S1:E5 In the face of authority

(Rock music) – [Paul] This is huge. – [Lise] You’re flying out to Finland. – [Paul] To Finland. World Air Guitar Championship Lise. I don’t wanna hype it up, but it’s big. (Rock music) – Everything was pretty and quaint and the town is just so peaceful. – Air guitar! (Rock music) – I have no idea what’s with the weird, short fat, police
controller looking statue. But I’ve heard that it’s very famous so I probably shouldn’t diss it. But I couldn’t help but play
a little bit of air guitar in the face of authority when I came up face to face
with that statue yesterday. (Rock music) After Signet convinced me that they were gonna
send me over to Finland, one of the air guitar
Australia organisers, Tom, told me that he had a spot for me in the Dark Horse round, which is like a last minute
wild card qualifying round for anyone who can make it over to Oulu, some of the top performers
of the Dark Horse will get into the World Championships. (Rock music) We’re here at 45 Special
for the Dark Horse. We are going to shred and try and get into the
World Air Guitar Championships taking place tomorrow. I am a little bit nervous. – 27 great air guitar players performing on this very stage tonight. (Rock music) – There’s twenty seven
air guitar players in it. The top eight will go through
to the world stage on Friday. One will win. You know what Lily Rocknroll, I reckon she’s got a real
hot-fire crack of getting in it. – Got some stiff competition here tonight but we’ll see how we go, I
think Australia, you know I’m gonna rock it for Australia, I’m gonna bring it for ‘Straya. If I’m lucky enough to win
tonight, if I shred hard enough I will be representing Australia in the World Air Guitar Championships being held here in Oulu tomorrow. – Ladies and gentlemen,
all the way from Australia, Lily Rocknroll. (cheering) (Rock music) – It felt so good to finally get up there and just unleash Lily
Rocknroll on the crowd and just to be part of that experience. – And Lily was great, she smashed it. A lot of technicality, a lot
of it weren’t technical enough. I feel like they’re playing
the guitar out here. Just play the bloody guitar. – To announce you this top eight. – I was standing next to Tom
and I was about to say to him, phew well, I can relax now, I don’t have to worry about
any more competitions. – Lily Rocknroll. – And right when I was about to– those words were about
to come out of my mouth, they called out my name
and I was like, oh my god, I can’t believe this. Oh my God, I’ve made it through
to the World Championships with air guitar in Finland. It’s going to be the first time that there’s an equal number
of women performing versus men. So I’m so excited to be part of that, like I couldn’t be happier. This is amazing, I’m
gonna represent Australia with The Jinja Assassin, woo! – There’s two of us in the
top fifteen in the world, that is huge, it’s oh my
God, I’m like overwhelmed. It would feel insane to become the next Air Guitar World Champion especially being from Australia I wanna see Australia win, I wanna see us represent,
so it would mean everything, it would be incredible. An absolute dream come true. – [Sgt. Wrecker] Coming up after
this is aireoke downstairs and it’s possibly the funnest
part of the entire event. (Rock music) – It’s the 23rd Annual Air
Guitar World Championships. (Rock music) – Big, big stakes. – I feel like a f**king
superhero right now. – This is it, this is it.

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