RICHARD SORGE. MASTER SPY. Episode 6. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Wartime Drama. English Subtitles

Star Media presents Aleksandr Domogarov, Shion Nakamaru Osamy Yamamoto, Andrey Rudensky Viktoriya Isakova, Andrey Leonov Yuliya Aug, Sergey Ginzburg Ivan Shibanov, Tatyana Kosmacheva,
Junsuke Kinoshita in Sergey Ginzburg’s RICHARD SORGE. MASTER SPY EPISODE 6 Why didn’t you get married? I’m afraid family bliss isn’t for me. Right. Why get into the water
if all you need is a drink. This isn’t my philosophy. I just don’t think a woman can be happy
with a gypsy like me. And the gypsies themselves?
What makes them happy? I don’t know. Maybe someone from their past life… someone to talk to,
to nestle up with your soul, and forget about your loneliness. -Hello.
-Hello. I need copies of all the pages. Please make sure it doesn’t get lost.
It’s a valuable scholarly paper. Don’t worry. -Come back for it in a week.
-Thank you. Hello. Hello. Here. The last butch of the radio parts
from your list. -Your order, Mr. Imura.
-Thank you. Yes, Mr. Klausen. This is a simple standard
radio transmitter. Richard. And this is something I’m proud of. -I know.
-Anna! A simple carving board. See? We put three lamps on it…
and take them off as easily. This is the receiver.
I did some magic to amplify the signal. This is the transmitter.
That’s all. It works perfectly. Richard, what is this? I can’t even make a guess, Max.
OK, these are spoons. No! It’s a key. Wow, Maks!
Anna, I always knew I could count on you. One more thing. These lamps. Imura got them for me.
Look at the marking. Those made in Hong Kong
have two dots on them. The US-made ones have a straight line.
He couldn’t have bought them in China. Are you sure? Yes. You and I have spent three years
in Shanghai. It smells fishy. Hide them well. Look into this fisherman. -The weather is so nice today, isn’t it?
-Yes, it’s a wonderful day. -Hello. Your table is ready.
-It’s fine. I’ll take another one. Hanako, he sat at my table. Look. Over there. Toshi, let me serve him. I thought you didn’t like him. -Is it yes or no?
-Yes, sure. -Hello, sir. Welcome.
-Hello. I’m sorry about the other night.
I was rude to you. You don’t deserve it. Are you ready to order? I want you to order for me.
Bring me all the best dishes you have. To tell you the truth, the owner makes us sell
the most expensive dishes. Are they the most delicious? Not always.
But today I won’t follow his order. They are getting ready. Be careful. An army man told me that they would
intercept radio traffic not only in the hostilities area but also in Tokyo. Imura is working for the Americans.
Shall we eliminate him? Don’t be so hasty.
We can use it for our benefit. We need to bring him here. We need to find an excuse,
so that we didn’t spook him. We’ll have one. The Japanese and their
ancient detectors will help us in it. We can’t do it without you, Imura.
The situation in Tokyo is tense. It’s dangerous to go on the air.
We keep changing locations. Maybe we should start with finding a spot.
I know a good one, in the woods. No. My friend and I have found
a few options already. We’ll run them through you later. We’ll have to establish communications
from out of town for a while. Good idea. That would confuse
the counterintelligence. We’ll bring the transmitter to you.
You need to hide it well. Then we’ll find a spot not
far from the hiding place. We’ll bring you messages twice
a week so that you radioed them. Imura, we’ll help you to get a grip of it,
of course. I’m ready. Let’s try. Put on the headset
and turn on the transmitter. Put it on. -Let’s start with this.
-OK, Max, I’m leaving. -I’ll wait at the road.
-Right. We’re starting in a minute. Last time I did it. Now it’s your turn. -Are you ready?
-I can handle it. We’re ready. The Japanese will think
it was the Americans. -Are you satisfied?
-It was delicious. Thank you. I think he hates it. He comes here
and eats the German food only to see you. He never leaves anything on his plate. How is he in bed?
You didn’t sleep with him? I would never do that. Why? I’d do it any time! How does he take it when you say no? I don’t have to.
He doesn’t even make attempts. He’s so shy. Sometimes a brave man is helpless
when dealing with a girl. Then you have to take the initiative. I never knew how. I’ll tell you how. OK. You invite it to your house,
put on a sexy attire… -Enough. I can’t do it.
-Of course you can. I’ll tell you… No way! Stop it. “Autumn at its saddest –
Rustling through the leaves and moving on alone
deep into the mountains, I hear a lonely stag belling for his doe.” -Good night.
-Nagito, tea? You’re beautiful. You should go. You’re beautiful. Please go. Please. Come on. Mr. Major, we used to work in the city.
