Rishtay Biktay Hain Episode 16 [Subtitle Eng] | 28th Oct 2019 | ARY Digital Drama

Mom you don’t have to get busy with formalities.
We just dined out. Are you crazy? My son in law came home. Will I let him leave without eating anything? Leave it. I’ll do it. Leave it. You went to the doctor. What did he say? Doctors only worry about making money.
He wrote me medicines. He gave me x-rays and tests.
Nothing else. Nothing to worry about. I’ll do it. You leave it. Actually.. I.. The money I lent you, Can you return a little amount from it? Actually I need some money for the tests and all. Trust me dear, I really don’t like asking you for money. But what can I do, I’m helpless. And by the grace of God, your business is up and running well. Yes but this doesn’t mean I have planted some tree that grows money overnight. Where will I give you the money from? Actually dear, I said this because you just said that your business is doing well now. But I’ve spent all that money on buying this new car, making Zeba shop and I’ve also bought new property to sell. Forgive me uncle but I didn’t know you were eyeing my profit. And aunty just has TB. Government hospitals treat TB best, even medicines are free of cost. You won’t have to spend any money too,
why don’t you take her there? I’ll just check on Zeba. What times have we come to now? A father doesn’t see his own daughter’s happiness. Rather than being happy that his daughter has a new car, he’s worried about his money. Nobody cares about the other’s happiness.
Even if they are their own flesh and blood. What is this greed? Dad was asking about his own money back from you. Not asking you to lend him some. You’re talking way too much, aren’t you? Hammad dad doesn’t have any money. He has to get treatment for mom, give him his money back. Where should I bring the money from?
I have no treasure. Return your dad his money? The money I had went into buying this car and a new property. I don’t have anymore money. Sell this car then. And sell that house. Have you lost your mind? If I sell this car and that house, I’ll land on the streets.
Is that what I started my business for? Hammad dad is very tensed. Where will he go in this age or who will he ask for help? What is your problem? Why do all the beggars of the world have to bother me? You’re being crazy. I have no money. I’ll see, if I can manage to give him 10, 15 thousand. What good will 10, 15 thousand do? So what else can I do? Sell myself? What good will 10, 15 thousand do? I don’t have anymore money except this. Tell him to ask someone else for it. All they want is money! I haven’t even settled down and all the robbers are here first. I’ll see to things later, but right now I have only this.
Tell them to work it out. Otherwise they can do what they please. You’ve bought a very expensive car. Isn’t it?
Its the latest model. Where did you get this much money from? I’ve started my own business. What sort of business have you started that gave you so much profit overnight? What concerns do you have with whatever I do? Don’t talk nonsense with me.
Answer the question I asked. What should I answer you?
Don’t you know I work in the real estate? I sold a house, made profit and bought a car. I’ve never asked you where you’re getting your money from. Can only you be successful? Nobody else? Stop this nonsense! What sort of business have you started that gave you so much profit overnight? Don’t lie to me. Success doesn’t come overnight.
You have to work hard for it. Well even you didn’t work hard and yet you’re becoming successful by the minute. I’ve never asked you where your money is coming from, how its coming in or what do you do. Why are you investigating things from me? I’m your brother and I’m following your footsteps. He himself does so much and now he’s questioning my car. Don’t you have any other clothes? What sort of clothes are you wearing? I’ve been noticing you from the very first day,
you were such boring clothes. Are you looking at them? Look around you, how beautiful those girls look in those clothes and you! You look like a villager amongst everybody. I’m fine the way I am. I like wearing such clothes. Okay. You don’t even like me. But you’re living me with me, right? Hello everybody. Please come. You’re very late. Hello.
Sorry dear, there was so much traffic. I hope we’re not very late. No. Wow. You’ve invited very powerful people. I’ll go meet Hania.
Of course. Sir you know how we need to make PR with such powerful people for our business. But dear, along with PR we need hard work and capabilities too. You’re right sir. But your hard work and capabilities will only come in handy when you know how to use your PR. You should know how to use it. Of course this is needed when its important for a person. But, this can benefit you temporarily and deceive you at times too. Hello mom.
Hello. How are you?
Absolutely fine. Wow you look really beautiful.
Thank you. Where’s dad? Your dad’s there. I’ll just go meet him. Hello dad. Why are you standing here? Come sit please.
Excuse me. Hania? I’ll get you something. Waiter? What is this Hania? What are you wearing? Baba, Affan like such clothes. He likes them. Dear, its good to respect your husband’s likes. But a person has his own moral values. Its not good to be influenced by someone so soon. A person should have his own identity as well. Hello. How are your Mr. Sheheryar? I’m fine.
