RICHARD SORGE. MASTER SPY. Episode 8. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Wartime Drama. English Subtitles

German troop trains are being
pulled in to the Soviet border. Rommel’s fighter planes are flying
over Soviet cities at a height beyond the reach of the Russian planers. Hitler reassures Stalin:
all this is being done to trick the Brits. May 1, a military parade
is held on the Red Square. Wehrmacht representatives are invited. Stalin wants to impress his friends
with the Soviets’ military might. However,
Hitler understands as well as he does that the Soviets aren’t ready for a war. In a year’s time, though…
He needs to hurry. Star Media presents Aleksandr Domogarov, Shion Nakamaru Osamy Yamamoto, Andrey Rudensky Viktoriya Isakova, Andrey Leonov Yuliya Aug, Sergey Ginzburg Ivan Shibanov, Tatyana Kosmacheva Junsuke Kinoshita in Sergey Ginzburg’s RICHARD SORGE. MASTER SPY EPISODE 8 Comrade Stalin, I request to withdraw
from Berlin our ambassador Dekanozov who keeps bombarding me with the fakes
about Hitler’s intent to invade the USSR. General Tupikov, our military attach? in Berlin, informs me of the same thing, referring to his sources
in the German army HQ. This idiot tells me three Wehrmacht armies will start
the offense against Moscow very soon. Tell this Tupikov to tell
his source to go to hell. It’s not a source; it’s a disinfo agent. Comrade Stalin, the information
about Hitler’s intent to attack us has been coming from various sources. -Like what?
-Agents Foreman, Clark, Ramsay. Ramsay!
This just confirms that it’s a fake. Do you think we don’t know
what he’s been up to? Drinking! Recently he had got into
an accident on his bike while being drunk. He got drunk, crushed his bike,
and started talking bullshit. It was an accident. He had a heart attack. I don’t want to hear
another word about it. Hitler of course is an opportunist, but he’s not as stupid
as fighting on two fronts. He needs the Middle East oil. Iran! That’s where he’s going. What happened? You were talking and
moaning in your sleep. So I came to you. You don’t seem to get better. Yes. It’s been a month since the accident. Have some tea. Come on. Thanks. Tell me, why do you want me? You could marry a nice man and be happy. I’d better go to Mihara. The volcano? Why? Those rejected by people they love kill
themselves by jumping into its crater. You weren’t rejected. I love you. And I want you to be happy. Tell me…
What if I didn’t survive that accident? What would you do then? I wouldn’t go on living. I feel good when I’m with you. Newspapers! Fresh newspapers! Max. Take a look.
I think it might interest you. What’s this? Schlesinger wants me to write a report
to his bosses in Berlin for him. This is the part about the German
and Japanese intelligences cooperation. This is the most important paragraph: the specifications for
the new Siemens detectors. Fascinating. It’s not just fascinating.
It’s a question of life and death. -Can I keep it?
-No. It’s classified, Max. Read this and tell me
if we can trick them. Are you riding the bike again?
It’s dangerous! -I’ll be careful. I came to pick you up.
-I’ll be done in a minute. OK. Richard. I need you on some business. Schellenberg is a green boy. Mueller and I… The file I gave you is top secret.
Don’t tell anyone. Do you think I’m drunk? You need to watch out for Ott. Go away! Did you know Ott was hanging
around with this Schleicher? Yes. Did you also know that Schleicher was
a part of a conspiracy against Hitler and was shot like a dog? Yes. You know everything. You should be with the Gestapo.
It’s an interesting job. You know, Paul, I prefer being a reporter. Icha, listen to me. Listen to me well and then
pretend I didn’t say it. The war will start this Sunday. Ott has no information about it. Ott! Everybody has their sources. Nine divisions! 150 armies! They are on the Russian border. It’s a war, Richard.
Don’t tell anyone, though. It’s serious, Richard! That’s it. Can I go, Paul? Yes. You can. -Do you have a light?
-I don’t smoke. Sorry. -Have you read the TASS information?
-Not yet. What’s in it? “TASS is authorized to declare that
the rumors of Germany invading the USSR are groundless.” What? He didn’t believe us again! We’ve been informing the Center to
the opposite for the last three months. Maybe it’s just a trick
to distract the enemy. A trick? “By the USSR data, Germany has been
following the letter of the Treaty as well as the Soviet Union. Thus, the rumors of the attempts
to break the Treaty and to attack the Soviet Union
are absolutely groundless.” Why? Why don’t they trust us? If they didn’t they
wouldn’t let us stay here. Maybe there is something we don’t know. It’s so beautiful! So pretty! Anna, you look great in it. I’d buy you the most expensive
jewelry every day if I could. Every day is too much.
