same country
it was two years ago. The nation is prepared to war. The War Ministry was disbanded. The Fuhrer has undertaken
supervision over the army. He is now the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. I must say, our mission is far from easy. I got this assignment
from Ribbentrop himself. You and I have to make sure
that Japan becomes our absolute and most devoted ally. Japan? In this great undertaking, Mr. Ambassador? As my grandpa used to say,
if there’s no schnapps, one drinks beer. Come on, I’ll show you your office. This is the list of persons leaving Tokyo
by bikes on the day of Nariyaki’s escape, who aroused our suspicions. What are you going to do with them? It’s in the paper.
Question them and keep under surveillance. Sorge? The German reporter? -Yes, sir.
-Cross him out. May I ask why? Schlesinger asked for him.
He is a renowned journalist. Even Berlin listens to him. I don’t want to even think about
the scandal that would arise if we summoned him
for questioning on the grounds of your knucklehead cop’s fantasies. Is that clear? Yes, sir. Wait! Richard. My friend. Where have you been? I have news for you worthy of a dinner with schnapps.
You’re buying. Is it about Russian troops’ dislocation?
It always is with you. I already wrote about it.
Berlin isn’t interested anymore. No, it’s something else.
According to Japanese intelligence, in case of confrontation on the border
at Khasan Lake over Chang… Kung… Chang Kong Feng height. What a tongue-twister. Anyway, we have information
that the Russians have nothing to defend it with.
If the Japanese attack, they’ll probably surrender without a fight.
What do you think? First, this is old news. Chang Kong Feng
height is situated near Vladivostok. The Japanese have long had their eyes
on it. They sent a land surveyors group with orders to complete the mission ASAP. How do I know? I just do. But I think the Japanese
are just trying it on. I’m sorry, but this isn’t worth
a dinner with schnapps. -Really?
-Yes. And the fact that the Japanese
government refused to negotiate with the Soviet Union a nonaggression pact?
Does it mean something? Now, this is interesting. What’s your source? Richard, Richard. OK, OK. You won. I’ll buy you dinner with schnapps.
I owe you. Richard. You didn’t say when the dinner is! Tonight, my friend. Tonight. The situation at the Soviet-Mongolian
border has been tense for years. Japanese military infiltrate
the Soviet territory, take pictures, tap into communication lines,
start firefights at the border. At the same time, the US and Great Britain
supply the Kwantung Army with ammunition. The West, trying to protect themselves from the Japanese aggression,
push it toward a war with the Soviets. The situation escalates in June 1938. Tokyo demands that Moscow gave up the western bank
of Hassan Lake Manchuria. A major military clash in the Far East
becomes imminent. Cognac. Pour me something strong. Khasan? Is that what Comrade Ramsay says? Yes, Comrade Stalin. There are indirect
proofs supporting his information. We need direct proofs, Comrade Voroshilov. Besides, other sources provide
us with different information. This might be a Japanese provocation. They want us to concentrate forces around Khasan,
so that they could attack in another spot. Let Comrade Ramsay give us
solid data and documents. We can’t take his word for this. Still, Comrade Voroshilov, we need to be
prepared to receive visitors at Lake Khasan at any moment. Yes, Comrade Stalin. Did you send a radio
operator to Comrade Ramsay? We’re ready to send him in a few days. Yes, Comrade Stalin. -I hope we can trust him completely.
-We can, Comrade Stalin. Clausen, Anna Matveyevna? Yes. Please get into the car. What happened? Don’t worry.
You’re summoned for a conversation. -Anna!
-Maks! Anna! Anna! Anna, Anna! Anna, Anna, Anna! Maks! Anna! Anna! Your wife’s fate is in your hands,
as well as your own. What do I have to do? Meet with Sorge, get info on his contacts,
and eliminate him. Richard, dear. I need you. I’m at your service. Got to Patricia. She has some papers
for you. Read them, think them over. I need to know what’s
standing behind all this. I suppose it is about
German-Japanese military cooperation. What do you say? The same thing I was saying before.
It’s a reckless scheme. Berlin underestimates the Russians
and overestimates the Japanese potential. I can’t tell the minister this. I’m telling you, not the minister. Still, please do that.
Look through the papers. Patricia will give them to you. Yes, General. By the way, my wife and I expect
you and Hanako at our place tonight. Your wife has come? So long to our bachelor’s life. I think we’ll find ways
to revisit it sometimes. What are you thinking about? I don’t know. I’m afraid something happens to you. I feel uneasy. Yes. It’s a possibility. How beautiful. It’s OK. What are they celebrating? Stars festival. Tanabata. -It’s an interesting tradition.
