Ruswai Episode 16 | 14th January 2020 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

why are you coming so quietly? what are you hiding? show me I can see thank you…they are so beautiful for me? I want to say something to you I also want to tell you something that’s OK, but my matter is bit important mine is very important Wardah, listen to me I’m very sorry, that… I’m expecting, Hamza shall I tell you again? We are expecting… what! are you serious right now? Yes! it means you… and you… We… yes… YES! I’m so happy sit, sit down.. there isn’t anything
there isn’t the need to sit in this Rohina, pass me the pancakes please take these thank you take it… Hamza, put in your plate also I want to say something to all of you I want to apologize I’ve misbehaved a bit, No… I have misbehaved a lot Look, I never like when we fight in the house, I really feel so bad So, I want that… we always stay happy and may be, it was our difficult time but in the world it happens, that after every difficult time a bit of happiness do comes a little happiness why are you smiling? will you tell or I? please, you tell you tell No please No Hamza! what I’m able to understand, is that the matter? Hey, congratulations! congratulations to you
congratulations! may God bless you you’ll also greet me, now come Congratulations Mehmood by the grace of God, you’ll become a grand father congratulations to everyone can’t there be twins? I was just asking like that eat, have your food this attitude won’t work this cannot happen, while living in one house what! are you jealous of your brother’s happiness? I don’t want to prove anything you go & distribute sweets go & celebrate Wardah’s happiness what has happened to you how are you talking? I’ve gone mad, I’ve become crazy Sameera! listen to me very carefully sometimes, in order to save the relationships…
we need to do compromise in our life now, the circumstances are changing in fact, think… they have changed already you also change yourself, as per the circumstances tell your hospital people that now, you won’t come to work hey, what are you doing? why are lifting so heavy object? what is it? I’m not sick No, you can’t lift this, have you gone crazy? who said this? I said..
OK, where shall I keep this? there on my side table take care Hamza you had said to me, you’ll get convinced whatever I’ll say to you yes please take me to my mom’s & dad’s house I haven’t told them this till now I want to go there & give them this news please Hamza, I’m saying something we can’t talk on this topic but why? you’ve seen my parent’s actions, by your own eyes… Wardah dad had came to you mom is concerned about you till my sister is here, you can’t go there… Wardah she is a human, not a stone and if I don’t show, it doesn’t mean that I’m not concerned for her your dad had came he didn’t even talked to Sameera now, you see yourself his attitude but Hamza… Wardah please please let me handle this matter in my own way ok? have you asked him? yes, just now I was saying to him to bring back Sameera now you can even tell her, to resign from the job now look son, even if she doesn’t leave her job even then, bring her home for the sake of Wardah who am I?
who I am? am I sacrificial goat?
every time you present me you’ve got just one sister, my son can’t you do this for her? since Sameera is there, she won’t be able to come here look son, why are you putting your sister in danger, due to your useless stubbornness? please darling, don’t say No last time..
I promise please I’ll have to think about it I need to think in fact, you know what? whatever you want to do, just do… because every time, the same drama happens do this, do that for the sake of Wardah
I don’t want to do it anymore if you want to bring Sameera here, then by all means but now, I don’t have any relation with her… neither I’ll go to bring her back good luck all this is happening because of you, Ariz I always use to say, that there shouldn’t be one marriage against the other… but you only use to encourage the children why are you blaming me? why shouldn’t I blame you? No you shouldn’t blame me you are the one who decided all of this you were the one, who has been encouraging them all you’ve been the one, who has been putting tension into this whole situation now what, this poor kid of mine is pregnant how will she tolerate all this? she can’t take all this stress now we have to tolerate this
all is happening, in front of you are you coming after sleeping or after crying? neither I’ve come after sleeping nor after crying I’m crying after so many days you’ve come to the hospital and instead of working, you are sitting here I wanted to meet you, but… I didn’t had the courage why? I’ve come to resign is there any problem? seriously, there is some problem doctor please please don’t stay that quiet what shall I say? I know this very well, that my any discussion won’t make any difference to you you don’t know my compulsion… the night which has fall on me, that doesn’t goes no body is forgetting that, neither they are letting me to forget when will you stop pitying yourself? you know, what they think of me? a strong person, is never concerned that how & when, somebody is looking towards them I mean like the trees, there are four seasons … that comes upon humans but.. human is the only thing, that begs if stones are coming, let them come you become a stone yourself else you… become of somebody’s who doesn’t have stones in his hands the world will stay as it is, Sameera
