Romeo & Juliet: Is Romeo & Juliet a ‘Lovestory’?

( Playful guitar music plays ) ( Hand clap ) Shakespeare would never just do a play about love. Therefore… Therefore we’ve got to look at it’s opposite which is hate. So in a way, I kind of view the play through the prisms of love and hate, and how one cannot exist without the other. ‘Romantic’ is a word I think that’s banded about a lot with this play. I’m not sure it is romantic, I think it’s I think it’s lyrical, certainly. But romantic… I think when there’s so much violence in the play So much, so much kind of… visceral feeling! I don’t think it’s romantic, I would probably call it… I’d probably say it’s Shakespeare’s visceral passion story, rather than romantic story It’s again how you look at the two lovers really It’s not just about ‘Gosh I really fancy her!’ and ‘Oh he really fancies me!’ Being struck by the dart of love! It’s about ‘Gosh I find this person very attractive’ ‘Oh my gosh! We’re speaking as the same soul!’ ‘The same voice almost!’ Throughout the centuries they’ve often been portrayed as the ideal of love the ideal of romance, the… Certainly the 19th century they were the archetypal perfect lyrically romantic couple and I would slightly question that… Romeo does KILL two people. One before he takes his own life and of course she takes her own life It can be deemed as a romantic ‘act’. Some of the situations they find themselves in have an element of romance, within them. But I would not describe it as a romantic play. ( Guitar music fades up ) ( Guitar music fades out )

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