Rishtay Biktay Hain Episode 10 | 14th Oct 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Affan? What is this? Where did this furniture come from? What’s wrong with you? They’re bringing in the furniture. I can see that but where did it come from? Hania’s family said they wouldn’t be sending any furniture. Why don’t you understand? Did you talk to someone? Let that be. Tell me where did this come from? I bought all this. Why? My room is empty. You sold my old furniture and its my wedding today. Where will I sleep? Affan? We’re the groom’s side, not the bride’s.
We don’t do this. Don’t you know Sheheryar uncle doesn’t like all this. So what should I do? They’re weird people. They have all the money and yet they aren’t giving their daughter anything at all. Parents do so much for their daughters. Zeba was better than her. Her mother gave her so much. You should have told them clearly. They would have agreed to all your conditions. What’s the use of all this money when they couldn’t give anything to their daughter? You’re being angry. Come here and listen to me. I’m telling the truth.
Come with me please. Why did you have to say all this in front of Zeba? What will she think? Let her think. Who cares about her? Tell me why did you have to lose your temper on such a small issue? Its no big deal if Hania’s family isn’t giving us anything. Why isn’t this a big deal? You preferred Hania over Zeba because her father is very rich. But I’d say Zeba is thousand times better than this girl who is coming empty handed. At least her mother listened to whatever I said.
She gave whatever I demanded. Why don’t you understand?
There’s no comparison between Hania and Zeba. Have you looked at Zeba’s family background and what her father does? What’s the use of a rich background, you tell me! We’re not getting anything at all. What’s the use? Oh.. I thought of her as a useless stone and she proved to be gold. And the one I ran behind valuing her as gold,
she turned out to be a useless stone. Dear, there is still time.
Call off this wedding. There’s no use of this wedding.
Also, there’s no shortage of girls for you. What are you saying!
Now listen to me very carefully. I’m doing everything after a lot of careful planning. And for God’s sake, please be cautious. Hania’s father has the key to the treasure I want. His signatures will pave the way to my success. He’ll keep signing my documents and I’ll be more successful than ever. Please don’t create a scene. I’ll be getting the money I need either way. Trust me on this. I’m filling out a tender next week and then we’ll be rolling in billions. For God’s sake, don’t even mention the word dowry now. Do whatever I’m saying. Because whatever I’m doing, I’ve planned everything through.
Nothing should be spoil. They’re weird people. They have all the money and yet they aren’t giving anything to their daughter. Parents do so much for their girls. Zeba turned out to be better than her.
Her mother gave her so much. You should have told them clearly. They would have agreed to everything you would have said. Stop it Rida. I’ve been watching you.
How many shades will you change? We don’t have any shade.
And the ones we have aren’t good. I’ve tried all but nothing suits me. Wow. Mom used to ask you to get ready for a wedding and you’d go without makeup. And today, you’re all dolled up. I’m meeting Babar’s mother for the first time. What will she think about me and my family? Oh. I see. I was actually wondering why Rida was busy getting all dolled up. They say it right, love makes everyone crazy. Oh. Is that so? Now go. The pink looked good though. Right. Which one? This?
Yes. Farhat, these people look very rich. I now understand why Affan called off his engagement with Zeba. People sell off their faith for money. Relationships mean nothing. Now I believe that relationships are actually sold. They must have given a hefty dowry. Your house must be filled. But, I won’t lie. Even Khalda didn’t do anything less.
Even though she’s poor. She’s not a miser at heart.
She and her husband gave you a hefty dowry. Wow, Farhat. You’re rolling in luxury. You’ve reached a good point because of your sons. They say it correct, people with sons, especially good ones, have blank cheques which they can cash whenever they want. People with daughters are very innocent and helpless. I’ll just come. Aunt must be cursing her luck today. They didn’t even get a penny as dowry. Really? Is that so? These people look so rich.
Even the decorations are so good. You think your sister gets happy with all this? She wants a heavy dowry, nothing else. Don’t you remember her demands when she visited us? She couldn’t even say a word to them. People are right. When the other party has good money,
nobody dares to speak. Well.. We have nothing to do with all this. You just stay happy in your house. I don’t want anything else. Is Hammad fine with you? Yes. Be happy. Stay blessed my dear. Where are you lost? Nowhere. Why do you keep thinking stupid things at all times? Look at him. Mom, I want you to meet someone. Come. Come please. He’s coming here. Please don’t say anything stupid now. They’re here to meet you. Who? My university fellows. Hello. Hello. How are you dear? Rida and Saima.
Oh. Alright. Did you have dinner?
Yes. Please don’t be formal. I’ll just be back dear.
