Robinson Hall for the Performing Arts at UNC Charlotte – 10th Anniversary Part 4

>>Kendall Burns:
Well, the music school here, the students, it’s growing. But it’s kind of like a
really small church. Everybody knows everybody; everybody knows who plays what, who sings
what, everything. We definitely have a lot of time to get to know each other, especially
if you are in the same class. Even if not, we have a lot of nontraditional students which
is really cool to get a well-rounded view.>>Elizabeth Sanford:
The environment in the Dance Department is really welcoming. It’s actually one of the
things that I like the most is that it’s kind of small because you do know everybody.
Actually, I have become best friends with pretty much everyone. It’s just a lot of
positive energy and you know your teachers are supporting you personally. It’s just
something that you don’t get in other departments.>>Daniel Perez:
One of the things I really enjoy about Robinson Hall is that as percussionist majors having
our own studio where we have our own instruments and have access to it any time of the day.
We can come and practice and not bother anyone. That really means a lot as a percussionist
because we are well known to be the loudest around and we bother a lot people when we
practice. But it’s great to have a place where we can practice and not bother anyone
and get a lot of things accomplished.>>Christina Hudgins:
The first time I came to UNC Charlotte it was when I was coming for my audition at North
Carolina Dance Theatre and one faculty member gave me a tour of Robinson Hall. We met up
with some students who I think were in choreography and they explained to me how the Department
is really like family and it’s really welcoming. That really made me want to come. I remember
leaving like I’m so excited. I really want to become a part of this Department just because
everyone is so friendly.>>Jasper Boykin III:
The faculty in the Theater Department are some of the most supportive people I have
ever met. They are very passionate about what they do: teaching others, trying to get all
of us to be where we want to be and not fall into the trap after graduation of not knowing
what you want to do after getting a diploma.

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