Rishtay Biktay Hain | Episode 1 | 23rd Sep 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Oh God. Save me from these boys. All they do is eat and sleep! Wake up! How long will you sleep now? And you Hammad, just keep sleeping, don’t work at all! My luck is sleeping, what will I do waking up? You will have to wake up to work. Sleeping won’t help you. And you! Have you already left your studies? Get up? Don’t you have to go? They behave like sons of a king! I am a king’s son. But you just wait. I’ll fulfill all my dreams one day. You seem to be dreaming too much. Stop all this nonsense. Mom, it’s all nonsense unless you don’t have money. Let me complete my studies, then you’ll see how I roll in money and everything makes sense. Wake him up. I will wake him up and go shave. You have a university to attend. Why does he keep sleeping? Hammad wake up. I just have one son who is responsible and hard working. And you! And you’re good for nothing. The dreams you have, need money to be fulfilled and you have to earn money! Let everything else be, you don’t get a proposal without money too. Mom, let me sleep. Keep sleeping! Dear, please hurry up, its already time for the evening prayers. Why are you sitting here? Nothing. I was thinking about how everything happened so fast. My kids have grown up too soon. Time flies fast. Good or bad, it just flies. But my sister Farhat has seen a very tough time. But that too shall pass. I thank God for sending Affan in Zeba’s life. He’s such a nice, well mannered kid, grew up in front of our eyes. Where do people find such proposals these days. And thanks to Farhat that she chose Zeba for her son. Khalda and Sharafat have really looked after you well. Nobody does that. So, am I not looking after them? I care for them that’s why I’m bringing Zeba here as my daughter in law. My Affan already had tons of proposals. He’s a hero! If Affan’s hero, Zeba matches him really well. She’s beautiful. When did I say no? But Nasreen, don’t you agree that only beautiful faces don’t work in times like today? People, look for money alongside beautiful faces. And who doesn’t like a daughter in law bringing heavy dowry? At least, our Farhat didn’t ask for dowry. Otherwise, people ask for a heavy dowry in exchange for their son’s education. Thank God we’re saved. Now tell me if you want something ironed or not? Sister? Call Zeba already, its too late. What is she doing inside? I’ll just call her. Here, she’s already coming. We got a light weight ring. We could only afford this. And you know about my financial situations. Oh, Farhat. Don’t say like this. All these things don’t value when it comes to the love amongst our children. May they stay together forever. You’re right. I pray they stay happy forever. Now, brother Sharafat, do we have your permission? Affan, here. Here, dear. Congratulations. Congratulations. Zeba.. open your mouth Have this. Come here, you. Congratulations all of you. What nonsense is this? Tired throughout the day and now the powercut! Here, have this. What can we do, the system here is like this. Everybody is worried. Not everybody though. People like us only. What problems do rich people have? They have generators for power failures and AC’s to keep them cool. A person shouldn’t be born poor. And even if he is born poor, he shouldn’t die so as one. One should do something to be counted amongst the rich. You’re funny Farhat. It’s not up to us to be born rich or poor. Its all about luck. No sister. An intelligent man carves out his luck himself. And yes, I just remembered. What will you give to Zeba as dowry? There’s time for the wedding. But you don’t have a loaded bank account. You need to start preparing now to get something for the wedding. Don’t be a miser. My Affan is a gem. You have no idea, how many proposals I had for him. But I said no. I said my sister has the first right. I care for you. Now you too please be considerate. And as it is, you don’t have so many children. You just have a daughter and everything belongs to her. Affan, where were you? I have been waiting for so long. Wow. We haven’t been married yet and you’re already started talking like a wife. Its nothing like this. I brought you a dessert. You like it, don’t you? I was asking because your mother is here. And she might think wrong of me if she finds out I’m at the roof at this hour. Let her think. She’ll think we’re celebrating our engagement today. Alright. Have your dessert. I’ll leave now. Hey, wait. Don’t leave me alone here. Listen? Whenever you’re with me, I always feel at peace. Have some dessert. Wow. Nobody takes care of me as much as you do…I don’t think anyone can care for me in the whole world… You made this amazing dessert. I want to kiss your hands. Affan. What happened? Why are you so nervous? I am not nervous. Right. Look at me. Look at your face. Listen… We’re cousins. And now we have an even stronger bond. We are cousins but that doesn’t mean you… What? What do you mean? Tell me. I don’t know. Listen to me. at least let me complete what I … Zeba, what happened? Why are you so flustered, have you seen any ghosts? I don’t know. Don’t go to the roof at night. What if you become possessed? Thank God. Let me go home now. I just want to sleep before the electricity cuts off again. Alright, sister I’ll leave now.
