Routine Love Story Full Movie || Regina Cassandra, Sundeep Kishan || Full HD

One boy…One girl… One girl…One boy… One lOve story…
Routine love story… Buddy, yOu’re God! Ran into your early morning?
– Please drop me at Filmnagar. You go on,
l’m getting late to office. Get down…
– Try to catch auto for an hour. Please…
– Okay, hop on. You always do this.
– Go…go… You don’t let me live in peace. Why don’t marry, have children
and live happily? Do you need to become film director? Marriage and children for me, no way! Who change fate? Who is the scapegoat today?
– Some NRl producer. Good! A wealthy producer,
his son is hero. o use in feeling jealousy of them,
our fathers weren’t rich. Everybody wants a love story,
where can we get new love stories? A love story for new hero’s launch
or new heroine’s launch, new producer or new director! Don’t get so excited,
you’ll get tired. My office is here, stop. You said film company but
this looks like software company. He runs a software company. What story are you narrating him? Pick me up evening!
– l’ll see! Tell me. To narrate story…
– Please sit down. Must change the industry
but game spending is there. Tell me the line, if l like it,
let’s go for full narration, okay? Line means…
it’s a screenplay based film! lt’s good with dialogues.
– Good… lf l tell line, you may not like it. You tell in one line, l’ll decide
whether l liked it or not. Okay sir. Time heals wounds, that’s the concept. World will not stop because
of a love failure. lt takes little time
to heal the wound. What? Negative ending? We’ll show he falls in love
with another girl in the end. We’re here to change the industry. That’s why, though you’re a girl,
l gave a chance. lsn’t it? lt’s his launch, right? Don’t look like that!
A variety in that formula! Come with a story like that!
Let’s change the industry! Okay sir. Unable to finish the game! l’ve a story with all the
elements you want, sir. Game?
– Go for it. l forgot in anxiety, give me
5 minutes, l’ll the first scene, if you like it, we can go
to the next scene, sir. Our Babu is terrific handsome, right? Babu?
– Our hero sir! He has a great screen presence, right?
– Right! Hero in our story is an
excellent swimmer. He dives into the pool
in the first shot! Girls fall flat in the theatres! The hero is so handsome, right?
What can those poor girls do? Yes sir. Thanks! Our handsome hero with
terrific screen presence, mustjoin a rich college routinely! Can’t avoid it!
– lndeed! Since there’s a boy in the love story,
there must be a girl as routine. Look there! A beautiful girl! Like an angel from heaven on earth! You can’t find a girl as beautiful
as her in Andhra Pradesh! We’ve to import from Mumbai, right? Excuse me, l’m from Chennai
not Mumbai! Some place! Such a beautiful girl routinely
joins the same rich college. ls it okay if theyjoin
same college? He must fall flat seeing her
the first time. Have millions of twinkling stars
come down to earth as her? Are the paths filled with
flowers getting enchanted? Deep, tender or epitome of
silence, who are you? Light, song or
moon in summer, who are you? Are you a early morning dream or
a destination shown in that dream? Are you a singer or lightning
or an empress? l think Robotics lab is here. You don’t know. He may know it, let’s ask. ln short Nandu. This brochure shows Robotics lab
near library but we can’t find it. How can it be near library? l told you it’ll be near
Computer science building. No, near library.
– Show me if it’s here. l said near CS!
– Check near canteen. l won’t be nice to follow there! Girls don’t come out of
ladies room quickly! She’s fine, right?
Does she need make up? Our guy! How could you guide without
seeing campus map? – Right? Don’t call me boss, it’s irritating! Telugu name! l’m a Telugu, so Telugu name! Not a Telugu student here! What are you talking? What about your names then? Latest trend is North lndian names!
– l think he doesn’t know it. Okay, it’s our duty to
enlighten the ignorant! Would he know now? He would, Neetu told him, right?
Will you tell him again? She already told him in English!
Why again? That’s what l too told you… l think she’ll not come, let’s go. Let’s attend class at least
on the first day! Where did you get the girl? l’ll tell you, in canteen! Are you getting girls in canteen? What are you talking? The running trend is canteens
and Coffee Days! You forgot discotheque! Not good? Sanju would be better like
a North lndian name. Will you change my name too? Have millions of twinkling stars
come down to earth as her? Are the paths filled with
flowers getting enchanted? Deep, tender or epitome of
silence, who are you? Light, song or
moon in summer, who are you? Are you a early morning dream or
a destination shown in that dream? Are you a singer or lightning
or an empress? l forgot myself on seeing you… May l become your partner?
Won’t you become my love? May be you’re rain bearing cloud… May be you’re an
Empress of this world… May be you’re changing moods
of river Godavari… May be you’re distance that’s
really not distance… ln my dreary desert,
you’ve come like a garden… l’m enchanted by you… Even flowing river must stop
to hear your voice… l must see your face…
at any cost today… May l say it is true… l thought of your name… lt was love at first sight… What’s your name?
– Asking you, tell me quickly. Please don’t cry…
– Please go…go… My sheet! What happened?
Why are you crying? My father would kill me. Did your hand get hurt or leg? My father would kill me if l get
less 100 marks in any subject. l don’t think l’ll pass any
lab test because of you. My father will kill me.
– Please don’t cry. Please don’t cry…
you want the sheet, right? Please don’t cry dear… lt’s okay now!
– Look there! Rubbed it, right? Madness has peaked! lsn’t there any medicine for it? l’m asking ignorantly, how do you
fall in love at first sight? Madness has peaked! lsn’t there any medicine for it? Will you fall in love
if the girl is beautiful? Aren’t you bothered about heart? Madness has peaked! lsn’t there any medicine for it? There is…get him
introduced to her directly.- Oh no! Leave me…please listen to me. Leave me, l’ll beat you guys. Leave me, buddy! l didn’t introduce my friends, right? Come. What happened? We’ve some urgent work,
let’s meet later. What happened?
