Rishtay Biktay Hain Episode 15 | 23rd Oct 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Scroll down. Saima, I want to talk to her. Why are you looking at me like this? Are you forgetting something? Me? What? This? What is the occasion? Happy Valentine’s Day. I don’t believe in such things. Love is an emotion that engulfs the mind round the clock. And to specify a day to express your love, is not fair with love itself. And its unfair to people we love too. Alright. Forgive me. I’ll never ever give you flowers on Valentine’s Day again. Instead, after our wedding, I’ll get you flowers every day. Happy Valentine’s Day. Keep it safe. I’ll ask you about it any time. What, aren’t you ready yet? Affan, I am ready. You’re wearing these clothes to the dinner? Its not happening. Go and change. What’s wrong with these clothes? These clothes are just not right. Everything is wrong with them. We’re going on a dinner. They’re very simple. Your wardrobe is full. We shopped so much.
What’s the use of everything? Affan have you seen those clothes? Please don’t argue with me. Do as I say. Go and change. We’re getting late. Go. I make God a witness Saira. Your daughters are just like my own daughter Nimra to me. I am myself worried about Rida. And see, God has found a way for us. We have a proposal for her. What do you mean?
Have you brought a proposal for Rida? Yes. Farida is an old friend of mine. And she’s looking for a well educated and sensible girl for her son. Rida clicked in my mind almost instantly. And Farida liked Rida’s picture that I showed to her.
But she said, that she wants her son to meet Rida first and then we’ll take the matters further. You tell me, when should I bring them over? Let me talk to Rida’s dad and I’ll tell you then.
Don’t bring them over like this. But why do you have to ask Iqbal? Mothers fix such matters themselves. As it is, the boy just wants to see the girl. And if things move further ahead, we’ll ask Iqbal as well. No. Sister in law, you don’t know Rida’s dad. He doesn’t like me taking such decisions myself. I can decide over small things myself but this is about Rida’s wedding and a proposal. This cannot happen. Give me some time. I’ll discuss this with him and definitely give you a call. Alright. As you wish. Ask him. But do it fast. Otherwise you’ll lose this proposal as well. Fizza? Haram? Where are you two? Bring in the crackers fast. Will you serve your aunt only tea? The boy and his family are good people.
Rida will revel in luxuries. Here’s your assignment. Please get it submitted now. Thank you so much Rida. Thank you so much, I was so worried. I was up all night making this for you. And you didn’t even pick up my call last night. Actually I slept. So early? Yes. I was tired, that’s why. Babar, its been so long we haven’t spent some time together. You’re always so busy that you don’t have time for me. Exams are so near. And I want to top this time as well. Without taking any of your help. So that you cannot taunt me that I topped because of your notes. Babar, you still have that in your heart.
I never intended it that way. I told you exactly how I felt. If that is how it was, why would I have worked on your assignment without sleeping, all night? See, you’re putting it on me right now as well. But I don’t want to argue about it. Actually, I’m going to attend a class. Alright? And yes, thank you so much, Rida. Thank you so much. I was actually afraid about this.
Now tell me what should I answer Naeema? You’re worried without a reason Saira. Your sister in law just brought a proposal.
She didn’t say yes to it, did she? Only we have the right to say yes or no to it. You’re not understanding what I’m saying. Had Rida been committed somewhere officially, I could have said no. But what should I say to them now? Should I tell them our daughter likes someone.
Tell me, does this even happen anywhere? And Naeema isn’t only my sister in law, she’s my daughter’s mother in law too now. Its Fizza’s in laws house now and even a tiniest issue can cause a problem for girls. Parents with daughters need to be very careful about whatever they say. And to tell you the truth, I have a lot of doubts about this boy. Who is he? Where does he live? Who are his parents? Did he come to meet us? Neither his parents came to us nor anybody sent a proposal. You tell me then how can we trust him and say no to this proposal? What if this boy says no tomorrow, then? I’m telling you, As long as Rida doesn’t ask that boy to bring his proposal over, I’m not saying no to this proposal. I am not at all saying no to Naeema. This is how things work. A boy and girl cannot just go ahead and fix their marriage themselves. That boy should bring his parents here or else I’m saying yes to Naeema. I’ve told you already, I’ll be doing this now. Hello, please give me half kg sugar please.
