Rishtay Biktay Hain | Episode 6 | 2nd Oct 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

You’re looking beautiful. I know.. It’s really difficult for you. But it isn’t easy for me as well. But still, we have to be together now. We have always been cousins first. But now we’re husband and wife. I know it feels different. But we’ll fall in rhythm with time. What am I saying.. This.. It’s a small gift for you. Do you like it? It’s beautiful. It looks more beautiful on your fingers. See Zeba, The two of us, are starting a new life together. Let’s start afresh by forgetting our past. We’ll begin a new journey from today. Even I want to forget everything Affan.. I am not Affan. I’m Hammad. I knew it. I knew you wouldn’t be able to forget Affan. Changing relationships don’t change emotions. Come on Hania, pick it up. Oh my Lord… You’re all-powerful my lord.. You can anything to happen. Please make my mind and heart forget Affan. Why do I keep thinking about someone who isn’t mine? Please make me love my husband. I accepted my fate and got married to Hammad. But I cannot control my thoughts and my feelings. But You can do everything. Please change my heart. Please, God. By the way, What are you looking at? I’m watching you.. If you stop making these age-old hairstyles and go for a modern look, you’ll look amazing. Have you seen Aqsa? Why don’t you make a hairstyle like hers? It’ll suit you a lot. You’re thinking as if I’ve asked you for a haircut. I’ve only suggested a change of style Rida. You’re such a beautiful girl. You need to pay attention to yourself. Loose fitted clothes.. braids.. All this doesn’t work now. Change yourself. Rida? Let it be. You won’t do it. I think I’m just wasting your time. Hammad? Please wake up. It’s morning already. Hammad? What’s your problem? Let me sleep. Are you up? I came here to get you people for breakfast. Why isn’t he up yet? No. I’m trying to wake him up but…
He sleeps like the dead. I’ll wake him up else he’ll keep sleeping till 10. Hammad? Wake up. It’s already late. What is it? What’s wrong mom? I’ve never woken up before 12 ever. I’m not going to feed her, as it is. Get up. She’s waiting for you to have breakfast with her. Why is she waiting? Get her some breakfast. Stop being stupid. She’s a new bride. Come on get up and freshen up. This is the limit. You won’t let me sleep peacefully after I’m married. Come on. Come for breakfast. What are you doing? Why is this gold jewelry out in the open? We have a lot of servants working around. They might get stolen. I’ll keep them safe. You can ask me when you need them. And yes… the chain Hania gave you? So what did Hammad give you as a wedding present?
He… This. You can keep wearing this. I’ll keep the rest of your things safe. Why are you here? To clear your misunderstanding. I have not misunderstood anything. Yes, but my perception of you was entirely wrong. You’re taking me wrong Hania. You don’t know the other side of the story.
I know everything. You lied to me and my family. You were engaged. You broke her heart and got engaged to me.
Yes, I did call off my engagement with Zeba. We were engaged. But did you try to ask me why I did that? I didn’t break Zeba’s heart Hania. I gave her what she wanted. Yes. Mom and aunt wanted to strengthen their bond. So they decided upon this. Because I was the eldest, I was engaged to Zeba. And I thought everything was alright. I thought Zeba and I were happy but then I realized, she wasn’t. And this thing kept eating at me. When I tried to find out, do you know what I came to know? Zeba and Hammad liked each other. Yes. I was torn between Zeba and my dear brother Hammad. After learning this, I didn’t even wait for a second. I called off the engagement and took all the blame. And do you know why I did this? Because if everyone found out the truth, Zeba’s respect would have been compromised. I saved her reputation. And.. And I could do anything but not let Zeba be ruined. Not at all. Let me speak. You know our society very well. There are different rules for men and women. And I know of this very well. And therefore I listened to every bitter thing people said. But I never told anyone why this happened. Because I knew my uncle and aunt, Their lives and reputation would have been affected. And yes I did hide everything from you and your family. Because you’ll be going to the same house. If you knew about it, how would have you respected Zeba? No, right? I’m really sorry. I never knew this could be. I heard those women talking and got emotional.
That’s why I’m upset. Hania.. I.. I understand but, you’ve hurt me. You’ve broken my heart. I can listen to everything bitter from the world, Hania, but not from you. Sorry.
