Rishtay Biktay Hain Episode 20 | 5th Nov 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Natalia my child … Where? Where are you coming? You should knock before coming into room. Is this some garden that you are coming roam around? I was coming to sit and chat with you.
You must be getting bored alone. Who? Who told you that I get nervous alone? I like to stay alone. There are so many useless people in this house that it is better for one to stay alone. What? What are you looking at? Go. Next time before entering my room, knock the door and take my permission. Now go. Ill-mannered. She ruined my whole mood. Close the door before leaving. Your wife speaks too much. She has no manners to talk to elders. I entered her room without knocking the door and she insulted me so much. What wrong have I done? You interfered in her privacy, mother. This is wrong. What else she would do other than getting annoyed? You shouldn’t have done this. You also bash me. I was thinking about her good. I thought she is new here so she must be getting nervous but no, she showed me so much attitude. You are being tensed for no reason. I’m worried about Natalia’s mood now. Wow my child, it is your mother who is being humiliated and you are worried about your wife. Stop getting emotional mother. How many times have I told you that Natalia is very different from your other two daughter in laws. Don’t play your typical mother in law tricks with Natalia. Stay away from my wife. I shall be thankful to you. Hammad, I need to talk to you. What? Aunt said to mother that they will give all the useful things for the child. So? My parents situation is infront of you. From where will they arrange this all? Also you haven’t given back my father’s money yet. Why do you keep mentioning your father’s money always. They gave it for their daughter. Also, whatever I’m earning I’m spending on you. Then you tell this clearly to aunt that it isn’t my parents who will shop for this child but you people. Also, this is your responsibility not my parents. Viewers, lets make you aware of the breaking news. A school van fell down a bridge near Korangi area. Suspected causalities include some labor men and children. The predicted reason behind the accident is the use of low quality cement and steel. Let us mention that the contract of this bridge was given to a new company that belongs to a person named Affan. Prime minister has ordered for investigation and strict action. Mr. Affan, heart beat of the child isn’t normal. We have to operate immediately. Go to the counter and sign the papers so that we can start the operation immediately. Yes! Excuse me. What is this all happening. Everything will be fine. Mr. Affan, I have a warrant of your arrest.
You are under arrest. Why? What has he done? Many people lost their lives because of him.
We have to arrest him. Look officer, I’m in difficult situation right now. My wife is in operation theater. Give me some time. No! I’m not permitted. You have to go with me right now. Arrest him. Not at all. No one will touch my son. I will not let him go from here. He hasn’t done anything. Don’t come in between law. The contract of the bridge that your son’s company had has fallen off. Many people have lost their lives. This is not something ordinary. We have to arrest him but if you will interfere then I will have to arrest you as well. There is no need of it. Lets go Affan? Nothing will happen. They can not do anything of me. I will come back quickly. You take care of Hania. He disconnected? What is the purpose of keeping this useless phone if you can’t talk in the time of need. Why aren’t you picking up the phone? Babar where were you? I have been calling you since long. Why weren’t you picking up the phone? What happened sister in law? Is everything alright? You look tensed. Nothing is fine. Haven’t you seen the news? No! What happened? The bridge that was being constructed by Affan’s company, that bridge fell off and many people died. Hania got unconscious after seeing the news and aunt took her to hospital. Now her number isn’t responding. Viewers, let us give you the breaking news. The owner of the company, Affan Ahmed, has been arrested from a hospital due to falling off the bridge. Your brother has gone inside for long time. Where is Hammad? Sister, where is Hammad? There is no news about Hammad.
His number is powered off. What happened? Is Hania fine? God knows what happened. When we entered her room she was already fainted. We took her to hospital quickly. What are doctors saying? Brother, doctors aren’t telling anything. As soon as we brought her here, they took her for operation. Where is Affan? What happened? Why are you quiet? Affan should be with Hania right now. Yes! He was with Hania. Police came and arrested him. Police? Oh my God Sir try to understand me. Let me make one call. Only one call. My wife is in hospital. It is very important for me to be with her. No one will come for your help. When a bad time comes, all good friends leave you. All the relations in the world work with money. People were your friends until you were a rich man. Only lucky ones have someone who help them in hard times. You have no idea how badly you are trapped. Falling of the bridge wasn’t a small accident. Many causalities occurred in this accident. People usually stay away in such situations. Give me phone only once. Let me make one call. Take this. Call as many times as you want. I want to see your sincere friends. Hello? Hello? Greetings sir, it is me Affan speaking. Speak up! This isn’t my number. I do not have my phone with me. Sir, they have put me behind lock up. You please come and take me out of here. My wife is in hospital. It is urgent for me to come out from here. Sorry but I can’t help you. This is a serious matter and by helping you I can not put my life in risk. If I ask you to jump in a pit, will you? A person must use his mind. I did show you a way but you started following it blindly. In the end, you had to fall. What sir? I’m sorry Mr. Affan. I can’t help you. Because of you, my job can be in risk so do not call me again. Sir but listen to me … Sir? Hello? Hello? Are you satisfied now? Didn’t I tell you that people are only with someone who is progressing. No one comes to help a person who is drowning. Sir? Sir one more call? Doctor, how is Hania? She’s fine now but I’m sorry we couldn’t save the child. We are shifting the patient to the ward. Anyone from you can go and meet her. Thank you! Please, control yourself. You have to control Hania also. Why is this happening to us Shehryar? We never wanted or did bad with anyone. Why it had to happen to our daughter? For what is that girl being punished? Sheema, this is not a punishment. It’s a test. God takes test by giving and by taking. You have strength. We have to give strength to Hania also. So that this hard time passes easily. You go to her.
