Ruswai Episode 15 | 7th January 2020 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

what is this happening?
it is a joke? can I have the dinner? can I put some? please I am not hungry anymore, I’ve lost my appetite… make mom eat the food properly hey, child… don’t take interest in his tantrums he talks about useless stuff and you also, don’t stay in so much anger smile a bit… produce some flexibility in yourself by the way Feroze, is a very nice boy this month he gave me some money for your shopping he isn’t that bad, the way he seems to be leave it, mom earlier as well, there was so much fuss created in the house because of your decision Sunny isn’t talking to me till now everything comes back on it’s place this is the law of nature… Feroze even came after wandering around so much,
and that too to his mother Sunny won’t stay angry with you for so many days Feroze is concerned about you & Sunny this is God’s planning I don’t know, why don’t you understand this? I am understanding everything, mom he came back here, after wandering so much now, I won’t let him go so easily thank you… Sameera, what happened?
she’ll do it why?
can’t I do it? when did I said this?
I didn’t said anything though mom and dad had it already?
and you’ve also eaten, right? So… how was your day today? you seem so tired the people who work, they don’t get worried about tiredness it’s better to work than to stay at home and do conspiracies nowadays, so many girls are doing this by staying at home aunty also stays at home, Sameera she is my mother Sameera what has happened to you? if you have any complain with Wardah, then say it what complain can I have with Wardah? Wardah is pious from all mistakes & bad things if there is any issue, then talk to me directly, Sameera since so long, you are beating about the bush
& insulting me what’s the problem?
tell me wow! my talking has also become an insult now…
this is the limit now I’m going wait Wardah… Wardah, stop! what I’m saying, do it I shall do everything? you only do everything though you have told Salman, that I went to hospital & that too in the nearby branch what? I haven’t told anything to anybody really! then how did he reach to the hospital,
while searching for me? Sameera, I seriously don’t know I haven’t talked to anyone at all whatever is happening here, they know everything…
and you didn’t had any conversation with them! they have got information of each & every second, over there and still, you didn’t had any conversation with them Sameera, Wardah must haven’t said anything alright, so I’m telling wrong…
I’m telling a lie & your wife is right? only mom knew that I’m going in an emergency and how did both of them reached there? Wardah… Wardah… I’m sorry I’m very sorry I know you can’t say anything like this,
and you can’t ever do any such thing I know… Wardah…
Wardah… Wardah, listen to me Wardah… look, I’m apologizing to you Wardah, please open the door do these sort of girls belong to a good house?
the decent girls…yes? our daughter is not allowed to come & meet us here and she is serving the humanity there,
along with the doctors meeting are going on very nice and his father is begging, crying & shedding crocodile tears to come & take our daughter Salman was going to bring her back so that there won’t be any problem in Wardah’s life but that girl, No… never she won’t ever stay away from her inherent nature at all she is such a stubborn girl so much stubborn! they are torturing her.. they don’t have anything else though day & night they keep on insulting my daughter,
that we have left Sameera we have left Sameera, how we had left Sameera? we have already brought your daughter home,
what else we would have done? my innocent daughter, keeps on listening to their talks, so that her brother’s home (family) can stay intact her own house (family) can stay intact but those people, they have crossed the limits now then, you also do something nobody sit & eats dinner with her at the dining table every time, Hamza keeps on taunting her & threatens her to throw out from the house this is not fair let me talk to Mehmood now I cannot tolerate this sort of iniquity on Wardah if they cannot keep our daughter happy, then what’s the use of this type or relationship? yes? Salman is not at home, right? he has gone outside I don’t want to talk such things, in front of him *phone ringing* what is this happening? you come to with a request & your daughter is doing as per her own will and my son is being homeless, not belonging to house or anywhere else and my daughter is listening to hundreds of insults,
done by you people what is this happening? talk to me in a lower tone, Ariz why shall I talk in a lower tone?
listen to me you’ll do such iniquity & actions with my daughter
& will I stay quiet then? the sacrifices that my daughter is giving already,
even after that? my son didn’t sacrificed?
