Saaho Hindi Movie with English Subtitles

Far from India, there is a city,
ruled by criminals and gangsters…Waaji City.The city is ruled by
a gangster overlord,the owner of the Roy Group.Roy.Twenty yours ago,
the Waaji underworldwas ruled by me, Prithviraj.Roy was just another guy
who worked under me.Soon, I chose Roy over my son, Devraj
as my successor.The Roy Group was into import,
export, gold and oil businessesand it faced the darkest chapter
in its history.The tragedy at Karana village.That day, Roy decided to shut down
his illegitimate businessesand go completely legit.And to implement his plan,he chose India.Roy wants to commission
a hydroelectric power plant in India.But the biggest obstacle
in his planis the External Affairs Minister
of India.Ramaswamy.Now listen, I’ve told you before. In our government,
there’s no place for gangsters like these.And never will there be.Devraj. How the hell do we stop Ramaswamy? The Indian government
will support the Roy Group at every stage. We didn’t abduct you. Instead we captured your signature. Sign it… and you may leave. I’ve stopped many criminals
with the power that I have. If anyone can stop you, it’s me. Do you even know the consequences
of abducting a union minister? You will realize it
when my people come and drag your bodies
out through that door. Then you’ll know. Bye, Grandpa. If it were just you,
they would call it a kidnapping. Since your whole family is here… it looks like you are on vacation. Everyone knows… Roy doesn’t harm anyone’s family. Can you harm me? If I wanted,
I could’ve made you sign it in India. But just once… Just once. I wanted to feel the magnitude of my power
amid the fear in your eyes. Sign it! The one with elevated consciousness
who is fair of speech He brings peace like a king And how he presents himself will define the true
qualities of a leader. The system that has
always chastised our company… from this point on, it will be bent to our will. Roy is going to India
after a very long time. Our ship loaded with money
will be soon reaching the Indian shores. Tell me. I am not sure. Ever since Bombay became Mumbai, it has changed a lot. -Where are we?
-Close to Ballard Pier, sir. Ballard Pier.
In five minutes…The thief I am talking aboutneeds no introduction.He pulled off two heists
and stole 20 billion.Who is he? How and why is he
committing these robberies?We don’t have any proof
against him.Sir! Our special task team
is trying its best to solve this case. We’ve increased the CCTV
surveillance in the city and every unusual
activity is being tracked. We’ll catch him
within the next 24 hours. A third robbery just took place. A third robbery just took place. We’re still investigating.
We’ll catch them as soon as we can. This is rubbish! How come you didn’t
find any clues at all? -Thrash them.
-Goswami. -Yeah, just ask…
-Goswami! Yes, sir? Clues? Forget the clues, we’ve arrested
all the people involved in the robbery. But… But? None of them knew
they were committing robberies. Looks like, he’s a senior officer. I want to speak to you. -Wait.
-Ajay. Let him come. Sir, I’ll tell you
the same story I told them. You can then decide
if I committed any crime. In my house, they switch on the TV
before making breakfast.The TV remote commands
more respect in my house than I do.I already had
a splitting headache.On top of that, someone was constantly
ringing the doorbell.I opened the door and…Who the hell is ringing
the doorbell– Zoop! The arrow was fired at my door! “Has your wife’s favorite show
Curse of the Serpent started?Don’t be scared.
Look at the basket.It has a gun.Fire a shot in the air right now,and I’ll pay your electricity bill.”He got the TV show’s name right. So he can’t be
a wrong person, can he? I’ll tell you what happened next.I got into the van at 10 a.m.
like I do it every day.I started praying to Lord Ganesha.That’s when I got the letter.Once you hear a gunshot,park your van at Turner Road, Bandra
right in front of Rose Building,and get 20 grand.Sounds mad! Ten grand in advance? -Who are you?