Hello. Here you are. Oh, Zeba dear. What are you doing here? What are you doing here dad? Actually, I had nothing to do at home after retirement. This is Siddiq’s shop. He told me that he wanted someone to look after his shop in the afternoons so that he could rest. So I said yes thinking, there was no harm in it and I could pass my time. Right? You go home dear, I’ll be back by the evening. I’ll talk to you at home. Come on good girl.
Mr. Siddiq will be back by then too. I didn’t like watching dad like this.
This isn’t his age to do such work. Oh dear, he is only sitting and measuring stuff. This is just an excuse for him to stay active and do some stuff. Otherwise after retirement people, people become so ill that they get bed ridden. So, how is Hammad’s attitude towards you now? How will his attitude be? Money shuts a lot of big mouths. Even sitting idle is not good right.
A person becomes irritable with tensions. Let his business run smoothly then see. He’ll change even more. Mom, sometimes it feels that nothing is right. This is how my fate is and this is how my life will end. Nothing will ever be alright. What is this? Stop being so hopeless. Everything will be fine. Nothing to worry about. Wait a second. One minute. Oh.. Aunty I want chips and candies. Okay come. Go inside and get what you want for yourself. Be mindful dear. Alright. And close the door when you leave, I will not open the door again and again. Take what you want once. Come on. Good boy. Come. Close the door when you leave dear. What is this? This is nothing. I just told your dad that, to get me a few things.
I would keep them at home. I mean, it keeps me involved when the kids come and go.
Its work and fun side by side. I’ll be back in two minutes.
I’ll get some tea and we’ll talk then. Alright? Oh, you’re sitting here.
I thought you’d be home sleeping by now. Well.. Why didn’t you attend the lecture? Actually, Just like that. Is everything alright? Where is Babar? Even he didn’t attend his lecture. I don’t know where he went. I have been waiting since long. Oh alright. So madam missed the lecture for him.
Right? Rida, what is happening to you? You were never like this. Oh woman, what are you made of? Let him be if he didn’t come. Why did you have to wait for him like idiots? I’ve never liked someone so much before. I agree that one has no control over his heart. But this doesn’t mean one stop using his senses. You’re becoming a duffer day by day just for that one person. Well, its time for the point. Come along or else we’ll miss this last point too. You go, I’m waiting for Babar. God will take care of you. Well, Take care. Bye. Thank God everything turned out well. Is this your car? Yes. Come sit. Your girl friend, right? She is just a friend. Really? You guys are always together in the university of I thought, There’s nothing like this. Alright. Just answer her call.
She’ll be worried uselessly. Hello? Babar where are you?
I’ve been waiting for you since long. Rida, I came for some important work. You.. Do one thing, go home. I’ll be late. I’ll talk to you later.
Bye. Should we leave? Yes. Drive. Nice car. Thank you. Rida? Are you busy dear? No dad. Please come in. You’ve been very busy lately. You don’t even gossip with your dad like you used to now. Dad, its just exams are about to start and I’m busy preparing. Hmm.. I pray dear that you maintain your position and top again. As God wills dad. I have something to discuss with you. Yes dad? I want to meet Babar. Doesn’t your dad have the right to see his daughter’s choice or to meet him? No dad. Its not like that. Then tell him to come meet me. Alright. Stay happy dear. What is this? What? Its just a picture. Just? Can you keep giving flowers to girls without a reason? Rida everything is allowed in friendship. Jokes like these are usual. Friend? She is your friend? Are you the only girl in the world?
Can’t I have any other girl as a friend? You’re questioning me like a policewoman.
I haven’t committed a crime! You didn’t even tell me.
When did she become your friend? Yes I didn’t..
Because I know you don’t like Natalia. And that you wouldn’t like me befriending her. I didn’t tell you because of this reaction of yours.
The mood you are in right now. Did I do wrong? You didn’t do anything wrong. See Rida, Every person has a life of his own.
His own likes and dislikes. Did I ever ask you to start liking Natalia? Did I? You, stop dumping your choices on me. Its my life and I want to spend it in my way.
