RICHARD SORGE. MASTER SPY. Episode 4. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Wartime Drama. English Subtitles

Star Media presents Aleksandr Domogarov, Shion Nakamaru Osamy Yamamoto, Andrey Rudensky Viktoriya Isakova, Andrey Leonov Yuliya Aug, Sergey Ginzburg Ivan Shibanov, Tatyana Kosmacheva
Junsuke Kinoshita in Sergey Ginzburg’s RICHARD SORGE. MASTER SPY EPISODE 4 Stop! Stop! -Hello, Mr. Sorge. Come in. Hi.
-Hi. The usual. You need to leave for a while.
They are watching you, boss. -Who?
-I don’t know yet, but I’ll find out. -Bring another bottle of brandy.
-Yes, sir. -Yes, Mr. Osaki?
-Do you know this man? -Yes. It’s Mr. Sorge.
-How often does he come here? He used to be a regular,
but we haven’t seen him for a while. Does he come with friends? Ladies? Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends. I’m sorry, Mr. Osaki. We stay away from our customer’s business. Would you like to have lunch? -Welcome. Are you ready to order?
-Yes. Let me see… Maybe I should come back later? No. I’m almost ready.
This, please. The sausage. It’s fried sausage with a side of cabbage. This, and a beer. -We have Weisse.
-Good. -Wait a second.
-Yes? No. Nothing. Thank you. My friend, I had a dream about you. You were holding a big pretty rose. You know what it means? He’ll definitely come today. I don’t believe in dreams. Cover for me, please. What happened? Nothing. I’m going home.
Tell the boss I got sick. OK. Your order, please. Do you want the check? Where is the girl who took my order? Is something missing?
Did I do something wrong? No, it’s not that. Enjoy your meal. Mr. Miyagi, do you have other paintings
like this but less expensive? Of course. I’ll find something for you.
Or I could paint your portrait. All my clients are being
relocated to Manchukuo. General Ueda has chosen wisely the spot
for the first strike. It’s 500 km of steppe
between it and the Red Army, and from our side there is a road. The HQ believe that the locals will rebel
against their pro-Soviet government. According to Gigolo’s information, the Japanese will attack
the Mongolian border in the Nomonhan area no later than May 15. Joe confirms Gigolo’s information. Point it on the map for me. Here. It’s here. Well, the Japanese HQ has chosen
a perfect place. There is a railroad there, allowing to transport troops
and equipment, while for our Mongolian comrades
and us it’s a 500-km march. Who assigned the ‘unreliable’ status
to Ramsay? The Boss. Go on. Feklenko reports sending a group
of Soviet troops to Khalkhyn Gol. Three motorized rifle companies, an engineer company,
and an artillery battery. Simultaneously,
a Mongolian People’s Republic’s AFV battalion was deployed there. There are no reports on losses
on our side so far. Too bad, Comrade Voroshilov. And twice as bad,
Comrades Voroshilov and Beriya, that neither the NKVD counterintelligence
nor the Army’s intelligence division have given us a concrete date
and place of the Japanese provocation. I demand a detailed plan of the Far East Front’s
actions as soon as possible. This will be it. OK, we’ll deal with the transmitter later.
We have our priorities straight. I want you to know, Hazumi,
that we aren’t Japan’s enemies. We have to do everything
we can to prevent a war between Japan and the Soviet Union. You’re right, Richard.
Our goals are humane. The generals were saying at the meeting
that this policy would lead to a conflict with the Soviet Union
and occupation of the Siberia, Primorye, and Transbaikalia. Half of the next year’s budget
is allotted to military expenses. Do you realize what it means?
I hope you both do. The cannons are made to be shot from.
I have a feeling the world has gone crazy. Everybody is talking about peace
while pushing Germany and Japan to start a war with the Soviet Union. Hitler is striving to sign
a military contract with Japan. We need to undermine it
or at least gain some more time. They haven’t come to an agreement yet. What do they differ about? The navy and army don’t
have enough fuel supplies. We need to use it, Hazumi.
Our weak spot is the transmitter. We have accumulated enough information,
but it’s very risky to send it by couriers via Shanghai
and Hong Kong. I’ll deal with it, though. Something is brewing
at the Mongolian border. One of us needs to be there. I think it should be you, Branko.
You have contacts in the Kwantung Army. Good idea. Let’s do it. Right. Good idea –
escaping from home again. We should go. You go first, Hazumi. Welcome. This is for you. Thanks. Will you order something? Did you like the flowers? Yes. They are beautiful. -I’ll have the same as last time.
-All right. Beautiful flowers. -Another beau?
-Having fun, Toshi? -Looks like the lame like you.
-Stop it. Khasan, and now Khalkhyn Gol. What do you think?
Is it provocation or war? The Japanese government
is trying to redeem itself after the failed blitzkrieg in China. I think one of the goals of their attack
was battle-testing the information given by Liushkov. Definitely. Still,
the main reason is the political one. You’re right.