What are you searching? Checking if there are
any blood marks. No marks,
how can you see blood marks? Would you like to have sandwich?
lt’s damn good! Boy, three chicken sandwich! Hot! l didn’t know how to react
on seeing the girl! How can you love
if you get so scared? How can you charm girls then? First time l’m seeing a boy
shying away from meeting a girl. She’s a girl not a bomb!
– Bombs are better! l’m talking about girls,
you don’t feel too much. No, girls mean complications. What complications do you’ve with me? Not with you, my dear! Okay, can’t avoid it,
take down, l’ll tell you. You’ll introduce me to her,
what next? l’ve to walk with her
as she blabbers nonsense. l may not be able to see
walking with her. So, the freedom of watching
her is gone! When a beautiful girl like
her walks in college, any male in the campus would
pass comment on her or not, he will do it,
that’s natural for men, when someone passes comment,
she’ll look at me, it won’t be good if
l don’t react, right? l’ll go to him and say it’s wrong
to pass comments on girls, he’ll ask, who the hell are you? What he asks is right, but if l go back,
my image gets battered, right? So, l’ll beat him! Would he keep quiet? He’ll come
back with two men next day. Day after that l’ll go with 4 men! 8, 16, 32, this will go on forever! li we cut the scene, half of the
college would be my enemies. Do l need so many enemies? Okay, l accept doing that much
is worth for that girl, after everything is over,
when l go to her, my dear, my darling,
l’ve done so much for you, what about me? She’s a girl, right? Sanjay, you’re my friend, she would say! That is also acceptable. l can live with the hope that she
would fall for me in future. But… Why did you say like that, Sanjay? You’ve fulfilled my wish for
a brother, you know that? lf she says so… l may have to commit suicide! My life is going on smoothly,
do l need to complicate it? Me, my eyes, my darling! Let me live watching her! lt’s hot, careful! Sir! Please get up, boys! What’s this? What would people
think if they see? What are you?
How? You’re mind blowing, buddy! How smart you’re at this young age! Don’t feel sad, you too can be good! l’ve a sister
who is 6 years older to me, so naturally l matured
quickly about girls. Your time would come, let’s go,
the girl is going away! Were you also thinking
what l was thinking? You too had the same thoughts! She’s the first one to get
evil thoughts, right? Come, let’s go. Your partner has
complained about you. From today you’ve a new partner. No, l’m doing fine, sir. New partner! Watch out! Why is she here? Don’t you’ve manners
to say hello also? lt seems you’re making
fat girl cry! l didn’t do anything,
she cries for no reason. Okay, be careful with me.
Take that paper. He saw us! Was it your work? What are you talking? Fat girl complained about and
sir changed the partner. There are so many girls in class,
how could she become my partner? l too complained about
changing partner… You’re dead today! l know you’d get such evil thoughts! lf l kill you,
they’ll straighten up! l thought you don’t know manners,
but don’t have basic decency too! He’s a good boy,
at times he gets emotional! Where are you from?
– Me? Hyderabad! l mean where in Hyderabad! Neo rich from real estate! Look, you’re talking too much! Where are you from? We’re rich for generations! Which school? You mean Hyderabad Public School! l too studied in the same school!
Which year did you pass out? ls it? Me too the same year. l don’t think my class
had such a beautiful girl! l was very shy as a little girl. You?!
– You?! You…?
– You…? Boy…girl…getting late
to class, shall we go now? Today in my life,
l’ve seen eras pass by… Tonight like a new rhythm…
you’ve done something to me… My story took a change
on seeing you… This is true… Fight, brother!
– Leave it. My feet are requesting
to go with you… Three coffees! Cancel one coffee! Did you ever feel girls in other
classes are more beautiful?- lndeed! You’re dead, Sanju! That’s why l always sat in
the next class room. That’s why you got detained, fool! Won’t we attend class
if such girls are there? Why not, buddy?
l’ll definitely attend! Which year? lsn’t it? Shut your gob
and mind your work. We’ve a small round table
conference, let’s go. lt’s all over!
Complications in my life have begun! Girl, l can’t be your friend!
Leave me alone! You mean?
– My life is getting complicated. l’ve to fight many because of you. lf so, is it my mistake?
Can’t you do this much
for a friend? She used ‘F’ word too! lt’s over! Will you cut friendship with me
fearing getting into trouble? Off course l can do that for you! But if our relationship is
much stronger than friendship, l can wholeheartedly fight
the entire college! You mean brother? Let’s go away!
– Let’s escape! Where are you going children? Dear, darling, sweet! Come here! All three of you together made
my life go down the drain! l don’t like beating
around the bush! l’ll come directly to the point. lf you’re my girl friend,
l can fight entire college! Girl friend? Did you ever
see your face in the mirror? What do l know about you?
How can l become your girl friend? lnformal call? We’re talking to each other for
a couple of hours every day! Not we, only you’re talking!
– Both are same! What do l know about you? l don’t even know which is
your favourite colour? l expected this from you!
Did you see? She made me do everything
and look what she says now! Why are you staring like an owl? Do something! Right!
– What is right? Give me just a minute,
l’ll set things right. Give me a minute! Come! lt’s natural for a college to
have beautiful girls like you. Heroes like his is
also quite natural. Boys who passed comment on you,
villains like are also natural. lf you don’t have
a boy friend like Sanju, you’ll get entangled
with a villain! You’ll be between the devil
and deep sea! Let’s decide about his future later! lf you reserve a boy,
you’re safe! What do you say? But l don’t know anything
about you, right? To know about each other well,
we need to spend time together. That’s all! Come an hour
earlier to college. Let’s go an hour late to home. Let’s sit together in class,
we can get to know each other well. Okay! Let’s check for a year! One year? Comedy? Trying to use me as bodyguard
for year and then dump me! 10 days? My foot! l can’t even get to know your
brand of perfume in 10 days. Set her up, buddy! Fix for 8 months!
– That’s too much! Then, no need! Fix for 6 months, that’s fine! l beg you, please accept.
– Okay done! Enjoy it! Shine like a lightning on my heart… Drizzle like the first rain
on my dreams… lf you’re the sky… To quench my thirst
this moment… How many times l’ve to tell you?