Do you understand? You’re right. Everybody has their own likes, their own will. Yes Natalia? Yes I’m coming in a while. Okay. Everybody has their own life. They have their own likes and dislikes. You stop dumping your choices on me now.
Its my life and I want to spend it my way. I’ve been looking for you in the entire university and here you’re sitting peacefully. Hello? I’m talking to you.
Why weren’t you answering my call? Oh, so you’ve already seen those pictures on Facebook. Did you talk to Babar?
Did you ask him what all of this is? He isn’t bound by my likes or dislikes. Its his life. His own wish. What?
Did he say this to you? Rida, accept it or not, but his intentions have changed. Like everybody else, he too, has been impressed by Natalia’s wealth and her status. He isn’t like this. For God’s sake. When long will you defend him for? Open your eyes now. That day in the Dean’s office, he spoke in Natalia’s favor. And now these pictures.
Don’t you understand even now? Money changes the best of people.
And Babar slipped too. Natalia has him seeing a world he hasn’t ever seen before. His attitude was bound to be changed. What happened?
Why did you stop here? This is such a beautiful place. I don’t believe there is a place like this in this city. It feels like I’m somewhere abroad. This is nothing. There are more lavish places than this.
You’ll be surprised when you see them. Will you show them to me?
Will you take me there? Why not?
But lets go inside right now. Zeba? Zeba where are you? Here you are, I’ve been looking for you. Look at this. See what I brought for you. All this for me? I finalized a great deal. I told you right, let my business start once. We’ll be rolling now. You’ll see, how high I’ll fly now. But, why did you have to spend so much money? You’re such a weird woman. Your husband brought so many presents for you with so much love and you’re lecturing him about spending money. You should be happy that you can wear beautiful clothes like Affan’s wife and compete with her. You spoil my entire mood. I didn’t mean this. I just said you spend so much. Stop it. You meant something else. I brought these things for you and you’re doing this. Now go and get ready, why are you standing here. We’re going to aunt’s place. And yes, I’ve got a new car from the showroom. They should know their son in law is no cheapskate. He’s rich now. Alright. Go on. I’ll just.. Let it be. Just go. Khalda? I’m fine. You’re not fine. If you weren’t feeling well why did you go in the kitchen and cook? Who else will do it if not I? Nothing will go wrong if you don’t cook anything for one day. I could bring food from the market. In fact get ready. We’ll go to the doctor and bring something to eat on our way back. I don’t want to go to any doctor.
They’ll take 1000 or 2000 as fees without a reason. And then they’ll write down more expensive medicines. No way. I’ll be fine. I’m taking herbal tea. Your cough is increasing, not getting any better. I’m taking the ginger honey herbal tea. I’ll be fine. For God’s sake Khalda. Stop this self medication.
I’m going to get an auto rikshaw. Lets go to the doctor. No Sharafat. No. I’m not going. Sharafat? Listen to me. Oh my God. I was scared. That’s why I lied. But not for me. I lied for you Rida. For your family. Everybody has his own life. They have their own likes and dislikes. You stop dumping your choices on me. Its my life and I want to spend it my way. Understood? Open your eyes now. Even that day he spoke in Natalia’s favor in the dean’s office. And now these pictures. Money changes the best of people. Babar slipped too. What’s wrong Rida? Did you and Babar have a fight? No. Then why are you so restless. Why are you checking your phone again and again? Actually Saima was supposed to call me. We had to discuss a book.
But she hasn’t called yet. Then why are you so worried?
Call her yourself if she didn’t call. No. No. She will call.
She said she’d call. Hello.
Hello. Oh wow. Wow. My daughter is here. Look at her. Hello. What happened to you? Are you feeling well? Its nothing dear, really. I had a little temperature and your dad dragged me to the doctor. I’m fine. Did you people see my new car?
Its zero meter. I just bought it from the showroom. Oh wow. May God bless you my child. Congratulations dear. Congratulations. You’ll talk to them here only?
Come inside. Come inside. I’ll make tea for you all.
Dear, I’m absolutely fine. You have a nice car. Wow. Congratulations to you. Hammad dear, doctor has expressed his concerns about TB. He has prescribed a few tests and medicines for that. Dear, if you don’t mind, can I say something? Actually, the money that I lent you, if you can return a little amount from it?


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