Zeba, shut the door, a ghost might find its way to you. Don’t worry aunt, it won’t come Where are you lost? Mom? What happened? Nothing. Did Affan like the dessert? Very much. He always likes whatever I make for him. May God bless you. She cooks deliciously. She makes amazing food. You’re right. She cooks deliciously. Yes. And at times, she makes us a fool too. She took the plate on the roof and I asked. But she never let me know that she had cooked something for you. I wouldn’t have asked her for it as it is. She must be shy. Yeah right. She’s shy of me. But she isn’t shy to meet you alone at the roof. Mom, let it be. Eat this dessert, she made is especially for me. Don’t talk bitterly when you’re having a delicious dessert. Let it be dear. My situations have made me bitter over the years. This won’t leave me. You’ve started all over again. I’ve told you so many times, I’m here for you. I promise I’ll change everything. This bitterness will go away. Should I eat? Fiza? Haram, what are you people doing? You guys act as if you’re free.. The groom’s family is here for long. I’m tired of talking. Call her. Where is Rida? Bring her to the guest room. Mom, I tried to explain to her, she isn’t getting ready. What do you mean she isn’t getting ready? Is she in her senses? Why does she do it all the time? Mom, every time she is wronged as well. What’s her fault? Stop favoring her and be quiet. Go get her ready and bring her here. And keep everything in a tray. I’m doing it…
Ill-mannered girls. And ask your dad to go talk to her. Tell him to talk to her, and come inside and sit with us. Another thing, ask Rida to bring the refreshments. I don’t want the two of you to come in front of the guests. Shut the door to your room inside. And ask Rida to keep her glasses aside. Why have you shut them inside dad? If they like Fiza or Haram then why don’t you get them married first? I never said no… But don’t make me parade myself. I feel insulted. Dear, listen to me… both of them are very young. People will ask questions if we get them married before you. People will say things about you and I won’t have any answers. Won’t we be insulted then? And, we have to live with the world. You’re not alone. All girls go through this. But dad, I don’t want to believe in these old traditions. Even I don’t believe them but we can’t help it either. We need a lot of courage to break through all this. And people like us, who have four daughters, they have to be very careful. Now go get ready dear. We should keep the guests waiting for long. Go. But dad.. Won’t you listen to your dad? Go on. Come, Farhat, come. Hello. Such a big load of washing so early in the morning? Why are you carrying a bowl?
I came to get some oil. Affan has to go to work, have to make breakfast for him. Dear, go give your aunt some oil. You know how he loves his breakfast hot. Why would he eat otherwise? Why would you feed him like that?
Let me help you with the washing. No its okay. I’m almost done. Sit. Alright. Come dear. Aunt, let me cook it for him. Its already so hot. God bless you my dear. Just hurry up, he’s already getting late. You’ll be doing this in the future, its good you start practicing now. Of course. Where is brother Sharafat? He went to the market. He’ll be back soon. I needed a few groceries so he ran to fetch them. I was also thinking the same. Will do it once Affan gets paid. Will you have some tea? No. I haven’t even had breakfast yet. Make breakfast for your aunt too.
No dear, cook only for Affan. He’s getting late So what do you do? Rida is a university student. She tops her class every year. That’s why she looks so weak and wears such thick glasses. I believe girls shouldn’t study too much. They look nerdy then. Of course, they do. What will girls do with all the degrees? All they have to do is cook for the family. Girls should be well versed as homemakers. That’s how they win their husband’s heart. Have something, please. Of course. Dear, you too, please. Please don’t be so formal. Sister, please have some breakfast… Hello. Oh Wow… Farhat is here early in the morning. It seems you’ve bought the entire market. She sends me off in the morning to buy groceries. I went to buy vegetables but then I found good meat so I bought that too. Meat? Khalda, do one thing, give half of it to Farhat. You make amazing curry. Send me some as well.