Can’t you understand? Do you’ve sense?
Grown up like a donkey! Drenching children in rain,
get them down! Come here, children! Will you take them to
hospital if they fall sick? Come! ldiot! You’re wetting the floor!
– ls the coffee for me? That’s for your sister and father! How could you give birth
to him, mom? Where’s my coffee? Your son has taken,
get it from him. That’s my coffee!
– You fix a coffee for me. He’s always like this. Rain drop from stars… How could it reach the
branch of a tree? Your words are honey sweet… You jumped into my heart… When your mischievous look
comes like cool breeze… My eyes will gather clouds
and rain happiness… Rain of colours in eyes… Moonbeam in the smiles… Rain of silence in wishes… Rain of beauty in you… Love, if l want to see
the rain in you… How am l to get your approval? How many more times and how long? Do l’ve to beg you? Brother!- What?
– Are you in Facebook? No, l was in home today morning. No, sister-in-law is in Facebook. l saw her at home! So, you don’t know about
Facebook too… New coffee shop? Where is it? Brother! Sister-in-law! Shall we go to the library? Let’s go to canteen.
– Little later. Come l say!- Gone! l think we’re entertaining
him too much! When did you last cut
vegetables for me? When did we last have a talk
for 10 minutes like this? lt means before we had children! We’ve been searching a long time
for a baby sitter, did we get anyone? lf children get used to him
for a month, we can leave the kids and
go to watch a film in theatre! Sister, l’ll take leave now.
l’ve little work. Have lunch!
– No sister, l’ll get late. Brother-in-law is cooking!
– Brother-in-law…no sister! Okay, bye sister…
bye brother-in-law!- Okay. Come evening, l’ll make pudding for you.
– Okay sister. Come down to earth and cut vegetables. How long? Say something! l mean how can l say so suddenly? Sudden?
ls 6 month time sudden for you? What did you do in 6 months?
Other than ogling at me! l mean…who asked you to
be so beautiful? 6 months are over or not,
that’s more important. l know what you are for 8 hours, what do you do and how do you
behave the 16 hours, how would l know that? Oh no, she’s too smart! l know she has decided to use
me as bodyguard for 4 years. l don’t want her,
l’ll ogle her from a distance. l don’t want this torture! Not because l’m asking,
think over it yourself. lfwe marry in future, if we don’t know each other,
we may have fights, arguments! Marriage?
Who is talking about marriage? Won’t you marry if you like? l mean…no need to talk about
marriage now, dear. You need clarity and
l don’t like such people. Okay, l’ll marry if l like, how can we live together
for 24 hours now? We both live in our homes. Okay, l’ll pack my bags and come
to your home, you manage it. My people would kill me! Then, pack your bags and
come to my home. l’ll manage. My people would kill me. She doesn’t like it,
she’s repeating the same dialogue. Please do something, guys! You don’t get tensed!
She’ll do something. You bloody! How man? How? How is it possible for them
to be 24 hours together? No family would accept it. That’s why, let’s send them on college
tour as in routine love stories. Good! Let’s send them to
Vizag on a tour! Vizag? Rich hero in a rich college! Kashmir or Ladakh would be better, sir. Do you say like that?
– Fix that! lt’s his launch,
Ladakh is better! Tour? My people wouldn’t accept.
– Why? You said you’re rich for
generations, right? That’s why my father is too careful! Think about us also,
we’re getting tired here! Okay, l’ll manage it. ls Cancer your sun sign? They say Cancer people have love marriage. l don’t know, if my father knows it,
l’m dead. Yours is love marriage,
you know that? My mother will not accept. Making cheap with cheap fellows! Sit down! Useless fellow! Playing medley
of songs like children. lt’s difficult if you do like that. What do girls talk about? l’ve been watching them since
boarding flight, they’re laughing! lf you tell us thatjoke,
we’ll also laugh! l will tell!
– Forget about him. What’s he doing? What’s that?
– He’s too much! Was l born for her? lf so l’d become her
younger brother, right? No, she was born for me. Then, she’d be your sister, you fool! What is he doing? Very difficult. Boys and girls, have breakfast,
we’ve to travel 3 more hours! Beautiful location, right? Has he come? Move! What’s his name?
– That buffoon! That guy? He’s Tulasi, why? He’s irritating me a lot! Give us 30 minutes and
we’ll fix him. Brother! He’s my friend! Constipating problem. Okay.
– Very painful No stars on earth… Take 3 tablets. 3 tablets!
– Full packet! Once a day! Thrice a day! Did you add it? l told you to put little. lf constipating for 4 days,
to get blow out, need extra, right? Normal man should take much less
than a constipating guy, you fool! l told you!
– Where are they? Somebody is here! Greetings sir. We’re from Hyderabad. Good place…very good place! Can we use your toilet for
few minutes? Just few minutes only! Come on guys! We’re from Hyderabad! Leave him, he won’t! Let’s find another place!
– l may not hold till then! Hold on, let’s go to another house. Please listen to me, my sweet darling! l can’t, l’ll finish it here!
– No! Who is there? Get out! l’m Tulasi, very famous
in Hyderabad. Move little. Turn back and see them! Look at the happiness of victory! ls it easy to fight nature? Boys, get into the van quickly. Please sir, give me one chance! Spare your bathroom for few minutes,
l’ll show my talent, sir. Get lost, useless buggers!
Bloody rogues! Don’t know what they had! We should’ve been here by 9 am
but reached at 4 pm! For the delay in reaching here,
today’s program is cancelled. Get up early tomorrow morning,
let’s go on white water rafting! l think tour will get over
just like that! When would we know about each other? Okay, come in!
Let’s get to know each other! lfwe sit and tell about us,
it’s not possible to know. lt must happen on it’s own! l didn’t sleep last night! Let’s meet evening! She’s too…time! Can’t you see properly? When a girl is before,
you don’t see other boys! lt’s not your mistake,
your age is like that! Good, leave me alone. You’re not getting me,
let’s take a walk and talk! You love Tanvi.
