Rishtay Biktay Hain Episode 23 | 12th Nov 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Come, let’s look over here What have you come here for? I’ll buy some gold on the birth of the first child. I’ll buy a gold locket for you and earrings for Farhat Show me some earrings son What are you doing? Arleady a lot has been done, there’s no need for this. I will not let you waste any more money Okay fine There’s no need of gifting jewelry We’ll do it for the first child only. We won’t do it for the second But mother Enough now stop arguing Show me something bigger than this We’re not doing anything unique, everyone in the society does these things And show me some lockets as well. Do you have any lockets separately? Zeba? Come here dear and choose something for yourself. Place the order, I’ll come and collect it later We should give it for preparation right now Anything besides this? Please tell me the weight and price of these earrings These ones? Can you show me some other lockets as well please? It’s such a nice house, I don’t understand why you’re selling it. You don’t even have any shortage of money I avoid responsibilities. This house will be empty after we leave. We would have to keep servants to maintain it Why should we go through all the hassle? It better that we sell it and put the money in our bank Where are we going? Have you really forgotten or just pretending to be ignorant? Listen Hammad, let me make one thing clear. We are not going to live in this house.
We are going to live in your house If you think that I’m going to live with you in this house that it’s your misunderstanding I only got married so that I would have a partner who I could share my responsibilities with. If I have to handle all the responsibilities on my own then why did I marry you? I was handling all my responsibilities even before getting married You’re getting upset for no reason. When did I say I do not want to share your responsibilities? I’m going to take you home. I just wanted to save you from the fear of my mother. But still if you want to go then let’s go Let’s go We’ll go whenever you want Okay fine Let’s go Show me those shoes. Khalida, you’ve bought the entire market today haven’t you? There were so many nice things available in the market that I couldn’t decide what to get and what to leave. I felt like buying everything, but my pocket wouldn’t allow me to do that All credit goes to that friend of yours who gave us some money otherwise we could not even afford all this We only have one daughter. Imagine what those people do who have three or four daughters First educate them then get them married and spend on their dowry. And then these expenses after all that. How do those poor people manage it? That’s why we should pray to God that if He blesses someone with a daughter then may He also bless them with the resources required to raise her Ameen.
So did you get everything or still there’s anything left? Yes, I got everything I had to get with Zeba. The rest of the things I can go and get myself Where’s Zeba? She’s talking to Hammad on the phone All the things are very nice, especially these shoes are really cute Yes what’s the matter? Hammad where are you? I called you so many times, why don’t you answer my calls? I’m not sitting idle that I could keep answering your phone calls. I’m at work Not since you’ve called at least talk It’s been quite some time since I’m at mother’s place. When will you come to pick me up?
I want to come back home No need to come just yet. Stay over there a while longer But why? Why are you asking me so many questions? What will you do at home when I’m not even in town? You’ll have to listen to mother’s tantrums for no reason. Aren’t you happy over there? Now hang up the phone and don’t bother me Listen to me… Tea?
Seems like it was a very important phone call? Nothing can be more important than you Only time will tell Am I wrong? Drink your tea Yes Shall we go? Yes What took you so long dear? I called you so many times, you were not answering your phone Yes my phone’s battery was dead Okay leave it. You must not have eaten anything since morning, I’ll bring something to eat. I haven’t eaten anything because of you either Kulsoom? Warm the food quickly There’s no need. I’m not hungry.
You go ahead and eat please Time heals everything dear. Even if doesn’t heal the pain, it teaches a person to live with it I want that you and Affan move abroad. People will start to forget if Affan leaves the scene Over time when the dust of this incident settles, everything will be fine What are you saying father? You have always told me to follow the principles. You taught me the difference between right and wrong And now you’re telling me to hide my face and run away? Is this the advise you’re giving me? My dear, the love of a child can be very cruel. All my principles are on one side and your happiness is on one side I can not stand watching you in this condition dear Your mother would always argue with me on one thing. She would say that a person has to step down and compromise for the sake of their children, but I would never agree with her Today I feel she was absolutely right. What did I get out of all my principals that I got deceived by a person such as Affan I had tried to choose a self made and modest life partner for you How would I know that I am bringing you out of one well and pushing you in to another. Affan turned out to be greedy for my status and position just like everyone else A man can fight with the entire world but can not fight against their child’s fate. All this happened because of me dear You had to pay a very heavy price due to my principals. Please forgive your father if you can What are you saying father.
