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– [Cameron] Thanks again for
seeing me so late Dr. Bailey. – So, how’s everything? – The usual. Just chuggin’ along. – But you’re doing okay? Look I know we’ve
talked about this, but have you looked
into tanning salons? – Uh, I haven’t has
the time, but I– – I want to try to build
up the melanin in your skin with low doses of
ultra violet light. Over time I believe that will
afford you some protection in case you’re uh, have had bad timing
again with the sun. – The thing is I can’t
really afford it right now and actually I have
to get to work. – Cameron I really want you
to look into treatments. This nocturnal lifestyle it’s just not good
for your health. – I guess there’s a reason why they call it the
graveyard shift. – [Chef] Order up. – [Customer] Hi, um
yeah, can I get the– – Hey Josh. – Hey ‘sup Cameron?
– Hey. – Hey, what are you, craving
some Canadian comfort food tonight here or something? – Yeah it’s been a while. – Yeah? – Can I get a
traditional and a Philly? Extra spicy on the Philly. – Yeah, traditional,
Philly, extra spicy! – [Chef] Huh? – Spicy! – [Chef] All right. – Yeah you got it man. That’ll be 15. Oh cool. So like what, one meal
now, a 2nd meal later? I don’t see how you keep
your figure Cameron. – No it’s for the boss man. – Oh, how’s work? – Just slow and steady. How about you guys? – Not bad. Yeah we’re gonna hit the
convention center next week ’cause of the expo. So you know, should give us a
couple solid days of business. – Nice.
– Yeah. – You know, I was
making a delivery down at that new business park
on Washington in Culver City. – Uh huh. – Saw a few new startups. I don’t know if you
want to check it out? Maybe stake your claim? – Yeah, thanks man. Hey when are you gonna get
that truck of your own? – Ah, I’m still saving up, but I’m cool right now. You know, I’m just
cruising the streets fighting for justice. (Josh chuckles) – Okay. Later cowboy. Enjoy. – Thanks. (shoulders thud) Hey, what do you got? – Well that’s it for now. I mean, I gave the only
one I had to Kenny. – Come on man, you know I need
the cash more than he does. – Well I’m sorry. Life of a courier. Feast to famine, but I promise I’ll give
you the next one, okay? Now what’s that, for me? What you got? Oh! Uh, what is it? – Poutine. – Wait a minute. Shouldn’t there be a rule
against using the word poo when naming a food? – Look it’s a Canadian dish. It’s french fries drizzled
with their signature gravy then topped off with white
cheddar cheese curds. – I mean you had me
at french fries, ha! We good. That’s how you get more funds. My man! It’s cool, but uh, no fork? No drink, that’s how you do me? No fork, no drink? – You said get food. – It’s not that I’m
ungrateful, I’m just saying. – You said get food. You didn’t say
get food and fork. – Wow, I got to say get fork. Okay. (phone ringing) – Around the clock deliveries. You know I got your back. I’ll send somebody right to you. Quit looking at porn! (laughing) Look at you, busted. – Eddie you know that
stopped being funny like three years ago. – Aw man, that’s a
classic, it’s timeless. Anyway I got you a run. Bam, it’s your
favorite customer. – Oh Martin. – Yes sir. – More like your
favorite client. – What can I say? The dude pays and he pays well. – Okay where am I going? – Well you’re gonna go pick
up a job at the printer right and bring the stuff
back to his residence. Can you handle it? – Yeah cool. – All right cool.
– Thanks. (slow piano music) – Martin.
– Hey Cameron. – Hey. Hot off the presses. – Perfect timing as usual. Oh, oh, oh, oh. – Congratulations. I mean you must
be really excited. You’ve given Tabasco and
sriracha a run for their money. – Well that’s the idea. (laughing) Oh. Hey do you think you could… Never mind forget it. – No is everything all right? – My daughter, she’s
coming into town tonight, and I was supposed
to pick her up. – Wait I’m sorry. Did you say you have a daughter? – Yeah, I haven’t
seen her for awhile. She just finished her undergrad. She’s taking a little time off before she comes to
work for her old man. She’s gonna help
me run the empire. – You must be really proud. – Yeah she’s quite amazing, but I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to see
her much this time because well timing’s
bad all the way around. It’s kind of a perfect storm with all these events
coming together. You know what I mean? – I mean, I hate
seeing you in a bind, so if you want I can
pick her up for you. – Really? – Yeah.
– You’re not too busy? – No it’s kind of a slow night. – Thank you. Thank you very much. That really helps me out a lot. – You’re welcome.
– No here wait, here, um… – Oh.