– How do you know it? lt’s little difficult
to digest, but have to. Knowing it early is better,
it’s hard once it deepens! l didn’t get you!
– Forget her! Why? – You don’t get me,
forget her!- Why? Because Tanvi will not love you!
– What? You may feel like jumping from here
to death in this situation. You must be brave in
such situations. Stop! Do you’ve a cigarette? l have.
– Take a cigarette. l don’t smoke.
– But l do! Take it. lt’s okay but haven’t yet told me
why Tanvi wouldn’t love me? No please, you may not bear it.
– Okay! Because you love Tanvi
and Tanvi loves me! ls it enough or you want more? Would reactjust like that
if l was in your place. Forget her! Forget her!… You’ll get a rich husband, you know?
– Really? He has 4 farmhouses, you know?
– ls it? l swear on you! This line meets here, yours is
definitely love marriage. Showing hands and hearing
nonsense at any place! Don’t they have any shame?
Dirty lives! He’s sad because he didn’t
get the chance. Really?
– Feel like staying here only! Where are you going?
l’ve made a camp fire for you! For a walk! Walk? What about the camp fire? Enjoy it!
– What? You said it right. Do l’ve to come this far to
enjoy with you two guys? Didn’t l tell you? Forget her! Who is he?
He says Tanvi loves him! Everyone loves her as they like! l don’t get even time
to talk to her. Forget her!
– Who is he? He’s 6 years senior to us!
– 6 years? Read the instructions carefully! Everyone of you please take the
river map and get into the raft. Stop boys! What’s your opinion about Sanjay?
l think you’d say well about him. You both are friends, right? Tie the life jacket properly, Neetu!
Rapids are strong! Give me the water bottle. l don’t see any water bottle here. How come you’re here? My foot surprize!
Why are you in this boat? You said we must get to
know each other, right? That’s why l got into your boat. lt must happen on it’s own,
if you plan it, no use! Why wouldn’t it happen?
Watch now! Not this side, go that side! All are going that side,
we’ll get privacy this side. My foot privacy! Check the map, don’t know
if we can reach back. Map? What map? Didn’t take the river map from him? Guide was giving some map, right?
– l forgot! Why did you get into the
boat without the map? You could’ve taken it, right? The person sitting back will navigate,
so you must have the map. Shouldn’t you listen carefully
when guide was giving instructions? What were you doing?
– l was watching you! Still? How long will you
keep on watching me? l don’t know why, the more l see you
the more l like seeing you! l can’t take it anymore! Okay! What shall we do now?
– What can we do now? Go as the river takes.
– Where’s the river going? Don’t get tensed, dear! You, me, boat and
river beneath it, take it as a romantic journey!
Enjoy it! Will you please stop it?
Have you decided to kill me? Then, you sing.
– l don’t know to sing. Then, listen to my song.
– Oh no! Can’t you hear nature’s songs happily? Birds, flowing river…
– Stones, rocks, monkeys… Can you hear that sound? The water is flowing swiftly! Swift? You wanted that, right?
We’ll reach first! You’re always my dream shore… Even now all my dreams
show only you… Dreams come true and
truth is dream like this… Let me save my girl friend… After a long time l got
to meet her lonely… Tell me, what’s in your heart? My life is floating in your love… My breathe is drowning
in your thoughts… My feet are following your shadow… Time stand still in your eyes… My youth has turned into a myth… Strangely l’ve vanished
in my myth… l’ve lost myself in excitement…
Excited in getting lost… l’m there with you as my half… Till now the shores that
my desires missed to see… You’ve shown it now… l could’ve never reached
you on my own… You’ve taken me to the
depth of the deepest… lf you’re my world…
My world is filled with you… l’m getting a boon every moment…
Every boon is a song… You’re the words of the song… Take birth and be heard… The bridge must be somewhere here! ls that our bus? Come fast! Got them boys! Looks like both had a great time! Not now, Tulasi! lf you do, it’s okay but no to us! No food for 3 days and
biting cold is killing! l’m in a lousy mood!
Please move! The bus is waiting, you can go. Come.
– Only you! l’ll never give second chance. Bloody! You’re dead today! No…no…- Come on l say!
– Let’s fight it out! l’m telling for your good,
no please! For my good? What would you do
if l leave her here? Will you rape her? Yes!
– Yes? Blood rogues! Get lost! Please no, listen to me.
Stop…stop… She may get hurt, you go that side! Let’s fight it out! You go…go…
– l’m going! Bloody fool! l haven’t beaten you! What are you doing?
– Came down to piss! Everyone is a fool! Catch her…
– Leave me. l love you, Tanvi!
What do l lack that he has? Please agree, my dear! l can’t take it, l’m going,
you come later. Rogue! Where did you go away? We’re searching you for 4 days! What happened?
Why is she crying? l’ll tell you,
Neetu, take her with you. Careful! l don’t need to bat my eyes
if you guard me… l don’t need to think about
future if you’re companion… Won’t l sleep peacefully in
the lullaby of your affection? Won’t my garden of love
bloom if l get you? Though l don’t have much
time to live… l’ll live happily
if l’m with you… Every every cell…
chants your name… Stop here! l’ll go from here. Take it. This is my home.
– You were right! You’re rich for generations! l’m unable to decide. Since we went on a tour, you may have behaved well
to impress me! What are you saying?
Making fun? How would l know your behaviour
in day to day life here? What you did in the tour
may be preplanned! What’s the guaranty that you’ll
be same after the marriage? You think over it.
– What should l think? Drama? What do you girls think? Say yes if you like or
no if you don’t. Don’t be dilemma and
make us wait for years. Tears would be ready in gallons! l’ll talk as l wish! Here! lf you like me, is there any
rule that l must like you? There’s no rule! But you acted as if you like me,
used me and now say no! That really hurts! Get lost! Same feeling for me too! Go away! Get lost! Kill me! Only that is left! The country wouldn’t lose
anything if you die! As ifyou’re Sania Mirza, go away! Go! What happened to him
suddenly, mother? lnstead of finishing 2 years
of engineering here, he wants to go to US or
UK to complete it. Why don’t you finish the degree
here and go for masters there? l’m hungry, serve food, mom.
