Ruswai Episode 14 | 31st December 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

please go & bring the water Humza come, the dinner is served Hamza! what happened? I’m not the only one in this house my mother hasn’t eaten anything,
I’ve got one sister as well, upstairs other people also live in this house, it’s not just me who live in this house, do you understand? Hamza, what happened? I went to aunty, she said to me…
she wants to do some rest Hamza, why are you upset with me? what’s the matter, Hamza?
I’m asking you something whatever you want to ask, do ask from your brother Listen Sunny, I’m sorry..
I scolded you that day I didn’t know, why you were so upset listen, Sunny but I want you to know, that I don’t have any interest in your mother, Sunny you think that I’m a kid, but it’s not like that I do understand everything also I’m seeing everything Sakina, prepare the omelet for madam Sameera doesn’t eats an omelet it’s OK mom, I’ll have anything if it’s asked from you, then a problem won’t occur I’m sorry aunty, actually Hamza like it in this manner that’s why I got it prepared so, it means we all have to eat this also…
this is a great compulsion mom, I’m not hungry… I’ll only have tea you can’t have tea in an empty stomach,
have something noting will happen, toast is there alright, take this thank you Hamza left early today? yes, he left early today… didn’t even had the breakfast so he left without having anything? yes and this happened because of me, right? No, no Sameera, I never meant this you also say it, it’s alright however, I’m use to of listening of all this you are taking me wrong, I really didn’t mean this don’t tell me, now Sameera Sameera… child, at least have the breakfast what was need, to talk in front of her about this? she also hasn’t eaten anything since night aunty I’ll go and make her eat something now leave it did you talk to your mother? no aunty, I was so busy in work… that I didn’t remember oh, yes! we take all the work from you only and whatever wrong is done, it’s just because of me & my daughter.. others are so pious aunty, aunty…. what happened? what happened? you brother rebuked & left my daughter, and you are asking me what has happened? this is great on such an apathetic attitude your sister in law has come back to her house, and your relation is two sided with her… and you don’t even have any concern? what sort of satisfaction is this? WOW if you are concerned,
then you must be knowing it, though that what does your husband wants, and in what his happiness lies in? so aunty, Sameera should also know that what does his husband wants she is so wise,
then why she is unable to understand this? why she only understands everything? she gives all the sacrifices, and everyone keeps on laughing in this house my daughter’s life has become a living hell there, still, she understands only? what is this logic? you also understand something…
you are the elder daughter in law of this house, though Mehmood! what happened?
what happened…. what happened to you? please sit, come sit here…. sit I’m unable to breathe… let me call Sameera No don’t call anyone, I’ve taken the medicine I’ll be fine…
sit here let me call Sameera…. NO… we need to take you to the hospital call Madeeha… we’ll go to her hospital OK, OK Sir, they are Sameera’s parents…
Mehmood Uncle & Zakiya Aunty OK, alright…. Hi!… Hi!, Mr. Mehmood Um… May I? yeah… sure so, Mr. Mehmood… what has happened? Doctor, I was sweating so much,
and my heart was so restless and she got me here No, No.. you did absolutely right, since you are here now, we won’t let you go before your condition gets fine, alright? Doctor, is there anything to get worried upon? No, no… not at all… this happens usually. it’s just, his BP is a bit high… but he will be fine you come here, take the sample Mr. Memood, your daughter… Sameera disappeared! she has disappeared completely Sameera, is usually at her own house… she is busy there that’s alright…. but she should know that,
duty comes first after his drip gets finished, you can take him home, as the blood sample is taken already doctor, when you took the blood sample?