-It’s a stupid medieval tradition. Why do you say this? I think it’s beautiful. It’s noisy. When I was 18, our neighbor came
to ask for my hand in marriage. A train engineer. He was a nice guy. People respected him. But I said no. Why? I knew even then…
that I’ll meet a special man. I’ve been waiting for you for so long. I want your child. What’s wrong? I don’t like it here. Take it easy. We won’t stay long. Come on. Good afternoon. -Richard.
-Mr. Ambassador. -Hanako.
-Hello. Let me introduce you to some prominent
military. One of them is General Doihara. The locals call him Lawrence
of Arabia in the Far East. He’s Japan’s best intelligence man. Hello. General Tojo. -Nice to meet you.
-You, too. General Honjo,
commander of the Kwantung Army. -Nice to meet you.
-Pleasure is all mine. General Doihara. Nice to meet you. Hello. I read your articles.
Very interesting! -Thank you.
-What language do you prefer? Mongolian. I was joking.
I’m aware that you speak 13 languages. Mr. Doihara is a big friend of Germany. Our minister Mr. Ribbentrop
has come up with a great idea, a defense alliance
with Japan against Russia. In 10 years the Soviets will be so strong
we’ll be unable to confront them. Control over their natural resources is
critical for us. What do you think, Sorge? Excuse me. I’m not an expert on Russia. Too bad. Mr. Ambassador. General.
Richard, can I have a word? Excuse me, gentlemen. I heard rumors at our newspaper
that Fuhrer is trying to sign a treaty with the USSR behind the Japanese’s backs.
What do you know about it? Nothing. What did you hear? Are you kidding me? -I’m asking you about that!
-I didn’t hear anything. OK, I’ll go ask Klaus. -Keep me in the loop.
-Right. Richard. Come on.
I’ll introduce you to my Helma. -Helma.
-Excuse me. I’m sorry. Please meet my friend Richard Sorge. Hello, Richard. Hello, Frau Ott. Helma. What? I’m going to the trenches tomorrow. To the trenches? How? You can barely walk. Come on. The Reichswehr needs soldiers. Don’t worry.
They won’t send me to actual trenches. I’ll be a paper-pusher at the headquarters. And the war will end soon. It won’t. It won’t. I love you and don’t want you to leave… Eugen told me a lot
about his friend Richard. I’m so glad to meet you… Frau Ott. Excuse us, Richard. Let me introduce
you to Prime Minister’s wife. You should become friends. Why did you leave me for so long?
Some talkative ladies dragged me with them, and when I came back you weren’t there. We’re leaving. Excuse me. Richard. Richard. What are you doing here? Why did you come in? Give it to me. Never touch it again. Why did you come in? I brought you tea. The door was open. I’m so sorry. No, I’m sorry. You know I don’t like it when
somebody enters my study. Who is this girl in the photo? The ambassador’s wife. Are you jealous? Yes. Of course I’m jealous. Don’t be. It was so long ago. In another life. Helma! Can you imagine? They invalided me
out at the last possible moment. Here is their report. I don’t understand. Dr. Meltzer.
What did you say was your doctor’s name? What doctor? It’s written by a man’s hand.
Anyway, does it matter? What matters is that we’ll be together. Well, war hero sub-officer Sorge, what are your plans for your civilian life? I’ll enroll into college. You’re a great artist.
It’s a wonderful landscape. Thank you. You’re too kind.
But I appreciate it. Yotoku Miyagi, painter, Communist. He had connections among
the high-ranking military and would get strategic information
from them. Alias name – Joe. There is a plan to probe the combat value
of the Soviet troops in the Far East. Can you be more specific? I heard from various sources they
are planning either a provocation or rather a full-scale offensive. Where? Somewhere in Inner Mongolia. Colonel Tanaka was assigned artillery
commander of the Fifteenth Infantry Division,
which is being pulled in to the border. I haven’t even finished his portrait
when he was summoned urgently. He says it’s going to be hot over there. The Japanese are counting
on American and British support in case the conflict escalates to a war. Yes. It all adds up. They are planning a provocation at Khasan. They were speaking about it as a done deal. We have only one week to notify the Center,
so that they had a chance to do something. Great. We’ll send the documents
and pictures with a messenger via Shanghai and transmit the urgent
information by the radio. We can’t radio it from here. We need to reactivate the Dutch. Thank you, Richard. At least someone cares about Paul and me. Edith, what the hell? Of course, I know what you care
about is the group’s safety. But you are a member of the group. Thus, I care about you… and your son. I’m sorry, Richard. I’m tired, that’s all.