Of course. Sure. How are you? Actually, its a family event so mom’s a bit busy. Its okay. You look beautiful Rida. Please sit. Thank you. Saima, sit. Please sit. I’ll be back Rida. Dear. Everything that I’ve earned in my life,
all my wealth, is my daughter. And I’m giving her to you today. Please take care of her. Its a request. Sir, please don’t worry. I’ll take very good care of her. Stay happy my dear. Take care of yourself. Come. Mom? Give me 500 rupees. Zeba, please take the bride to her room dear.
She must be tired. Didn’t you hear what she said? Please take the bride to her room. She’s your sister in law. Come. Please go. I’ll come. Why did you have to do all this? What do you think? Is Hania a baby? What if she goes home and tells everything? Do you realize how much I’ll lose? The purpose I married her for will be dead. I can lose all my wealth. Why are you spoiling everything? Everything is spoilt. They’re such misers.
My educated son under sold himself. Hammad’s in laws are better than yours.
Enough. For God’s sake. Stop thinking about petty gains. Think about the bigger gain. Hania.. Is the only way to reach all the wealth. And I’ve paved it myself with a lot of difficulties. Doesn’t matter if she didn’t bring any dowry.
We can get all her wealth. For God’s sake keep a check on your attitude.
Behave amicably with her. Don’t spoil my game mom. Why do you want to spoil my hard work? Alright. Go to your room. Or else she’ll call her father early in the morning and complain that I kept you outside the entire night. I realize this, its best if you do too. Zeba? Can you sit with me for a while please? Please. Until Affan comes. Thank you. I feel very anxious. Affan isn’t a stranger for me. He met me as a friend. Now he’s my husband. Perhaps this is why my feelings have changed. My heart feels a bit weird. Its beating so fast I feel it’ll burst out. Zeba? Did you feel the same when you were a bride? When you got married? Right? You know, Affan is a very nice guy and I’m very lucky. I’m lucky to have Affan. You’re really very lucky. Here’s your wedding gift. Only this? You want more? How can I just gift you this for our wedding? I brought this bracelet for you too. Dear, have this. No. Please.
In fact have a paratha. No. I actually don’t eat a paratha. Zeba, please have breakfast with us.
The servants will take care of all this. Come sit, why are you looking at me? Have breakfast with all of us. I keep telling her this but she likes to feed everyone herself. I think we should leave now. Mom, I’m taking Hania to meet her parents. So, shall we? Of course dear. You should go. Yes. I’ll just get my bag.
Okay. Sure. Have your juice.
I’ll just come and have it. I’ll leave now. What sort of a paratha this is? Don’t you take interest in the work you do? This is so dry! Is this even a paratha? What’s wrong with your wife? She’s first your niece and then my wife. You wanted to bring her here. Now bear her. Why are you sitting here?
Go make another paratha for me. We can’t even get a proper breakfast here. Here, take this book. What is this? Make notes for me from this book. I’m actually working on your notes right now. Make a habit of doing all my work, all your life. Babar, everyone is looking at us. Let them see.
People should know you’re reserved for me. So that nobody looks at you. Babar leave my hand, I’m working.
I’m not leaving your hand. You do your work and let me do mine.
I want to look at you. But please leave my hand first. Alright. Work. But please, make my notes. Please. You really looked beautiful yesterday. Did you find out anything about Farhad? No. I don’t understand what that boy does. He knew it was your wedding yesterday and there was so much to do but he vanished. Your dad has done so much for him. He should have cared at least.
God knows where he went. Even his things aren’t in his room. But you let everything go.
Tell me how is Affan’s mom behaving with you? Did she say something to you? No. She’s fine actually.
Why are you asking? I don’t know if I should tell you or not. But, I thought her mood was a bit off yesterday. No, I didn’t feel anything. In fact her behavior is so good with me.
Alright. Then she must be tired of the wedding preparations. Now tell me, what will you eat?
Nothing. Please sit and talk to me. Affan dear, you tell me. What do you want to eat? Why do you always keep working? We just got married a little time back. And looking at you makes me feel like we’ve been married for ages. Look at yourself. You’re so tired. Mom isn’t doing good with you. I’ll talk to her. Your my wife, not a servant.
No. Please don’t say anything. She’ll feel I complained about her. She’ll be upset. I know why she’s doing this. Because I don’t do any work that’s why. That’s why she behaves with you like this. Look at Affan’s wife. She’s available at her every beck and call. But don’t you worry. Let my business start once, she’ll do the same with you. You went for your work. Did it work out? No. Nothing as of yet. Real estate work needs some money. I haven’t been able to arrange much. Can you help me? I? How can I help you? I gave you all the jewelry that I had. Hammad, do you still need the money after all that jewelry? What are you saying? How do you expect me to establish a business with such a small amount? I want to work on real estate. There’s a lot of profit here. Property prices are sky rocketing.