– Come. He’s always like this,
changes the topic. What are you thinking? Eat! Check my number! Now we’re in second year! Always with a camera, will you
become a director in future?- May be! lf you become director,
Neelima Sethu name is not good. Select a good name. How about Nandini Reddy? At times he makes good suggestions. We all passed, guys!
– Sit down! What happened?
What has happened to him? Tanvi, you? Sanju, you?
– You sit here, l’ll get it. Red Bull for me too! What?
– That’s what! What happened?
– What happened? Okay! You too!
What do l know about him? What do we know?
Aren’t we his friends? You’re different… Take it! Shall we go to canteen? What?
– What’s the story? What story? We’re not moving till you tell us! What else? The same story! You don’t know about me,
l don’t know about you. We need to know well
about each other. She’s right! What right? ls it a joke? Moreover a fight with Tulasi! What else she wants
to know about me? For your fights and dialogues
she would’ve fallen for you, girls like that fall in love fast
and ditch you as fast! l shouldn’t have forced you. No…no… What’s that? Come to my home on Sunday for lunch.
– For lunch? Think again, you may face problems… No problem! Grandpa, my friend! Greetings sir. Why did he come here?
– l’ve invited him for lunch. Why? Are they starving? Okay, go in! Get ready the cups l bought
from London recently. Has your friend come? l’m little busy! Nothing much, You & l magazine
people are coming! They want to interview me. You see, our home is
full of antiques! Have lunch and go, okay?
– Take care fo him. Sari, make up is okay, right? Please sit down. Would you like to have water? Are you Tanvi’s friend?
– Yes. Did you’ve lunch?
– No, uncle! Come here! Why are you watching TV
instead of doing homework? Do you’ve sense?
You had lunch! ls it necessary? You told me, right? Don’t talk, don’t argue! Go!
Study, you fool! Have lunch and go! Please sit down!… Have lunch and go! What are you doing here?
– Dad wanted me to do homework. Go inside and do it. Have it. Bad fortune has befallen
on this house! Ever since her uncle eloped with
a woman, we’re running bad time. Get a priest! We must do
a cleansing ceremony. Shall we have lunch? What’s your name?
– Sanju, grandpa! Where’s your house? Neo rich from real estate! No, for long my father is…
– Okay. What’s your caste? Grandpa… What? ls it wrong to ask? You bring home every Tom,
Dick and Harry! Am l wrong to ask about them?
Okay, eat! May l serve some more chicken? Nobody has eaten in home. No please! l’ve had it. What does your father do? Grandpa!
– Chase away those crows! Come in at odd hours! Rice!
– l’m full! No problem. l’ll take leave, grandpa!
– Useless crows! You can go! l’ll go! Family means… You’ve seen it, right? You came for the lunch and
this is the reaction! Think about the reaction
if l say you’re my boy friend. When are you coming to
my place for lunch? Aren’t you satisfied
with this reception? You’ll invite me home and get me
scolded but won’t come to my home! Keep this in lift! How am l? Shall we? Take care of her, dear! Mother! Okay?
– Okay! Give me betel leaf and nuts! Sister and her child! Are you done? Tie it in the main entrance! Have you come?
Please come in! l was waiting for you! Got lot ofwork,
why are you late? Not yet prepared the offering
and priest is here! Must get ready the gifts.
Please come! Cooking is midway!
Everything is pending! Do you know to cook?
– Yes, aunty! No need! You’ve come
beautifully dressed! lf you cook, it may spoil your dress. Sister is offering prayers,
please be with her. Okay? l’ll finish cooking
and join you.- Okay, aunty. Have you come, Tanvi? Why have you come so late?
Sanju said you’d here early. Okay, sit here. Your sari is very good. lt’s time for his milk,
l’ll get his milk. You mix flowers and rice. Please give me the plate. Keep those wicks here please. Give me the jacket pieces. Give me plantains and coconuts. Give me plantains! Sanju, come here! Give me vermillion. Please feed her, she’ll sleep! l’ll take care of things here. Never carried children!
– No! Careful! Sit in the living room, be careful! Have you come? l was waiting for you since morning.
Why did you come so late? Did she give the child to you? She waits to give on finding
anyone, give her to me. Do you know to make coffee?
– l do! Get me a good strong coffee.
– Okay! Don’t think l’ve BP and diabetes
and get me sugar less coffee. Put extra sugar!
Keep it secret from aunty. lt means you’ve diabetes. Did he ask coffee? No need, he already had 10 cups!
Come, let’s join the prayers. Had the offering?
– Yes! He? He’s always like this
from childhood! Very mischievous! Oka, l’ll take leave now, aunty! Just a minute please. Give her! Why all this, aunty? You’ve come to our place first time,
please take it. Please come whenever you’re
free not on occasions. Okay?
– Okay aunty. Bye uncle, aunty! l’ll see her off, mother! There’s a lot of difference between
your family and my family. Not much, they left you in
the hurry of the prayers. lf not they would’ve tortured you!
– No way! You said no!
– l feel like it now. We don’t know about each other,
go to know each other better, l think you said about
thinking after that. l don’t feel it is necessary! l didn’t knew about this
happiness till yesterday… Now an unknown magical charm is
pulling me towards it… Despite my repeated warnings,
my heart is brimming with mischief… Can anyone ever stop time
for a moment? Chasing mischievous thoughts… l see only you whatever l do
or think… Am l not in your thoughts?
What ever may happen to me… My heart is yearning
but l’m with you… Where ever my shadow may go… ln the mesmerising moments
of dreams… My heart yearns to be
with you… Allow me to become your
companion of life… Become my exclusive… Am l a walking dream? My lips wish to befriend
your lips… Come to me, let this little
distance between us get wiped… Though my eyes feast on it,
l’m yet to get the treasure… Let me get it, come… A love storm is brewing
in your heart… A fest that unites us… Submit it after you finish,
we both are going. Hold this. Wait for two minutes, we’ll finish it. He cuts 5 marks even for
a 5 minute delay. Toppers are on the move! l’ll submit your records. Get up! Sit there! Here come the bore again!