Here you go. I’ll keep one. I really wanted to have some meat today. Sharafat you’ve always cared for me like a brother. Because I am your brother and you’re my sister. May God bless you. The way you’ve taken care of a widow with three kids, And that too when their own relatives threw them out. You remember, don’t you? Those people threw me out with my children after Zubair died. What would I have done if you and brother Sharafat not been there? Don’t talk like this. There would definitely have been someone had we not been there. God never leaves anyone alone. All of us are here to lend support to one another. We didn’t do you a favor. And now, your sons are all grown up. Now see how they’ll make you happy. I pray. I’m coming. Zeba, you? Hello. Hello. Please sit. You came at such a good time. You know I was about to leave. And mom, I don’t understand whats wrong with her. She went to your place in the morning and hasn’t come back since then To tell you the truth, I was thinking to leave without breakfast today. How could I let you go without breakfast? I must have done something good to find a girl like you. Promise me. Promise me, you’ll keep feeding me like this all my life. I promise. And I promise you too. I’ll keep loving you like this all my life. Oh wow. This smells great. I am so hungry. I was wondering where all this good smell was coming from. How did you wake up so early today? I was hungry. Couldn’t sleep on an empty stomach. I was so restless. At least go wash your face. Lions don’t wash their faces. Alright? I’ll leave now. Have some with us. No. It’s alright. What will you get for Zeba’s dowry? Don’t be a miser, please. Affan had a lot of proposals coming in for him. But I said no. My sister has the first right. I care for you. Now you please care for me. What are you thinking Khalda? I’m thinking about what to get for Zeba’s dowry? So what is there to worry about? Farhat is our own relative. She knows our current situations. We will definitely give her what we can afford. And Zeba would be respected for whatever we give her. Did Farhat say something to you? No. What would Farhat say? Actually, we’re giving them our precious, such well-mannered daughter to them. Isn’t it what matters most? Those times are long gone. Now girls are valued on the basis of the dowry they bring. The heavier it is, the more she’s respected. Nobody respects a girl who comes in without a dowry. Even if Farhat is my sister, this isn’t her fault. I don’t even want to give her any chance to taunt my daughter for not bringing along a good dowry. We will have to arrange for Zeba’s dowry. I don’t even have anything in gold dear. I cannot give you any money. Your aunts kept all my jewelry and threw me out of the house. They’ll have to pay for it. They won’t even get to use it. Nobody lives happily taking away something that isn’t theirs. Mom, this isn’t the right time for all this. Please concentrate on my problem. See, this is a tender for a very small area and its road. If I can get it, I can change a lot of things. Everything will be good. But the problem is, I have to submit 50,000 alongside the tender. Yes. We don’t have anyone else other than my sister in this city. How long can I expect her to help me with things. But… Aunt can actually help us. Yes, mom. She has always supported us in our bad times. I believe if you talk to her then, she might be able to arrange for some money. You’ve helped me in all my bad times. I come here thinking about this often. I have no one other than you here. Who else will I turn to? I have nobody to ask for help. Affan is really hopeful. He has made this tender a matter of life and death for himself. His dreams are all attached to it. I’m actually afraid of him. His shattered dreams might shatter him too. No. Affan is a sweetheart and you know that Farhat. But you do know my financial situation as well. We’re both in the same boat. I’m so helpless. What should I do? We’re so unlucky. That’s why we can never be happy. Wait for a minute. I got these bangles made for Zeba. I think we can sell them and help Affan with his work. But, what about Zeba? What will you give Zeba then? Zeba will get whatever is in her fate. And, Affan and Zeba aren’t only linked together. They both have their happiness linked. Affan will be able to keep Zeba happy if he’s happy. This is for my daughter’s future. And what do we know, God might bless Affan with so much that he’d get more made for Zeba. I’ll pray for that day. Well, young man. I’m really impressed. Thank you so much sir. I’ve rarely seen this hard work and dedication in people of your age. Boys these days don’t take life seriously in this age. Sir, if I tell you honestly, my situations have always been very different. The circumstances I grew up in, life teaches us to be serious automatically. And sir, I want to credit my mother for everything. She brought us three brothers up with a lot of hard work. She didn’t leave any stone unturned. And because of this, I had this passion to support my mother ever since I was a child. I want to make her life better. I’ve been working hard with passion and here I am today. I’m sure your mother is a great woman. She has brought you up so good. I’d like to meet