Why did the send us here? A signal from a new transmitter was
detected here the day before yesterday. So what? We keep chasing them,
but we never caught any operators. It’s not your place to discuss
orders from above! Shut up. -Mr. Major, we’ve got a signal.
-Great. Aboard! Yes, sir. It’s time. I think they had time to get our bearings. Don’t worry. Takagi is on the lookout.
Back to work. Attention! Form a line along the wood. Take your positions! On the double. -Police! Come on! Let’s go.
-Relax, relax. Come on! Run! Let’s disperse. Keep up! On the double. The signal was coming from here. We can’t come through. You shouldn’t have sold out
to the Americans. Quick! -He’s here!
-Come on, quick! Move it! Move it! Hey, samurai’s son, look here. What can you say about it? I told you it was an American. Isn’t it time for you to commit seppuku? They are playing with us. They were transmitting for so long
because they wanted us to detect them. Imura was pushed from the rock, because they wanted us
to find these papers. I won’t be surprised if we find letters,
too. I’ve never seen a man as
cowardly and obstinate as you. Do you have an explanation
who and why needed it? It’s obvious. Firstly,
to avert suspicion from themselves. Secondly, to rumble the American station
and raise a stink in the media. Our government is caught
between turning our weapons against the Soviets or against the States. A spy scandal might tip the scales. Don’t get smart with me. Osaki, where are you going? I left a lieutenant in charge. I need to investigate
a jewelry store robbery. Is it true a spy was caught?
Who was he working for? I’m not on this case.
I can’t answer your questions. Yamato,
find the Russian radio operator case. Look up where this Sorge was coming from when they detained him with the fish. Wasn’t it the part of the coast
where Imura had a house? Yes. It’s there. I had no doubts. This Sorge’s name appears
in our reports a bit too often. -Right here. Are you chicken?
-No. You? -OK. After the restaurant.
-Fine. We’re full. -I have money.
-I told you we were full. Richard, come on. -Wait. You have lots of empty tables.
-They are reserved. Richard, let’s go to some other place. He has no right! Call the manager. -I’ll call the cops.
-Go for it. Let’s go to some other place.
Richard! Come on! Call the cops.
He doesn’t like the way I’m dressed. I don’t want to go to this restaurant. The country is going to hell,
and they are having fun! -Stop it!
-Goddamned bourgeois! I don’t like this restaurant. You know, neither do I. Come on! Run! Police! Police! Why did you do it, Icha? I can’t come to a restaurant because
my clothes aren’t good enough! It’s not fair, Helma. It’s disgusting – dividing people into
the rich and the poor. That’s how this world works.
What can you do? Fight it! Fight it hard and mercilessly. By breaking the windows? This, too. The rich will never give up
their riches to the poor who, by the way, have earned it for them. Our goal is to rob what was robbed and distribute it among
all working people. It will be a perfect world,
and everyone will be happy. You know what, Icha?
With a champion like you, I’m not worried about the poor. Where are your Communist ideas?
What happened to them? You look like a perfect bourgeois. If I like nice clothes, it doesn’t mean
I stopped fighting for social justice. -Are you? Fighting?
-I am. -For twenty years?
-For twenty years. I don’t get it. I don’t understand this world.
It scares me. When Eugen started yelling Heil
and salute Hitler, his eyes became wild. It was scary. Maybe I’m not
patriotic enough, but I don’t get it why Hitler needs to destroy whole nations
to make the Germans happy. Is it fair? Germany isn’t Hitler. Germany is Schiller, Goethe, Bach. The Germany we both love. I don’t want it to go to war
against the whole world again. But you serve this Germany, Icha.
You serve Hitler. Let’s run away. Where to? Wherever. South America, Australia. Somewhere to wait out
this European frenzy. This frenzy will never come to an end.
You know it’s impossible. I have children. You’ll have to make a choice.
You must make a choice. Darling, where have you been? You startled me. -Aren’t you happy to see me?
-Why do you say this? I called every beauty
salon and store you go to. I even sent Hunter to look for you.
I brought you presents. I was going to have lunch with you. Right… Richard took me to lunch.
We went to Akura. The bastard! He outsmarted me.
Be careful with him! Some ladies say his deep
and piercing gaze is irresistible. Any woman who
comes to his attention is doomed. I’m quite resistant.
I’ll gladly have dinner with you. I have to come back to the embassy.
I’m sorry, darling. See you tonight. Shit! Eugen? You’re back already! Hello, my friend. Are you glad to see me? -Of course.
-I have news. Interesting. By the way,
thank you for entertaining Helma. -Helma?
-What is this Akura place? Akura? The phone keeps calling all day.
Yes. Sorge. Richard, Eugen caught me unprepared. I had to tell him
you had taken me to Akura for lunch. Yes, Yamamura-san. Of course.
I’ll be there. Excuse me, you were saying? Helma told me
you had been to a restaurant. -Yes, a very nice place.