It’s fine now. I understand. Whatever is done, is done. But.. Please, I’m requesting you. At least check with me before you get any sort of a misunderstanding. Be angry but… I won’t say a thing. I promise. They look so good together. To be honest, its a couple made in heaven. I cannot thank God enough for giving us such a good boy for Hania. Affan is a perfect match for Hania. I have an important thing to do. You want some tea? Sure. I just need a minute. So Hammad, how is your job coming along? I don’t have a job now. What? What do you mean? Were you fired again? I quit myself. I don’t want to beg others and listen to people rant. I’ve thought it through. I want to be successful like Affan. I’ll start a business now. Now, this is a good thing. May God bless you. So what have you thought dear? What business will you start? And how will you get the capital? I’ve already planned everything uncle. I just need to act upon things now. I’ll just go and offer my prayers. You please sit. Alright. What will you eat? I’ll make whatever you like. You know my favorites aunt. I’d love beef rice and a good dessert. I’ll make it for you. You people sit and talk. You must be tired. You can go and lie down inside if you want too. No. I’m fine. By the way, is this house your own? Do you know its market value? I don’t know. Alright. I’ll ask uncle myself. He must know. You sit. I’ll go, help mom. Alright. How can I not be tensed? How can people say anything about you? How dare aunt says something about you! When I didn’t mind it, why are you angry? And by the way, she’s your mother in law to be. Rida, please. See Fizza, the world is like this. How many mouths will you shut? Nothing bothers me anymore. But I don’t want to marry that guy. I don’t like him. See.. Mom listens to you. I don’t want to marry him. Please tell them no. Mom is already tensed because of me. Now you want her to be worried because of you? But how can I get married before you? You’re being stupid again. See Fizza, I’ll get whatever is written for me. Maybe, I don’t have marriage written in my fate. Why are you saying all this Rida? What happens to you. See, don’t talk nonsense. Its a good proposal. You shouldn’t say no. Aqib is a great guy. Had he not been a good guy, I would have said no to him myself. Whatever is written in my fate, I will get it in due time. And why are you so serious? It’s for the first time, she’s so quiet. Please cheer up. I’m fine. Now stop it. Why are you being emotional? Come Zeba. Why are you standing? Have breakfast. Why are you so quiet? Eat something. Should I serve you now? You’re not a guest here. Zeba, I really miss the breakfast you made. You made all that yummy food for Affan. Dear, have your breakfast. I have an important meeting. I’m getting late. Bye. That’s why I didn’t want to get married. This was the reason. Nobody, not even I, can forget their relationship. Did you and Hammad talk about Affan last night? No. And it shouldn’t be. Hammad is your husband now. No husband can bear to listen about his wife’s ex-fiance. Even if he is his own brother. Affan, brother just got married. What’s his name? Hammad? Yes. Hammad. He’s very different from his brother. You’re right. I noted him. He looks very irresponsible. *greetings* Come sit dear. What are you talking about? We’re talking about your husband to be. Affan? Yes. We were discussing.. Affan is very sensible and more responsible than his two brothers. The youngest one is studying. But Hammad. We found him very careless. Yes. And he has a brother like Affan who takes care of him like a father. He’s bound to be irresponsible. But.. Affan isn’t like him. He knows his responsibilities. You’re right dad. Affan is very responsible and very caring. Even if I get a little upset with him, he tries to make it up to me immediately. Although he’s always busy. You know right. Nobody cares about anyone these days. Do you know what I like the most about him? He’s a self-made man. Whatever he achieved, he did it on his own. He didn’t use any references. I’m glad. I’m very proud of him you know. Yes. Me too dad. He didn’t use his background as an excuse. Mom, pass me the plate. You’re so pretty. You just need to pay more attention to yourself. Really? Okay. Sure. We can do that. I’ll talk to you later. Bye. You need to knock before coming into someone’s room. Don’t you have any manners? I want to talk to you. But I don’t want to talk to you. Hania, please. You’ve been upset with me for long. When will you forgive me? Forgive you? What are you apologizing for? What did you do? I broke your heart. Really? So you realize that now? I thought you didn’t care. Someone who didn’t feel anything. If forgiving you would stop me from hurting I would have forgiven you already. Should we start? Of course. Here. The girl in the gray dress, she’s the bride’s elder sister. Is she engaged yet? No. Not yet. Poor girl. But she’s pretty. It’s all about fate. Saira too, is worried about her. Everybody likes her younger sisters more. Everybody says no. That’s why her mother opted to get the younger one engaged first. It’s not her fault. She cannot let her other daughter’s age because of her. What can we say? I trust you people have understood the lecture. Tell me if there are any questions. Any questions? Alright. The class is over. Sir Mushtaq gives me a headache during his lecture. It’s good you didn’t come. Why did you bunk that class? Rida? Is everything okay? You’re so quiet. You boys are so carefree. I wish I was a boy too. A boy? It would have been great. I wish I had been born a boy too. At least I could have supported my family. What are you saying? What if you’re a girl? You can still support your parents. I’m only a burden on them. You’re such a bright student. How can you be a burden? Your parents must be proud of you. In middle-class families, there will be only a few girls, whose parents are proud of them being a girl or being a bright student. Otherwise, the majority think a girl is a burden on them. What happened? Did someone say something? Who doesn’t say? My family, my neighbors.. my friends. People say whatever they like. Nobody thinks about how it affects me. I get hurt every time. Is it my fault that I’m not getting married? People come to see me, and then they reject me. Don’t worry. People who reject you, do not really deserve you. They don’t deserve you. And people who don’t deserve you, you shouldn’t be worrying about them. I.. I’m sorry. I just got carried away. Don’t be sorry. This is the first time you opened up to me. I’m honored that you could trust me. I’ll get going now. Rida? You’re a very nice girl. The boy who marries you, will be very lucky.


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