I’m seeing you after a long time. Yes, just because I’ve been busy. I realized today the reason behind people throwing such big parties. It builds contacts. You meet so many new people. Do you know, a lot of people told me today that they wanted to work with me. They’re right. Its money that attracts money. I’m very happy that I arranged this party. Affan I don’t like showing off like this. What happened to you? You were fine during the party. Affan, these parties, these people, I don’t like them. I’m not like this. I won’t be able to do it. Dad was very upset watching me like this there. Now I understand. So your dad filled your ears with all this. You know what? Your dad, he doesn’t want me to be successful. Firstly, he didn’t do anything for me. And now he’s afraid that I might become more successful than him. He himself has built a wall of his fake rules and is selling himself. Stop it Affan. How are you talking about my dad? I will say worse about your dad. He deserves it.
And you also listen to me very carefully. This is my house, you are my wife.
Only what I say will happen here. I love you very much. I love you a lot. There was a time when I loved you but not anymore. And even if I did, I would never had insulted my dad for my own happiness. Farhad leave. And don’t show me your face ever again. Do you understand? Go away. What happened Hania, why aren’t you eating? I’m talking to you. Answer me. My wish. Will you impose your wish here too? See Hania, everything has been going good. Let it go as it is. Please don’t take anyone’s stupid suggestions and destroy things for yourself and me. I was actually out of my mind that I accepted everything you said blindly. But not now. I will not do this anymore. Really? What will you do then? Will you leave this house? Yes I will leave this house because I cannot live with a man who values money over everything. I… Hania? Hania? Hania what happened? Hania? What’s the scene Babar? Look at Rida, she roams around like she’s lost. And then you’re befriending Natalia more, every day. Whats happening my brother, will you tell us? All this is not right. Babar and Natalia are being seen everywhere these days. In the university and outside as well. Do you know what this means? I don’t care what she thinks or understands. Think about it yourself, there’s a huge difference between Natalia and Rida. There is no comparison between Rida or Natalia. Only a fool will favor sand over gold. Babar is not a fool. He’s thinking through before doing anything. He’s very calculated already. And listen, don’t even think he’s showing interest in Natalia because he’s upset with you. He’s interested in Natalia because he wants to be rid of you now. I’m very worried about Hania. Why? What happened to her? Nothing happened to her. Affan has lost his mind. The path he has taken, he will only meet destruction in his future. And this will destroy our daughter alongside him too. God forbid. Why are you saying this? Me saying this will not change the truth. Affan’s true colors are now showing. I thought different of him and he turned out very different. Why don’t you try and make him understand Sheheryar? Time has gone by where I could make him understand. We cannot make him understand anything now. When there’s blinding gold in front of a person’s eyes, then he never understands when you talk about simplicity. He will not understand anything I advise him. He’s become so blind with greed that money has become his religion. Such people don’t care about any relationship at all. Everything begins with money with them and end with money. Are you wearing contact lenses? This means you pay attention to what I say. Please say no to this proposal. I really like you Rida. I cannot see you belong to someone else. Rida? Dad is asking for tea. What happened? I told him I’d make it for him but he said he wanted tea not lukewarm water. Please make it for him. There’s nothing to worry about.
Its normal in this condition. But she needs a lot of rest. And I’m prescribing some medicines, please give them to her on time. Alright. I’ll get these. Thank you very much doctor.
Affan, please see off the doctor. Come doctor, I’ll see you off. God please save my daughter in law from all evil eyes. She is giving us such a big happiness.
She’ll birth the heir of our family. Take this, I’m not giving this to you.
Take it and give it to any servant. You should have been the one to give us the good news first. What is Zeba’s fault in this?
It is all God’s wish. Yes dear. Its all our fault, nobody else is at fault. Well, but you don’t have worry about anything now. May God save my child from all those who envy her. Take care of yourself, rest and do whatever the doctor has told you. Eat properly and be happy. Go and make some soup.
Will I have to tell you everything. Dad, your tea. God bless you my dear. Didn’t you make some for yourself? No. I didn’t feel like having any. Rida.. What’s wrong dear?
I’ve been noticing since a few days, you’re very quiet.
Did your mother say something to you? No dad. Actually I’m a little burdened with my studies that’s why. Rida,, Sit. When is Babar coming to see me? Babar, actually, he’s out of town for a few days. Why? Is everything alright? Actually, one of his relatives is ill so he has gone to see him. Oh, alright. When will he come back? He’ll be back in three four days. Alright. Tell me when he comes back. Alright. See Rida, every individual has his own life. They have their own likes and dislikes. Babar isn’t stupid at all.
He is doing everything by thinking it through. And don’t think he’s showing interest in Natalia because he’s upset with you. In fact he’s interested in Natalia because he wants to be rid of you now. What’s wrong Rida?