In fact I’ve seen a house. Its rather cheap but I lack some amount. And I can’t arrange much.
Can you ask your dad to help me a little? How can my dad help you with the money? You know my parent’s financial conditions. What are you saying?
He’s been a government employ for so long. He must know a lot of people.
Someone would be able to help him. Hammad, my dad doesn’t know anybody as such. You know how my parents got me married.
Alright. Enough. Don’t give me clarifications.
You’re their only daughter and I’m their only son in law. All they have is yours. Try talking to them.
Maybe they can help me. Please. Please. Talk to them. I’ll come back later.
I.. Sir, this bid isn’t useful to us at all. It seems difficult we’ll get this tender. The companies in our competition are all very high profile. And our company’s profile isn’t as high compared to others. Our company’s profile might not be strong enough but my PR is very strong. Don’t worry. We’ll get this tender.
In fact understand we’ve already received it. Just send your quotations. We just need a few signatures. And the signing authority, is my father in law. Good sir. Alright. Leave.
Thank you Sir. Khalda I’m thinking to buy a shop from my retirement money. We don’t have a son who’ll feed us.
We’ll be able to have some income. We have to repay the loan we took on Zeba’s wedding. Of course. I’ll buy a shop after repaying the loan. I’ll keep an employ who’ll help me around.
It’ll be profitable. What shop will you buy? I’m thinking about groceries. What else? Coming. Yes. Yes. Oh my daughter.
Hello mom. Hello dear. May God bless you. Didn’t Hammad come?
No. He had some work to do. See, who is here. Hello dad.
Hello my dear. Come in. May God bless you. How are you?
You came at such a good time. Of course. Ever since you left our house has lost its voice.
And so your mom and I sit and imagine things. Yes, like he just opened a shop. What shop? Well I’m planning to open a grocery shop so that we can earn something for our old age. You tell us, is everything alright? Yes. Everything is fine.
Will you have something dear? Tea or anything? No mom. What are you cooking? Spinach. Your favorite. See I knew you’d come. Give it to me. I’ll cook.
No. I’m not letting you touch anything. Sit here and talk to your dad. You don’t miss me, do you? Not at all. Your mom cries in one corner while I sleep in the other. Tell her good things. Stop this useless chat. Lets talk about something good. I want to work in real estate only. Its very profitable.
Please ask your dad if he can help me. How will my dad help you?
Enough. I don’t need clarifications. You’re their only daughter and I’m their only son in law. Whatever is theirs is yours. At least talk to them. Whats wrong Zeba? You’re very quiet ever since you came here. What happened? Nothing. You’re just imagining things. Moms don’t imagine things.
Moms know. A mom gets worried when her children are troubled. What happened? When you don’t have money, how can things work out. What are you saying? What do you mean? Actually, mom.. Hammad needs some money. So, he sent me here to ask you. We don’t have any money. How can we give him any money? I told him the same thing but, he doesn’t listen to me. He said, bring the money or else don’t come home. Has he lost his mind? Is he insane? Doesn’t he know? We don’t have any property we can sell and give him money. Everything is in front of him. What does Farhat say? I don’t know mom. I don’t understand aunt at all. Sometimes she’s so good and sometimes she gets angry without a reason. I never know anything. I’ll talk to Farhat. Don’t you worry. However she is, she is my sister. She’ll understand. He’s being insane. How will we give him any money.
We don’t have anything. They know everything about us. They’ve known forever. Don’t you worry my child. Okay? They’ve made my daughter worried sick. Have you seen the time? Come. What can I say? Its between the husband and his wife. And what can we do? My son is so worried already. Real estate isn’t an easy business.
One needs a lot of money. Hammad has become so helpless. But Farhat, we don’t have any money.
You know everything. Whatever we had, we spent on Zeba’s wedding.
In fact we had nothing. Sharafat had to ask his friend for a loan. Now, we barely have anything to eat. Try and make Hammad understand.
What should I make him understand? He doesn’t listen to me. He’s young. You’re lucky you have a daughter.
Daughters respect their parents. But sons, they don’t listen at all. They do what they please. You have Affan’s example in front of you.
Did he listen to me? He won’t either. By the way, Isn’t brother Sharafat retiring? I’ve heard you’re paid good once you retire. You only have one daughter.
What do you need the money for? What will Sharafat lose if he helps his son in law? He doesn’t need the money to spend. Once he starts earning, he’ll give everything to his wife. Not to me. See, you helped me when Affan was in need.
I remember. Now please support Hammad. He’s your son in law.
In fact he’s your son. People who have daughters consider their son in laws their sons. They should support them like they would support their sons. Because they’ll help them when they’re old. Try and make Sharafat understand.


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