I’ll come in some time, Where are you going? I’m going to make arrangements for Affan’s bail. It is important for Affan to be with Hania right now. Okay? Hania, my child. What happened? Mother, my child. My child I know. A person is helpless infront of God will. I can understand how difficult it is for a mother to lose her child, Hania. Take it as a test from God and have patience. It is not a test, mother. It’s a punishment. It’s a punishment of Affan’s sins. Because of him, so many homes have ruined. Many mother lost their children. We can not make our home by ruining anyone else’s home. It’s a curse mother. No my child, have patience. Everything will be fine. This time will pass my child. Don’t ruin your health. You have been bailed out. Mine? Who bailed me out? He Is Hania fine? Go and see it yourself. What are you here for? You have taken life of my child. Are you now here to take my life? Affan go from here. You are my child’s killer. I don’t want to see your face. Go from here. What rubbish are you talking Hania? Is this how you talk to a husband? If you have lost your child, then he has too.
He is equally sad. Leave it. Let Hania say what she want to. I want her to vent it out. I know you are very upset but it is also my loss. It is my loss only Affan. I lost my child.
You are punished for your greediness. How much I explained to you but you went blind in greediness. You became so blind that you stop differentiating between right and wrong. Affan, I tolerated every unjust act that happened with me but today I lost my child because of you. I will never forgive you, Affan. Never. Do not touch me. Mother! I’ll call the doctor. Mother Mother? What happened? Finally you thought about us. Otherwise you do not care if we live or die.
You are only busy pampering your wife. I was busy in work, mother. Enough! I know where were you busy. Okay forget it and tell me where is brother Affan?
Has someone bailed him out? Yes! He is in the room with Hania. Where is the room? Brother? How are you? Fine How’s sister in law? How would she be?
She is fine. Affan, you don’t worry. Everything will be fine. She has lost her mind this is why she was talking foolish. She didn’t say anything wrong.
We did injustice to her. Anyways, you go home. Go with Babar. You are awake since last nigh. You must be tired.
I’m here to look after her. Are you sure?
I can drop her and come back if you say so. There is no need of it. Her parents are staying here. What is the need of so many people. I’ll call you if I need you. Take care. Come. Call me if you need me. I’ll carry it. Come Aunt, how’s Hania? Is she fine? She is. The child has died. I’m going to my room. My Affan was progressing so much. I don’t know which jealous person put an evil eye on him. I’m going to my room. My back is hurting after sitting for so long. Give me dinner inside. Yes Where is Hammad? I don’t know. His number is powered off. Such a strange wife you are. You have no news about your husband. Lady, it isn’t good to be so careless. Keep the news about him. If something wrong would happen tomorrow, don’t come to me and complain. Give me food. I’m tired of sitting there. Thank you I’m so much embarrassed in front of you. You tried to teach me a lot. You tried to stop me a lot but I didn’t care about what you said. Today, when I lost my child I can feel your pain. A person loves his children the most. He can tolerate the hardships but would never let anything happen to them. I never wanted Hania to be harmed, this is why I stopped you. Every person is responsible for his actions. But sometimes children have to suffer the actions of parents. One mistake done by parents can ruin their children’s life. This is why I made a promise when Hania was born that I will not take advantage of my position. I will never let my children have illegal money. This is why I stood for my principals. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t seen bad times but I didn’t let hardships overcome my love for my children. A person must be determined in every hardship Time doesn’t stay same no matter it’s good or bad.
It passes. But wrong deeds follow a person for years. It is my loss only Affan. I lost my child.
You are punished for your greediness. How much I explained to you but you went blind in greediness. You became so blind that you stop differentiating between right and wrong. Affan, I tolerated every unjust act that happened with me but today I lost my child because of you. I will never forgive you, Affan. Never. Mother?
Do not touch me. Where were you busy? I kept calling you the whole night. You should have picked up my phone at least for once. I had an important work. This is why I couldn’t What is this work that keeps you busy the whole night? You don’t need to ask me so many questions. Understood? You are my wife so act like a wife. Don’t act like a guard. I’m you wife. This is why I’m asking. I must know where my husband was and with whom. Husband who have wives like you stay out for whole night because when they come home, questioning session starts. Look, whatever happens happens for the best. I keep thinking about it since yesterday Thanks to God. If Zeba was married to Affan today instead of Hammad then she would be in the same situation as Hania is. However he is, at least Hamad isn’t greedy and cheater like Affan. You might be forgetting how forcefully Hammad took money from us. What is wrong in it if our little help can make our children’s life better. It is our Zeba who is enjoying this money.
How happy Hammad has kept her, Listen, I’d be needing some money for baby’s shopping. I have asked few people. Some arrangement will be done in a week or so. Fine. When we’ll get money then I’ll go to the market. Uncle, I have got the discharge slip ready. Mother, I will go home with you. Hania, my child? Father I want to stay alone for few days. If I will see him infornt of me then I will feel more pain of loosing my child. Shehryar, Hania is right. It is important for her to change the environment. She will come with us. Come my child. Affan, give her some time.
Her wounds will take time to heal. Yes! Number of casualties are increasing with passing time. Some of the patients in hospital are very critical. Human rights organizations will not let this matter fade and media is also raising this topic. You know it very well that once a matter is on media channel it spreads everywhere. There would be some way. Look, I’m trying to do some settlement with families of dead people out of court. But for this you would have to give a huge amount for compensation and also pay the amount of patients who are in hospital. Amount will be in hundred millions. Yes but from where will I bring this money? I don’t have this much money. After this incident, my company account is also sealed. There is no other way sir. Out of court settlement is the only way out that too if the families agreed. I don’t want to keep you in some misconception. If the case is gone to the court and they will take the decision then you can be imprisoned for lifetime so it is better for you to arrange the money as soon as possible. I will try to convince the families. I will leave now. Answer me after thinking about it.

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