yes? he is still sacrificing till the date he is obeying my orders he has given his name & respect…
what else he should do? what you’ve said to Wardah? that she calls us, while crying for your daughters peace you can’t destroy
my daughter’s peace Ariz… nobody has said anything to her then, why is she worried? is she mad? look Mehmood, if you have annoyed my daughter,
then there won’t be anyone worse than me listen to this carefully enough is enough look child… don’t dad..
don’t stop me now if their daughter is so important for them…
So, my sister is also important I know let me go & teach them the lesson let me put their mind on the right track listen to me, son…
leave it dad Hi! brother Salman you sit, let me call sister where is Wardah? sister in law, must be in her room…
you may sit, let me call her call her quickly OK how are you? why have you come? to meet Wardah… what are you doing to her? nothing is happening.. really! then, why is she crying? yes? she is so upset what you’ve said to her? she is my wife…
OK? I know what to do with her she is my responsibility really? yes I ain’t like you, that I leave my wife & wander around
understand? what you aren’t?
yes? say it… let us get to know, how you keep Wardah and don’t talk to me about your sister,
it will be better don’t talk in the loud tone you are in my house, so stay in your limits…
understand? Wardah…
Wardah… are you fine?
yes? has he said anything to you?
don’t be scared, tell me relax what happened? why are you making so much noise? teach your son some manners he doesn’t know how to speak I’ve come to take Wardah… she won’t stay here it will be better, if you leave from here I’ll take Wardah along with me ask her yesterday, she went to the hospital without my permission Wardah came to me at home & told me,
that Sameera is sitting at home, go & pick her but she was on her duty you went to your mother’s house,
without seeking my permission? yes, she did if your sister can do her won will, why my sister cannot? brother be quiet & go from here now you stay quiet why are you being scared?
yes? you are being scared of these people?
who asks them? that night, she only didn’t lost her respect
but all of them had lost it brother’s, father’s, mother’s, sister’s … everyone’s respect Mehmood uncle… get out of here, right now you slapped me! Hamza…
get out! get out of my house, right now! you people aren’t doing right more bad can be done with you,
get out of here what are you doing? Mehmood uncle, he is my brother he is your son in law go inside, Wardah I won’t go inside… how did you raised your hand on brother? Wardah, go inside… No… still, you’ll stay in this house? even after, seeing so much insult of your brother? I’m waiting for you inside the car,
come quickly I’ll see you later on Sameera please, you go with brother now Sameera, please go at this time…
that is your house please, Sameera go at the moment Wardah.. Sameera won’t go anywhere if you want to go anywhere, then you can go Ariz they haven’t come till now… my heart is sinking so badly that’s why I had asked you,
if Salman was at home or not I never wanted that… what have you done? it’s enough now they aren’t doing right what I didn’t do for them? but now, I’ll teach them a lesson darling, tell us clearly… what has happened there? Mehmood uncle has slapped me on my face and after that Hamza started shouting on me… what did they not said to me… such a big mess… are you looking.. are you looking… what is he saying that…
your friend has raised his hand on his son in law was Wardah there?
didn’t she said anything? what she would’ve said?
nobody listens to her there her nature is not even like that they’ve also asked her to leave the house
but she didn’t come but now I’ve decided now, I’ll divorce Sameera now don’t expect anything from me if I wanted.. I would have teach the lesson to Mehmood uncle & to Hamza as well but don’t know… why I think about you people? why mom…why? why I gave such a big sacrifice? why did I ever say, “yes” to Sameera?
why? for this? why don’t they understand why don’t they understand… if I haven’t accepted her, then nobody else had they wouldn’t be able to show their face to anyone, in this world they are doing this to me?
this! darling… relax the people who doesn’t have any respect,
they can’t pay respect to someone else as well come on…
relax I’ll be fine…
I’ll be fine but now, please call Wardah don’t know, what they have done to her after I had left from there what does it mean?
what they have done to her? yes? why didn’t you brought her with you? I asked her, but she didn’t come… what would I’ve done? you should have brought her along with you,
what do you do man… what would I’ve done? I asked her many times,
but she didn’t come.. she is an adult I was also calling her on the way, I am worried about her….call her *phone ringing* Hello! where is my daughter? it’s better, if you ask this from your son and listen please, don’t call me brother Mehmood doesn’t know, where Wardah is what!.. what does it mean? OK… let us go & find her, OK? let’s go… yes let’s go… No, no.. not you… you stay here..