– Here this should this should cover it. – It’s too much. – Well look just
take her out to food or go I don’t care, it’s yours. – Thanks. Oh, uh wait. The flight info? – Ah. Flight info. Oh yeah. Okay, uh. Here she’s gonna be here and… (slow orchestra music) (clears throat) – Got it. – Just pick her up
and drop her off here. – Sure, no problem. (car trunk slams) – Wait, wait. Who told you, you could
book a run on your own? What if I needed you for a run? – Uh, well do you have
a run for me Eddie? – No, but that’s
beside the point. – Hey relax man. He paid me a hundred okay. I’ll make sure you get your cut. – Whoa he paid you a hundred
bucks for an airport run? – He said I was
supposed to take her out for a bite to eat
if she’s hungry. I guess she’ll
have to starve now. – Oh so you put it on me. Thanks, okay. Tell you what you keep the hundred, but go get some food
with her right now. – Thanks. – And take her
someplace she likes. Someplace nice. Not your little overpriced
stupid food trucks or your greasy diner, all right? I don’t want it
to get back to him that we didn’t feed his
daughter well, you understand? – Okay I’ll take her to a
steak and lobster place. – My man. Now you’re talking. Oh and you take her
right back afterwards. Now I don’t need to remind you Martin is probably our
most important client. Now you mess this up and there won’t be no more hundred dollar gigs
coming from him. You hear me? – Yeah Eddie, I know that. Is there anything else, dad? – Yes. You don’t have to be
such a smart ass, son. (phone beeps) (plane engine whirring) (horns honking) – [Announcer] The white zone
is for immediate loading and unloading of
passengers only. No parking. (slow piano music) – Jasmine. Jasmine right? – Yeah. Uh, who are you? – Here to pick you up. I’m Cameron. – You’re the guy my dad hired? Aren’t you supposed
to be in a suit? Where’s your sign? – Sign, I uh… I’m sorry, I think there’s
a misunderstanding. I’m not like a driver driver. Your dad just asked me– – Just… (line trilling) Hey it’s me. – [Martin] Hey Jasmine. Get in safely? – Yeah I did. You got me a driver right? ‘Cause there’s a
guy, uh one sec, what’s your name again? – Cameron. There’s a guy Cameron. He says he’s here to pick me up. – Yeah that’s Cameron. He’s a good guy. Look I’m sorry I couldn’t be
there personally to pick you up but I’m kind of
understaffed right now and trying desperately
to make this deadline, but you’re in good hands. Cameron’s one of my
best delivery guys. – Delivery guy. You hired a delivery
guy to pick me up. You know Martin I uh, never mind. I’ll uh, I’ll talk to you later. – [Martin] Okay
we’ll talk later– (phone beeps) – So uh, where’s your car? – It’s that one. – Oh. – Something wrong? – No. I was just expecting
something bigger. You know, like a van? – Well it’s a hatchback. You’d be surprised how
much fits back there. – I bet. – Let me get that. – Oh I, I got it. (metallic scratch) Shit, sorry. (thumping) Was that already there? – Sure. (squeaking) – Uh. – Oh sorry. – I’ve seen worse. (shuffling) (enchanting music) So how long have you been a
delivery boy for my father? – Courier. – Excuse me? – I prefer the term courier. When I hear delivery boy I think of a prickly faced
teenager delivering pizzas. (chuckles) – Okay uh, how long have
you been a courier for him? – Well I don’t work
exclusively for your dad. – What do you mean? I thought you said that. – Well he uses the courier
service that I work for. That’s why I was dropping
off a few things for him. I noticed he was
in a bind with work and you know meetings, and
also having to pick you up. – I guess next time
I’ll have to make sure my schedule accommodates his. – I didn’t mean it like that. I was just trying to help, but it looks like that
was a big mistake. – Look it was a long flight
and I was expecting my dad, but you know he never
fails to disappoint. Sorry for taking it out on you. – You know, your dad seems
like a really cool guy. He’s always giving
me free hot sauce whenever I drop
things off for him. – So you’re defending him now? – No you’re right. I know him as a client
and not as a father. – Shit, I’m a mess. – I’ve seen worse. (chuckles) – You like playing with fire? Not afraid of getting burned? – You don’t know the half of it. You know what? How about we hit the
reset button on tonight. – Okay, sounds good. – I know you’re really tired so I’ll take you straight home. (cell phone ringing) (cell phone ringing) Sorry, excuse me. (phone beeps) Hey Eddie, what’s up? – [Eddie] Hey man, did you
pick up Jasmine already? – Yeah she’s actually
in the car right now and you’re on speaker. – [Eddie] Oh uh, hi Jasmine. Welcome to L.A. – Thanks. – So what’s up? – [Eddie] Let me know
when you’re done. I have a pick up for you
in the Westchester area. – You know that’s
actually close by. Do you want me to
pick it up now? – You should take Jasmine home
first and then do the run. – Wait, would that be
out of the way for you? – I’m fine. – [Eddie] Yeah it’s fine. – Well I mean if we’re
in the neighborhood might as well pick it up now. Doesn’t make sense to
come all the way back. – Um, that works for me. Eddie? – [Eddie] Okay. – Then I insist. – [Eddie] If she
insists, what can I say? I’ll send you the info. Nice to meet you Jasmine. – Thanks, you too. (phone beeping) – Thanks for that. – Thanks for the ride. (slow piano music) (door shuts) – Hey Lou. – Hey thanks for
coming so quickly. – So what do you got? – This. – Hey I’m gonna load this up and if you want you
can take a look around. – Sure, if you don’t mind? – Not at all. – Okay. Hey, how much for the pony? – She’s kind of rare so I was asking a
hundred for her. – $100? Hang on. Um, there’s some on eBay for 60. – Uh uh uh, look closer
at those listings. None of them is in as nice
of a condition as mine. Believe me I’ve looked. I priced her accordingly. Plus none of those guys
has an overhead like I do. – I had one just like
it when I was little. It’s actually the first toy
I ever remember getting. Ah, for the next few years
it did not leave my side. Kind of gross if
you think about it. Oh I loved it so much and then a few years ago
we accidentally sold it in a garage sale. All right, I’m
prepared to offer. – Let’s hear it. – 1000 Taiwanese dollars? – How much is that in American? – 30, give or take 50 cents. (laughing) – You are not the
first pretty girl to come into this store
with a story like that. Sorry, but the price is firm. – You sure? – Mm hmm. – All set? – Yeah. Yeah. – I’m just gonna finish
up some paperwork then we’ll head home. – Okay I’ll just wait outside. It’s nice to meet you. – Good to meet you too. All right. – Hey.
– Hey. – How’s it’ going? – Yeah you know,
been pretty good. – Heard uh, heard about
the skiing accident. – Yeah, yeah. Oh oh, be careful. Oh there she is. Hi. Hi. – Here you go. – Come on, yes. (chuckles) This is, yeah I’ll
take it, I’ll take it. Whoa. Wait, wait, wait. – Whoa whoa. – Oh, no I, ah. I can’t. – Maybe I should help. – Yeah let’s, if
you wouldn’t mind. That’d be fantastic. Excellent. Come on. – All right. Let’s get you back. – Cool. (phone beeping) (shuffling) – What are you doing? – Oh I’m just looking
for items of ill repute. You know, drugs, money, drug money. (laughing) – I keep that stuff in the back. – Smart, I would do the same. Why do you have a video
game controller in here? – That’s actually a
business card holder I made. See? – Oh. Around the Clock Deliveries. Oh wow, you guys run 24/7? – Around the clock 24/7. – Do you like being a
delivery, oof, courier? – Yeah. – You work mostly nights? – Sunset to sunrise. – Whoa. You’re basically nocturnal. It’s like a vampire. – Mm. That’s probably why I
glitter in the sunlight. – Yeah.