– Be careful! Have you finished the records? l think you’ve adjusted with
friendship unable to get her. What’s the matter? Before the tour Tanvi used to
see me 3 or 4 times. l don’t know what she has
seen me while on tour, she has started seeing me
once every hour, l tried a lot to avoid it, once in love, they don’t
listen to themselves!- Who? Anyone! l feel l may fall for her! lt’s not your fault to get shocked! How can l fall for her? But l’ve decided,
settle in life with one girl! Why not her? That’s why l’m seeking your help! The girl has fallen for you, right?
Why do you need my help now? She’s a girl, she may not
open up her heart easily. That’s why l’ve decided
to tell her myself. That too she loves me, if l propose
her without herself knowing it, she’ll be happy! So, l want you to arrange
a meeting with her! Between us, she may kick you! Don’t tell the matter, ask her to
wait in the corridor after college. l’ll manage after that! l think he has crossed eyes,
he thinks Tanvi is seeing him. lf he ahs we must also see it.
You fool! My fate! May be Tanvi has crossed eyes! What do l lack? You lack in everything, fool! Why did she slap without showing
sympathy for his handicap? May be she has colour blindness.
– Do you love me or not? Did you see your face in the mirror? l’m starting to have fears
about future. Very difficult, buddy. Brother! Did it work out? Lies…blatant lies! She says she doesn’t like me,
but her eyes says she likes me. Though she likes me but says no,
what can i do? l think there’s some problem
in her family. Do you know about it? lt seems her father is
an Ex-army major!- l expected this! lf she a problem and won’t
tell me, how can l solve it? Small children! God will accept his defeat and
send me to you as you wish! This is truth!
Absolute truth! lt’s better to bash him up! Doesn’t even have common sense! Grown up like a bull!
Look at the face like a pig! Don’t know why you were born
and what for? lf not to torture us! l’m dying unable to tolerate
you and your children! Look at your brother-in-law!
Sitting unmoved like a rock! Look at his owl face! Have to change the boy’s diaper
for an hour! Must make her do the homework! l’m cooking and on call,
getting calls from office. He’s unmoved!
He’s sitting like a rock! Bloody idiot! You’re crossing the limits!
You’re going overboard! You…
– Don’t beat me! What? What will you do?
What can you do? Will you beat me? l dare you do it!
– Go away! Go and cook! l’ll not cook! l’ll not, what can you do?
– Nothing. lsn’t it?
– Yes. Shut up! No food for you today! l’ll not let you go out to eat! A day’s fats will get you sense! What happened? l don’t remember! l fell for few magical words
from this bland face! l was destined for this! Mt father did warn me,
look at him and his bland face. think over it again,
l didn’t care about it, we used to meet every day
in lndira park, he used to get me flowers every day, l thought entire life
would be like this, now l’ve realised, l’ve to clean the bed
after he gets up, wash his clothes,
clean the bathrooms after he uses it, by his grace l’ve two kids,
l’ve to wash them, and cook food for him also,
moreover l’ve to earn for him too! Bloody owl! This chimp wants another child!
As iftwo are not enough! l will! He won’t keep a thing in its place! He brings a bottle ofwater
from fridge to drink, he can keep it back in
the fridge, right? He has too flab!
Should l keep it back? l would’ve known him if l had lived
with him few days before marriage! Anyway no use of thinking it now. At least you learn from it. Remember that one you marry
is also a human! Bt if you fall for any good
looking girl without knowing her, if she’s like him, your life will get ruined! The matter is… Anyway, what’s it about? You don’t know about me,
l don’t know about you, we must get to know
each other well, l don’t know what you like and
you don’t know what l like, and we must live together… But she said yes without
all this, right? l feel like she’s compromising! l want to show her
how life would be with me! That’s what l don’t get it. How about you both going
out of town for few days? We went on a tour recently, right? We must be Hyderabad and
we must live in the same house. Life must be as usual
with daily routine! Everything must be same!
But we must live together! Simple, upload her family here
and download it another place. Uncle, your daughter and my friend want
to live as man and wife for few days, it would be good if you and
aunt leave the town! Sure dear, we’ll leave right now! They’ll say call him! lf they say like that would he go?
– He won’t! lf l say for free? Bloody plan! Who will pay for the trip?
Your father? Play it, if anything goes wrong,
you’ll get it. Father, reality show! How about our daughter? She went on a college tour recently. Moreover this offer is for you,
me, Chintu and your father! How did they know our names? Won’t the people who made
the offer know about us? lt’ll be in the database.
You pack the bags. Father, l’ll pack my toys. Airport is this side,
we’re crossing it. l know it,
don’t get tensed, uncle. Hindi? Airport is that side. l told you l know it. Where are you going then? l was ordered to drop you here. Who?- l don’t know them!
Pay and get down! Do we’ve to pay? Do you want me to give free ride? Stop the bike! Are you ready? Take this map,
follow as the map guides! l know you’ll win! Stop! Are you playing fun with us?
Who are you? So what?
Why did you drop us here? We must be on the Bangkok flight!
Call your boss. We decided to take the winners
of the show to Bangkok, So what?- But he used pencil
instead of pen drive, virus attacked the computer
and decided you as winners! So what? We must take you to Bangkok, right?
– Yes. But ifwe take you
without the game show, other contestants must
agree, right? So, if you co-operate with us, many people would try
in many different ways, you please don’t tell
them anything, don’t give up, people have suspect
if l stay here for long, keep the map, get into some lorry, get down wherever he drops you, just follow the map,
you’ll be the winners! You’ll get the Bangkok trip
and Rs.25 lakhs! Let’s go! Hey money…
– Gone! Where’s the family of savers? l don’t think there are
any deals for Bangkok trip. l don’t know, some bumper offer came! Then, we’re living here for 4 days! That’s why you came with bag! ls it necessary? No need of this reality show,
let’s go home, father. Today we’ve lab class! Sanjay, get up!