her one day. Any time sir, for sure. Are you married? No sir. Are you engaged? Sir, I’ve been so busy working in my life that I never got time for such things. See dear, as much as work is important, you have to settle down as well. See, I’m a self-made and honest man. And I like people like myself. And boys today don’t really take life seriously. I was let down but meeting you has given me hope. Well. It was nice meeting you. I’ll get back to you soon about your project. Sure. Congratulations Farhat. To you too. Where is Affan? I want to congratulate him as well. He had some work. He’ll come to you shortly. Alright. See Farhat, my daughter has brought so much luck for your son. They got engaged and he bagged his first project. Don’t write off my son’s hard work as your daughter’s luck. It isn’t like that. Nobody gets success without any hard work. He has been working hard to get here. And is anybody’s luck could change a person’s fortune, why didn’t your financial conditions change first? She’s your daughter before she got engaged to Affan. Your husband has been a clerk all his life. Now I’ll take your leave. I have to distribute sweets to everyone. You’re worried without a reason. Without a reason? Do you know Sheheryar, all of Hania’s friends have been married? And she’s here. When will you get her married? It’s not about me. I cannot wed my daughter to any Tom, Dick or Harry. I.. I want to wed my daughter to a boy who deserves her. That’s fine but what does dowry have to do with it? Sheheryar we already have everything. And it’s all Hania’s. Why are we putting it off then? See, I have earned each and everything for my daughter with my hard work. But, as long as I’m alive I will not handover everything to my son in law and make him greedy. He’ll keep looking at me then for the rest of his life. I will not give anything to him and see how honest and self-made he is. Which age are you living in? These days, nobody makes a decision without gaining something out of it. Do you know, self-made and responsible boys are hard to find now? No. There is a boy. Well educated and responsible. I want a boy like him for Hania. What? Really Sheheryar? Who is he? What does his family do? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? We cannot easily find good boys. You need to keep this one in hand. Call him right now. I’ll just go get your phone. Let people say what they want, but the credit of my success goes to you. It’s all because of you. Yes. See, hadn’t we gotten engaged, your mother would have never given those gold bangles. And I wouldn’t have been able to get my tender passed. I am forever indebted to you and your mother. Why indebted? Mom did whatever she had to do. Jewelry is always kept for difficult times, isn’t it? Affan, I’m happy that anything that belongs to me could be of use to you. You’re the best Zeba. The best. Just keep supporting me like this. Always. Listen, I forgot to show you. This is my new phone. New phone?
Check out its features. I want you to take my pictures on this phone. I’ve seen such hard times Zeba. Very bad situations. And look at me now, I’ll change my family’s destiny. Here. Affan brought this fridge. Come see. Here. He brought it today. It’s so beautiful
Look at the kitchen. He got this made for two hundred thousand rupees. And see this dining table. We used to sit on the floor and eat. Come and sit. Relax. Sit easily. Is this good? Come here, see this freezer. Here. All this. Right. He bought all this. This must be expensive. Affan has had a big promotion. Come, I’ll show you the TV. Wow. Aunt.
See this remote. It’s so big. This must be so expensive.
Affan had three tenders passed. Come. Inside.
it has all the channels. Yes. We get international and local channels too. He just had his promotion. He said he’d get a car soon too. Really?
Yes! Move your dirty hands away. Dirty kids. Nobody will come close to this car. And all of you, don’t hit the ball this way. In fact, stop playing cricket here. Don’t eat this cold. It’s hot. Luck has finally knocked on their door after ages. Now I pray they stay happy like this. I pray too. And whatever Farhat says, I know this is my daughter’s luck. She’s going to that house and bringing all the luck there. Thank you, God, for all your blessings. My daughter has cooked this delicious food. Wow. It’s yummy dear. Here, my child, the tea is hot. Here. Thank you. Mom, this is no place to live. The streets are so narrow. I cannot even park my car here. I had to park a long way off and those naughty kids there. They were spoiling my car. Dear, you’ve bought such a big car. The streets are narrow for it. That’s why I’ve decided to move and you won’t say no. We’re shifting to Defence, really soon.
Defence? Razia told me it is such a posh area. Yes. We won’t buy them. We’ll rent one. But I will definitely buy a big house for you soon. God bless you. Everything will be fine now. You can jump. Jump. Jump. Jump… Come on jump. Jump. Come. Come. Jump. Jump Vicky. What’s up? Isn’t it? See this. They’re so beautiful and I couldn’t say no to buying them. And see this dinner set. This is such a beautiful dinner set. It’s beautiful and so reasonable.


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