– Yeah. What about you, what do you do? – I am uh, figuring
things out at the moment. Is that why you’re in L.A.? – Um no, L.A. is just
a layover for me. All right, so what’s with
the video game theme? Are you like a big gamer? – No it’s kind of
like a reminder that at the end
of the day my job is basically one big video game. – What do you mean? – Well you know
those games where I don’t know you have to like
go down a cave to find a key and then use that key
to go down another cave open up a treasure chest. Around and round
in circles you go. It helps me deal
with the monotony. – I don’t know. You’re more like
Santa Clause to me. – I never thought about
it that way before. (car engine revs) – I can get that one, thank you. So this is it? – Yeah. You’ve never been? – No, I haven’t been to L.A.
since his business took off. – Well he’s done really
well for himself. – Yeah, the hot
sauce king of So-Cal. – You guys aren’t
very close, huh? – Good one, Sherlock. – What about your mom? – She’s… Actually I wanted to ask… Never mind. – What? – Have you seen
him with any women? – Look every time I
do a drop off for him he’s either by himself or
with an assistant or two and it’s always
been professional. I promise. – Thanks. – Like I said, your
dad’s a cool guy. – He’s all right. – Well, thanks for driving me. Is there any paperwork
I need to fill out. – Oh yeah actually. If I can get your
signature to confirm that I delivered you
to the correct address. – Really? – No. (laughing) But I do have something for you. – What is this? – Oh my God, Cameron. – Well I saw the look on your
face when you saw it, so. – I don’t know if I
could accept this. – Well that might be
a problem because Lou he has a really strict
no return policy and I’m terrified of horses or anything horse like. (laughing) So you have no choice. Consider it a small souvenir. – Come here. Give me a hug. You’re silly. – Have a good night. – Good night. Hey. See. You are like Santa Claus. (laughs) (car engine revs) Hello. Anybody home? (phone line trilling) (cell phone ringing) – Hey sweetie,
you get home okay? – Yeah, where are you? – Oh we had a
mistake in the proof and so now I’m, I’m
scrambling with the designers to try to get it fixed. Probably gonna pull
an all nighter. So I’m gonna be
here at the office. – [Man] Martin we’re waiting! – Look I got to go,
they’re calling me, but you get some rest all right? Want to pick that big
business brain of yours. – Sure. (imitates kiss) (phone beeps) (somber music) (cell phone ringing) – Uh, hello? – [Jasmine] You did that wrong. – Who is this? – I take it you don’t
get very many calls. – Is this Jasmine? – Bingo, but you still
answered the phone wrong. I’ll give you another chance. (phone beeps) (cell phone ringing) – Uh, hi Jasmine? – Wrong again. I’ve been calling the number
on your business card. Get the hint? Oh, I’m hanging up. (cell phone ringing) – Hi, Around the
Clock Deliveries. Cameron speaking. – Hello Mr. Cameron. My name is Jasmine. I hear you guys do pick
ups and deliveries anytime. Is that correct? – Yeah. – Aren’t you gonna ask
how can I help you. You know I’m gonna
have to give you a negative review on Yelp for your terrible
customer service. – I’m sorry. Let me start over. Hi, Around the Clock Deliveries. Cameron speaking. How may I help you? – Well I’m glad you
asked Mr. Cameron. I have a very important pick up. – Oh did you forget
something at the airport? – Airport? How did you know I
was at the airport? I’m just a customer
calling for the first time. – Okay um, what time would you like one
of our drivers to stop by? – ASAP. Now if possible. – Okay, what’s your address. – Uh… um… I’m not sure, hold on. I think you know it. – Um, how would I
know the address if you’re calling
for the first time? – Okay fine. It’s where you dropped me off. – Okay, I’ll see you soon. (phones beeping) – Dork. (slow guitar music) (knocks on door) Hey. – Hey. – Long time no see. – Yeah. Uh so, what’s this
important pick up? – Me. – Not that I’m
complaining, but why? – I just can’t be in
this house right now. – What’s wrong? – Well for one,
there is no food. Tons of hot sauce, but no food. (laughing) Not funny. – Wait so are you asking me
to take you out to get food? – Um, if I recall earlier you
did mention you would feed me. So I’m just taking you
up on the offer now. – Yeah right, I did didn’t I? – You’re stuck with me. Oh uh, let me grab my
jacket really quick. (line trilling) – Hey Eddie, it’s
pretty slow right? – Yeah, why? – I’m gonna call it a night man. I’m not feeling so well. Is that cool? – Aw man. I was hoping you could
pick up a snack for me. – Just get Kenny to do it. I don’t want to give
you any of my germs. – Oh okay. Uh, all right. Well I mean feel better okay? (phone beeps) – Oh wow I didn’t
realize how late it was. Wait is there anything
still open right now? – I don’t mean to brag, but you’re kind of
talking to the expert in late night food spots. – Excuse me. – So what do you feel like? American, Asian, Mexican? – Asian. – Japanese. – Except that, but anything else is fine. – Korean? – Sure. (calm music) – So you’ve had Korean
tofu before right? – Uh, there wasn’t much variety
in the town by my college. – It was mostly like
bars and burgers. So yeah bring on the kimchi. I am starving. – So you’re okay with spicy? – You’re talking to the
daughter of the hot sauce king? Yeah, I was probably
sucking on habaneros while you were on formula. – Is that why you’re so short? – You’re just abnormally tall. – So it must have been cool
growing up in your home. I feel like your dad would have
made a lot of great dishes. – Are you kidding? (laughs) Our kitchen was more
like my dad’s lab and for every great
hot sauce recipe there were probably
a dozen epic fails and I’m talking Montezuma’s
revenge meets inferno. – Ew. – Sorry. It was spicy and spicy
hot, couldn’t help it. So no there was no traditional
like family gathering around the table. Me and my mom, we were
his poor lab rats. – I love this conversation. – Okay. – Thanks. – Mm. Thank you. This looks amazing. – Yeah. – Mm hmm. – [Waitress] Egg? – Everything is better
with an egg, yes. – Thank you. – Thanks.