I didn’t get to know at all that’s our expertise… by the way, this is my card… please don’t hesitate,
I live very nearby your house and Mr. Mehmood, please don’t take stress…
he should relax as much as possible in the house then, do let me know sure the number you are trying to call… where are you? brother is also on the flight, also not responding the call here a problem has arise, please call me after getting free as soon as possible this is so pretty, right? yes aunty… Sameera doesn’t comes with you for shopping? huh… she is busy in the hospital from morning to night also, she doesn’t have any interest in the clothes really! but, Salman is so zealous I mean, he loves going out hmm… look that one, please take it out do you know in some of the things, mine & Salman taste is so similar really! can I ask you one thing? yes… are you happy with this marriage? well, I’m happy or not…. it really doesn’t make any difference now but, there is one thing, for sure if I had one more son then I would have definitely make you,
my daughter in law and.. and still, if I would have liked your this son then? *phone ringing* yes, Wardah darling hmm… darling, brother has gone on the flight no baby, don’t involve yourself in such matters yes, let them decide yes, child maintain some distance…
there isn’t any need to be into them so much hmm alright, you do one thing I’m here at Tania’s boutique, you also come here we’ll go for coffee, alright? we’ll also have some talk there too alright then, come here…
bye! is everything alright? yes, everything is alright Pinky! darling, do you talk to Salman usually? No, not much special though but yes, on & off I guess then arrange a party then, call over yours & his friends also do call Salman, please…
he is very upset, nowadays don’t you worry Now, it’s my responsibility to cheer up Salman, OK? *phone ringing* Hello! Hi! how are you doing?
what are you upto? nothing much, just got back from a flight you know, I went to the boutique with Salma aunty today and…. and she thinks, her son is a bit worried nowadays and that I, should be taking care of you really! didn’t you tell her,
that you already take so much care of me don’t be silly, Salman these matters aren’t told like this then, how they are told? I guess on the right time & after seeing the right hour OK what do you say Mr. upset, let me take you out for a dinner tonight, yes? alright then, sure I’ll see you later then, alright? my notes… where are my notes? oh! I forgot them it’s limit man, I’ve been asking you for the last 2 days, and it’s the limit of being careless what?
what are you looking at? what Sunny, have you gone crazy?
what’s your problem? stop doing this childish acts, furthermore,
I’ve got so much stress in my life there is also stress in my life, madam…
but.. after kidding with you, I get de stress.. alright, let’s do one thing I should get a treat, in the joy of returning you the notes excuse me!, these notes are late by 2 days, and then you are asking for a treat… weird! seriously man! Oh, Ok! Hi! how are you? Hamza, why are you behaving to me like this? tell me, what’s my fault? why are you so upset with me? since morning I’ve been calling you, and sending you messages… but you are not replying to any of it you are just concern about Sameera only so, shall I not do that? No, you also do concern for her but at least don’t do this to me I also talked to mom she said, she doesn’t know anything & brother has also gone on the flight I can’t believe that your mom doesn’t know in fact, she must be happy, that Sameera has gone it’s not like that Hamza, not at all everything is so perfect between us, everything is set is it necessary for us, to jump in the fire of others?
and try to correct their issues? she is my sister I can’t stay away from my sister yes, if there is any fault of my sister,
then it’s something different and how do you know, Hamza… that she is not wrong? I mean, it is possible…. that she must be at fault too you think, my sister is a liar and your ill-mannered brother, to whom my mom & dad saw being ill-mannered he is good & sincere but my dad, my mom & my sister… all are liars I didn’t expect this from you but Hamza, if I’m your companion then I have to stop you from the wrong action if you are my companion, it means you are my fellow you have to support me you have to support me, even if I’m wrong or right I know my sister, she doesn’t tell a lie, alright? and whatever is told to you by your mother,
don’t say that I know this very well, when you are talking,
& when somebody else is talking my house is burning, and your mother doesn’t know anything at all now, leave me… and help my family members sister don’t you think, you should have told this to dad? you are so strong,
and you make all your decisions yourself so this also, you should have handled yourself why?