Why are you blaming yourself? You have no fault in any of this. Maybe all this was written in my fate No matter what parents do, they can not change their daughters’ fate It’s not your fault father Hello! Hello Natalia, where are you? Do you know the time?
I’ve been waiting for you since so long Why are you waiting for me? Are you a small baby that I have to come and put you to sleep? Go to sleep baby I’ll be late Where are you? I’m at a dinner with a friend, don’t disturb please, I’m not a kid. I’ll be back Shahryar, shall we go? Yes, isn’t Hania going? No father, I won’t go But why dear? You always thought me to live with my head held high Now I can not go over there as a wife of a criminal with my head down But dear Shahryar it’s better that she doesn’t go. There will be press over there. It will become a news again. Already our reputation has been damaged a lot Why have you come over here? Where is mother? Your mother is at home, you understand? Sit in the car I won’t go with you. I don’t like you.
Go and bring mother only then I will go I’ll give you such a tight slap you’ll come to your senses, get in the car Let me go Respected judge, an incident involving the collapse of a bridge occurred in our city on 25 January In that incident six valuable lives were lost. In face I would say they were martyred. While numerous others have suffered injuries as well These six people include two children who had gone out to play but had no idea that they would be unable to return home And that they would fall under the wall of a greedy man from where it would be impossible to come out of The other four people include labor men. I’m sure even they wouldn’t know that they would have to face death because of someone’s greed that day when they left from home to earn a living The greedy person I’m talking about is none other than Mr. Affan who is standing here. because the tender of this bridge was given to Mr. Affan’s company. Honorable judge, usually there is a criteria which in followed while giving the tender but in this case there was nothing like this. I will explain later how he got the tender. Firstly, I will tell you how this bridge fell. This is initial report of investigation. It is mentioned clearly in this report that this bridge fell because of low quality material and inexperience labor. In his whole team, there was no one who had proper experience. This is the application. Go through it for once. Now lets come to the point that how did he get the tender? He didn’t get it because of his talent but because of his contacts. And because of the money he has which he used as a bribe. These were basis on which he got the tender. According to me, Mr. Affan should have refused to get this tender because he knew the team he had was totally inexperience. Honorable judge, he had an idea that neither his company has the machinery nor workforce who could do it. His company used to only repair the small portions of roads. He never got a big tender up til now. Besides knowing this he took this tender. He knew he wasn’t capable of it. Therefore honorable judge, I request you that the person who doesn’t care about people’s lives because of his greediness. Also, I am thankful that this bridge fell before it’s inauguration. otherwise casualties could be more. This is why I request you that Mr. Affan must be strictly punished for what we did so that next time if anyone thinks of doing it will be careful. That’s all your honor. Do you want to say something in your defense? No! I don’t want to say anything in my defense. I accept the responsibility of all the charges. And I’m ready to bear the punishment court will give me. After looking into all the evidences, court has reached to this conclusion that material used in construction of bridge was of low quality. This is why the responsibility of falling off the bridge goes to the owner of the company that got the tender. Irresponsibility and greediness of criminal Affan Ahmed took lives of many innocent people. This is why court announces 10 years imprisonment for criminal Affan Ahmed. Court also order the police to carry out investigation against other people involved in this crime. That’s all.
The court is adjourned. I could have got myself released today by bribing some money. But what will I do in the day of judgment? God punishes very strictly.
What will I answer in front of Him? Take care of you and Hania. Why did you do this? Don’t go Affan.