it’s not going to change for you this is so easy to do this discussion… No… it’s not easy at all it’s very difficult to see you crying like this I’ve to leave doctor alright, if you have decided then you may leave many congratulation to you, sister in law about the good news, that you are about to become a grand mother thank you, so much congratulation to you too come… sit Sameera, come child… come here God bless, my child on this happy occasion, we want that Sameera shall come along to home with us Memood you use to say, that I’ve got my 2 daughters in this house when will our dream of becoming the grand parents will fulfill, yes? Salman didn’t come? actually, he has gone to Sydney.. he’ll be back in a week we wanted to take back Sameera home of how many days is the flight for Sydney? sometimes he does stay for 10 days, but this time its just one week only I’ve heard its a very nice place yes I’ve been there 4 years ago steaks are very nice sister in law, did you talk to Sameera? yes, let me go & check thank God, you’ve come I was missing you really! OK, come in… Salman what are you doing here? she has come back since she has come back, so you’ve come here? I don’t believe you what are we doing, Salman? two days ago, you’ve said to me that you’ll leave her in fact, you had to go to the lawyer straight away from the flight, right? after so much difficulty I found the number & took the appointment you know what, Salman…
your life has become a joke now whenever you feel like, you ask me to come & meet but now, it won’t work like this my mom has got so much pressure on me for marriage…. and there your wife has come back again to your house look, try to understand there are some problems
I just need some time only if there are problems, then bear them you were saying something else to me, two days ago, right? you’ve said, you’ll leave her… will get married what was all that? I already had all the conversation with mummy but when she called Salma aunty, the story was totally different there do you have any idea, how much scolding I’ve got to listen from mummy look, Wardah is pregnant what shall I do?
if I haven’t got back Sameera here, then Wardah could have got problems there please Salman don’t tell me all this, OK? honestly speaking I don’t think so, you’ll be able to do all this and in my opinion..
you totally deserve this also listen, you know I don’t love her… I and you love me, right? but you are living with her how does that even makes sense? Salman listen there is mummy’s friend, I’ve got the proposal of his son… and they are after us since long and I think, I’ll have to say YES now what! you can’t do this look it was just the emotional feelings of once or twice forget them I’ll also forget Pinky! I cannot forget you I need you you can’t live? then take this sign it.. take I can’t wait anymore, Salman I divorce you.. yes, the weather is so lovely
I wish you were here now yes no issues, not a problem so what’s.. yeah Salman, when did you come back? aunty had said, that you’ve gone for 4 days hold on a second Salman, I’m talking to you listen, I’ll call you back… OK? what is it? I’ve come back after so many days and you are on the phone to whom you were talking like this? its none of your business you are my business I’ve come after resigning.. you haven’t done any favor to me OK? I’m trying to do all possible efforts to save this relationship and you I what? say it, I what? you’ve been telling a lie continuously also made aunty to lie why didn’t you come to pick me? don’t be so innocent you’ve got me slapped from your father I didn’t wanted you to come back then why did you sent your parents to bring me back home? you know all the answers don’t make me mad, by asking questions from me… and please stay in your limits..
OK? don’t touch me aunty yes? one of my acquaintance has told about a proposal for Rohina really! it’s his best friend’s younger brother he is going for masters, so they wanted to do nikkah (paper marriage) as soon as possible that’s why aunty, they wanted to come tomorrow only one minute aunty, let me show you the picture, that she had sent me look at this is he good? yes Hamza, look at this hmm… we can meet them, what’s the problem? yes ask your father we have already talked to dad aunty, he doesn’t have any objection OK it’s good, if we meet them alright, so I’ll call Sameera as well if you won’t be there, so at least Sameera will be there mom, leave Sameera it’s just that you’ve been meeting them, Sameera had just gone to her house recently OK, there isn’t any problem.. you people can meet hmm… if you didn’t like, then you may say NO it’s not a forceful matter straighten your face sister Hi! how are you? fine how are you? absolutely fine any guests are here? yes sister in law, has invited some guests to see me for marriage Hi! how are you, Wardah? absolutely fine, how are you? darling, we just came to give you the clothes, we are leaving now…. OK? at least meet aunty & uncle..