-Jon Snow. Wait here.I was so happy to see a wedding invite.I never knew it’d be an invitation
to my suffering.“Shut your mouth, refresh your brain
and hurry up. Before you try to be a hero,
look to the left.It’s very simple, my dear friend.If you don’t follow these instructions,
their briefcases will explode, and your wife will receive ten bouquets
along with your dead body.” “Glare at the shop manager and get a pair of Ray-Bans
with this jacket.” Back to where you came from. You fool, why did you shoot again
when you saw the van? -I didn’t shoot because I saw the van.
-Then? There was one more letter
on the back of the envelope.Fire one more shot
when the TV show ends,and this channel
will go off the air for good.You are the last witness.
Do you understand? Think twice before you say anything. Sir, actually… Swami. Did you see the driver? The license plate? At least the color? You didn’t see anything?
Are you blind? He is blind. Are you blind?In return,
he’s been promised an eye surgery.I’ve checked it.He’s got an appointment. At 4 p.m. today. Mr. Shinde. Yes, sir, the investigation has started. I haven’t called you to ask
the progress on the case. I’ve called to tell you
that from now on, this case will be handled by
an undercover officer. Who, sir? Ashok Chakravarthy’s information, sir. Even a fake profile doesn’t have
a sterling record like his real profile. But… I’ve worked with him, sir.
I say this from experience. -His entire life has been off the record.
-What do you mean? Sir, he is Alex Fernandes. Mani Anna’s men caught him
for gunrunning. I mean he is like… that “no smoking ad” that comes on
before a feel-good movie. The content is right, but… the visuals are very disturbing. You started your own business and we suffered huge losses. All the state goons have
banded together because of you. All hail Lord Ganesha! All hail! Uncle, can we start now? Brother. Alex is filling our coffers
even while he is dying. He won’t die. I bet my jeep. Which state do you come from? Dry state. Are you betting against Mani Anna? Five whistles
and the food will be ready. Okay, sister-in-law. Five whistles for the food
and also for you. Try to save him.
Go, go, go. Let’s see. One! He’s a goner. I don’t think so. All of you, close the gate. Let go of me. Please save me! Anyone! Hey, be careful. What is a pretty face like you
doing among these pigs? What? What are you doing? Putting out clothes to dry. Trying to dry clothes in this rain? Being romantic amid so much violence! Hey, Hey… Someone please distract him. He fell down! He’s down, but not out. What is this python doing here? Brother, throw away today’s mutton. This one has entered the cage. Who keeps a panther as a pet? He ran upstairs. Done with cardio? Let’s lift some heavy weights now. Here goes the fifth whistle. Hey. -Hang him.
-No, Mani Anna. Mani Anna, please, please. We’re not playing
Snakes and Ladders that you managed to climb up
so easily. Since you’re already here… You guys have two options. Either get him down or just jump off. Why are you getting him down? I will kill him! Get him down! Get out of the way.
I’ll kill him right here… Let him go, Mani. No, uncle! Don’t stop me now. I am going to kill him! He attacked with all his might. Now he will rule with terror. Everyone knows this out here. I say this from my experience. Don’t mess with him. Let him go. Who the hell is he? You saved me from certain death. What do you want from me? Twenty-five years ago, Roy’s entire family was killed. The whole world knows about this. But… no one knows that for the past 25 years,
Roy has been raising a secret. What happened? Roy’s son has returned Roy’s son has returned. His name is Vishwank. Where is he? Our security head. After Roy’s death,
everyone was a suspect. Then… what is he still doing here? Here’s your tea, sir. Okay, sir. Now get out of here. A private meeting in this public place. Sir, I am new here,
but you’ve worked with him before. Talk to him. Actually, you’re right. -Ashok, I was saying–
-Leave the files, look at the facts. The fact is, you fools
couldn’t solve this case together. That’s why I am here. So why should I involve
you fools in this case? Amritha Nair. Look! Determination in her eyes. Hair-trigger temper,
face that exudes loyalty. She can catch this thief. You got all that
from this tiny photo? This girl is okay. -Sir?
