Rishtay Biktay Hain Episode 13 | 21st Oct 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Zeba. Give Hania her breakfast in her room. Give me. What the hell is wrong with you? Are you blind? Now leave. Why are you standing here? Sit and have your breakfast first dear.
What breakfast! I married her for a reason.
Nothing happened and now I have to bear her. You need to get away from this trouble. What do you mean? You need to try other means when you cannot do something simply. Are you getting my point? She has no manners at all.
I don’t know what my sister taught her! Hammad, what are you doing? Leave me. I’m throwing you out of this house! What is my fault? Ask your dad! And only come back when you father has money to give me. Please open the door. Please open the door. Please. Please. Please open the door. Please open the door. Wait a second. I’m coming. Oh. Zeba? My dear.. You are here, all of a sudden? Its good that you came. You’re running a high fever my dear. Why are you here all alone? Why isn’t Hammad here? They threw me out of the house. Didn’t I tell you Hammad wouldn’t even listen to me if he didn’t get the money. Now you see, the same thing happened. Nobody treats even strangers the way he treated my daughter Farhat. She’s burning with a high fever. Should he have thrown her out of the house in this condition? And.. And where were you at that time? I was not at home. And even if I had been, what could have I done?
Does a man listen to anyone when he’s angry? And what you did is the limit too. You knew his condition very well and yet brother Sharafat bought a shop. He didn’t buy that shop for the sake of it Farhat. We are penny pinching for food too. Hammad is like our son, he should have been considerate of our helplessness.
Your son? That’s why you have insulted him? People worship their son in laws without putting a crease on their foreheads. Look at Affan, he married Hania with his free will. Hania didn’t listen to him and he threw her out immediately. And until her father didn’t come to heel.
He didn’t bring her back. And Hammad, he is crazier than Affan. He won’t let Zeba come home until he has his money. I really care about you my sister. That’s why I am telling you to ask brother Sharafat to arrange the money. Its such a sensitive relationship.
It can break even if a small force is exerted. I don’t want him to take a rash step. That is why… That is why I was against this proposal. I told you not to accept this proposal. Hammad didn’t deserve Zeba but you never listened to me. Now do you see the consequences? Hammad isn’t like Affan.
There’s a huge difference between the two. There is no difference between the two. They’re the same. They have the same blood coursing through their veins. How can their nature be different? Had Zeba been married to Affan, we would have gone through the same too. He is exactly like him. He too is using his wife for his benefit.
His father in law is a big man. When he can bend in front of his son in law, where do we stand. What worth do we have? Parents who have daughters have no right to live their lives with respect. People don’t let them live with their heads held high. Its like they have committed a huge crime. They have to apologize to everyone at all times. They’re right. Getting your daughter married is difficult. But keeping your daughter settled after marriage is more difficult. Hammad or Affan aren’t at fault. This society is the one at fault. Here, money can buy everything. Be it respect. Be it fame. Everything is sold here. Everything is sold here. How was your lecture? It was good. I cannot handle attending boring lectures early in the morning. I’m not doing it anymore. You please make my notes. Aren’t you tired a bit too early Mr. Topper? Rida? Please don’t bother me early in the morning. And if I take this lecture now.. Where are you going? I’m going to have breakfast. I haven’t eaten anything. But your lecture? It can go to hell.
I’m hungry, am I not supposed to eat? Come with me. I cannot eat without you. But..
But what? Come with me. I’m very hungry. Lets go. Wow. One should have a car like this! Right? And a girl like this.. Why are you staring at me like a statue? Come. Come. Come. Alright, alright. Wait a second. Hi! Seema. How come you’re here? Can I get some sugar Khalda?
Of course why not. Please sit. I’ll get it for you. Oh, Zeba? I’m seeing you after a long time. How are you? Here Seema. See if its enough. Or do you need more?
Khalda, is there a problem in Zeba’s in laws? No. Not at all. She didn’t greet me. I asked about her and she went inside. Zeba was never like this. Is she happy? She isn’t feeling well. She came here to rest.