– Welcome. – Oh wow. (egg cracks) – What do you think? – It’s really good. – So you got this whole like
foodie thing going on huh? – Yeah I guess. I mean I like trying
out different places you know when I’m in
a new area in L.A. – Any favorites? – A lot, but uh, I guess I tend to
like hole in the walls. Mom and pop places. I feel like they
prepare their food with like just a little
more care, you know? – Yeah. – Yeah it’d be great to open
up one of those places one day. – Really? – Yeah eventually, but for now I would really
like to open up a food truck. – Well I mean food trucks
are the way to go now and actually it’s a great
way to beta test your food without having to go all
out with a restaurant. – I never thought
about it that way. – I have great ideas. – Well I mean, realistically it’s the only thing
I can afford, so. – Well what kind of
food would you serve? – The idea is to
serve comfort food. You know, meatloaf, mac
& cheese, fried rice. – With Spam? – With Spam. French fries. You know, anything you
or your mom would make for a late night snack
or a study break. – For me it was always
breakfast for dinner. – Exactly. – Waffles and fried
chicken, french toast. – All right, all right,
enough talking, more eating. Get some kimchi. Oh, I’m full. – Ready? – Yeah. – Hey don’t forget this. – Oh thank you. I’m always doing that. This is actually a really
important jacket to me. I don’t know, I guess ’cause
I survived college with it. – Man it’s in great shape. I feel like all my
clothes have either holes or stains on them
within like a year. – What kind of… Taking it too far again. – You want some coffee? – Yeah sure. Thank you. – Uh, is there an
instruction manual? – This is gonna be great. So this is the condensed
milk in the bottom. Here’s the coffee
and the filter. Key with this is timing. (water pouring) – Bet you do this
with a lot of girls. – Nope, first time. – Liar. – Okay wait for it. Wait for it and
loosen the filter. – Whoa. Now what? – We wait for the coffee
to drip through and enjoy. – It’ll take a few minutes. – So? – So? – Do you have a girlfriend? (chuckles) – No. – Why not? – I don’t know. I mean my schedule doesn’t help. Among other things. – Other things? – What about you? (laughs) – What about me? – Boyfriend? – Uh, no. No boyfriend I can think of. – Let me guess guys are intimidated by
your independent spirit? – Are you? – Well yeah. You’re royalty. If your dad is
the hot sauce king that kind of makes you
the hot sauce princess. – You think I’m a princess? – Uh yeah Ms. I was expecting
something bigger like a van. – First of all I
don’t sound like that and 2nd okay, how would you feel if you just
showed up to a strange city and then this sketchy
looking dude’s like “Hey, let me take you home
in my beater of a car.” Yeah you sound like that. – So you think I’m a
sketchy looking guy? – Just a little bit. First impression. – My car is not a beater. It’s an SI. All right so all we do is
mix the coffee and the milk and enjoy. I hope you like it. – Whoa, this is potent. It’s pretty sweet. – Told you. – Okay it’s good. (laughing) – So you mentioned earlier
that L.A. is just a layover. What’s your final destination? – Japan. – Wow. So that’s why you didn’t
want Japanese earlier? – Yeah. – Is everything okay? – Yeah I’m just enjoying
a good old cup of Joe. (dishes clanking) Come on slow poke. – So caffeine has no
effect on you obviously. (laughing) – Hey, I have a great idea. – Uh, does it have the potential to land one of us in prison? – No I’m serious. – Okay what is it? – Can we watch an
awesome sunrise? – I don’t know.
– Oh come on Casanova. You know like all the
cool places in L.A. You’re holding out on me. – Why do I have a feeling that
you’re avoiding your father? So glad you can deal
with it like an adult. – Fine I’ll go home eventually. (laughs) Come on, don’t you want to
watch the sunrise with me? – Yeah. – Yes! (car engine idling) (engine turns off) – This is gorgeous – Yeah.
– Hey turn on some music. (calming jazz music) – Oh hey what are you? – Oh it’s warm out. (fast paced footsteps) (alarm beeping) What’s that? – Um, it’s one of my alarms. You know, I actually
have to get going. – What? Like right now? – Yeah. I’m sorry I forgot
that I have this thing and you know I’m,
can we go I’ll? – Oh okay. (car engine revs) (engine accelerates) Whoa whoa easy
there speed racer. – Look I’m just really
late for a meeting okay. – It’s really early
for a meeting. Look are you trying
to get rid of me? – No I’m not. Just let me focus on
getting you home right now? – Okay fine. – I would walk you in, but uh, I’m already kind of late so. – Don’t worry about it. Forget it. (car door slams) (heels clicking loudly) (high intensity music) (engine revving loudly) (alarm beeping) (engine accelerating) (tires screech) – Hey, lose track
of time again buddy? – It’s a long story man. Do you mind if I crash here? – Sure man no problem. – Level three should
be pretty empty. – All right. Oh, oh. – Oh no, no, no man. Don’t sweat it. Just get out of
the sun all right. – Thank you.
– Yeah, just go. – Come on, go go go. (slow orchestra music) (lawn mower in distance) – Hey princess. I just got in. Are you awake? (groans) Well hey, how about a hug. I haven’t seen you
in like forever. – All right sure. Hi. (chuckles) – That’s my girl mm. – Hey you think we
could grab breakfast? – I can’t right now honey. I got to catch a few
quick hours of sleep and then it’s back
to the office. We got to prep for our pitch. – Yeah. – Hey I tell you what. Why don’t you come by later and we’ll do our
presentation for you? Huh, huh? I’d love to get your feedback. – Okay.