are you people getting disturbed? I’ve come here to stay, and you people are minding it… and my husband is not even asking about me I haven’t this at all,
I’m your sister & I’ll always support you but… the problem is only, that brother is taking out all his anger on sister in law, Wardah and, if this considered then sister in law, Wardah is right brother Salman did came to take you I think you should reconcile Wardah has said to you all this? my talks are being done to my sister,
who is she to do all this, yes? let me go & ask her No, No… please no nothing such has happened, please relax…
what has happened to you? she really didn’t mean this really!…
then what does she mean by this? she thinks, whatever her brother is doing, is right? the way he talks to me, what has he become no body can see this? everyone can see this,
everyone is with you but he is not only her brother, but your husband also and everyone knows this, that we need to compromise a bit in the marriage are you my sister, or of Wardah? right now, I’m just with justice no, you just tell me now,
are you my sister or of Wardah’s? how can you forget this, in order to save her,
dad put me into the fire since I’m ruined now,
so my husband has turned his eyes from me and my brother is dancing on Wardah’s fingers,
from where this justice came from? sister, this is a marriage not a war for me, it is a war and it can become a war for her as well what are you talking… brother Salman, came with so much love to take you he didn’t came to pick me with love he came in the pressure, and did you see in what disgrace he left me here Rohina, don’t do so much sycophancy of her I’m not doing anyone’s sycophancy really! then what you are doing now, what’s this? first of all, your relationship is with me or with her, Rohina? Rohina, come here for a minute…
I want to show you something can’t you see that two sisters are talking…
come afterwards go now this has to be done there must be a limit of Sameera’s tolerance also aunty, you feel it’s my fault in this? if it is, then please tell me I think, Sameera doesn’t have any respect of our relation Wardah! tell me one thing does Salman respects? the way he left Sameera and didn’t see her back at all do you even know, how Sameera feels? Salman, doesn’t have concern for her he treats her like a sandal what happened to you, now? do you have any concern? do you? because of you said so, I went outside to inquire about the condition of your family Sameera closed the door on my face aunty, was listening everything while standing at the back and afterwards, she made me listen to her words what is happening in this house? no body knows that there is respect of a sister in law & daughter in law how easily, you understood this the same is happening with Sameera as well she isn’t your sister in law? you are here, in your own house and where is she, here? in this house? no body cares for her no body is there to ask for her, neither your mom nor your brother, nobody takes care of her injustice is being done with her, and you are distressed, WOW! you didn’t even do anything about it Oh! Hamza, I told you, I did talked to mom she didn’t know anything,
and brother was also on the flight she is lying do I talk like this about your mom? you mom is a mom, my mom is nothing? I respect aunty, and you’ll say all such things about my mom? if there is anything about her to respect,
then I’ll respect her though if I talk about aunty like this, then? my mom doesn’t tell a lie…
and your mom, tells a lie I didn’t expect this from you, Hamza…
absolutely not yes, your assessment was wrong,
and your expectations were wrong too are you regretting? yes, I’m regretting we shouldn’t have got married, and nothing such has ever happened, ever… then you tell me, what shall I do? cry… cry on your fortune cry more… alright? and whatever you want to do, just do and whatever you feel like doing, you do…
just for God’s sake, forgive me Hi! Hi! don’t you worry, so much something will happen to you I did message to him as well but he didn’t replied at all look outside, in the garage… for God’s sake, it’s 10 AM already… he has gone to office you couldn’t even do this much, that he was sleeping here outside, you could have come & put a sheet on him he has gone without having anything, and you are coming out now after waking up don’t know, what has happened with both of my children? Sameera hasn’t ate anything since yesterday and Hamza, went to office without doing breakfast tell me uncle, what shall I do? it’s in front of you, how much I had fought in the beginning don’t talk to him, talk to me at that time, it was your own interest what difference does it make to you?
your sister in law’s house survive or not why you people are blaming me? you people are seeing, that Hamza is also angry with me if I & Hamza had fought, so would you people have done the same with Sameera? you wouldn’t have done this, right?