come with me, come whatever is done with brother Salman is right,
but sister in law Wardah they even asked her to leave the house justice is done sister, she is our sister in law I’m also her sister in law and your face,
this is telling that you are concerned more for her have I said anything such that? whatever is done, has been done right with both of them Thanks God, dad has got some respect now, when Wardah will go there..
then they’ll get to know what is censure now, it’s Wardah’s turn censure is much painful than death sister, nothing such will happen you aren’t able to see it, but I can see the way termite is not visible, but it eats everything it has eaten me termite has got on you… sister what are you talking about? yes whether termite is visible to anyone? I’ve spent 5 years with Salman but I’ve never given a chance to disrespect either mine or dad’s respect and in just one night, I’ve got termite on myself even if I put the tag of married then even I’ll stay as a rejected stuff this is wrong, sister till when you’ll talk about this matter, please till the time, it won’t stop affecting my life till then what do you want? do you want to take revenge? an eye for an eye… a tooth for a tooth blood against blood & respect against respect why didn’t you come inside? is there any place inside for me, Hamza? yes come… I was thinking this, Hamza haven’t I made any mistake, by stopping here? everything got wrong, Hamza may be, when everything gets wrong then the life becomes like this this is not the time to discuss such things this is the time, Hamza you tell me I’m married to you or with somebody else inside? are you my husband or Sameera’s brother? tell me today Wardah, listen to me NO… I want to listen the truth when your dad was asking me to go out then, why didn’t you come after me? when I had left…why didn’t you stopped me? I was crazy… that I stopped and I kept sitting here Wardah… you did absolutely right, by stopping you’ve brought her? I’m asking something from you, Hamza if this is my house, then it’s her house as well you go… I’ll come after talking Wardah, darling… where are you? we have been calling you for so long I’m at home, mom we are standing outside your house,
you just come quickly No, mom I can’t go ask her to come quickly, we have come to pick her…
give me the phone Hello! child look child, we are outside of your house now
& have come to pick you up look child, I won’t leave you here at any cost their daughter at their house & our daughter at ours now, don’t argue child… just come please papa, don’t give me more stress Hamza is with me, I’ve got my house …
also I’m handling everything but… please, let me sort this out myself and till I don’t ask anybody, please do not call me what happened? I think, we shall let her sort this out herself come on Ariz, don’t know.. how they’ll treat her look, she is married she is an adult, let her decide herself we can’t interfere that much we can’t force her… that’s not right what are you saying? brother I’m asking something from you I’ve said, I’m leaving this house how can you even think this, brother? mom, make him understand a bit Hamza… Hamza what are you saying?…
you… how can you say this Hamza?
didn’t you see… what Salman did.. what he had said… you are concerned more about others than us…
have you gone crazy? yes, I’ve gone crazy neither I do injustice nor I like it… I’m not just a son only, I’m a husband also husband… dad threw Wardah out of the house like this,
and no one is concerned nobody is saying anything at all if there isn’t any place for my wife in this house then, there isn’t any place of mine as well you all can see the innocence of Sameera, but you aren’t able to see the innocence of Wardah that poor soul goes & fight to them… for what?..
for Sameera’s right she doesn’t even meets or talks to her family since dad had to come in the good books of Sameera, therefore, he did injustice with Wardah who throws their daughter in law out of the house? and you are asking me what happened…
what happened child! mom, I think you are everyone’s mother,
except mine alright, I felt this… and this is it…
this is what is obvious Hamza Hamza, this is not the matter….
this is your house… I beg you this house is because of you, if you’ll go how will I live? Hamza there isn’t any respect of mine nor of my wife in this house Rohina what is he talking about? you make him understand..
make him understand, Rohina Hamza son, during these circumstances ….
we shall all stay together we can’t be together a house where, a daughter is respected but daughter in law is not… then there isn’t any place for me I’ve just one son only if he’ll leave the house, what will I do then? he is very upset Mehmood you shouldn’t have raised your hand on Salman I should have killed that boy he doesn’t value our daughter at all furthermore, our daughter also doesn’t needs him while taking side of Sameera,
we might not get afar from Hamza Zakiya… you should only be worried about Sameera,
rest is all fine nothing is fine… nothing is fine at all you’ll make Hamza understand in the morning next time he’ll never talk about leaving the house alright, just sleep now..