they are inside, let me call them, OK? No… we’ll meet them ourselves however, somebody has came to see my sister for marriage it’s very important for me to be here alright, come… somebody is here to see you for the marriage, & nobody bothers to tell me even? do you know, who are they? I just got to know this, a while ago it was all their plan, I didn’t know anything alright, now please don’t off your mood like this I really hate this, to go like this in front of the people, as if we are some show piece anyways, I’m scared of my own choice now come.. let’s me see, how’s the guy hello! aunty… Hello! looking beautiful thank you…
come sit… hey! I’m good… how about you? absolutely fine Hi! I guess, I’ve seen you somewhere you are Samera, right? I’ve read about you I’ve also seen your post on Facebook, and it was so viral post? which post? the same, about the incident happened to you I’m so sorry I must that you are so brave else, no one has the courage to face all these things Wardah you didn’t tell, that Wardah is her sister I’m sorry, there wasn’t anything in this, to tell about hey, why there isn’t anything to tell about such a big incident had occurred with you people nowadays, this is going on everywhere but we get concerned, if such incident happens with any of our own relative or loved ones that the danger has come to our own house I really feel so scared hey sister Beena! leave all these matters but, whatever it is uncle in order to save your daughter in law, you let go Sameera this is very big matter but, have you done the case on them? these people shall be hanged to death I swear! excuse me… I I’ll come after offering my prayers this was so embarrassing that’s why I didn’t wanted, you to come… Sameera also Beena, that cousin of Sara, that idiot didn’t stopped talking more than Rohina, she was interested in your life I won’t go inside again very nice! so now, madam has started giving the interviews till the time, the world will not get to know about this incident you won’t be at peace, right? what’s you next step?
tell us, so that we get prepared prior morning shows, or… you’ve decided to protest outside the press club? please brother, I believe there isn’t any fault of Sameera in this you stay quiet this is all her fault all of it.. let’s go Salman mom please what’s Sameera’s mistake in this? stop it, Wardah darling stop it! what has happened, it shouldn’t have happened… what do you mean by this, by saying this to me?
thanks God! Hamza wasn’t here today how do you even dare to talk to me like this? if you’ve got so much problem, then you shouldn’t have come here even I don’t like to talk to you weird, such a crazy woman she is go & see, what’s happening downstairs aunty, no body has insulted me that much ever look, what sort of messages this Beena has sent she is saying… that, I haven’t told her intentionally about Sameera, else they would have never come to our house ever she is saying, her aunty has scolded her a lot when she got to know, that all this has happened to girl’s sister now, every person who’ll come to this house, will slap this matter every time on our face? that’s why, I wanted that Sameera shouldn’t be here at that day what was the need to meet these people? I’m afraid these people, won’t spread this incident news further more what will happen then? leave my hand leave! what interview you’ve given say it! I haven’t given any interview to anybody I can explain, this is a very big controversy right now, if Wardah wouldn’t be at your home, then presently you would be standing out of the gate on the road I haven’t talked to anybody, trust me really! then, how did those people got to know? how did your picture came in that article? your designation was also written in that article it means, you’ve talked you’ve been doing all this & you are blaming me? for this day? for this day, I gave you my name? so that you do this? Salman.. even if not mine, you should have taken care of these people those who gave you their name, their respect more than this shame is in the eyes of a wandering woman Salman don’t you dare lower your tone, while talking to me else… I will slap you I’ll beat you to that extent, that you’ll die don’t think that my nobility is my weakness today, not only me but all of us has got so much insulted because of you, I wanted to shoot you there stop it, Salman!
stop it! for what, dad?
yes? how much shall I tolerate? every time, why I have to sacrifice only? where are you going? where are you going?
yes? you won’t move from here, till the time I’ll ask you to I’m not your servant also, I haven’t given any interview to anybody you won’t understand like this, come on this… leave me… Salman! her stubbornness…
I’ll make her understand now come upstairs… come on.. by the way, whenever I come you talk so much
why are you quiet now? what happened? see this somebody has posted this the people who came to see Rohina for marriage the made us see this we have never get so much insulted you know, how much mom & brother had created the fuss all this spectacle is done in front of outsiders? where is Sameera? where are you going, stay here apologize… apologize to me say it, that a mistake is done say it, that you are being punished for doubting me say it… why don’t you say it? please, a mistake is done by me… leave me forgive me…
please leave you’ve given the interview you are being punished for your sins, we are being punished you won’t step out of this room…
you understand!


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