-I mean… I am okay with all you guys, too. Where is she? He is asking about Amritha. She is handling the Lal Bungalow case. Here’s the gang war report
you asked for. This is not a gang war. The bullet marks prove all of them
were killed by the same guy. All at the same place. Exactly in the chest. There are similarities. But where’s the proof
that someone else was here? Fired from a Glock 25. If we can trace the bullet,
we will find the fourth… I mean we’ll find the killer. Anything else, madam? Judging by the angle of fire… I think the killer must be short… and moreover
he seems to be a professional. He came in through that door,
shot them and… -left through this window.
-No! He came here to kill them,
not to deliver a letter. Why would he come through the door? Good logic,
seems to be a high-ranking officer. Let me help you, sir. Haven’t you heard about “ladies first”? What’s happening? The mood is being set. The train has departed. Just saying. Goswami, every crime has a motive
and every criminal has a backstory. There was just one killer. But the backstory of this crime
isn’t as simple as it seems.He pulled out his gun
and fired a question at them.The coward froze in his seat.Then he asked,
where was their third partner? He will be here anytime. An hour after his death,
the third guy entered. And this is how
the rascal finished all of them. Good, sir! Sir, everything is under control.
The case will be solved. -I wanted to talk to you about this case.
-Amritha. Henceforth, Ajay will handle this case. I’m sorry, sir,
but every time I’m asked to hand over a case
at the last minute. At least, let me solve
the Lal Bungalow case. Come to my new office tomorrow
with your same old brains. It’s okay if you’re a bit late. Can you see anything? No, sir. Now? No, sir. Damn! Yes, I can. What’s all this, Goswami? A specially designed office
for our new mission. That’s the discussion area. This is the sit out area.
This is the night out area. -Understood.
-What? It’s going to be more play
and less work here. How come you forgot
the shooting area, Goswami? Sometimes what you see doesn’t
really exist and vice versa. Amritha-ji. Get me a chilled beer. You want to have a beer
early in the morning? Why are you so shocked?
I just asked for a beer, not your blood. I’m off duty. On top of that… You’ve come from a dry state
and have a dry throat. We have the CCTV footage
from the TRP Jewelers robbery case. Which camera footage
should I play first? Play all of them together. No, no, no.
This game isn’t for ladies. We’ve already seen all the footage,
and also cross-questioned every suspect. Maybe now we’ll find someone
who refuses to be found. Maybe she covered her face
when she entered. I mean… He covered his face. He is smart enough to steal millions. Why hide behind a cap,
a burqa or a sweater? Nonsense logic. It’s possible, sir. Definitely possible. We’ll know once we watch it. There are so many people
who are wearing caps. Too many people with caps. What do we do? He pulled off that robbery
with great panache. His dressing sense
won’t be so ordinary. There must be a design
or a pattern. Something might match.
Like a matching watch, shoes, or cap? In this day and age… Whatever it is,
please match and check. There is a guy whose cap
and shoe colors are matching.I’ve read your plans in detail.It’s pretty impressive.Sending you the details
of the next plan.We invested two trillion in Roy’s vision.
