Rishtay Biktay Hain Episode 26 | 19th Nov 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

What is it? Why is my daughter lost? When I see you like this, I start cursing Affan. You wouldn’t have got married to Hammad if he hadn’t broken the engagement. I want him to stay in jail for his whole life and never stay happy. No mother Don’t curse Affan. He is already getting punishment for his deeds.
What more can happen to him now? You still care for the person because of whom you are in this situation? A person becomes kind to others after bearing pain. I’m worried more about Hania than Affan. Hania is a good person, mother. What was her fault?
I feel sympathetic for her. Hania is also someone’s daughter like I’m yours. Your curse might impact her too along with Affan. Don’t do this. I have forgiven affan. You also forgive him. Mother, our forgiveness might decrease their problem. My child have this. No no! I … In fact take this bread. No, I don’t eat bread. Zeba, you also have breakfast. Servant will do this, You have woken up? Greetings! Greetings! Zeba bring breakfast.
Bride is awake. Where is she? She must be coming. I have been waiting since long. what kind of omelet is this? Is this even an omelet? It’s burnt. It isn’t in a condition to eat. She’s crazy. What kind of bread is this?
Don’t you focus on your work? O God. It’s dry. Is it even a bread? It’s okay. You … Actually she has gone to the kitchen after long this is why she’s out practice. It’s okay. She will do better next time. It’s okay. Take this. Have this. Just ask her to leave. She ruined my whole mood. Khalda, how’s Farhat? Affan has defamed her. What greed is this that a person starts playing with other’s lives. O God. It is great that you didn’t get Zeba married to him otherwise your daughter would be suffering there. I had this much lentil only.
Will it work? It will. Hey, Zeba is here. How are you Zeba? Are you fine? We have heard your mother in law is in crisis these days. One son has gone to jail and other has left the house. Sister, is it true that Babar left the house? I would ask you to keep an eye on your husband too. What if he will also do something. We have no hopes from Farhat’s children. Zeba, your father kept his clothes for ironing. Go and iron them quickly. Light can go out. Khalda what is the matter of your house? Is it true what Saddique brother’s wife is saying? There is nothing like that. Go and cook the lentil otherwise you’ll be serving lunch in dinner. I’m late. Isn’t it? I’ll leave now. Bye Bye! Hey? What are you doing? It’s my phone. Give me my phone. Can’t you listen? I’m not giving it. You ill-mannered. How can you not give it to me? This is my phone. Give it to me. Take it. Take it. Take it now. You ill-mannered. Is it your father’s phone that you have broken it. Mother? Mother, look she’s beating me. What are you doing? What are you doing?
Have you gone crazy? Your son has broken my expensive phone. It’s just a phone. Kids do such things. This doesn’t mean that you beat him.
Will you take his life for this phone? What? Is he a child?
Look, what he’s doing. Don’t you dare raise your hand on him next time. If you will do it then you would have to leave like Zeba from here. What has happened to you? You are threatening me by standing in my house. Exactly! Your house? You must be forgetting that this is a rented house and my husband gives the rent of this house. If you want to stay here then stay according to me. Otherwise leave from here.
Do some arrangement for yourself. One of her son is rotting in jail and the other has left house. Still her attitude isn’t going away. One of her son is rotting in jail and the other has left house. Still her attitude isn’t going away. Who can save a person whose mother ruins him. When parents do not stop their children on their first mistake then take a route from where it is impossible for them to return. Mother, we are your blood. Children learn habits from parents. How can we do things that you never did. You also never thought of your own sister Shame on you Farhat, you have made relationships a joke. Sisters share eachother’s pains. They get worried for each other. You didn’t leave a chance to degrade and humiliate us. What have you done, Farhat? What? A person can tolerate pains given by strangers but can’t tolerate pains given by own people. Farhat, what have you done? What? You did so much unfair to me. What was aunt Naseema talking about house? She wasn’t talking anything like that. I heard it myself. What was she saying?
What are you hiding from me? Why would I hide from you?
She wasn’t saying anything like this. There was something mother. What was she saying? Tell me? When I’m saying there wasn’t anything then why are you asking for no reason? There wasn’t anything. Now tell me what was it? What are you hiding from me? Now tell me? What are you quiet? What was she saying about house? What is it Zeba? Why are you making me worried? You are making me worried. Tell me what was it? Have I become stranger to you that you won’t tell me about it. Mother, I’ll stay tensed by thinking about it. What was she saying about house? Tell me? Your father has kept the house as a security for your child. to shop the things for him. Listen? What is it? He’s just a friend. Friends do talk like this.
I enjoy what he says. You enjoy? Doesn’t it impact you? that someone talks like this about your husband? It doesn’t because you have a problem with my clothes, with my outings, with everything. Now when you found nothing you got a problem with my messages? You are sick. I made the biggest mistake by marrying you just to compete with Rida. I ruined my life by snatching you. You don’t deserve me. Girls like Rida was best for conservative guys like you. the typical type of girls. I made the biggest mistake by marrying you just to compete with Rida. I ruined my life by snatching you. You don’t deserve me. Girls like Rida was best for conservative guys like you. Why did you people do this? We had only one house and you auctioned it as well. What else could I do my daughter? Your house was more important to us. We wanted to see you smiling in your house. We tried to do what Hammad and Farhat wanted. We still couldn’t make your fate better. Parents look for good proposals for their daughters. They struggle to give them best things in dowry. They still loose infront of fate. We couldn’t do anything. We have lost my child. Zeba isn’t more than a cousin to you.
There is no emotion between you. You lied to me. You broke your engagement with Zeba not for her but for yourself so that you can get married to me. Weren’t you feel shame while breaking her for your benefit. She was dreaming about you since long. What did I think about you? I had no idea that you are such selfish person. Enough! That’s it.