– Yeah. I’ll send a driver
for you later okay? Night. – Nice seeing you. (sighs) (cell phone ringing) – Hello. – Hello, is this Jasmine? – Yeah, who’s this? – My name is Dennis. I’m a friend of Cameron’s. I have a jacket that I
believe belongs to you. Cameron said you
left it in his car. – Shit. Yeah that’s mine. How can I get it back. – I can’t leave
my post right now, but if you can get down
to the parking structure at Sunset and Flower I
can get you the jacket. – Hang on, what was
the address again? – 170 South Flower. – Got it, thanks. (phone beeps) What’s the point? (paper crumbles) Hi, are you? Dennis. – Jasmine? – Yes. Thank you. – Um, look. Maybe it’s not my place but… (horn honking)
– What? – You just met Cameron right? – Yeah. Well he seemed pretty broken
up when he gave me that jacket. Is there a point? I’m sorry. I just have to go. – He would be pissed
if I told you, but Cameron’s here. – What? – He’s in one of
the lower levels. (car horn honks) – What do you mean he’s here? Wait, why didn’t he just
give me the jacket himself? – I’ve already said too much. (car horns honking) Yeah. I got to get going. Yeah, yeah? (heels clicking) (ominous music) – Oh my God. – Oh Jesus. – Sorry. – Jasmine what are
you doing here? – I came to get my jacket. What happened to your face? – You were supposed
to get it from Dennis. – Why don’t you want to see me? Look are you in
trouble with the law? Are you homeless? – What? No I’m not homeless? – Well what is it then? – Okay let me in. What is going on? – I have a condition. I’m allergic to the sun. – You’re kidding. Why didn’t you tell me? – There wasn’t
really a good time. – You could have told me. Oh God. You should have told me. – Look it’s embarrassing okay? – That alarm when we were
gonna watch the sunrise? – It’s a UV sensor. Do you mind if we
not talk about this? – Okay. Well now what? – Look you should go home. Dennis can call you a cab. I can give you money for it. – Stop, stop. What about you? – I’m gonna sleep here
until the sun sets. – You’re gonna stay here? – I don’t have many options. What are you doing? – I had to make sure. (laughing) Hey give me your keys? – Why? – I’ll take you home. – Jasmine you don’t
have to do that. Fine. Wait. Do you know how to drive stick? – Yeah my uh, my ex
was a real gear head. Loved his car more
than he loved me. – You know, now I know
what Han felt like when he handed over
the falcon to Lando. It’s a Star Wars– (keys jingle) – Yeah I get that
it’s Star Wars. Are you referring to
yourself as Han Solo or your car to the
millennium falcon? – Both. (bright harp music) – Thanks again Dennis. Make yourself at home. Sorry for the mess. Not used to having people over. (door closes) (wincing and groaning) Damn it. – Hey, everything okay? – Uh, yeah it’s fine. – Can I come in? – Why? – I just want to make
sure you’re okay. (sighs) Hey. – Talk about beauty
and the beast. – Stop. Here. Sit. So just apply this to
the infected areas? – Yeah, all you need
is a thin layer. – K. Sorry. – It’s okay. – How long have you
had this condition? – All my life. – What’s it called? – Erythropoietic protoporphyria. – What? (laughs) – Try saying that
fast three times. – No. – It’s EPP for short. – Is this cream helping at all? – Supposedly. – The burns heal,
but the scars stay. – Well it looks like the
swelling’s going down. – At least I don’t look
like a leper anymore. – Stop, you look fine. Just a little sun kissed. – You want to watch
TV or something? – Sure yeah. – So uh, where’s this
mysterious TV of yours? – If you have a
seat I’ll show you. – Okay. Ah. – Since it’s always dark
in here for obvious reasons I thought it’d be cheaper
to get a projector. – Smart and you get to
have a huge screen. – Yeah it’s great for movies – And other things. (laughing) – You tired? – Mm your couch is comfy. – Let me get you a blanket. – Oh thank you. Ah. (laughs) (slow guitar music) – You want me to set an alarm? – No, I just need a few hours. – Okay goodnight. – Goodnight. – Ah, I overslept again. Hey Jasmine I got to get
back to the office but… (knocks on door) Jasmine? Jasmine? Jasmine? (birds chirping) (line trilling) – [Jasmine] This is
Jasmine, leave a message. (line beeps) (line trilling) – Hey. – [Martin] Hey Eddie. Hey man this is Martin. – How you doing there Martin? You know it’s funny, I been
working on my golf swing. I’m almost ready for a rematch. – Hey look I’m
sorry to bother you, but my daughter
seems to be missing. – Wait a minute Cameron
didn’t drop her off? – Oh no he did. I saw her awhile ago,
but she’s gone now and she didn’t leave word and she’s not picking up
her cell phone either. – When’s the last
time you seen her? – Just a few hours ago. – Actually three
hours ago I guess. (laughs) – Three hours. Okay Martin she’s an adult. She probably hopped in a cab and went to go
check out the city. You know L.A.’s a fun
place, come on now. – Yeah I suppose so. (phone beeps) (cell phone ringing) (slow piano music) (cell phone ringing) Hey where are you? – I think it was a mistake
trying to see you this time. I know you’re busy, so I’m
just gonna stay with a friend for the rest of my time here. No hard feelings okay. Bad timing I guess. – Jasmine I’m sorry. Let’s try to have coffee
at least, all right? – It’s okay, let’s
just take a rain check. Focus on your presentation okay. (phone beeps) – Wait. (cell phone ringing) (clears throat) Hello. – Hey man where you at? I’m hungry. You still sleeping? – Oh shit. I’m sorry man, I overslept. What the hell? – You’re not playing hooky
with Jasmine are you? – What? No. – Listen Eddie there’s some shit that’s going down right now. I can’t come in tonight. I have to talk to you later. (phone beeps) – Wait. – Oh good, you’re awake. – Jeez Jasmine you scared me. I thought something
happened to you. (laughs) – Come here I want to
show you something. (slow music) Ta-dah. It’s okay, you don’t
understand yet. Hold on. (laughs) And hat-dah. – Thank you. – See. We got to share a
sunrise after all. (sighs) – That’s amazing. – Yeah. It’s pretty nice. – And you figured out how
to hook all this stuff up. (pillow thuds) (laughing) No one’s ever done anything
like this for me before. Hey are you hungry? – Maybe. Why? – I want to cook for you. – Really? – Yeah, what do you want? – It’s okay. You don’t have to do that. – Seriously. What do you like to eat? I have steak, pasta. – Honestly I could just… No it’s okay. – No just say it. – How about a cheeseburger? – Will you marry me. (laughs) – I’ll take the cheeseburger. (meat sizzling) – Okay I’m definitely
hungry now. Can I help with anything? I’m just sitting here. – No, just relax. I’m almost done. Is medium rare okay? – Yeah that’s fine. – What about toppings? Do you like onions? – Mm yeah give me
all the fixings. – Ooh. – Bon appetit. I hope you like it. – It’s… Mm it’s amazing. Oh my God. Seriously this is one of the
best burgers I’ve ever had. Mm, I love the crunch
from the sear on the meat, but the burger’s so juicy. Mm. What are you doing? (camera shutters) (laughs) – I’m taking a photo