Now that Roy is no more… -Listen…
-Forget about it. We just want to know
if our money is safe… or not. Mr. Roy’s son will send all the money
to India within the next three weeks. What does he even know
about our organization? The true successor to this chair… is Prithviraj’s son. This is not an ordinary chair. It’s the identity of this company. And only… Roy’s heir can stake a claim to it. Heir? Legitimate or illegitimate? You’ve opened your mouth
in the wrong place. Now, I’ll tear you up into so many pieces that all the cobblers of this city
won’t be able to… stitch you back together. The left sleeve of this suit
is half an inch longer. Either, stop going to tailor Kareem… or quit wearing suits. It doesn’t suit you. You don’t know me, but I know you pretty well. And I also know
where the two trillion rupees are. All this information should be
enough to put me in that chair. But before I can claim this chair,
I have to do two things. I have to fulfill my father,
Mr. Roy’s dream… and I’ll find his killers, drag them out of their homes… and destroy them. What happened at the meeting? Uhh… can we talk about it later? Why later? I’ll tell you now. As long as Vishwank is around,
you’ll never be able to sit in that chair. Vishwank is way smarter than Roy. Prince was tongue-tied
in front of him today. We almost died laughing at him. What do you say, Mr. Prithviraj? When Roy was alive,
everyone praised Roy. Roy this, Roy that. Now that he is dead,
they are praising his son. Why are you laughing, dad? These people don’t realize
I can kill them all and cut them into pieces
and bury them for laughing. But you know it well. Then why are you laughing? They don’t know
that just because you thought I am incapable
of sitting in this chair, I’ve crippled you for life
and imprisoned you for good. They don’t know I killed Roy
like a dog in the street.And returned the money where it belonged.But you know that pretty well, then why are you laughing? Don’t worry. You won’t die so easily, papa. Now I will take over Roy’s place. You can die after that. Huh? Prince… convey my best wishes to Roy’s son. Vishwank, stop. Stop! -Leave me.
-Calm down, calm down! Listen to me. Think like Roy. Think like Roy’s son. Think like Roy. We have to fulfill Roy’s dream. I never expected
you’d track him down so quickly. At least the criminal has a face now. So what’s the next move? Does he have coffee
only from Viktor Cafe? And that’s why we want to log into
Viktor Cafe’s servers and check their live CCTV footage. He will definitely come there. How can you be sure he will come there? Can you guarantee he won’t come? We have lots of artists in our office. Ma’am, you need help? Amu… what’s a pretty girl like you
doing in the police department? What’s the story behind it? He’s asked her the wrong question. -There is no story to tell.
-Everyone has a story. Look at him. His parents knew
he’d become a thief. So they forced him to be a constable,
just to keep him out of jail. Look at that one.
He looks like a stoner. I don’t have any story.
You seem to have a good imagination. Why don’t you make up one? Simple earrings
and even simpler clothes. You pay more attention
to your shoe polish than your nail paint. Not a single call or a message
since morning. You have a very few friends. Maybe you don’t trust people. So what’s the story
behind becoming a police officer? You seem scared of relationships, so you spend your time
hating these criminals. You are a good person, but you’re scared
to show that side of you. Maybe you hide your loneliness,
behind the mask of a police officer. Just as you are trying to hide
your tears right now. Goswami, this guy is sinking fast. This branch of the coffee shop
is close by. -Where are they going?
-Shadow must have turned up. We have Intel on the location. How did you guys get in? Show us the CCTV footage of second floor. A-R-M-A… The entrance cam. He is not here. The server is down at this place. Not just this place. The CCTV server of
the entire mall is down. Right! So he never came. Coffee for Ashok. Table No. 3, right? Armani? What will be his next plan? The ship got burnt and sank… where will the money come from? Is this what you are thinking? Hmm. Only Ibrahim and I know
about this building. It’s got more money than we lost. But… There is only one key
that opens it. Black Box. We don’t have it right now. If not with us, then where is it? After Roy’s death,
I hid the Black Box at a safe place in Mumbai. So I’ll go and get it back. No. You should stay with Vishwank. Whatever happened with Roy… should not happen to him. No one will ever suspect me. After a very long time,
an event of this scale is happening. Armani Nights. Lots of guests. That is why we need to
contact the event organizers and get their surveillance system
in our control. Once we spot him… he won’t get away. I think, we’re very close to Shadow. Do you think it’s a joke? Hmm. So when you spot him,
what… do you plan to do? What do you mean? He’s a criminal.