We need to get a photo camera for Hazumi. He has gotten access
to important documents at his last meeting with the prince. We desperately need these documents. Hazumi Osaki – a reporter,
a die-hard Marxist. One of the closest advisors of Japan’s prime minister
Prince Fumimaro Konoe. One of Sorge’s most valuable sources.
Alias – Invest. In the early 1939, the Japanese government
comes up with a new slogan: expanding the empire out to Baikal Lake. A new mission at the border
is scheduled for late June. This time,
the Kwantung Army is aiming at Mongolia, friendly to the Soviet Union. There are Soviet troops deployed there. -What do you want?
-Tea for Mr. Inspector? Thank you, but you know I need
to study these papers urgently. -I’m pressed for time.
-I’m sorry. There will be a provocation.
You were right, Richard. -I brought the film.
-Be careful. Guys, we have important information that needs to be delivered
to Moscow this week. It won’t make any sense
if it comes too late. We need to pass these films
to our comrades in Shanghai, and we have a problem with a courier. I can’t do it. I have a child. What happens to him if I’m arrested? Listen. It’s just a trip to Shanghai.
An ordinary mission. Besides, your sister will be there. Marie? -Why didn’t I hear about it?
-You’ll get a cable today. How do you know? Because it will be our colleague,
not your sister. Richard, no. Edith, Moscow doesn’t have
much trust in us as it is. If we fail to deliver
the information in time, you can imagine the consequences. We don’t have choice! Easy, easy. It’s the cable. If you act fidgety,
we’ll raise suspicions. Get a grip. Go to hell. Edith! What’s wrong? Edi? Edi, what happened?
Branko, didn’t I tell you that you shouldn’t let your
pregnant wife to go on such a trip? We’re sorry. She’s expecting. My friend
and I will get her to the hospital. Our apologies. Come on. Here. Come on, lean on me. What do you mean, the old ambassador left
with his personal diplomatic courier? Why didn’t I know it before? The new one was supposed
to come a week ago. They failed to check
or authorize something in Berlin. You know our red tape. What am I supposed to do? I need to send diplomatic pouch
to Shanghai today. Today! Patricia, think of something!
It’s very important. The only option I can see is
that I go to Shanghai myself. -I have a diplomatic passport.
-Pati… A pretty girl like you
shouldn’t go on such missions. Believe me, I know the ambassador.
He must have packed the pouch full. -But other than…
-What? Don’t you have friends at the embassy,
ready to do anything for you? You mean yourself? Why not? I’d gladly go to Shanghai. I have already gotten
my diplomatic passport. Shultz, do me a favor. Seal mine, too. These Japanese are so thorough.
They pry everywhere. Mr. Press Attaché has something to hide
from the Japanese police? I just don’t like other people
rummaging in my underwear. Right. Let’s leave it to your
charming Japanese lady. May 11 brought disturbing news.
The Japanese had unexpectedly attacked the Mongolian Republic at
the Khalkhyn Gol River. The Soviet Government, true to its word, extended a helping hand
to the Mongolian people. The Soviet Union had always
championed the victims of aggression, fighting for the independence
of their countries. The aggressor had once again faced
a fitting rebuff. The enemy counted on an easy victory, but instead was met
with the Red Army’s vehement resistance. The Soviet and Mongolian
troops decimated the invader. The Japanese warmongers’ aggressive
ambitions were undermined. The Asian Arians!
Lacquered monkeys – that’s who they are. Why are you so winded up? Why am I?
Our industry is at their service. We are sending them weapons, planes, experts. Who could have thought
they’d fail at the Khalkhyn Gol? I warned you. Japan isn’t ready for a big war,
even with our support. Didn’t I tell you? Here is the report. Listen. “August 31, the Japanese
troops were forced to retreat from the Mongolian territory with heavy losses: 25,000 killed,
175 gun groups captured, 200 planes lost,” and so on and so forth.
How do you like it? Germany’s Foreign Ministry
in Japan asks Germany for help in settling the conflict. How could the Russians fool us all? How? How could they accumulate
that many troops at the Khalkhyn Gol in such short time? Tell me! Why are you so worried
about these samurais, Eugen? Why am I worried?
Look at this expert on Japan! I don’t care about the samurais
or even our lost planes. I’m worried they might back out
of the future war with Russia. I don’t understand
what’s going on in Berlin. This pact! I don’t know. You really thing this piece of paper
signed in Moscow can stop the Fuhrer? The Japanese are idiots! They had all the information. Remember that deserter?
He told them a lot. Tell me, comrades, what you know about the turncoat Liushkov. This bastard gave them all
our codes for the Far East. The number of troops,
the weapons – everything he knew! He has betrayed our socialist Motherland.
Why is he still alive? Comrade Stalin,
they guard him as a valuable agent. We don’t even know where they hold him. So find it out. -Have you deciphered it?
-Yes. Anything interesting? Yes. We have an order to kill Liushkov. What? Are they out of their minds? I’m a professional spy, not a henchman. You probably haven’t been in Moscow
for too long. It’s the Boss’s order. We never got such orders in Berzin’s time. Why don’t you say something, Max? You’ve changed a lot. I can see that. Richard, I haven’t changed,
but the times have. A war is coming. A big war. That’s why the Center has
to take such decisions. These decisions can lead
to our group’s destruction. We are military intelligence.