for future reference. – Your reaction is
kind of better than
any five star review. (laughs) – Here. So um, how did you know when
you wanted to be a cook? – I guess it started
when I was about six. I was on a family
trip from hell. There was this
amusement park nearby and they were having
a special event where they would stay
open for a whole 24 hours. My parents used
to take me there, but because of my condition I couldn’t go on all of
the rides before it closed. – Aw. – But on this day– – You got to go
on all the rides? – Yeah before the
sun came up, exactly. I would finally get the
full park experience. – Hmm. Doesn’t sound bad so far. – Well then there
was the trip back. We were stuck in
gridlock traffic and my mom was
getting really anxious about the sun coming up. My dad needed to
use the bathroom, but he was afraid of stopping and I was just being
like a little brat. On top of all that
we were starving. Things were coming
to a boiling point when my dad decided to
take the nearest exit and make a B line
for the nearest hotel before, you know, dawn came. – Oh my God. Were you okay? – Yeah I was fine. We found a hotel. He checked us in. Covered up all the windows and then he rushed
out to look for food. A few minutes later he
came back with these two gigantic steaming bags. I know it doesn’t
sound very good, but– – No. – I can’t tell you how
amazing those bags smelled. My dad found this Mexican
restaurant down the street. I guess they specialized
in breakfast burritos. It was my first time having one, but uh, it was delicious. Yeah. I guess that um, I guess that
burrito was the first time I realized the
power of good food. – Ah. So you wanted to wield
that power ever since? Muah-ha-ha. (laughing) – Yeah, except for good and
not evil like some people. – Me? – What time is your flight? – It’s early. Six AM. – So we should get
you there by four? – You can take me? – Of course. – Do you want to see your dad? – I um… You know how I told you
earlier I’m going to Japan? – Yeah. – I’m going there for awhile. It’s for a job, not vacation. – What kind of job? – There’s this program. It’s mostly for recent grads. I really regretted not studying
abroad during my undergrad and so I’m gonna go
there to teach English. – That’s great. For how long? – At least a year. – And if I like it
I have the option of staying an additional two. – Wow. So potentially three years. – Yeah. My dad doesn’t know. – Wait, what? – I haven’t told him. I mean, that was the
whole reason I made
the layover in L.A. I wanted to see him to tell him, but that’s pointless. – You shouldn’t say that? – No it’s true. I mean nowadays, the only way my dad knows how to express love
is through dollar signs. “Hey honey sorry I
missed your graduation, “but here’s red envelope
filled with cash.” – You should really tell him. – No it doesn’t matter. I rarely see him now. We even skip some holidays. Look, the whole time
that I’ve been here I’ve just gotten into
arguments with him and the only pleasant
memories I have are with you. So… can we just enjoy the
next few hours together? (triumphant rock music) (camera shutters repeatedly) So are these here every night? – It depends. I think they’re here
for the game tonight. You can actually follow
most of these trucks online. – So any recommendations? – Uh, it depends. What are you in the mood for? – I don’t know. It’s gonna be hard to top
that burger you made me. (chuckling) Oh hey, have you
talked to these guys to see if they need help? There could be a job opening. – Uh no, I just uh, I
just enjoy the food. – Why haven’t you asked? – I don’t know. I’m just waiting
for the right time. – Okay. – Wait, what, no. – What is wrong? – Look let’s just
order food okay? What’s the rush? I’m not gonna get
the job tonight. – What’s the rush? Cameron how long have
you wanted to be a chef? – Why? – How long? – All my life. – I am here for the
next few hours so– – Which is why we
should focus on you. – Cameron just
take a first step. Hey I’m having a great
time tonight, but I’m just worried about
you when I leave. – I’ll be fine. – I’m worried you’re gonna
keep working for Eddie. – I like Eddie. – Yeah, but you love cooking and you’re so
incredibly talented. I don’t know maybe
you’ve reached a level of security
working for him, but I know that’s not
what you want to do. Just give it a chance. – Look it’s not that simple. – Look I took a chance
getting into your weird car and look where that got me. Look where it got us. – Jasmine I know what
you’re trying to do and I appreciate it, I do, but there are
realities about my life that you don’t understand. Look I’m not like you. I can’t just pick up and start a new life in another country. Listen, let’s order some food first. – Okay. – And while we’re eating
you can help me decide which truck to approach. – Sometimes you just need
a little kick in the ass to get things going. – Is that what you’re doing? – I’m kicking you in the ass. – Yo, got him. He’s by the food trucks. I’ll text you the address. (phone beeps) – So which one were
you thinking about? – I’m kind of feeling
the fried chicken truck. – Hmm. – The chef is French and I think
I can learn a lot from him. – Oh well you know that
French fried chicken that’s what it’s about. Just don’t eat it every night. – I was kind of hoping
to add heart disease to my list of medical issues. – Yeah that’s a good one. – It’s on my list. – What is up guys? Yo Cam, you got a little
something on your face. – Oh I’m allergic
to douche bags. What are you doing here Kenny? – Just on a break
in the neighborhood. Better yet, what
are you doing here? Eddie told me you couldn’t
come into work today. I guess this is the reason why. I don’t blame you. Hey I’m Kenny. – Jasmine. Are you Eddie’s worker? – He’s just another driver. – Oh I’m not just
another driver. Eddie’s best. – Congratulations. – Thank you. – Hey uh, you been
driving this freak show’s econo car all night long. Why don’t you check out my
sweet ride right over there. Full leather interior. Got HD screens if
you want to watch TV. – No, no thank you. Looks really unsafe
and I’m leaving. – Heart breaker. – Um, don’t you have
another run to go on? – Shh, don’t be rude. – Shh, that’s interesting. He’s not the one
labeling someone with a health
condition as a freak or interrupting a dinner to
talk about his shitty car. Compensating much? – Jasmine. – Martin? – Martin. – Sorry bro. Should have took
her someplace else. You’re pretty predictable. – What a douche bag. – Um, Martin. – I can’t believe you
did this to me Cameron. I thought you were my friend. This is my daughter. You ought to be
ashamed of yourself keeping a father away
from his daughter. – Martin I’m sorry. I was being selfish. – Stop, you don’t
have to apologize. Martin I wanted to
spend time with him and what are you
even doing here? This is so uncalled for. Look he was just
taking care of me which is more than
I can say about you. Ever since I got to L.A.