Let him stay with me. Move Brother, I fold hands in front of you. Do something. You have contacts with many high level people. Save my child. You can do it. Who can save a person whose mother ruins him. When parents do not stop their children on their first mistake then take a route from where it is impossible for them to return. Brother? Brother? Affan? Affan? Mr. Affan are you ashamed of the fact that your greediness took lives of many innocent people. Stop questioning. Didn’t you realize for once while doing illegal work that your are putting many innocent lives at risk? Did you accept your crime under someone’s pressure? Enough of the questions. Enough! Answer the question sir. Khalida? Khalida? During the first session of the case, owner of the company Affan Ahmed accepted his crime after which he has been arrested and sent to jail. For further investigation, an investigation committee has been formed. Viewers let us inform you again that few days back in Karachi, an incident of a bridge occurred in which many people lost their lives including children. Today the person responsible for the incident, Affan Ahmed, accepted his crime in the court after which he has been sent to jail. My child, Affan has accepted his crime after which he has been sent to the jail. I’m sorry my child.
Now it is impossible for him to come out. My child, what are you doing? I’m going home mother. Hammad is out of town and Babar is also not at home. Aunt would be needing me. There is no need to go. Father, aunt would need some support. If your own people do not support you in hard times then what is the purpose of these relationships? Woman who sold the relations and put a price on them, are you talking about supporting her? The one who never thought about us but increased our problems, are you being worried for her? You will stay here until Hammad returns home.
There is no need of you to go there. But father? What has happened to you? She’s right. Farhat is responsible for what she did but we can not be selfish. She’s daughter in law of that house. This is an exam. If she wouldn’t be there at this time then what would Hammad think? Let her go. That is her house. After all she has to stay there. Do your packing my child. Give it to me. I’ll do it. You go and do something else. Mother? Finally you got time. What reminded you of us?
What are you here for? To see how helpless we are? Listen to me. For what? what? Your brother is in jail because of you. If you had helped him in time then this wouldn’t have happened. What could I do? Tell me what could I do?
There is nothing in my hands mother. Natalia has everything and she does only what she wants. She doesn’t listen to anyone. Such husband must go to hell who can not control his wife. What hasn’t Affan done for you and this house. And today when he needed you, you have disappeared. Wow! How do you even sleep at night? Your brother is behind bars Doesn’t your heart tremble with this thought? I don’t know why has God shown me this day. One brother isn’t acting like a brother to another. Mother, we are your blood. Children learn habits from parents. How can we do things that you never did. You also never thought of your own sister. Your heart never trembled on aunt’s pains then how could we learn these habits? Anyways, I was here to share your sorrow. Not to listen to your complains. I’ll leave now. Farhat? Sister? When did you come? Has it got long? I didn’t see you. No, I just came. Zeba is also here. You did the right thing.
I was completely alone in this house. Stay with me.
God knows when will Hammad come. We heard about it on news, Farhat.
Believe us, we are very sorry to hear about it. Sister, that is not true. But Affan accepted it. No! He must be under someone’s pressure other wise my child can not do it. And you raised him.
Ask yourself that can my child do it? No sister, someone has trapped him. He is innocent. He would have given up when he didn’t find a way out of this trouble. When a person is in stress he says anything foolish. He must have said it. But sister, you will see that truth will be revealed in front of the world that my son is innocent. He hasn’t done anything. Pray for him that he comes out of this problem very soon. Come sit You sit Come my child. Come to me. She was very much worried about you. It was difficult for her to pass time. court announces 10 years imprisonment for criminal Affan Ahmed. Brother, I fold hands in front of you. Do something. You have contacts with many high level people. Save my child. You can do it. Who can save a person whose mother ruins him. When parents do not stop their children on their first mistake then take a route from where it is impossible for them to return. I don’t know why has God shown me this day. One brother isn’t acting like a brother to another. Mother, we are your blood. Children learn habits from parents.
How can we do things that you never did. You also never thought of your own sister. Your heart never trembled on aunt’s pains then how could we learn these habits? Aunt, have food. Aunt? Yes? What? Aunt, have dinner. O my God. That construction company belongs to your brother? Affan Ahmed is your brother? I’m sorry to say but the truth is that he is a corrupt person. I would have to go home. You will not go alone. I will go with you.


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