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welcome to the Neeks news network. I’m your
anchor, Neeks here with the news report for you! YAY! Today we are talking about the
trash fire that rolled through Romancelandia two days before Christmas. I present to you: What the fuck RWA?! December 23rd
all through romance land all the Twitter’s were stirring and the rwa
account was quiet as Mouse. Alyssa Cole, friend of our main protagonist Courtney
Milan, tweeted that the RWA had agreed with an ethics complaint lodged against
Miss Milan by our two antagonists Susan Tisdale and Kathryn Lynne Davis. All of
what I’m speaking on today is public knowledge so, if you’d like to see the
greatest example of racist white woman tears ever compiled then check the
description box below! Various links included. in the thread posted by Alyssa Cole, there are screenshots of what the RWA sent Courtney. In email they
detail that she is barred from renewing her membership and banned for life from
holding a leadership position within the RWA ever again. This is relevant because
Courtney was once the ethics chair. Also in this thread is Miss Milan’s response
to the RWA judgement I’d like to share the first paragraph with you now we stan! moving on a lot of you are watching and asking “what the fuck is the
RWA?!” The Romanca Writers of America is… was an organization dedicated to
uplifting romance writers and providing them with camaraderie and resources to
help their writing career. Was. So what caused all this dust-up? Well! Sometime
around August 7th of 2019, my birthday, People notice that Sue Grimshaw was
liking some, shall we say, very right-leaning tweets they included
pro-trump propaganda, tweets about enjoying the mass arrest of some “illegal
aliens” and one that said white supremacy was a “hoax.” Girl! in Courtney Milan’s statement to the RWA she links to thread by Ella dray which show screenshots of
just a few of the tweets liked by Grimshaw. These like tweets have since
“mysteriously” disappeared but, I am assured that mystery Incorporated is on
the case! It was around this time Grimshaw- the more I say her name the
more she sounds like a YA Villain- Joined Marie Force’s publication
company. Thanks to the rush of people calling out the problematic tweets and
questionable buying history for the now supremely out of business business
borders bookstores Marie Force announced that she and Grimshaw were
parting ways on August sixteenth. Not my birthday. THE EVIL IS DEFEATED! not quite. Grimshaw was still a freelance editor at GlenFinnan, Susan Tisdale’s
publication company. When SHE was made aware of Grimshaw’s questionable past and
like tweets she went… the other way. On August 24th Tisdale took to Facebook
live to explain that Grimshaw was no more racist than she. Indeed Susan indeed
if you’d like to watch the rather uncomfortable 12-minute Facebook live
video it is archived and the link is down below. There’s also a link to a well
thought out blog post by Laura Vivanco where she’s transcribed the entire video
for those who prefer to read. We have one more antagonist to talk about before we
get into the REAL meat and potatoes of this news broadcast. Keep in mind that
I’ll be skipping a lot of details just so we can not have an hour-long video.
Deep breath. Here we go. August 24th Courtney Milan is informed about a book
with questionable Chinese American representation. She downloaded the book
from Amazon, noted the author, and then noted that the author was part of Susan
Tisdale’s editor team for her company. We now have our final villain. “Somewhere
Lies the Moon” by Kathryn Lynn Davis was called up for being, and I quote, “a
fucking racist mess” by Courtney Milan for its portrayal of the
Chinese-american main character. It is to be noted that Courtney Milan is a
Chinese-american. We can fast-forward to December 23rd. The tweet goes out, there is an uproar, it’s madness, it’s beautiful! Apparently during
the ethics hearing they removed miss Milan and then assembled a secondary
Ethics Board, citing that they didn’t want anyone to be biased towards miss
Courtney Milan. Which, in theory, makes sense but, who were these suddenly
elected secondary ethics committee board people?…
I didn’t say that correctly. Moving on! Since the 23rd of December there has
been non-stop discourse about this. Many others have come up with their own
stories of discrimination at the hands of RWA officials. many of them being from marginalized groups. As an outsider this seems very suspect. But unsurprising. Since this
occurrence the RWA has put out a couple of statements most of them full of word
salad and none of them lending itself to actual resolution. Many of the board
heads have since resigned and over 20 chapters have called for a removal of
the president, VP, and other high official positions, Zooming in on the departing
parties, most of them are women of color who cited a lack of faith and leadership
as the reason for leaving. As a rule of thumb, when black women start leaving in
droves from a place or an organization that’s a bad sign. And that’s the tea. I
personally did not expect this kind of tea from the romance community and I
feel like such an asshole for not realizing how scary some of these people
are. They are tough! I mean half of them are lawyers and the other half they have
the vocabulary to cut you deep in your soul. Romance, ok girl, I see you! There are
several screenshots and tweets from people who have emailed to say that they
won’t be renewing in the new year and promptly having their current membership
cancelled that is literally theft. A theft is wrong. AND ILLEGAL! the RWA put out a
statement saying that Milan’s expulsion had been overturned but they added that
they are seeking legal counsel and that the case is closed for now. What that
means essentially, is that they plan on making Courtney wait for an indefinite
amount of time while they put their thumbs up their asses. At least that’s what it sounds like from someone who’s not a lawyer there are many other dark
nooks and crannies that have been illuminated over the course of this
happening with the romance communities starting but not ending with RITA, Dreamspinner, and the president, Damon Suede. I’m so glad to see the romance community
coming together and fight for what’s good in their neighborhood. If you have
made it to the end of this video I apologize for my bad British accent! I
hope you found this entertaining but, also hope you find the strength to call
out racism or transphobia or homophobia wherever you see it.
Courtney Milan called it out because she believes an inclusion and diversity, as
well as we all should! Also yay for my first bookish dramaaaa! Anyway thank you guys for watching. I’ll see you next time please like and subscriberino because
that’s what the cool kids are doing right now! Okay guys byeeeee!


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