no now is going anywhere now where is madam? madam has gone in her room,
if you say so… shall I call her? no, it’s OK…
I’ll see her myself *door knocks* who is it? *door knocks* Oh! what’s the problem! yes, there is a problem and what’s that? I was missing you but I guess, the matter is something different look here tell me… what has happened? I’m tired… I can’t do this anymore you are right I’m deceiving myself you have already told me all this earlier as well till when, you’ll wander around like this, here & there? you know.. the decisions which aren’t taken in time,
they becomes a tragedy look at your condition…
nobody takes care of you, right? neither you eat properly nor you go out for outings your hands are so cold just relax…
I’m here with you and now, I can count on you always… alright tell me… have you eaten the dinner? OK sit, let me bring it for you come soon Wardah… uncle, Hamza is in the room..
let me call him child, I don’t want to talk to Hamza, but to you you want to talk to me? there must be some work? else, yesterday you have thrown me out of the house you’ve favored me, by saving me but I can’t pay back that favor daily, Mehmood uncle the way you have realized that I wasn’t your daughter the same way, I’ve understood that you aren’t my father and yesterday, you even said this child… you are the liveliness of our house you are our daughter in law No, child… no I’m very sorry a mistake has been done by me my child, this is your house… don’t leave it don’t go child…
don’t go are you understanding what I’m saying?…my child Hi! dad Hi! child today you are late for office… today also you’ll go without having breakfast? your mom is already very worried yes I know my child, that there are so many responsibilities on you since you are our only son so shall I just stay like a son & a brother only, right? tell me, you want this only? listen, one thing is decided till the time, I’m married I can’t stay in this house why child? because Wardah doesn’t want to live Now, Wardah doesn’t want to stay with you all till the time we don’t get our Australia visa,
we’ll find another place to live because I can’t do injustice like you people why Wardah shall be punished for Salman’s actions? let me go & have shower and the rubble of your whole problems,
Wardah can’t take it… and why shall she? whatever we do, it is less…
Wardah is less, I’m less we aren’t good for this house so it’s better, to leave this house I had a word with Wardah I’ve apologized to her you go to office but when you come back in the evening,
do forget everything Ariz? I’ve come to ask you one question only I had given you my daughter, so that you do this to her? No, No.. don’t talk about Sameera… I didn’t threw her out of the house, she had came on her own will but Wardah… the behavior which is done with Sameera, Ariz even after that, if there isn’t nay reaction…
how is that possible? nothing was possible though it wasn’t even possible that Sameera & Salman would have got married it wasn’t even possible, to hide that incident but I was standing with you you raise your hand on my son…
throw out my daughter from your house what do think?
there won’t be any reaction to all this? I want to take back my daughter which daughter Ariz? if you are a father, then do justice today there are 2 daughters of yours in my house Sameera and Wardah look Mehmod, you had thrown her out of the house, yourself I had even saved her at that time, you didn’t said anything I’m talking, being a father of Wardah & Samera but you… are just Wardah’s father OK.. meet her decision will be done sit.. Hi! dad how are you? fine I’ve come to take you, my child No, dad I can’t go anywhere without Hamza
I had told you the same, last night on the phone look child, you don’t have to come under any pressure yesterday, whatever happened with both of my children.. after that I don’t think so, you should stay here I don’t know about brother but Mehmood uncle has already apologized to me dad please… I don’t want to go home…
this is my house dad has betrayed me this time also and this time, Hamza is also with him what has happened to you, what are you talking about? brother has always supported you & loved you
but he has also got a personal life, right! I know you are missing brother Salman a lot if you don’t know about any matter,
then don’t talk about it I know, Salman will leave me this marriage won’t work why it won’t? because I’m not pious like Wardah I am unable to understand this how come God, the creator of mine is able to see me being rubbed off? look at the way, I’m being erased and he is just looking you all are also looking…
with how much hard work I’m being erased off this is second degree rape


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