because there is a difference there is a difference, child if Ariz & Salma can do a difference,
then why we shall not? you should think about this house,
instead of defending yourself every house has got a larger interest, for which one needs to think an own house is not made instead of thinking being Salman’s sister, you should think being a daughter in law of this house yes, the way he thought like a father, while saving you you father didn’t do anything,
why don’t you earn some reward instead it depends upon generosity, person to person you are also, expecting what from what sort of people, Mehmood hey, Wardah! darling, what is it? you are here in the morning, is everything OK? I came here, by using an excuse of grocery… else no one would have allowed me to come here what are you doing? do you even know, what has happened here, while you were on flight for 2 days? Sobia!… bring water for sister Wardah I don’t want to drink any water do you understand, that it’s not that simple just because of one job, you have made such a big issue it’s not about just job only, alright?
I also do have a personal life which personal life?
everyone knows everything… so please we shouldn’t have got you both married there mom, you always talk about one thing only yes, because a mistake is already been done the behavior of both of you is wrong..
now, you’ll come & bring back Sameera the day since she has come, neither she goes to her job, nor she eats or drink anything my tension is different, Hamza is not even talking to me and they all are right, why you married her, and took her, if you don’t want to keep her happy? isn’t she going on the job? No… *phone ringing* this must be aunty’s call, please stay quiet you both, don’t let her get to know this that I’ve come here yes aunty, I’ve bought it… I’m coming in a while yes, alright… I’m just leaving now, please take care… that she shouldn’t get to know, that I came here else, it’s going to be a big problem for me, please why are you being so afraid?
what’s the need to be afraid? I have to be afraid for whole of my life, brother you come, and take back Sameera please… I’m leaving now… alright my love… I’ve to go now, to see aunty in the hospital…
then we’ll come don’t worry… please mom please…
yes sure where are you going, Sameera? mom, I’m going to the hospital…
it’s an emergency, I got a call why Hamza slept in the lounge, last night? listen to me daughters look good in their own house don’t go to hospital, leave it Hamza, slept outside after fighting because of you he always take stand for you good, at least Humza is with me bye! Listen!.. Wardah has taken the car, how will you go? mom, Madiha has come to pick me up… bye! Mehmood uncle… I prepared & brought a Kashmiri tea for you you have kept it, right…
now leave are you angry with me? I’m not angry with anyone furthermore, I don’t have any right to be angry with anyone I’m responsible for all this don’t know, why death sometimes become so merciless the people who should die, they don’t why are you talking such things? go Wardah… don’t know, why I’m talking to you all this because I’m also your daughter (FLASHBACK OF INCIDENT) leave me… dad…. dad… dad…. leave me… .
Hamza… dad… dad….
Hamza…. dad dad,,,, dad…. dad No.. you are not my daughter you can never be my daughter ever my daughter was Sameera she is no more, my daughter I’ve made such a big mistake, while choosing my relations are you regretting, after saving me? thanks God, sister is feeling better now…
Salman! are you seeing this… what is happening here? she does only, what she wants to do… after all what happened,
she only does, what her hearts says then why do they shout on my sister? look at her, she is happy
she has no issues, whatsoever Salman! what are you doing here? it was emergency, and I was called… and this is a non issue even after I forbidden you this is called stubbornness this is my duty Salman there are other duties of you also, but may be you forget them, you cannot recall them, right? we can sit somewhere & talk I don’t want to talk to you let’s go, mom don’t you think, you are being very strict with Sameera? I mean, if you come to think of it it seems, as if you need an excuse to fight with her don’t look at me like this,
you are already so good looking and when you are angry,
your features become more interesting don’t do this to yourself…. bring her back home she’ll stay in some corner,
and there Wardah will also be at peace and my… what will happen to me? you do one thing… that start taking long flights by this way, your less time will be spent with her, and maximum of yours time will be spent with me now, that sounds like a good idea you know I think, I made a mistake don’t worry Salman we’ll correct this mistake, very soon


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