RONDO Mini Drama (EN CC)

One day at Hiiro’s house TL: Hirumi Thank you for the meal You’re welcome As always Hiiro’s cooking is really delicious Today, those thing with tomatoes are very delicious You mean Ratatouille I will make it again someday What’s up, Tsubaki ? Aoi Do you like home cooking Of course, knowing the face of the person who makes it, makes the dish more delicious Hiiro, what is our dessert ? I knew you would ask Now I will take it, please wait a moment Let me help you Thank you, I was greatly helped Okay, then I’ll take care of the plate Nagisa, come help me So troublesome Then, I wouldn’t give you the dessert Huh, alright then Hiiro What’s up, Tsubaki ? Thank you for everything Your cooking is very good How come it’s being so formal like this, but I’m happy Uhh- Eh- Next time, do you want to teach me to cook Of course I welcome you anytime Wow, Annin Tofu Aoi bought it for us It’s in the magazine, isn’t it Tsubaki said she wanted to eat this yesterday Be sure to pay her back, right Let me join Wait Come on, Aoi too Okay Gosh, Aoi too Stop it


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