Ruswai | Episode 4 | 22nd October 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

finally … how lucky you are …. Hmm … what… what … your fullest days are gone … what is this happening? *laughs* Uhh… nothing … *laughs* what is happening there? Umm… your engagement date is fixed this cannot happen I don’t want to do engagement what? I will do nikkah (marriage) directly *laughs* good decision you are going to become world’s luckiest person yes, it is … *laughs*… look at her go now … shall I leave?
No … you are not going anywhere …. huh …. whatever either he should leave … or I leave I’m not going anywhere why are you feeling awkward? … now this will happen No… stop…*laughs* what are you doing here? Ariz … what is this way? Salman is not ready to listen to anyone that girl asked to transfer the plot in her name as dower, so he did? is this a joke? mmm…. it’s a happy occasion, the nikkah (marriage) is about to happen … don’t talk like this they also gave Wardah, a plot in dower
do you know, what was it’s value? this is our life’s savings … come on … I know all this… but this is not the right time to talk about it we just have one son and one daughter-in-law only does this plot has any worth in front of them? of 2 or 3 crores no worth at all … its a happy occasion, don’t talk like that…come leave me … come please … yes I do accept brother Salman … where?
Umm…. wow, you are looking very beautiful today from where did you buy this dress?… honestly, this color is really suiting you Thank you … we were already coming downstairs
so you could have told me there but I was just coming upstairs to see, what you guys are doing … by the way … meeting sister … No… not at all and Sameera is looking very beautiful … right? ok, really?
Hmm… let me see her
sorry … let me see, if you guys are telling me right or not …
No … say something … let him go, why are you teasing my brother …
Go.. take him … well, alright then …. listen! don’t forget that there are many other events too .. he is being so shy … he is a drama
*laughs* what? you are very quiet, since nikkah (marriage) happened I’m speaking since long you are listening as well as admiring… and you are looking very beautiful today you have never praised me that much, ever I always do … yes but … you have never praised me … Today … on this happy occasion…
at least say some beautiful words why? …. how am I related to you? at first I was your lover and now … your husband … thank you! … it’s very beautiful first of all, you are my friend who knows everything about me who understands me completely always stay my friend … always … it suits you … *coughs for attention* to whom our daughter is sending message? to no one, father are you happy? …
*laughs* you are satisfied, right? can I sit? father ….
*laughs* daughter, I’ve seen you very relaxed after so many days they are nice people …
the guy also respects you a lot I’m blessed to have a son-in-law like Salman daughter, now that is your home you know … if…. ever your mother had a fight with my mother then I never use to talk to your mother for several weeks a good person is one, who always supports the truth listen daughter, now you don’t ever get angry with them nor give them a chance to get angry with you daughter, now your brother’s happiness is also your responsibility father, I need a permission from you yes, yes … go ahead daughter father, as Salman is going …
shall I go to see him off to airport? no…, not at all *laughs*
go… go, daughter .. you can definitely go thank you, father … you have always supported me when everyone was thinking that I was wrong at that time, you were the only one who did not think, that I’m wrong you know why? why? because you have made me really! and your mother says that, I have spoil you no daughter, we did not gave you birth, so that one can come and marks cross on you and leave, and we keep on seeing that no daughter, how this can happen? by the way daughter, keep this between us people say like that, every man in the world is bad although, we are also man, look at us, how good we are yes, because you have got good women as well *laughs* what to do? no one likes him he is a weird man
he would have killed Salman, if I had not come I was telling him that he is allergic to antibiotics, don’t give him but he said, you go out of the room
I will get all the tests done weird person …
I will tell on his face, that I don’t want to work with him I don’t like him at all so after that, your house job will be over why? why will it get over? is he any lord? he treats patients like animals, and poor patients do not say anything, because they don’t have that courage alright, if you have guts, then you say it yes, I will say it
I’m not scared of him, and I won’t tolerate it now Dr. Firoz you were saying something? go ahead … say whatever you want to …
you have the courage to say so sure, then hear it … I will not let you treat our Pakistani patients like animals really? … if think like that
then you must go, and report but please … leave my room and don’t come back, unless you apologize why should I apologize? then, leave … where is Dr. Madiha? sir, she is getting married …
she is on leave the lady doctors of this country, can only get married
nothing else *greetings* thanks god! you are here Wardah has made me crazy … OK, I’ve written everything.. I will get it ..
what happened? I’m very tensed, I had a fight with Dr. Firoz alright, it’s already done now
so from tomorrow, you will be on off oh, yes… Rohina had made a plan to surprise Wardah but now her assignment has come so it’s alright, Rohina will stay at home
we will pick Wardah on the way, and go, say what? if you want to go, then be quick.. Ariz is not well, I need to see him for two minutes alright … ok … you should have come along No, I have plenty of works to do, please ask him from my side as well … OK ok, I’m going to get ready
you also go and get ready be quick … give me an hour to get ready *laughs*
alright, we give you an hour smile … now pout… father you have a fake smile father, what kind of pout is this?
then how to do? now see … *cheers* *hooting* will you sing happy birthday for me? yes, Happy birthday to you … happy birthday to you
*hoots* where is the cake?
happy birthday to Wardah … you should have not taken the flight today if, I would have not gone, then what would have happen we would have been together 🙂 where is the cake? … its coming from tomorrow, your diet will get start stop it … will you vomit? this is very nice photo girls these days, have their heads in the clouds why are you crying?
you will get her call but, I will edit this picture a bit what happened? sorry … sorry … I forgot car keys inside very nice … wow … I’m coming..I’m coming
It’s always like this let’s go towards car what are you thinking? looks like, brother’s intentions are not right
*cruel laugh* look there … I’m looking …
let’s go… father, why is it taking so long for Hamza to return?
let me see .. hey, stop … leave me ..
father … father father …. leave me father … father father … no, father …. Mehmood uncle … Mehmood uncle … Hamza.. father … father ….
leave me father … Hamza….
father … father father …. father …
Hamza … father … *door closes* Hamza, … Hamza … they have taken Sameera.. Hamza
save her … Hamza … they are here yes yes, tell me
we are in that area yes for report, tell me which police station? Mehmood … what happened? … father … something has happened to father? what… Wardah what has happened? Mehmood … Mehmood at least tell something, what happened… what happened?