I’ve just been 2nd fiddle to your stupid job! – I was worried about you. – Sure. – I called you a
number of times. Why did you not pick up? – Okay so now you care? Why is it that you can call
me whenever you please, but I can only reach you when your precious
schedule permits? – I’m sorry! I’ve said it before,
I’ll say it again. The timing this
time, it was just– – This time? – This time the timing
was unfortunate! You’re my daughter. I know you’re leaving soon and I want to see
you before you leave. – I’m so happy your schedule
can accommodate me now. (heels clicking loudly) (Eddie sighs) – Look I’ll deal with you later. Right now I got
to get them back. – I told you I needed
those proofs today. Yesterday does
not mean tomorrow. It means today. Well yeah I know, but that’s what, that’s
what I’m talking about. Thanks. – Yeah you got it. – Hey where are you going? Look I can’t talk right now. I got to go. (phone beeps) So is that it? You’re leaving? – You wanted to see
me before I left? There you saw me. I’m leaving. – Hey, hey. Talk to me. I don’t even know
where you’re going. – The airport. – No I meant where
are you flying to? – Japan. I’m going to Japan. – Wow. Well that’s quite a trip. It should be a fun vacation. You’ve always
wanted to go right? What, why are you so mad at me? (cell phone ringing) Ah! What? I told you I can’t
talk right now. Oh. Okay. I’ll be there. I’ll be there! (phone beeps) Jasmine look, there’s an
emergency at the office. – I got to go.
– Yup. – But I want to discuss
this with you further. – Go, just go. You know what. I’ll just give you
a call when I land. Hopefully you won’t be
too busy to pick it up. – I can’t believe this. I mean what were
you thinking, huh? What, you two gonna
just run away together and live happily ever after? – No I was just trying
to show her a good time before she flew out. – I don’t know what
I’m gonna do with you. Man you could have cost me
a lot of business tonight. – Eddie look, fire me or don’t fire me, okay, because I don’t care anymore. – Well I can’t fire you. Not now at least. (sighs) As much as I hate to admit this you’re one of the best drivers
that I have, right now. So if I fire you, right now there’s nobody to
replace you, right now. (cell phone ringing) (sighs) Don’t even think about it. Dude she leaves in
a few hours okay? Why prolong that pain? Out of sight, out of mind. You got to trust me on this man. Come on, you got a run to go do. Go do it. (somber music) – [Cameron] Around
the Clock Deliveries. This is Cameron. Leave a message. (phone beeps) (couple chatting and laughing) – Hi. – Sorry. – What can I get for you? – Think I’m okay. (sighs and scoffs) – What are you, color blind? These are all wrong. They’re too saturated. Why didn’t you run a proof
and get my approval first? – We wanted to,
but you weren’t– – But what? We’re going to have to
run a whole new set. – That’s all there is to it.