Getting late to college! Allow me to sleep for
some more time! – Get up! Come!… Come fast!
Enough of drinking it. Father!
What happened to you, father? Father, your son-in-law has killed you. Father! What happened?
– Were you sleeping, father? Father was sleeping! Father sleeps with eyes open
when he’s scared! l forgot it! Give me the map! What’s this trouble?
Oh God! We’re here!
We must go that side! Which side?
– That side! l can’t move from here. lfwe don’t reach there as instructed,
we’ll not get food also. Forget about lunch,
l want breakfast right now here! Only then l can take a step! Didn’t even buy me
a pizza last night. We’ve chips,
why don’t you have some? Over?
– lt’s over now! lt’s over! l can’t move an inch without
having breakfast! Do whatever you can! lf you tighten it little more,
blood circulation will stop, dad. Come home by 7 pm!
Let’s enjoy! l’ve to go to bank at 7!
– lPL match starts at 7! Why do you do this always?
Okay, l’ll manage. Even maid servant takes leave
if mother isn’t at home. Why are you watching me?
l can’t clean so much! Let the maid clean it tomorrow.
Take it easy! What if she doesn’t come
tomorrow also? Then, l’ll help you! l’ll see! What’s this? Take a bath!
– Just now had a swim! That’s why l’m asking you
to take bath.- You too? Are we having bath together? You don’t have that much
scene in your film. Who is it? lt’s me! Stop it son! Last night l thought over it.
To survive in this forest! Human power isn’t enough!
We need divine power too! Recently l saw an English film, dad! Hero’s flight crashes
into a forest, he faces many difficulties, in agony when he thinks
how to get out, God comes in the form of
a ball and saves him. You get ready the God,
l’ll get offerings. Okay, dad!
– Good! l’ll come late today, dear! Friends say we’ve a volley ball match! Try to come early, please. lf you say like that l’ll cancel
swimming and come home. Let Sanju also come,
l’ll clean then! l’ve to leave now! Why is he leaving?
lt’s your party! You won! How can you leave? Have you become family man
without marriage? Why are you leaving so early?
Join us! Do you need her permission
for a Beer too? You keep quiet, you go!
– Permission for one Beer! You go! For one Beer! l promise on him,
just one Beer only! Come, sit here! That’s better!
You’re a man! Look at the condition
of this house! You’ve learnt to make an omelette! Who will wash the dishes?
Your servant? Have you forgotten?
There’s no Chotu to help here! l won the volley ball match!
He lost miserably! You look extremely beautiful
today, why? Are you angry for giving
you a hug? Me? Where? Here?… How much? This much? This much?… Did you drink?
– Me? No! l promise it’ll never happen again. You’re angry… l’m saying sorry, right? l’ve heard it hundred times! For such a trivial issue!
– ls it trivial? Okay, forget it. You promised to clean the house,
where did you go away? You promised to come in 30
minutes but came at 1 1 pm! That too drunk! Don’t say another word! No dear… l’ll call police,
l’m warning you. O heart, you’re a master
of your own… Why don’t you stop?
What do you lose if you rush? Has it pacified your anger
or gave solace to tired soul? Can your rashness accompany
you in this journey this time? What’s the use in being lonely? Beauty is the union of two… lt’s natural to fight
between a couple… lt’s the character of young age… Please, leave me alone! Though irritated for a moment…
won’t it bear next moment? Though out of mind for few minutes,
won’t it chant your name forever? Do misunderstandings have long life? Why do you take silly
things seriously? Won’t there be thunders
between gentle rain? The lips that smiled once
if it chides now… Will you leave me alone? Don’t you know the truth
that he’s in your heart? lsn’t it your wish that
he must be with you? There’s good times ahead to
rip out the screens of ego… She’s not your enemy, right? You don’t have vengeance on her, right? Let bygones be bygones, will you
please her to make things better? Stop! There’s 50% discount offer here! Hold this bag, l’ll make a visit! Just now you bought
two bags full of things. l’ll be back in 2 minutes! You’ll say 2 minutes
but take an hour. Why do you also talk like
your brother-in-law? Hold this and stand here! l’m telling you!
– You’ll be really handsome!- Okay! What are you doing here? Sister has come for shopping! There’s a sale here, she went in. 50% sale here! Hold this bag,
l’ll be back in minutes. Just now shopped 3 bags full!
– l’ll be back in 2 minutes! You’ll say 2 minutes
and take 2 hours! Hold this and stand here!
l’ll be back in minutes! ls everything okay?
– What? l mean problems between you
and sister…- Problems? That day you saw us fighting!
lt was a small tiff. l got scared you’ll split up!
Split up for such small thing! ls that small tiff? Look sunny! There’s no family
without tiffs! Small or big, it’s common! Having fights and then saying sorry, fighting again and saying sorry again,
isn’t it irritating? No use! Your time has come!
You need to be enlightened! Pardha! Ask me, what is your doubt? Lord! How to know what’s in
a woman’s heart? Don’t ask use a bouncer
as first question? Start with easy question!
– Okay, Lord! How to win in a fight with women? Very easy question! Just leave the place immediately! Why, lord?
– That’s the way! Men have never won an
argument or fight with women! But lord, you didn’t go out that day, you were listening her abuses
sitting there! lf l had left that day,
l wouldn’t be what l’m today! Why is it so, Lord?
– Are you confused? Don’t worry, all your
confusions would get cleared. Tell me this lord, l don’t want
to fight with them, what should do for it? Mad boy! lt’s not in your hands! Okay, ifwe do have a fight, what should l do
if it’s my mistake, how to deal if it’s her mistake? Poor Pardha! Let the mistake be
anyone’s, you must say sorry! Why lord? Because we argue logically
and they argue without any logic. That’s why, they’re always right! Why are they always right, lord? People with logic have rights
and wrongs, people who don’t have it
are always right! How can it be like that, lord? Not how, it’s always like that! What’s my position now, lord? Whatever it is, ensure
they don’t open the tap! Tap? What’s that, lord?
