Ryu Jun Yeol & Lee Hye Ri Romansa Drama VS Kehidupan Nyata #Reply1988

Ryu Jun Yeol was starring as Jung Hwan in Reply 1988 He perfectly represented the image of youth stuck between love and friendship And became a rising star Hyeri was starring as Deok Sun, a warm and lovable character in Reply 1988 She was acclaimed for her acting and recognized for her potential as an actor Finally we get to see you two winning an award together Many people said that they want to see you guys together again I hope to keep meeting you guys in warm and loving moments Just like we did in Reply 1988 I’m so glad to win an award with Jun Yeol I’ll try harder to do my best in acting. Shall we greet everyone? – Thank you
– Thanks Bye Jung Hwan Yeah Let’s go to the concert Alright I’ll go with you Hi, you look stunning Look at them I guess you all have been busy after the drama How long has it been since you guys met? – It’s been 3 days
– 3 days? What did you do 3 days ago? We went to see the play that Sun Young was in charge of production – So it really hasn’t been a while
– Is that so? What are you wearing? Can’t you tell? They are Air Jordan Student council won’t let you wear them Don’t you know you can’t wear high end ones, idiot? Sun Woo became a member of student council from last week, idiot You’re lucky to have a friend in student council, idiot You’re lucky, too. You don’t have to bring your lunch to school today. You can just eat what you put on your chin, idiot See you in school This is my wife This is my husband

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