Rishtay Biktay Hain | Episode 2 | 24th Sep 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

I found them so beautiful, I didn’t want to leave them. Look at this dinner set, it’s so beautiful. It’s also very affordable. The plate broke into 100 pieces. Is this the quality you bought? They throw the plates like this when we go to buy them from the plaza. The quality they sell is good. They throw the plates so hard but there’s not one crack. Think about Affan’s respect. He recently got promoted and we have official guests now. I can’t serve them food in plates like these. Find good quality stuff. Your daughter will be the one using everything, not us. What will Affan think? His aunt doesn’t even care about his status Bring some good stuff and then call me over to see them. Rocky? Rocky? Rocky, where are you? Rocky? Rocky? Rocky? Can’t you see where you’re going? You bumped into me so hard. Show me where you got hurt. No. Thank you. Its no use telling someone who doesn’t know they hurt you. I have nothing to give you as it is. A person makes him capable of something himself. You have to work hard for a place in this world and in someone’s heart. You talk about such deep things. Be practical Hania. Only people with money are respected in this world. Money can buy everything. Even relationships? Yes. Even relationships. If you don’t have any money in your pocket, even your relatives don’t look back to you. Again the same old philosophy. It’s useless talking to you. Hania? Here comes Miss topper. I don’t know how she scores so well in all semesters. She just works hard. She attends all her classes, unlike you. I don’t know how she studies so much. An hour of studying gives me a headache. You have to accept that she’s different. Her world revolves around her books, unlike you. You’re busy gossiping all the time. Or you just keep updating pictures on social media. Rida knows how to study, let her do it. Hie. Hie. Can I sit here? Sure. Thank you. I’m Babar. You’re Rida, right? I’ve heard a lot of praise for you from the entire university. Tell me, how can I help you? I do need your help. I’m a new admission. Looking at you made me feel, you could be a good friend to me. Sorry. I come here to study, not to make friends. let’s go Hey, stop. Grab a chair and sit here. Babar. Hie. The door is open, come in. Affan, come on get up. See, I made rice for you. You like them don’t you. It smells so good. I put so much effort into cooking this. Please get up. Affan, it’ll get cold and you won’t like it then. Affan, where are you lost? Zeba, I don’t feel like eating anything right now. Please take it back. But Affan I made it for you.
Why don’t you get what I’m saying! Why are you pestering me? I am not in a good mood right now. Take it back. Why are you sitting here and staring at my face? Leave! What happened dear, are you alright? Yes. I’m fine. Then why didn’t you eat anything? You love the rice Zeba makes.
There’s so much in life than food. There’s so much more. And I want something else from life. I want to be a big man. I want to build relationships with big people, like Sheheryar sir. Who is this Sheheryar sir? He’s the secretary of developmental planning. I met him today in his office. His office is so amazing. And do you know… He was so impressed. He said nobody could find a boy like me in this whole city. So what wrong did he say? There’s nobody like my Affan in the whole wide world. And what should I tell you? I always wanted a rich girl to become my daughter in law. But such people will never consider us. Pass me the bread. Rida, finish your breakfast. I’m watching you. You’re getting used to ignoring your food. And yes, listen to me. Someone is bringing a proposal for you tonight. Come home early from your university. Don’t make faces. They already took a lot of persuading to come. The matchmaker told me they’re very well off. The boy works in a bank and there’s no hassle involved. You’ll like them. Enough mom. For how long will you keep parading me in front of all those people? I don’t do this out of happiness, do I? This has been happening since forever. Had I a son of my own, I would never have visited one girl after another. I wouldn’t have traded my son for a girl’s beauty. Never. But what I can do, I have three daughters of my own. I cannot change these things. Where is it written? Tell me? Which rule book says a girl has to be embarrassed like this again and again before she’s married. Why does a girl have to ruin her self respect before she can get married? Rida, you’re talking back too much. University is changing you into a rebel. I am telling you I’m forced to do this. Once you get married I can look towards your sisters. But again, and you’re not something extraordinary, are you? You’re not the first girl to receive proposals like this. Its been going on for ages now. Now come back early, get ready and meet the guests. As it is she brought this proposal with a lot of difficulty. Forgive me mom, but this isn’t a proposal, this is a parade. And I don’t want to be paraded around. Tell them not to come here. Because I don’t want to be rejected. Rida? Rida? Look at her! She’s talking back too much with her mother. Dear, this is a fully furnished. This must be very high on rent. Mom, why do you worry about that. Just pray for me. We’ll soon shift into a bigger house than this one. I always keep praying for you. May God keep you safe from the evil eye. Now, I was actually thinking about something. My boss, Sheheryar, who I told you about.. Yes.. He wants to come over for tea. I have been putting him off. I didn’t want to call him at our old house. But now, when we’re about to shift here, I’ll invite him here. Dear, why do you ask? You should invite him. In fact, you should call such people. You need to have bigger contacts now that we’ve shifted here. Alright. Come. Let’s go. It’s beautiful. Hurry up. Babar is waiting with the cargo there.
