Romeo and Juliet | Feature Trailer | Barbican, London | Royal Shakespeare Company

Like, you want to cry you want to laugh, I just really enjoyed it It was really good. Really powerful – I think I was almost in tears by the end. It was really fantastic I’d say it’s a modern twist on a real classic Loved the fact there are so many young people in it and it’s such a modern interpretation I think it’s absolutely brilliant, it’s really easy to understand. It was the fact they made it fresh though. Like it still felt like a new story. Like it’s still enjoyable like it was for the first time And I really enjoyed the way they had a go with changing up some of the gender roles as well I thought that made it even more modern. The female Mercutio, I really liked. She’s boss. She was really good. Loved the set, love the way the cube worked. – couldn’t praise it enough, it’s fabulous Yeah and falling in love at 14? I mean who doesn’t fall in love at 14?

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