She is very irritable. Oh. She’s here to stay. How long will she stay?
Its her own house. She can stay as long as she wants. But what it is to me.
I’ll leave now, my husband is waiting for tea. I understand what game is being played. And its all because of you. Had you requested your parents to give me the money, they would have. But why would you! You don’t care! You still have Affan in your heart. Hammad, what are you doing? Leave me.
I’m throwing you out of my house. What’s my fault?
Ask your father. And only come back when your father has money to give me. You’ll see how she’ll forget her past when she stays in that house and rolls in luxuries. You’ll thank God. Otherwise you never find such a good proposal, sitting at home. Such good proposals aren’t easy. I’ve already seen, young girls get older staying at their parents home without getting married. Their parents can’t even sleep. So, what happened? Did anything happen? Yes. I’ve asked Quddus to sell the shop.
Lets hope we get reasonable money. He said he’d try. But I have no expectations because you only get cheap prices when selling in a hurry. If we could wait, it would be good. No. We don’t have any time. Sell the shop as fast as you can.
I want to send Zeba back home as soon as possible. Has her fever come down? It has come down, but, she’s so lost. I cannot see her like this. Even the neighborhood women are talking now. They come with different excuses and ask about her. How long will I stall them?
As if people cannot see her condition. People will only stop talking once she leaves from here. People will never stop talking Khalda. They talk if a girl isn’t married. If a girl is married, they talk. Even if a girl comes home to stay for a few days, they talk about it too. People never stop talking. What can we do? We’re parents of a daughter. We’ll have to bear everything. Sir what do you think, will we be successful this time? I mean sir..
We will get the tender this time. Yes sir. This time I’ll make sure I get this tender. On all conditions. No matter what! Do one thing ready the file and bring it to me. I’ll go and submit the file myself today. Okay sir. Everybody is discussing her these days in the university. She seems like a big shot. She doesn’t talk to anybody and yet every boy wants to talk to her. Let it be. What do we have to do with it? And by the way, people who want to be her friend, will be like her only. Nobody in their right mind would wish for it. Why not? I mean, just look at her. Her car, her attire, everything depicts her status. And see Rida, times when a girl was noticed for her character and her nature are long gone. People now only see how rich a girl’s father is. Not every boy is like this. Look at Babar. His nature is different from all others. Perhaps your eyes are deceiving you.
I even doubt his sincerity. Alright I’m kidding. But I’ll give you a sincere advise. Keep an eye on him. Good boys are hard to find these days.
What if you lose everything without knowing. Do one thing, focus on your assignments. You don’t study and worry about gossiping all the time. Try studying too. Oh, I will study. Sir you have a meeting with Manzoor Siddiqui at 8pm and Ahmed Khan at 9pm. Should I get you lunch now? Hello uncle. Like I said, I brought the tender file. Yes Mr. Affan?
You don’t know me but I know you very well. You are Mr. Sheheryar’s son in law. Yes. But.. who are you? Isn’t this Sheheryar uncle’s office? It was Mr. Sheheryar’s office.
Now its mine. I’m the new secretary of this department.
I took charge today. My name is Asfand Khan. Your face shows that you had no idea about his transfer? He has been transferred? Wow. You don’t even know. You’re his family. Well, let it be. Please have a seat. Yes. Thank you. Now tell me how can I be of service to you? Now what can I ask of you. I actually came here to give this tender file to Sheheryar uncle. Why did you have to come for this small thing? You could have sent it with someone. Oh. I understand. Sheheryar is your father in law as well. Maybe you had to make a personal deal. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it. After all you are Mr. Sheheryar’s son in law.
We’ll have to do something for you. Yes. I was thinking the same thing. This is the tender’s file. Please have a look at it. I’m sure you’ll like it. No need to worry. I’ll take your leave now. It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Mr. Sheheryar.. Will you befriend her too? You’re such a rascal. A rascal. Let me get some information about her first. Come. Lets go. He had himself transferred? What? Dad had himself transferred? Great. This means he didn’t even tell you. And perhaps he didn’t so that you couldn’t tell me. Affan, what do you mean by this? This means that he himself got himself transferred. So that he doesn’t have to do anything for me. Affan you’re mistaken.