Every other day is fine with me. Just a minute. Hi, Richard. What do I owe the pleasure? I was just passing by. I’ve got paid for a big order and
wanted to do something for Anna. I see. Can I talk to you for a minute? Richard, life goes on. We need to move on. You’re right.
Life goes on, but the financing doesn’t. All we have left is whatever
you and I make. To hell with all that. We’re working here!
Getting heart attacks! We risk our lives,
and they don’t trust us. -Why go on, Richard?
-You’re a Communist. Richard, it’s my money.
I earned it with my own two hands. With my head.
I spend days and nights at the shop. Your shop was bought with
the Soviet Union’s money. Hi, Richard. -Hi.
-Hey, Anna. My darling, I’m so grateful to you.
But you know what? You’ll buy me this necklace, you will. Just not this time. OK? You think we don’t understand, Richard?
We do. But all this horror,
these talks about war, the Center’s mistrust… We’re human, and life goes on. We keep working,
no matter whether they hear us or not. We need to do what we need to do.
There will be even more work. Do you have information? Yes, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. What? The war? Yes. The war. -Our courier was burned.
-Wait. Don’t jump to conclusions. We need to call Richard. -I’m listening.
-Hello. Richard. Yes. Listen, I’ve been shopping for an hour,
but I can’t find your favorite cigars. Don’t worry. It’s fine.
We’ll think of something. All right. Weird. So much is at stake,
and he stays calm. Nice figurine.
It’s a shame we had to ruin it. I bought it at a Ginza antiques shop. I don’t know what caught my eye. It’s good at keeping secrets. A courier will be here in two weeks.
We can send the information through him. Guys, in two weeks this information
won’t be worth a dime. We need to pass it now. Richard, I’d be happy to go. But Japan closed the borders
after the war had been declared. I know, Anna. I know.
But what shall we do? We can radio part of the information. It would take us two weeks,
considering its size. Max, what are you talking about? It’s out of the question. We need to find a courier. I was at Das Rheingold,
so I know your Japanese girl is at work. Helma… I’m very sorry. You’re a free man.
You have nothing to apologize for. No, I’m really sorry. What happened between us was
just a bout of romantics. We wanted to go back to our youth. I’m glad we tried. Believe me, I was happy.
For the first time in years. Richard, I came to say goodbye.
I’m leaving to Berlin. -Berlin?
-Yes. Nothing’s holding me back here. What’s there for you in Berlin? You’re forgetting that my kids are there. You said they had lives of their own. Yes. And both of them want their lives
to be connected with this bloody war. I’m so scared for them. Especially my son.
Of course I should be with them now. Maybe I’ll be able to stop them from doing
stupid things young people so often do. Are you going by plane? No. You know I’m aviaphobic. I’ll go by sea.
First to Shanghai, then home. I’ll have to spend a whole day
in this horrible Shanghai. I have lots of friends there,
one of them a really close one. He can meet you and take care
of you there if you want. It would be great.
If I won’t be a burden, of course. Not at all. He’ll be glad to meet you. By the way, could you take this figurine for him? He’s… a collector, and I just stumbled upon this thingy. I will. Goodbye. Goodbye, Icha. Try to be happy. Sir, I asked you for materials
on this German reporter, Sorge. You promised to grant my request. It has been a while,
but I haven’t gotten it yet. A German reporter?
I forbade you to mention it again. You need to understand:
this is none of our business. I don’t want you to get
involved in this bullshit. Besides, so much time has passed. I need to prove it to myself,
to defend my good name. I was so close to exposing him, but Lt.
Colonel Kawai intruded and messed it up. Besides, he spoke disrespectfully
about your department and, forgive me saying that, about yourself. What did he say about me? I don’t want to repeat it. I always knew Kawai was a bastard. Sir, I’ll repeat my request: please give an order to give me the file
without any bureaucratic acrimony. I want to prove that we were right. All right.
I’ll make sure you get the information. It’s the last day of the Bon Festival. It seems weird to the European. You’re honoring the spirits of the dead, but everyone is dancing,
singing, and having fun. We don’t see it as weird. Traditionally,
we believe that the spirits of our dead float away along the river,
following these lanterns. And then the soul comes
back in a new physical shell. That’s smart. There’s nothing to be sad about, then. Why are there these double lanterns? It’s for married couples or lovers,
which isn’t necessarily the same thing. I’m sure our spirits will be on one float,
too, when we’re dead. It’s too early for us to think about it. The only thing I disagree with Fuhrer
about is that smoking is decadence and the Indians’ revenge on the
white people for the firewater. Yes. The fight against smoking in Germany
has become somewhat unhealthy. You know, Hitler banned his
staff from smoking at work. I heard about it.
But a soldier at war can’t help smoking. I heard they had great
tobacco in the Crimea. So, it’s happening. Yes. -When?