-Was it? The Fuhrer has prepared a surprise for us.
Big things are coming. -Soon everything will change.
-What do you mean? Germany is going to war
with the Soviet Union. When? I don’t know yet. Probably after signing
the treaty with Japan. And the non-aggression with the Soviets? What is this treaty, Richard?
A piece of paper. We were commissioned with drafting a
military cooperation treaty with Japan. It’s an assignment from Ribbentrop himself
for me and Dr. Sorge. The documents regarding our army. When do they need it? As usual. Yesterday. Ribbentrop’s special envoy
Hoefler is coming from Berlin to help us compile this draft. Interesting. Berlin has informed Ott,
Germany’s ambassador to Japan, that the offense against the USSR
will start in the second half of June. Before the invasion to Poland Hitler
was still trying to keep appearances. The world was informed that the Third Reich
had bring in the troops to counter the Polish aggression. On the eve of the invasion, the SS officers staged an attack against
a German radio station in Gleiwitz. However, the thing the Germans
dreaded hadn’t happened. Neither Great Britain nor France,
who had declared war against Germany, never came to Poland’s help.
Now Hitler had a free hand. Less than a year later, half of Europe
was occupied by the Third Reich: Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands,
Luxembourg, Belgium, France. Fuhrer didn’t need excuses
for his further aggression. In the end,
it wasn’t him who said the word “war.” Hitler’s first goal is intimidating
Great Britain with air raids forcing it to stop military operations.
It will clear the way to the East, to Ukraine’s fertile lands
and Transcaucasia oil. Work has already began
on the Barbarossa Plan, but the date for intruding
the Soviet Union hasn’t been set yet. A lot depends on how Japan will act. Ramsay informs that Hitler is set upon
starting the war and destroying the USSR to use its European territory
as a source of raw materials and grain. In other words, he’s going
to wait till the end of seeding time so that later he could harvest the crops. Hitler will make a decision on
starting the war in early May. So what? There is also information from Berlin. German soldiers are
coming back from France, but they have to sign a paper saying they would come back
to their regiments on first call. Lavrenty, don’t you
think Comrade Voroshilov is entertaining us with rumors from the
German embassy’s kitchen? No, Comrade Stalin. Taken together, in Ramsay’s opinion, these facts are evidence that Germany
is prepared to start a war against us. In his opinion! Who is this Ramsay?
Where do these facts come from, Klim? I know that this son
of a German oil tycoon is used to gathering information
in ladies’ beds. Who went where?
Does it sound serious to you? Is this how Soviet agents
are supposed to work? The information is confirmed
by other sources. Information! Lavrenty,
isn’t Hitler already fighting a war? What’s so valuable about
your Ramsay’s reports? Troops shifts… It’s a trick.
Hitler is trying to confuse the English. Comrade Stalin, I have more reports. Listen, Klimenty! I want to get documents
and facts from my agents. Does your Ramsay have them? It happened so
that he doesn’t have a courier right now. He can’t send us the photographs
of those documents he has made. Sounds suspicious. Right, Lavrenty? Yes, Comrade Stalin. We need to think
who benefits from a mass disinformation about Germany attacking the USSR. It’s a no-brainer. The English! Maybe this Ramsay is working on them. Tell him to find a way
to send the documents. We’ll think about it then. We have enough people here
to draw conclusions. Tell him that. Richard, my friend. Listen, I need to do something for the SD. It’s just a formality, but… You know. They need detailed bios of every
member of the embassy’s staff. Great. What’s the problem? You see, there is a gap in yours. A whole period of your life is missing. Look. After the moment you
were wounded and to 1924, we only have one paragraph. And then from 1924 to 1930 –
just two lines. It’s weird. -Do you know why?
-No, why? Because nothing was happening to me.
I was studying, then working, and wasn’t moving around. See? Yes, but earlier… Earlier, I was young and stupid. Look. I came to Japan in 1936. -Now it’s 1939.
-And? Three years, and just one line. Because nothing is happening to me. And I’m glad, Paul. I’ve had enough of the war.
I’m a mouse of a man. An ordinary, unexciting person.
You can quote me for the SD. Sorge is a drab loser. I’m sorry. -Yes.
-With a dull life story. Don’t be shy.
You aren’t all drab and unexciting. Have a look.
Maybe these pictures will interest you. As a man, I envy you.
Ladies always liked you. How do you do it?
Can you give me a couple tips? What do you want? Ott isn’t the sort of man
who should be the embassy’s head. You and I need to help Germany
get rid of a bad manager, that’s first. Also, I want for my boss to report
to Fuhrer before Ribbentrop does, and for his information
to be more accurate and analysis deeper. I hope you won’t say no to me, Richard. Thank you, Richard. I knew it.
We’re friends, after all. You can burn the pictures or keep them.
I have the negatives.

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