Yes I did break engagement so that I can marry you. Everyone has a right to choose his life partner.
I did the same. What wrong did I do Did I ask you that why did you get married to me leaving behind Farhad? I didn’t so Hania you also not have this right. Affan, where were you?
I had been waiting for you since long. Look, if we weren’t engaged then aunt would never give me this amount and I wouldn’t be able to pass the tender. What sin have I done Affan? My whole life I did what you said.
I listened to everything. Then why are you leaving me in between the way? I have to reach on the top and get everything of the world. And for that I don’t need a weak support but a strong support. That you can’t be. I tolerated what not and for whom? For my child. He is no more now. I’m tired of carrying this burden Affan. Affan, I can not live with you now. Forgive me Hania. I’m a culprit. I dragged you with me in disgrace. forgive me. I have been finding you in the whole house since long and you are sitting here. Have coffee. Thank you What are you looking at? I’m seeing that you are no longer like the the old Hania I used to know. You have changed a lot. Everything’s changed. Nothing is like before. Neither time nor situation. Neither I nor you. No! I have changed from outside not from inside. Hania, I’m still the old Farhad even today. My feelings are same for you today. I’m going to sleep. Good night. I was coming to you. I had to get new clothes for me. You know that I get nervous in big malls so if you don’t mind will you go for shopping with me? I can’t go.
I’m going somewhere else. Okay then I’ll drop you. There is no need of it Farhad.
I’ll go myself. You don’t need to be so formal. I’ll drop you.
Tell me where are you going? To the place where you won’t like to go, What place is this? Farhad, I’m getting late.
Bye Why are you looking at me like this. I came early today. You slapped me? Your raised your hand on me? What did you think that I’m a helpless and middle class girl who will tolerate her husband’s slap? I’m daughter of Zaheen Ahmed. I know how to take revenge very well. Natalia, I made the biggest mistake by marrying a girl like you. A big mistake. I left my house and everything for you and came to you. A person can not make home with a girl who roam around the whole city with her ex boyfriend. Do you understand? What do you think of yourself? You leave me and divorce me. In fact I’m done with you. How will you divorce me? Look at yourself. You are nothing. Zero. Get out of my house.
You will get divorce papers at your home. Get out. Leave Natalia has kicked me out of house. I made the biggest mistake in understanding her. What is a husband’s status? How to give him respect? She doesn’t know about it. She used to treat me like a servant not a husband. The more love and respect I gave her, the more brave she became. You were right that husbands who give more independence to their wives than needed regret one day. Hammad and brother Affan are better than me who have kept their wives under pressure. No matter if she belongs to a rich family like sister Hania or poor family like sister Zeba. They both do not say a word infront of their husbands. I was stupid who got blind in his wife’s love. Mother, you were right that we shouldn’t give much liberty to wives. They don’t deserve to be loved. You? When did you come? A while ago Why do you look sad? Has your wife sent you away from the house? Really? She has? Does that mean that you will also stay with us here now? Who is he and why will he live here? He is my younger brother. He left the house because of his wife. Now she kicked him out so he’s back. Oh, another one is here now. This house seems more like a orphanage to me. We get rid of one and the other appears. Hello? This is my house. I will come to my house whenever I want.
Who are you to object? Behave yourself Babar. Why? Who is she? Why is she talking like this? She is your sister in law. Naveen And if you will misbehave with her then I will not tolerate. Understand? Lets go Naveen. Brother Siddique, I had to talk something important to you. Yes, go ahead. Speak up! Do you need more money? No! I don’t need money. Sister is talking in the whole neighborhood that you have bought our house. This news is spread in the whole neighborhood and everyone is coming to me and asking me. Please try to explain sister to stop talking about this. Trust me, I’m fed up of this habit of women. They can’t keep anything to them. Although I stopped her from discussing this. But she isn’t a woman who keep the secret to herself. You are right but I haven’t sold you the house. I only asked you to keep it as a security. When am I saying that you have sold me the house. It is kept as a security but if my wife is saying this then let her. What is your problem. That house hasn’t got mine by saying so. Why are you being worried? House is yours. I only have the papers. Don’t you worry. Now take it and put it there and check the stuff that came yesterday. And where are the boys in the shop? Shall I put it back? Yes, this is done. Now check the other one. What happened? Why are you doing this all? Where are the servants? They have left. They have? What is happening in this house mother?
Where is sister Zeba? Hammad sent her out of the house. sent her out? What happened to Hammad? He took the girl out who used to stay quiet on every pain given by her husband? And mother, what did Hammad see in this Naveen? You don’t worry. Hammad will realize his mistake one day and he will take this woman out himself. I think you people are planning to take me out of the house. You don’t need to plan to take me out of the house. If anyone will leave this house it will be you and it will happen very soon. You both might not know that I’m not Zeba but Naveen. Enmity with me can cost you a lot. What will you do? What? What I will do? You will see what I will do. Ask your mother who has already seen my skills. You have no idea what I can do.
No idea. Seriously? Leave it. I will do it.
Give me. I was thinking what if we get Hania and Farhad married? How is it possible? This can’t happen. This isn’t even impossible. Both used to like each other. It is something old.
Now situation has changed. Neither Hania is same now nor Farhad would have same emotions in his heart. Farhad still likes Hania. This is what I know. Did he say something to you? It isn’t necessary for him to say everything. Sometimes you can guess it from another’s face and I know that Farhad still likes Hania. What if we get them married? We can do it now. I don’t think so Hania will agree. She would have to agree. We would have to make her agree no matter what we have to do for that. I will not let Hania sit for her whole life due to sorrows Affan gave her. She has to move on and and she must move on.


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