Riverdale (The CW) Trailer HD

♫ [Music Playing] Zella Day – High ♫ Oh my god! Every corpse has a tale to tell and this one has the touch of evil. Archie, a kid is dead! I saw you guys. How you feel about me, is it real? I’m asking you right now if you love me. Who are you lying to? I’m “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” but this
place is strictly “In Cold Blood” This should be fun. Did you and Donnie Darko kill him together? Nothing this bad was ever supposed to happen
here. Maybe there’s another side to this story. There’s a possibility Jason’s murderer
will soon be in this room. This whole car is a crime scene. No fingerprints. You’re a little more dangerous than you
look. Riverdale series premiere Thursday January
26th on The CW.


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