We’re the elite. I refuse to carry out this order. Then someone else will, and we will
be liquidated as enemies of the people and traitors. I don’t care. Write this down. “I don’t believe it possible for my group
to carry out this order, since it puts at risk our whole mission.” Just a minute. “The group can present all information
on Liushkov, but it won’t take part in the execution.
Ramsay.” Are you free? Who sent you? -Who was it?
-Schlesinger. Where is Arnav? He disappeared.
So did the agent who was following him. Did he escape with our money?
I never trusted him, Herr Schlesinger. We shouldn’t have given him all the money.
He rented a car and escaped. He never bought it. Where does he live? We don’t know the address.
Just the district. I’ll find him anywhere. What do you mean he won’t do it?
Who does he think he is? Why isn’t the Sorge problem solved yet? Comrade People’s Commissar,
the group is under cover. We need time to find all the members.
Our man is working on it. He’s working? He should be working on me! I need to have a resident in Japan, who’d be the first to report to
me about the current situation. Yes, sir. Will do. Permission to execute? Granted. -Hello.
-Hello. Can you make a copy of a picture? Of course.
But it will be black-and-white. It doesn’t matter. Here. -Do you like it?
-Yes. It’s the Java Island. Anna sends her greetings. They have fine tobacco there. There is a small Japanese restaurant
one block down from here. I’ll wait for you there.
Why don’t you answer? Yes, of course. Make a copy of this picture.
I like it a lot. Yes, Mr. Klausen. The money was found. He was probably murdered. Report to the police
your friend is missing. Let them look for him. Continue the surveillance.
See you at the same place, same time. Yes, sir. Got it? OK, let’s go. Who are you? Hello. What do you want? I came to report a missing person.
All officers are busy. They told me to wait for you. -Is he your relative?
-No, just a friend. -Come on.
-Yes. Thank you. You can’t come to my shop. It’s a rendezvous point
for the group members. This Sorge’s bodyguard
is always hanging around. You’ll blow my cover. You don’t understand.
I can blow your cover. I can get rid of you. I can do anything I want. The only reason you’re still alive
is that we think we can use you. As soon as we decide for the opposite,
you’ll be dead. What do you want? I want you to explain to me
why we are getting nothing from you. As I said, it’s a big group. It’s really big. It’s not that simple. Enough. I’m sick of this.
Do you want your wife to join you? Then hurry up. Sorge must die,
and you must become the group’s leader. That’s enough. Can I answer? I don’t have orders about this.
Please understand. Moscow is pushing me. You know all the key figures.
We need to set the date for the operation. I need to give them the date. -Hi, Jorgen.
-Hello, Sorge-san. The usual? -The usual.
-All right. -Where is Max?
-I didn’t see him today. We need to look into him. Max Klausen? Please be careful. Mr. Major, please take a look. What is it? The missing man’s name, address,
and the date he went missing. The only thing we were able to find out is that a rickshaw had scraped against
his car just before he went missing. If we don’t find the car,
we won’t find him, either. I saw this address before,
or heard about it. -Give me the address again.
-Nagasaki, T30. Sorge. It’s his address. I won’t be surprised if it was that ninja
who killed the Indian man. Taxi! Taxi! This way. This way. -Hello.
-Coffee. This is poison. If you lace a drink with it, it will cause a heart
attack in about 30 minutes. It would be nice…
if he died on his bike. This poison leaves no traces. It’s a nice place. The food is good. Want some? No. Pay the bill. Mr. Colonel, there is no doubt that reporter Sorge
is part of an organization working against Japan. Listen, Osaki,
you have enough on your plate. Prostitution, banditism, robberies. And you keep chasing some spies.
It’s not your responsibility. Mr. Colonel,
this country needs our protection. -Did you report this to Kawai?
-I did. But… Let him deal with it. Is that clear? I found out he’s meeting
with that man all the time? I’ve covertly searched his room,
and I’m sure he’s planning to poison you. -Do you have friends?
-Only you. That’s good.
Nowadays no one can afford having friends. We need to get rid of Max. No. I want to look him in the eye
and ask a couple questions. OK. Close the office. The working hours aren’t over, Richard.
Customers might come… Let the employees go home
and close the office. -What happened?
-Take a seat. Why don’t we have a drink? How are you, Max?
Is there anything you want to tell me? No! Don’t! Richard. It’s poison! I was supposed to kill you. I don’t know what to do.
They have my Anna. You know, Max, I’ve been thinking
what I would do if I were you. Save someone you love or become a traitor. They won’t let her go anyway.
Richard, I almost killed you. The thing is, Max,
I have no one to protect. I don’t have a woman like your Anna
in my life. I’m losing everyone. I’m absolutely alone. You’re a lucky man, Max. You have someone
you are ready to do anything for. Even kill your friend. That’s the way it should be. Yes. We’ll save Anna from them.
I’m glad I wasn’t mistaken in you.

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