I’m afraid my nerves will budge. What will happen to our boy
if something goes wrong for us? Well. I don’t understand.
I can’t sleep at nights. Edith, we’ve chosen this path. There’s no way back. The radio operator’s landlord has signed
a permit for remodeling. We had to bring the evidence here. What is this for? We thought maybe… We don’t need this. Throw it away. I said, suspicious and unusual objects. What is suspicious
and unusual about a spade? And this, and this… A stamp. What is this stamp? Idiot! What are you doing? Hands off! It’s just newspapers and books.
No written words. I want you to put this into
order the way they were. Yes, sir. I don’t understand.
I don’t know what’s going on. I don‘t know. Give me more time. OK. Fine. What’s wrong?
Will you work for me? Is there a signal? No. It doesn’t work. Is something wrong? I don’t understand. I really don’t. Wait. Give me a second. I’m telling the truth. Shit. What’s wrong with it? He said the transmitter wasn’t working.
I think he’s lying. We need to send him
to our resident in Shanghai. We don’t need him here the way he is now. Takagi! Don’t kill him, though. I got you. Branko! Branko! -Branko?
-I’m here. I’m back. You know, Paul kept asking
about you. He said, when is Daddy… Richard. We didn’t have choice. I have very important information. Important enough to risk our lives? If we don’t do this, thousands will die. Of course. What does my boy’s life mean
compared to thousands of lives? Do you know, Richard,
why our son doesn’t live with us? Because I’m afraid to bring him here. I promise you. This is the last time. She’s becoming a drama queen. She’s a mother. I can understand her. You should, too. Turn it on. Hey, Mister. Give way. Step aside? Cause of death? Poison. Poison on the shibo’s point. What? What is a shibo? A blade weapon used by the ninja. -Ninja?
-Yes. Did he have any ID on him? Open up! It’s the police! Police! Open up! Break the door. I had to kill him. He panicked.
He would have betrayed us. There are lots of brand-new stuff here. He probably planned to come back. Or was in a big rush. What’s this? A copper? Yes. Also, rosin and tin. What’s this? I was upstairs. One wire is for the antenna,
the other one – power cable. Looks like he was a radio amateur. -Have you searched that room?
-Yes, sir. All fingerprints are wiped away. Keep working.
Don’t leave any stone unturned. Police. I need to ask you some
questions about your neighbor. We weren’t acquainted. Your windows look into his yard.
You saw him. You know something about him. He was a well-behaved man. He always
greeted me. He mostly kept to himself. Did he have any visitors? No. Recently, a white man
on a bike came to him several times. On a bike? Can you describe him? Let me see. In his forties. Tall. I didn’t
pay much attention. A couple days ago, there were three visitors at once.
One was short, nasty-looking man. Did you have a good look
at the white man’s face? No. As I said… They all look alike. Is this him? Maybe. He was wearing goggles. I have nothing to add.
Can I go? I’m freezing. Yes. Thank you. He was limping! He was limping. Exactly like you. Thanks a lot. In the evening of July 29, the Japanese unexpectedly crossed
the border in Lake Khasan region. The Red Banner Primorye Army got an order to fling back the enemy from the border August 6 at 8 p.m.,
the order was carried out. The aggressors were driven away
from our country’s territory. I think the Khasan defeat will be a good
lesson for the Japanese militarists. Yes, Comrade Stalin. I think Ramsay’s group did a good job. Maybe we should recommend
them for decorations. We all work for the same goal,
Comrade Voroshilov. Every man in his own place. Let’s not give all the credit to one man.
Are you done? -Yes, sir.
-You are dismissed. Yes, sir. Comrade Stalin? Yes, Klim? Remember, Sorge asked as to send radio
operator Clausen with wife to him? He didn’t ask. He demanded. Comrade Beria, your people exceeded their
authority by arresting Clausen’s wife. The resident arrived to Helsinki alone. We know she’s a wife
of a former Finnish officer, but we have examined her past many times. Sorge insisted on her
coming there with Maks. Your information is incorrect,
Comrade Voroshilov. Anna refused to go. Here is her statement. Has this Clausen met with Ramsay already? He’s on his way to Japan. That’s great. Everything will be fine. As soon as you settle down,
our man will find you. How will I recognize him? He’ll give you greetings from your wife. Just greetings? The code phrase is,
Anna sends her love from Java. The countersign is,
They have great tobacco on Java. Do you smoke? No. It’s bad for your health. Did you remember the code phrase? Yes. As soon as you get rid of Ramsay,
we’ll send your wife to you.

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