Is everything alright? Why are you so worried? Are you worried about the proposal that aunt brought? You know, mom is also worried about the same thing. She’s thinking of ways to tell aunt no for the proposal. So that she doesn’t mind it and the proposal is off too. Aunt too, never brought a proposal when we were worried about one. And now when you already have someone in your life, she has brought a proposal. But well, let it all be. Tell is everything alright?
Why do you always look so glum? Have you and Babar fought? Have you? See I already doubted it. But Rida, relationships always have ups and downs.
Why are you so tensed? In fact, when people don’t talk to each other, they realize the other’s importance. Otherwise usually they take each other for granted. Oh well, let everything be.
Whatever you have fought about, solve it and ask him to bring a proposal.
We, too, want to enjoy Rida’s wedding. Fizza? Yes mom I’m coming. Mom’s calling. But you talk to him and ask him to send over a proposal. Alright? Talk to him. Rida, whether you accept it or not, but his intentions have changed. He too, like everyone else, has been impressed by Natalia’s wealth and her status. Babar, I want to talk to you. Yes Rida? What did you think? About what? About us.
My dad wants to meet you. I have two three proposals from the family and he cannot wait any longer. Rida I told you earlier as well. I cannot get married right now. I cannot get married. Why? Why are you quiet? I’ll tell you. Because now Babar had a change of heart. Why Babar? Isn’t that so? What happened? Did I ask a difficult question? Come, lets make it easy for you. Will you marry me? What happened Babar? Didn’t you hear me? Will you marry me? Yes. I will marry you. Now I hope you won’t disturb us. Should we go Babar? Rida? Rida? Rida are you crying? Rida? Rida? Rida, open the door.
Why did you shut the door? Tell me Rida why are you crying? Open the door.
Rida tell me what happened why are you crying? Rida open the door and tell me. Rida? Fizza? Fizza? Rida open the door. Fizza come see what happened to Rida, she’s crying. Rida? Rida, open the door. She was crying.
Rida open the door. Rida, mom and dad will come and get worried looking at you crying like this. Open the door. Ask her why she’s crying?
Rida did you and Babar have an argument? Rida, tell us what’s wrong?
Open the door, don’t do like this please. Actually, she’s herself responsible for her condition. I just talked and laughed with her, she thought something else, crazy woman. You know me right. I talk to every girl with a lot of frankness. So will I marry every girl in this university? Getting married is a big decision. We should always think things through before getting married. Social circle, family background matter a lot. You cannot just marry anybody. How is your family background? I mean, who do you have in your family? What is your business? I need to tell my mother about the guy I like. We do not have any family business. I have two elder brothers and both of them have their own business. One works in real estate and the other in construction. I’m the youngest. My dad isn’t alive and we live with our mother. Alright. Do one thing, send over a proposal, I’ll talk to my mother. Proposal? So soon? Do you have any objections? No. I don’t have any objections. I’ll talk to mom. I’ll wait. I’ll leave now, my driver must be here.
Okay. I’ll drop you. Rida? Rida, open the door please. Rida?
Rida? Rida? What happened?
Why are you crying like this? Rida what happened? Why are you crying?
Tell us why are you crying? Rida I’m getting worried please tell me why are you crying? Is everything alright? Did you and Babar have a fight? He cheated on me. He’s marrying someone else now. How can this be?
You were supposed to marry him. I curse him now. He’ll never be happy. Rida you,
He’ll never be happy! Please stop crying first. Please. Please stop crying Rida.
What did I do to him? Rida, please. Please don’t cry. I’ll never forgive him. I’ll never forgive him. Rida, please stop crying Rida. Mom I never thought life would turn out so good for me without doing anything. Boys from the entire university want to befriend her. But she chose me, your son, as her life partner. What does her father do? Where does she live? Give me more details. She belongs to a very rich family. You can only imagine. If you look at her standard, she comes to university on a big car and wears amazing clothes. I mean we could only dream about such a life. Yes. And now, please hurry up. You take a proposal to her house before she changes her mind. What do you mean? I mean, we cannot trust the likes of rich people. Who knows when they change their minds. Now do you see, have you seen Hania’s dad? He has lost his mind. He didn’t even give his daughter a penny in dowry. Don’t even take the name of that old man in front of me. They turned out entirely different that what I thought about them. But see, we’ll take Hania along to Natalia’s place. Why would we take her? Isn’t your mother enough to take a proposal? You’re my life. But try and understand.
We have to impress Natalia’s family. They should know we’re not nobodies. We have connections with rich people. And mom, these things make a difference in upper class families. Alright.
We’ll take Hania along and we’re going. Alright dear.


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