– You were out trying to find your daughter and we were trying
to make our deadline. (groans) – Sorry. Great, what are you doing here? – Sir I know I’m the last person
you want to see right now. – Please make it
quick and leave. Thanks. – Sir, I um– – Cut the sir crap Cameron. If you wanted to
show me some respect you wouldn’t have run
away with my daughter. – We weren’t
running away Martin. Look with all due respect you’re the person she wanted
to see all night, not me. (laughs) – Yeah. – Look I’m grateful for the
time I spent with Jasmine, but– – You want a pat on the back
for entertaining my daughter? Here, tell you what. Here you go. Here’s some more money
for your trouble okay? Okay? – Well that’s great because
money solves everything right? (scoffs) – Why do you kids have
to be so dramatic? I’m sorry I wasn’t
there for Jasmine, but I’m looking at the
bigger picture here. (sighs) Do you realize that if
this pitch is successful Jasmine won’t have
to worry about money for the rest of her life? No, she’s mad at me now, but she’s going to go to Japan and she’s going to have
a great shopping spree. – Martin do you even know
why Jasmine’s going to Japan? – Yeah she’s always
wanted to go. She’ll be there a few weeks. She’ll get some great new shoes and I’ll get a big
bill on my credit card. – You know, she was right. You can only express your
love in dollar signs. (somber piano music) (door closes) (sighs) (phone rings and beeps) – Wait. Who said I wanted
to go with you? – Oh uh– – Sucker. (laughing) – That’s really cold. – Hey. Come here. I called. – I know. I had a momentary
bout of stupidity. – Momentary? – I so miss this. It’s really good to see you too. – Hey you think we have
time to stop by the beach? – Ah, I’m not sure, but let me get your luggage. – It’s too bad we didn’t get
a chance to stop by the beach. – Yeah sorry about that. I don’t want you to
miss your flight. – I bet a year from
now you’re gonna be some famous food
truck entrepreneur. Tons of people are gonna line up for Chef Cameron’s
Comfort Burger. I’ll be a distant memory. – Yeah well you’ll be
off shaping young minds. Making a difference. Going on adventures in Japan. I’ll be a distant afterthought. – We could write
each other every day. – I know you’ll get busy and I don’t want to make
promises we can’t keep, but I promise I’ll get in touch
with those food truck guys. – Pinky swear. No take backs. I need this hand. (laughs) (car engine turns off) – Um, this doesn’t
look like the airport. – I kind of lied. – What? – We actually do have
a little bit of time before your flight, but I need to show
you something. – Whoa! That is quite a view. Is this another make out spot? – This is gonna be
nothing compared to Tokyo. – I don’t know. They haven’t assigned
me a place yet so might be a small rural town. – Hey um, earlier you asked
me about my parents. – It’s okay, we don’t
have to talk about it. – No I want to
tell you about them and I really wish you
could have met them because they would
have loved you. – Oh, are they? – Car accident. It happened right at
that intersection. – Oh my God. Cameron I’m so sorry. – Look it was a long time ago and I try not to think
about it anymore. – Burns heal, but
the scars stay. (footsteps approaching) – Wait, what is my dad doing? Did you? – No, please please
don’t be mad. Look you’ve done so
much for me tonight and I want to do
the same for you. – Cameron, I don’t want– – Jasmine listen. Look I don’t know the history
between you and Martin, okay? And I don’t expect you to
fix things in one night, but I do know your dad is
a good guy and he’s trying. My parents can’t anymore. I’m not asking you to
forgive him right away. I just want to know
that you’ll at least take the first steps. Hey, I made a promise to you that I’m gonna talk to the
food truck guys, and I will, but you have to promise me
you’ll talk to your dad. You have to tell him why
you’re going to Japan, okay? – Can’t believe you
pulled the orphan card. – You would do the same to me. – No. – Yes you would. – Fine, but I learned
it from the best. – Look I’ll be right here. (imitates horse trotting) – Hey. – I found him in your room. Captain Flapjack right? – Can’t believe you
still remember his name. (laughs) – Captain Flapjack, well he was your favorite. When you were little you used
to go on all these adventures and Captain Flapjack
never left your side. When you were six it’s all you ever wanted for your birthday. Captain Flapjack,
Captain Flapjack. So me and your mom we, we ended up buying you
exactly the same thing. Communication was
never my big suit. – Totally forgot about all that. – I haven’t been the
best father lately. I want you to know that the
reason why I work so hard is because I want your
life to be secure. I don’t want you
to have to put up with the hardships that
I had to put up with when I was your age. (slow orchestra music) – I’m going to Japan
to teach English. I was so nervous
about telling you. – Well Jasmine. – Look it’s not
permanent or anything. I have to go for me. I know the plan was I’m
supposed to come work for you now that I’m done with school. I’m not sure. Look I just, I have
to at least try and make a future
for myself, you know? The way that you did. Look I’m really proud of you
and all your accomplishments. I am, but uh, I have to take my
own path right now. I just want, I need to hear that you’re
okay with this Martin. Dad. Be my dad. – Okay. – Really? I’m sorry if I disappointed you. – Jasmine you will never disappoint me. Look at the woman you’ve become. You’re not my
little girl anymore. – Dad, apart of me is always
gonna be your little girl. I love you. – I love you too. – Can I have a moment
in private with him. (sighs) Hey. – Hey. – I just wanted to say– – Thank you. – Yeah. – No, I’m saying
thank you for tonight. – Come here. I’ll never forget this night. – I’ll never forget you. – Took the words right
out of my mouth again. Cameron to the rescue. – Something like that. – Goodbye. – Bye. (sizzling) (flames burning) – [Coworker] Order’s up. Hot plate coming through. Next order. Where’s that stir fry? Cam I need those spring rolls. That stir fry ready? – [Woman] Bye Cam. – Yeah I’ll see you next week. (slow piano music) ♪ See the light of
a new day dawning ♪ Feel the love
from a beating heart ♪ Catch a ride to
the top of the world ♪ This is where we start ♪ No we can’t make
it last forever ♪ We got to use all
the time we have ♪ And you know that
we’ll never say never ♪ If we ever get the chance ♪ And it’s good to be alive ♪ It’s good to be alive ♪ This feeling’s running high ♪ Life is calling ♪ And the world is beautiful ♪ Nah nah nah nah nah ♪ Nah nah nah nah nah ♪ Oh oh oh ♪ Oh oh oh ♪ Oh oh oh ♪ Oh oh ♪ Nah nah nah nah nah ♪ Nah nah nah nah nah ♪ Oh oh oh ♪ Oh oh oh ♪ Oh oh oh ♪ Oh oh ♪ There’s a winding
road we’re choosing ♪ Looking for a brand new day ♪ Up ahead there’s an open door ♪ Now we’ll find our way. ♪ There’s a hope
for a new tomorrow. ♪ We can dream that
we’ll rise above ♪ Let me be your guide to follow ♪ And you’ll always
feel the love ♪ And it’s good to be alive ♪ It’s good to be alive ♪ This feeling’s running high ♪ Life is calling ♪ And the world is beautiful ♪ Nah nah nah nah nah ♪ Nah nah nah nah nah ♪ Oh oh oh ♪ Oh oh oh ♪ Oh oh oh ♪ Oh oh ♪ Nah nah nah nah nah ♪ Nah nah nah nah nah (triumphant music)


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