Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Joel’s Theatrical Sickness

[Intro Music] Gavin: That was the podcast where in the middle of the movie like- Joel: Okay, Joel: I had like, a burning, like, sensation in my stomach and like, it feels like something was going to break out of my stomach. Gavin: So a normal person would’ve just gone: “I feel terrible… I think I’m just gonna head out.” Gavin: But, it’s like, the middle of the movie, the music’s dramatic, Joel leaves and he goes: “Something’s wrong with me!” [Laughter] Gavin: He slowly gets up and he’s like: “[sound of surprised discomfort]” Gavin: I’m like, I’m just like: “Joel’s going to die!” “Joel’s gonna keel over!” Gavin: So I watched him walk down the stairs cause like, I gonna have to go after him cause he’s gonna collapse! And then, he came back in and goes “I guess the pizza was bad or something”. Well, was it worth that heart attack there? I don’t think I’ve ever been that scared of anyone’s health, I was- I almost ran after you. -Alright, you think this whole story’s a commentary on Joel, but your friend is dying and you’re sitting in your theater seat going, “Oh my lord, he’s gonna die, I almost got up! I ALMOST stood up! That’s how concerned I was!” Joel: Were you worried there was gonna be paperwork associated with this? (Laughter) -There’s gonna be insurance forms and ambulance forms… -He’s watching, you die, and all he’s thinking is “Fuck, I have to get a black suit!”. (More laughter)


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