-June 22. On Sunday. Why Sunday? Didn’t you know? The Fuhrer makes
all major decisions on Sundays. He believes in the special
meaning of dates and numbers. Sunday is his lucky day. I gave an order to the embassy staff
to come to the office on Saturday’s night. Germany will attack
the Soviet Union in three days. June 22, at 4 a.m. -Max, start the transmission.
-Yes. Just a second. -OK.
-Are you ready? Yes. Major. A new radio transmitter’s signal has
just been detected in the downtown. We detect them by the dozen every day.
What caught your attention? Judging by the signature, it’s the operator we were
looking for last year. In case you don’t remember,
he fell down a rock. According to the brass,
he was an American. I’m sorry, sir, but it’s the same man. He’s trying to disguise his signature,
but it doesn’t work. I recognized him. Are you sure? -Where is the signal coming from?
-Azabu district. The city center?
We need to act covertly in this case. Let’s use backpack detectors. Alert your
regimen. We’re marching out immediately. Yes, sir. Max. Relax. Get a grip. You’ll out yourself
with your signature. Calm down. Sir, we have the signal. All aboard! We’re leaving. All aboard! Our time slot ends in a minute, Max. Why doesn’t Moscow reply?
Where is the confirmation? Why this radio silence? We’ll send it one more time.
We’ll keep doing it until they hear us. -Are you ready?
-Yes. -Are you ready?
-Yes. Standing by for your order. Are you in contact with Platoons 1 and 2? Yes, sir. -Let’s start.
-Yes, sir. Get in! Move it! Move it! Nothing at the reserve frequency, either. We need to transmit it once again. It’s dangerous. We might get caught. Hundreds of thousands people’s
lives are at stake, Max. We need to make sure we get heard. Yes. Why don’t they answer? I don’t know, Max. We need to leave, Ramsay.
The police is coming. -Dismantle it, quick.
-Quick! Quick! Boss, go! An urgent report from Ramsay.
What shall we answer? Nothing. Place it under the Dubious label. “Citizens of the Soviet Union! Today at four o’clock in the morning, without declaring war, German forces… invaded our country…” “In the early hours of June 22,
the German troops went into the offensive along the whole European front
against the Bolshevist Russia.” We’ve warned Moscow in time. Why was the USSR caught unawares? Why don’t the German meet
with next to no resistance? Moscow probably didn’t believe us. The Center doesn’t come into contact. We’re on our own, Hazumi. Why? I don’t know. I don’t see any reason to keep working.
We need to disband the group. What? Richard, what are you saying? They didn’t trust us too far before,
either. Don’t worry. Only a couple of people know you exist. Still, we need to clean it up. So we took the risk in vain. Now, when they need us more than ever,
they are throwing us into a gutter. Is this what we dreamed about? I don’t believe it. And I won’t give up. You convinced me once to make a choice. This fight became my life. Is it lost now? I don’t have an answer to this. Ladies and gentlemen. I propose a toast to the
victory of the German weapon. -Cheers!
-Cheers. It’s good that the Fuhrer
decided to punish the Russians. How many times did he talk
about the Black Sea coast and the oil we need so much. The Russians wouldn’t budge.
They had it coming. Now we’ll take it by force. Richard, the say the Black Sea beaches
are beautiful. Did you know? Listen! What do you know about Russia? It will make mincemeat of us, and it will be right in doing so. Richard! Stop pretending you’re Russian.
It doesn’t suit you. Come on. Come on! Let’s drink to the German
victory and the Fuhrer and go to sleep. You’ve had too much to drink. Wait. Richard. You don’t believe me? To hell with you! Gentlemen, come on. This isn’t the first time
you see him drunk. It’s OK. Hanako, play a merry tune for us. Gentlemen! My fellow countrymen! The Germans! I want to drink to our Fuhrer,
to the leader of the German nation! To the German victory! Cheers. Cheers! -To the Fuhrer!
-Cheers! Let’s go to bed. I missed you. -I’m sorry. I don’t feel well.
-Do you need a doctor? A doctor? No, I don’t need a doctor.
Go to bed. Good night. Eugen! Eugen! I’ll show you! Eugen! I need to talk to you. Let me in! Eugen! Richard. -Where is your husband?
-He’s asleep. What do you want? -Wake him up. I need to talk to him.
-Please don’t shout. Germany will… Germany will lose this war. Don’t yell. Please be quiet.
You’ll wake up everybody. You need to tell him
Germany will lose this war. Russia is the only country with a future.
Hitler will break his neck… Hush! Quiet. You can’t say such things.
You’re drunk. Yes, I’m drunk. Please go home.
Your Japanese lady is waiting for you. Helma! Helma! Helma! These Nazi swine… they will be sorry. This war will kill me.


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