Yes. But you be careful on the stairs. Let Babar do something at least.
At least say goodbye to your aunt. You do that. And you, be careful man! Are you stupid? We’re finally shifting to a bigger house. Open the door.
Alright. Bye. Open the door! You people don’t know anything about opening doors or windows of a big car! Sit. Let’s go. Turn on the A.C please, its so hot. It’s so hot, turn on the AC.
You never had AC in your room before. Your son is very hard working. We hardly find boys like him today. I’m amazed how you haven’t gotten him committed somewhere. I’ve been searching for a girl for so long. If you know of any, let me know. Why some other girl. I’ll recommend my own daughter, Hania. In fact, Sheheryar and I wanted to talk to you. We really like Affan for our daughter Hania. Sheheryar always keeps praising Affan, ever since the two met. And Sheheryar praising someone is close to impossible. I know she’s our daughter. But, we thought there was no problem in discussing things. I hope you didn’t mind. No. There’s absolutely nothing to mind about it. It would be an honor if you would consider this match. You’re such educated, well mannered and qualified people. I truly believe your daughter reflects your values too. This means you have no objections. No. No objections at all. We accept this proposal. We just moved into this house a few days ago and we already have such a wealthy proposal for you. Affan dear, stop looking at places, we’ll buy this house. It’s just the start and I have a good feeling about this house. Mom, you should have met their daughter at least once. Let it be. Why should we? Haven’t you seen her? Mom, I have seen her but…
But what? It’s your life. Don’t you like her? It’s not about liking her, I’m thinking about Zeba. What will we tell her and what will you answer? Why do we have to tell her? We’ll do what we want. We cannot be forced as it is. Everybody has a right to move forward in life. And we decided for our best isn’t wrong. Don’t you overthink them? She’s my sister, I’ll answer her. Yes. They’ll be fine. Dear, they are very simple people. Nothing wary about them. I cannot thank God enough for sending such a good proposal for you. I was so worried about you. I thought Sheheryar’s rules won’t let you get married. But, we have passed this test. And now, we’re both very happy. And what about my happiness? What do you mean by this? We’re doing this for your happiness. Hania, do you like someone else? Hania? Tell me, dear. I don’t like anybody. Hello. How are you Farhat? I’m fine. How are you? Yes, everything is fine. We were worried about you. You didn’t even call since you shifted. I’ve been so busy, I couldn’t find the time. Of course. It’s alright. Are you settled now? I wanted to come to see you. Even Sharafat was saying we should come to see you. No. Don’t come yet. Everything is a mess right now. Although Affan had new furniture moved in. We also have helpers here. But even helpers cannot help you fix things as you can do yourself. I’ll call you myself once I’ve settled. I’m all alone here. Why are you so worried? Zeba and I can come over and help you. No. It’s alright. Don’t worry. You won’t be able to find any taxi here. No buses even. I’ll call you once we’ve settled down. Alright. As you feel comfortable. I’m a bit busy, I’ll call you back later. Alright. Bye. What do you think of yourself? I cannot think anything about myself unless I’m anyone. I am nothing. Farhad, this is enough. When will you step out of this self-pity? We need to accept reality and I do that. But you don’t. I just know one reality and that is that you… I like you Farhad. And I know you like me too. Then why don’t you agree? Why don’t you tell me that you like me? Because your parents don’t think anything about me. And.. It’s best if we get married according to our social status. They think nothing of me. I am an orphan for them. They brought me here to live with them out of pity. You tell me. How can I go to them and tell them? The same boy you took pity on and indebted him with luxuries, who lives under your roof, now wants to take over it? Farhad this is what you think. Dad doesn’t think this way. You can forget his rules but not me. He wants a successful and self-made man for you. And I am not that. look Farhad, if you can’t talk to dad, let me. No Hania. You won’t do anything. I have never encouraged you. If you do this, he’ll think of me as an opportunist. He’ll think I’m eyeing his daughter and his house. I don’t want to spoil what he has done for me. But yes, I do like you. I really like you. But.. my love will have no importance for anyone. Your father’s rules are important to me. I am so sorry Hania but I cannot do anything for you Just go to hell then. Zeba? What are you doing dear? Yes, mom? Did you want something? Yes dear. I really want to have the curry you make. You haven’t made it for a long time. Even Affan likes the curry I make. But if he isn’t here, you won’t cook for us too? After your wedding, you’ll be cooking for him only. And we’ll wait here for you. I’ll make it. Mama? Did you call me? Yes dear. Come sit. Hania, I know you’re upset. We made such a big decision of your life without asking you. But my dear, trust me. All we want is to see you happy. They are such nice people. The boy is amazing. You know how your dad will never settle on just about anyone for you. You can forget his rules but I cannot. He wants a successful and self-made man for you and I am not that. Hania? You should meet Affan once. And if you don’t like him, I’ll talk to Sheheryar myself. Nobody will value my love for you. I value your dad’s rules. I’m so sorry Hania but I cannot do anything for you. You don’t have to mom. Dad has chosen him for me. I have no objections to this proposal. I promise my dear, you’ll be very happy. Don’t worry at all. What is this! I cannot work on this assignment! Forgive me but I come here to study, not make friends. You’ll have to be my friend Rida. You will have to! Aqib? Aqib?