There must be another reason behind it. I am not mistaken at all. He thinks I’m stupid. Its amazing. I have amazing in laws. People do so much for their son in laws and here.. Here he is doing so much to do nothing. Its all about one’s own luck. Here I am and then there’s Hammad. He is entirely useless. He never does anything with sincerity. You know uncle is selling his shop to help him set his business. And then there’s your father. He ran away so he wouldn’t have to do anything for me. I am not running from him.
I’m just avoiding him. So that we can keep respecting our relationships. If any relationship goes beyond the limits of respect, there’s nothing left to it then.
I got myself transferred because, I didn’t want Affan to have his hopes pinned on me. There was no other way out. See don’t tell Hania about anything yet. She’ll be upset otherwise. Sheheryar this won’t stay hidden for long. She’ll find out sooner or later. I know. But until possible, keep her away from it. I don’t want her to think her father ran away rather than facing his troubles. Do you understand? When you people leave after attending your classes, you should check what you’ve learned when you revise the work. And whatever you learn, try and implement it on yourself to build your character. If you want to go to a good place, you’ll need to learn from your experiences to implement in the future. This will build your character then. You can make yourself a better person or be attracted to evil. If you want to be better, you’ll have to learn from your experiences and make use of them. Otherwise there is no other way. You won’t be able to do anything with negativity. Daughters are a heavy responsibility Saira.
The sooner you wed them off, the better. Nimra’s in laws are asking for a date for her wedding. And I want to wed Atif alongside her.
Both will be done and dusted in a single function. I’ll wed Nimra on the day of Atif’s reception. I came here for your advise.
What will I advise. You people know best. Fizza is yours now.
You can take her whenever you want to. Parents only want their daughters to be wed respectfully. We don’t want anything else. Then, you prepare for Fizza’s wedding. I’ll tell you the final date after discussing with Nimra’s in laws. Fizza will be married and Haram’s visa will arrive too. What you have thought about Rida?
How long will you keep her in your house? Its not about keeping her in my house. It is her house. She can live here as long as she wants. Its all about luck. Whenever a proposal comes for her, we’ll fix her wedding then. Right now, I am telling you to hurry up.
She has a mature face after studying so much. And girls like these only get proposals from widowed men. Is your tea cold? No. Its fine. Students.. First of all I would like to tell you about the behavior of the new.. What’s happening here?
Give me your mobile phones! Sir sorry. Give me your phones. And get out from the class room. Go out of the class now. Rozi, get out things for pasta please. Okay.
I’ll make pasta for Hania myself today. Alright. Dad, why didn’t you tell me about your transfer? Am I a stranger to you now? No dear. Children stay close to their father’s heart as long as he lives. Even if they aren’t in front of his eyes. Then why didn’t you share anything with me dad? See dear, this wasn’t so important that I should have shared it with you. Government jobs keep transferring you from one place to another. Why are you placating me like a child dad? I know very well that you had yourself transferred.
I also know the reason you did this. You had yourself transferred because of Affan. Did you tell her? Mama didn’t tell me anything.
Affan himself told me this. And what else did he say? Nothing dad and that’s not even important.
You tell me what is the truth. Are you really this fed up of Affan? Hania dear, what are you trying to find. Its done and dusted. Don’t you worry about anything. Mom how can you ask me not to be worried. Dad got himself transferred ans shifted to a new place because of my husband and you’re asking me not to worry. Dear, parents do a lot of things for their children.
Its nothing big. Mama, they are different parents. Helpless.
Dad isn’t helpless. Dad isn’t forced. He doesn’t even budge from his rules. See dear, love is very cruel. And it can make a person do anything. I had myself transferred because I didn’t want to have my love for you force me to do something I don’t want to. See dear, I only opted for a way where my rules will not hinder your happiness. Don’t you worry. I am still sticking by my rules. See. I pray wholeheartedly for you to stay happy with Affan in your house. Let this be buried here. And don’t even discuss anything with Affan. Understood? Sir, sir please. We made a mistake.
