Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Disease Movie Theatre

[Burnie] I don’t like movies like that; B: Super disease Movies. [Michael] I don’t like movies like that ’cause they usually suck. I hate when it’s just like, “Oh, my God”– it takes like an hour to get it going. It’s just like, “Get the fucking disease already.” Like, it finally starts spreading and at first people are like “It’s just a cold.” “Forget about it,” And, “Just eat a fucking sandwich.” And then it’s like, you know, you’re in some secret room, like, in the White House or something B: They’re like “Mr. President” B: “We’re fucked!” M: And then he’s like, “We gotta get to the bunker!” Usually people are pounding on desks or something. And then the movie will have some sort of, like, ambiguous ending; like, either everyone dies, or like two people will be immune to it. And it’s like, “We made it!” But like the rest of the planet is, like, dead already. Burnie: There is a small theater in a tiny little shit-ball mall called the Dobie Theater. I can’t tell you how terrible this fuckin’ theater was. They had pillars in the middle of the fucking movie theater!! Gus: There was also no incline for the seats; you sat in a flat room. So if anyone sat in front of you, you know, one row in front of you, Or ten rows in front of you, They were still in the fucking way. B: there’s a couple theaters where the seats don’t FACE THE SCREEN! Gus: Yeah. Geoff: It’s true. Gus: How did they ever go out of business? B: ‘Cause They suck dick. (everyone laughs) B: They suck dick so badly They suck dick at sucking dick. (Laughter)


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