Yes, Hania? Get the car, I have to go to the market. Hania, Farhad has his exam today. I’m taking him to the university. We have cars for the people of this house. They’re not for his use. Ask him to get a cab and go. Please, I’m getting late. Rida is a university student. She has been a topper forever now. That’s why she looks so weak and is wearing such thick glasses. I think girls shouldn’t really study this much. They lose their looks this way. You’re right. What will girls do with all these degrees? All they have to do is cook for their families. And boys today want good looking girls. Boys demand good looking, educated and stylish girls. Just pray and you’ll find a good match for your daughter somewhere. What’s the use? Why all the hard work? Look at this dinner set. It’s beautiful and very sturdy. But why are you buying such expensive crockery? If you spend all your money buying this stuff, how will we manage other things? Don’t worry. It’s alright. Why shouldn’t I be worried? I’ll be retired in a few days, how will we get her married then? So I am not spending on myself. I’m gathering everything for Zeba. It’s about her in-laws and I cannot get her things from the flea market as we do. You’re the limit. Their financial conditions have drastically improved. They have changed their lifestyle. I have to keep that in mind now. Fine. Do what you please. The number you’re trying to call cannot be reached at the moment. Please try again later. Tell me one thing, did you think you owned that store? You thought you could do anything you wanted to do. What happened? What did he do now? Ask your beloved son? Why did they throw him out once again? What did you do now? The same thing he does always. He doesn’t update the accounts correctly and steals. You’ll rot in hell. You had such a good and high paying job. Why did you have to steal? I thought I was being careful this time. I don’t know how they got to know. I think someone told them. Are you listening to him? He is unashamed of what he did. I am feeling sorry for having him bailed out. I should have given him to the police. Now, don’t ask me again to back him up. He’s having me get a bad name in the market. Try if you can find another job.
I’m not really interested in a job. I cannot slave around for such little money. What will I do about this boy? Who will marry their daughter to a boy like this? We’ve given our daughter, but I think Farhat’s attitude is changing towards us now. It seems they’ve changed faces after they shifted from the neighborhood. She hasn’t even called us for ages. No. It’s not like that. In fact, I talked to Farhat that day. She’s busy settling down. She’s all alone setting things. Her sons all leave for work. So you could have gone there with Zeba. I thought about it but then I didn’t want to take a young girl all alone somewhere. I’ll go along with you on Sunday. Alright… We’ll go this Sunday. No matter how careful I am, I cannot save any money. What happened, mom? I had to go visit Farhat’s tomorrow so I was thinking about buying some fruits, I cannot go empty handed to her new house, can I? I have very little money and your dad’s pay doesn’t come for ages. You can take from me. Why are you looking at me like this? I save money but I don’t find an opportunity to spend them. I thought I’d make something for my dowry. But.. It’s alright, we will see about it later. Let’s wind up this work. May God bless you, my child. Come on, you come along too. Don’t you want to see your new house? I really want to come, mom, it’s been ages since I met aunt. But Naila threatened me if I don’t attend her wedding. She’s my best friend. She’s your only best friend. It’s alright. You can go later. What will you wear? Anything you ask me too. Please bring the money now. I’ll just come. They’re less but will do. We hadn’t seen you since long so I insisted him to bring me to see you. This is such a beautiful house Farhat. May God bless you. I brought some fruit and a dress for you. Kulsoom? Yes? Take these. Here, here you go. Take home for your kids. Why did you have to bring so many things? We already have everything here. Where are your sons? Affan seems very busy these days. He hasn’t even met me once ever since you came here. He is really very busy. He has been so busy the past few days. He doesn’t even eat properly. See, his in laws have sent so much but he doesn’t have time to check out anything. In laws?


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