We won’t do it again. Please listen. Please return our cellphones sir. Never. Students like you don’t study themselves and waste time for others as well.
Please sir. Sir we made a mistake, we won’t do it again.
Please return our cell phones. Sir we’re saying sorry, we won’t do it again. I said no and no means no. Sir.. Sir. You cannot go inside. Please leave.
Can’t you see we were talking to him? I said you cannot go inside. Who are you? Who are you to stop me? You worthless man, what do you think of yourself? You don’t know who I am! I am Natalia Khan! I’ll have you thrown out of your job in a blink! One minute. This is a university, not your home. And he isn’t your servant either so its best if you could show some respect. You shut up! And who the hell are you? I am a student of this university, just like you. The only difference is that I got my admission here on merit. Not self finance like you. Just go to hell! And mind your own business. Even I don’t like talking to you much. And uncle, you can complain about her to the admin. They’ll deal with her themselves. I’ll deal with you myself. Complain about her to the admin.
Come. You’re absolutely right. Sir I forwarded you a few things. What’s the update? It’s being processed fast. Are you sure?
Absolutely. Its good if things keep running smoothly.
Please serve him first. And how did you like the setup? Very nice.
That’s good. Oh. Affan? Sir..
I was waiting for you. What are you doing here? Sir actually, I was checking out the party.
Also I don’t know anyone here. You’re reacting as if you’re attending a party for the first time. No. Not at all. You belong to Sheheryar’s family.
Your PR must be very good. Of course. Come with me, I’ll make you meet a few people.
Alright. Hello. How are you?
Absolutely fine. Affan, this is Mr. Zuberi. Director Excise and Taxation. Hello. And this is Mr. Naeem head of power planning. This is Mr. Affan. Owner of Affan and Co.
He’s new but he’s growing successfully and very fast. Mr. Naeem, I asked you for a favor.
Its under processing. I think you don’t recognize him. He is, Mr. Sheheryar’s son in law. Oh, why didn’t you tell us earlier? Its a pleasure meeting you. Thank you so much. Its amazing. You are Mr. Sheheryar’s son in law. How come we have never met. Sir, its just a coincidence,nothing else. Sheheryar is an amazing man. Truthful and honest.
I really respect him. And we respect you because of him too. Sir, you’re embarrassing me now. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Its a pride being Mr. Sheheryar’s son in law. Am I right Mr. Naeem. Absolutely. Come here. Waiter. Come fast. Serve him the drink. Affan? Thank you. There’s nothing better for parents when their daughters are happy in their houses dear. What is it about money, it just comes and goes. You don’t have to worry about anything. Anything at all. Your dad is making arrangements. As soon as the arrangement is done, we’ll send you back. I don’t want to go back now. What are you saying? I don’t want to go back to that house where my parent’s money is worth more than me. Don’t be insensible please. There are skirmishes in every house.
You don’t break relations like this. See my child. Making relations is easy. The difficult part is living them. And a woman has to do everything. I don’t want to make any relation that can be sold for pennies. How long will you keep doing this? How long will you keep accepting whatever aunt says. First you people took loan for my wedding and now you’re selling your shop to save my marriage. Mom, is birthing daughters such a huge crime that you have to serve penitence for it all your life? Don’t parents have anything else to do other than wedding and keeping their daughters settled? Don’t they have a life of their own? Even if you sell the shop, how will you earn your living? What will you eat? Don’t worry about us dear. What is it about us? We have lived our life. The rest will pass too. Your life has just begun, you only have to think about yourself. How can I think about myself? How can I think that my parents have sacrificed so much for my happiness? I cannot think this. I will not go back to that house. Don’t think about this my child. We aren’t doing this for you. We’re doing this for ourselves. Parents are happiest when their daughters are happily settled in their homes. Just know that this isn’t the payment for your happiness, but a charity in your name.

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