Ruswai Episode 6 | 5th Nov 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Listen to me Zakiya … after doing so much oppression
you have got something to say? hats off to you … Mehmood hats off … if I will not say to you, then to whom? *reading some lesson lines* Salman! no one is able to handle her what are you trying to prove? by hiding like this … Mehmood is my best friend… if he would not have saved Wardah, what we could have done? is there no one inside? I have been here for so long and no one is opening the gate ok, let me see …. coming … hey! open the door, please why are you not saying anything? I’m listening … I have not said anything yet but still, I’m listening… where were you? I was waiting for you for so long … if that day … that day, you were with me … it had never happened to me … please … please … whatever happened there… I don’t want to listen
I don’t want to listen… I cannot see you getting shattered like this… I am very weak, Sameera
not brave like you you take rest, I’m leaving … you had just come… we haven’t started any talks yet
why are you going? Sameera, I cannot see you in this condition maybe, that’s why I did not come to meet you till now I will come tomorrow, we will go somewhere outside
then we will talk… OK! you feel I am not YOUR SAMEERA anymore … No … No …
No, Sameera, nothing like this please, don’t think like that
you please rest, we will meet tomorrow don’t take flight … I will not take will you come tomorrow? yes! …
Please … *sobs* ok, aunty, I am leaving now Salman … son … have a meal and then go Rohina daughter, bring the food quickly Umm … aunty … I have to reach somewhere son, it will not take long …
have food and then leave I really have to reach somewhere, Mehmood uncle…
Umm, I will take your leave, next time… Bye! Bye! *sigh* Sobia … come … keep the salad here and bring the napkins … alright! come on brother … the food is about to serve no! I’m not hungry son, eat a little bit Maa, how can he eat anything?
as Sameera has not eaten anything since yesterday she must have eaten anything
she cannot stay hungry since yesterday she is in so much pain Wardah, my dear can you please stay quiet for a while?
Hmm … you came so early!
what would they be thinking? even you don’t have to take a flight for the next 2 days
she needs you you should have stayed there for some more time it’s difficult dad! … Really difficult … I know … I know, it is difficult son I am also a man
I understand look, son! we all have to face this together we need to buck up each other you know? when a bad time comes, what is needed most? to whom we love … it is a bad time and bad circumstances this time will be over … it’ll pass yes … I’m trying whatever you want to do son, do it … Hmm … at the moment, I will not have food close your books Sameera … I will not pass, even if I study for day & night if you will study empty stomach, then even you will not pass,
OK … food … father please, do not irritate me now father please, father don’t do this…let me prepare, father … food …
I will not eat don’t use your hands…
father do you want that I get fail? yes …
Father … mad!… open your mouth … open it you are not my child? (in love) very good…
huh!.. it is so hot Um…Um … let me make it to moderate …
Ahh… very good … you made me eat so hot… my tongue got burnt
I know you are kidding, it’s not hot good! open your mouth, open it I am blowing air (to make the food cold) with one blow it got cold? I have blown air for 3 times, one .. two… three good child, open your mouth… good child, open your mouth *laughs* good girl!
I’m not eating *teasing* show me again, how did you blow …
*laughs* *laughs*
daughter, it is getting late … quick …
Father … how did you blow … *laughs* Zakiya … sit here… Zakiya … by any means, please get Sameera to me for me… how? how, Mr. Mehmood? she use to listen to herself
or she use to listen to you she is gone … and you too *Urdu idiom*- she is not in anyone’s control you use to say this … what rubbish were you doing with him? what will happen to him?
whatever has happened, happened to that poor girl don’t encourage him on such nonsense ideas, but discourage him Ariz … what is your problem? if I talk 2 words with my son, something happens to you do not forget, that she is also our daughter must be yours
my daughter is only Wardah what? what did you say? yes .. I am saying it straight away.
I cannot be Sameera’s mother I am Salman’s and Wardah’s mother this is very selfish of you Salma by the way, Ariz, tell me… for what you are punishing Salman? have you seen him … seen him?
our son use to be very social always friends and home, party outside … he never use to stay at home.. and now look at him… he has closed himself in the room he does not go anywhere at all, he is so much pain
do you have any idea? I cannot see him upset my son is very important for me stop it Salma! stop it … our daughter was also there if this would have happened with her, then also you will talk like this? my friend has given a very big sacrifice … do you know? in that difficult time, he stayed strong he did not differentiate between both the girls Not again … a new favor
that he did not differentiate between the two I was against this marriage from day one you have not favored Salman, nor they have forced on this relation… and … nor we would have any association with them Sameera … daughter … eat something at least take 1 or 2 bites daughter, if you think that I’m responsible for this … daughter that day nothing was in my hand there wasn’t anything in my control. daughter but still if you think that I’m responsible then punish me… punish me with whole heart … but for god’s sake, don’t punish yourself it is not your mistake eat something … daughter … may god gives strength …
Oh God! give me strength what are you doing?
such beautiful hands will get dirty in the sand *phone ringing* yes, Madiha… OK … Thanks … what are you thinking? nothing it was Madiha on call
what was she saying? if you have to go to the hospital
I can take you the call was just to inquire bout my health my reports are all ok what does it mean? which one … you have informed everyone? what do you do Sameera? I don’t know till where this information would have spread by now I do have colleagues, but I have not discussed this with anyone we are doctors Salman … we deal with these cases regularly
it is not a case this is not just a case one second … do your male colleagues also know about this? Sameera for God’s sake … with one non-related man how can you share this information? look! I don’t like all this the house in which you have got married… we do have some respect you need to take care of it
do you think I’m not taking care? you were not a medical case … you were our honor “I WAS” what do mean by “I WAS” I am nowhere responsible for this and you are feeling ashamed? it is like that … do you know, how this world is? and how does it think?
I do not care how does the world think I only want to know, what do you think? and those people shall feel guilty, who has done this with me also, those shall be ashamed, who handed me to them what will you prove? even if they come in front of you they have not lost any respect … you have the whole world will look at your face not theirs
all of us will have a bad name I had felt, that you are with me … we do not live in the sky, we live on this earth, Sameera and I haven’t made this world this world is like this … it shouldn’t be like this … dear, get this here put it here, it’s alright
Thank you! Sakeena I want to file an FIR will you take tea? Rohina … you will not go on a picnic
it gets very late at night I will pick her … no need for that I have said something I am saying something do you remember their faces? do you remember their faces?
but they do remember your face there is one small sister at home even if we get them punished? what will it give us? … only disrespect forget it the report was filed, right? yes …
and I already took it back why?
what why? just like that … let her ask … daughter, because there was no need for it you came back because I came back, criminals don’t stay criminals? you have got one small sister in this house?
and a sister-in-law you are right … in this house are just one daughter and one sister-in-law I was also a daughter I could lay down my life for you … I can die I could have died … why did you handover me to them? I wasn’t your daughter? you are daughter … you are my life … and you know that very well, that how much special you are for me I am not a daughter … I’m nothing not for you, nor for Salman … I am just a stain and if it is like this .. then let it be … I should have the right to remove this stain one has to be erased …
either me … or my stain once again the choice is yours, father … what do you want to keep? …
Me … or my stain?


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