– Water tap! lt can create Tsunamis!
Be careful! Hubby! Pay the bill! Who saris are that?
l’ll hold it. Got good deals, right sister? l must thank you for that! There’s a sale in another shop
next Saturday, shall we go? Shall we go next Saturday? Why are you not coming home? l’ll make pudding for you,
come today evening. Okay sister.
– Okay? Give it to me. Okay, we’ll go.
– Bye sister. Come without fail today evening. Have you packed everything?
– Be careful son! Please allow me to come
at least to the airport. Don’t start crying now! That’s why l don’t want
you in airport. l’ll be back in 6 months.
– He’ll come in 6 months! Why are you sending him with tears?
Say bye happily! Call me on reaching there! Who kicked me on the bone? What are you doing here?
– l must ask that question! What am l doing here?
– You mean? Would l accept if you tie me up?
l’ll never accept. As ifyou’re…
l may use bad words! You don’t have the scene of
tying up for acceptance! Why did you tie me up then? Are you mad?
Silly question! You’re mad! Am l mad?
You’re mad. That’s why you’ve tied me! l’ll get you arrested and
beaten up black and blue! Why are you going overboard?
l too can call you informally! Come…come… Stop it! Both are tied up here! Why are you fighting
accusing each other? Don’t you need any
reason to fight? Will you fight on seeing each other? That’s why we tied you both! Yes! Nandu? You? Are the other two monkeys
too with you?- Yes! Bloody fools!
l must be airport by now! lf l miss the flight, you’re dead! Where are you guys? What happened to me now? lt’s known as electric shock! Do l’ve that facility too? What did you say now? Come again! You’ve planned it well,
what can l say? Do you’ve any doubts, baby? l’m full clear now!
Just now! Both of settle down carefully! You’re pushing, we can see it! Have you fixed a camera too? l didn’t expect you to be so smart! We can tie you both in one room! But we can’t make love
blossom in your hearts! You both think you don’t
love each other. We think you love each other. We’re not doing this
to enjoy your fight. We’re going to college, staying together or splitting up,
decide it before we come back What? Should we stay here till evening? With her?
– With him? l can’t.
– l too can’t! Don’t try, it’ll not come. That’s why people say
you’ll pay for your sins. ls that why you also got tied up? You…
– What? Wait, l’ll tell my father and
get you beaten up by police. Your father? Silly man! He thinks he’s a tribal for
staying in forest for 2 days, had we left him for more days,
he would’ve become a real tribal! Will you tell your father? Not scared of him
No…no please…please listen to me. Enough of over acting! Stop it! Don’t you’ve any shame? You behaved indecently with me and
made my family go through hell, still l’m saying sorry to you! l should’ve killed you! l didn’t do it wantonly! lf you think this apology
is not enough, invite me again for lunch
in your home, tell your family to take
revenge on me! How did you get such
an evil thought? A reality show in forest! Think again! Did l ask them to go on
getting a letter? Won’t your father think whether
it is genuine or not? lt’s not the mistake of cheats! Cheats are there till
people get cheated! You’ve this criminal
intelligence in abundance! But can’t understand
other’s feelings! This was also my mistake. l’m sorry, dear! Never in my life l got
so scared as on that day! l really got scared! l’ll not even seek
forgiveness from you. l don’t deserve it. After that day… Never do like that again! You must follow few rules!
– Definitely! l’ll cook! You’ll wash the dishes! You’ll wash the clothes too! You’ll clean the house too! Won’t you engage a maid servant? Maids are expensive
in America, right? Are we living in America? lf l do everything,
what would you do, my dear? l’ll watch TV! Good, boy!
…Sorry, girl! We need to make few changes
in the film. lnsert a fight in the climax. Tulasi is free, right? To take revenge on the hero,
Tulasi steals his passport. here would hero go to
get his passport? To a dilapidated factory! 20 or 30 fighters there,
fight master is from Chennai. A high octane fight scene! You can carry on with
the heroine’s kidnap! l don’t want any credit,
l’m not expecting anything. Why sir? ls it unavoidable? lt’s fixed! Come with the script,
let’s change the industry!- Okay sir. By the way, hero is… l am! What happened? He said good but wants few changes. l think 30 others too said
the same thing before. He wants action scenes. Do you remember Tulasi?
– Yes, l do! Why? We kidnapped you while
going to airport, right? Did Tulasi steal your passport? Did you’ve any fight in
a dilapidated factory? Fight with him? He’s a fool! l too had same thought. How can you fight him? Damn fool! You’re making too many stories
in dream, take it easy! That’s okay, it’s been many days
since we had a get together. Let me see!
– Why? What happened? Nothing, after dropping you,
pick up Tanvi from her home. She’s angry on me! Are you still fighting?
– Any doubt? What did you say?
– What would l say? l forgot to take towel
to bathroom. l asked her and she created a scene. She asks, am l here to
bring your towel? She’ll not get angry
for such small thing! l forgot yesterday also! Day before yesterday also! Okay, l don’t want to keep
it secret from you. She’s torturing me with
shopping for a week now! l said l’ll give money,
take your mother but she says no. Why should l go with her?
Just to carry the bags. Come out like that.
Okay, enjoy it yourself. l’ll call on Friday…
no, Saturday morning. lf you both are in one place,
let’s have a get together. lf not let’s have it whenever
you both are together.- Okay! What happened to yourjeep?
– l’m married! ls jeep broken?
– l’m using the bike. Please dear, come home! Do you know how beautiful
you are in this angle? How about a necklace? Did you see her? l saw but l think she’s married. Though she’s married,
she’s still looking at me. Dirty rogue! Would you like to have it? l’ll have it, any problem? Brother, there’s a beautiful girl! Why do you want to invite trouble? Come! ! A PuLi – DDR Presentation !


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