*sobs* father, say something where is Sameera? yes yes… alright… I’m coming brother ….
where is Sameera? Mehmood … where is Sameera? Wardah … aunty … Wardah … aunty, they took (abducted) her who took her? some thugs, took Sameera away (abducted) Wardah, what are you saying? Rohina … *crying* Rohina, what has she said? how did it happen? what happened … tell me let’s go father brother, brother …
what is she saying? you take care of mother … you stay here father, father… father … not now
not now .. we need to go now Rohina, please look after mother … we are going to the police station…let’s go, father aunty, aunty .. please take care … mother … yes, elderly man
how can I help you? you people are being shy, as if …
come sit come … sit … sit … father my sister has been abducted by some thugs,
barely an hour ago Hafeez… yes, sir … so what is your sister’s name? write my name your daughter is abducted, and I shall write your name?
what are you talking elderly man Sameera Mehmood father’s name …
Mehmood Alam from which area she got abducted?
was she alone? no, no … she was not alone
we all were together and we were at a restaurant’s exit, it happened at the main road at that time some thugs came, and abducted her do you doubt someone? any kind of enmity with anyone? no … give us the photo of the girl no! we don’t have any picture how we’ll find the girl without any photo…
photo is must for sure we have to give the photo, father I don’t trust anyone, nor I want to give her photo to anyone.. also I don’t want to report an FIR father, what are you talking? let’s go father, what are you talking … whatever you want to talk, talk outside, I’m talking to him, wait a minute… we have to give the photo …
let’s go from here father, we need to give the photo.. otherwise, why did we come here? so, we shouldn’t have come here
we shouldn’t have come here they have gone to file a report they have arrived father …. father … any information? no … no? … what does it mean by no? mother, all of this is not that easy
relax a bit it will be done Hamza … , you … why you came after filing a report only? why didn’t you go with them for searching? Hamza … report is not filed .. report is not filed? … why? take this…
No … Hamza ..I’m asking something … father, doesn’t want to file a report
he refused to show the photo he was worried, cannot think… you were alright, why didn’t you filed.. she is your sister, Hamza,what has happened to you? Mehmood …why didn’t you file a report? I’m asking you, why you haven’t filed a report? Mehmood Alam, … I’m talking to you … to whom…to which thugs you have handed our daughter to? I’m asking from you..why are you not telling? why are not speaking? why you didn’t gave photo? you gave our daughter
but not the photo I could not give the photo to those scoundrels, I couldn’t give the photo have you gone mad? I want… I want my daughter … whoever search for her? what difference does it make? what difference does it make? …. *crying* I want my Sameera Mehmood Alam, I want my daughter, Sameera you, you are his shield (protecting guardian) my daughter was in your protection to whom you have given?
you could not protect her so, let the police do that it’s been two … two hours Now … God!… what must be the condition of my daughter … dear lord I will search for her … I Hamza … Hamza … Hamza, take me with you
I will search for her, I will … sister-in-law … I’m so sorry sister-in-law sister-in-law, please stay calm Aww… .. my dear … have you informed the police? he did not filed a report… I’ll not file a report no one will file a report you might have trust on the police, but I don’t no, I will not file a report without doing any search, my daughter’s photo will be distributed to every channel my daughter’s photo will come in the breaking news, again & again there is no need at all
they must have killed my daughter by now Ariz uncle, you please come with me
I will fulfill all the requirements what requirements will you fulfill? do you know more than me about this world and city? why do I have to repeat one thing again & again? why don’t you understand Hamza? have you gone crazy, Mehmood? what are you doing? that child is right yes, I’m mad I’ve become crazy I feel, like my hands & feet have been cut off there is nothing in my control father, this is police work.. they will find her I don’t have trust I don’t trust any law whatever is the legal requirements, we have to fulfill it at any condition she is also my daughter-in-law you have given your daughter
but you will not give her photo stop it, Zakiya stop it, what do you want? you want police patrolling outside the house?
have you forgotten that we have 2 daughters I don’t care …
I don’t care at all in whatever condition she comes back, she is my daughter she is the daughter of Zakiya Alam you keep hiding your face … my honor/respect is tied with hers if she is not respected, then no one shall be you want this …. you want this, that on every channel her photo is shown you want our respect to get ruined… sister-in-law… please … just concentrate on what brother-in-law is saying nowadays, these TV and press people get stuck to such matters they are sitting outside the police stations they have to sell their stories …and we have got daughters what to do then? should we make our daughter to wear a veil it’s not my Sameera’s mistake … it’s their mistake I don’t know … I want my daughter I will not lower my guard very easily he has received the call yes, yes, Malik… this is Ariz speaking … I can’t believe … mother, I can’t believe it at all you know, we were just waiting for Hamza he went to bring the keys from inside it feels that in just 3 minutes, the whole world got upside down Mehmood uncle held my hand they took Sameera away if he wanted, he could have saved Sameera… He could have saved her drink some water… please, my dear sit now.. ok… please…. sit pray that she does not comes back they kill her


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