I’ll arrest him, of course. We know he was behind
all those robberies. But we need proof to arrest someone. You are right. So what do we do now? Some thieves are caught after
they commit the crime, some are caught before they do it. But we need to catch the thief
red-handed. Go undercover and uncover all his plans. Stealthily and quietly, operating like a thief, we have to nab this thief. Is something happening? Something is definitely
happening to me. We are going to a pub tomorrow. Don’t dress up for a wedding. Just keep a check on
all the CCTV cameras. Okay, sir! I’ll take care of it. Something’s missing in my life, Goswami. Why? What’s missing?
You have a thief to catch. You enjoy ragging us.
What more do you want? That’s what. There is too much violence. Ah, yes! She would’ve looked better
in wedding clothes. Don’t you think this dress is
a little too much? We’ll have to do this much. Or else people might suspect
we’re cops. Now go… The dress might save you, but this badge will spill the beans.I am yoursI’m your lovey-dovey honeyI am yoursI’m your lovey-dovey honeyFirst, the blue eyes met mineYou made me sleepless at nightDrowned in your spellYou look at me like this
Why, beloved?You gave me false promisesLeft many men to tearsYour grooves stole my heartCome, let me take you today
For a cup of teaOh my belovedMy possessive loverDon’t let go of my wristTurn my arm
And quickly run to the sideHere comes my psychotic loverI am yoursI’m your lovey-dovey honeyI am yoursI’m your lovey-dovey honeyI’m a simple innocent girlDowned half the bottleI’m a simple innocent girlDowned half the bottleAnd this magnetic gravity of yoursIs pulling me to youOh my belovedI’m your soldier of loveIf I hold your hand
I’m never letting you goEven if your brother turns upHere comes my psychotic loverWhy did my lover come here?You know how important this case is. And yet… All our efforts have
gone down the drain! Thanks to your stupidity. I met him there. Steve. Same for me. Can’t I have the same drink? You can have any drink and then ramble on if you want. It’s a free country, brother. What do you do? I can’t tell you! It’s a secret. What about you? Mine is a top secret. But let me tell you. I am a thief. You made a grave mistake. I am a police officer. He’s interesting. What happened next?After a few drinks,he spilled the beans. You must’ve heard about Waaji City. It’s about an important locker. But the device that opens it,
the Black Box… is in this city. And someone wants to acquire it. If I get my hands on it… Did he say the Black Box? This is my favorite lighter. Can I take a look? But a part of it is missing. If I find that,
it’ll be even more precious. I wanted to speak to you in private.
It’s rather important. Roy Group. These files are not about
their crimes, it’s about the people
who tried to catch them. None of them have been
successful so far. But… if we find the device… you are talking about… we can finish the Roy Group for good. Fool! He spilled vital information
while he was drunk. No. He knows who I am. He wanted this information to reach me. But he doesn’t know he’s messing
with the wrong guy this time. Tell me the truth. Am I really helping you in this case? Because you seem to have
the answer to everything. This time I only have the answer. You will need to find the question. Amritha, you are in my team. Only I can question you, no one else. I only need the list
of these passengers.A law degree from Stanford,
a doctorate from Oxford.Her father is Gopalachari Chinapoyaka. Take care. She’s been attacked! I know. As long as I am around… they can’t harm you.Amritha, wait.The traffic is clearing up. No, wait. It seems the news about
the Black Box… has reached too many ears.That’s why…we need to hide it somewhere quickly. Where? Go, go. Move, move, move! Hurry, let’s go quickly. Quickly, fast, fast! Missed it? What do you mean you missed it? She must have missed him again. What else can we expect from Amritha? Who said we missed her? Just before her car drove away,
we put a tracker on her. Come on, move, move. The car drove through Haji Ali,Grant Road, Cotton Exchange
and finally stopped at Ballard Pier.Right in front of Capital Bank.The Black Box is not in Capital bank,it’s in Royal Bank. It’s behind the pharmacy. So if he doesn’t have this information… how will the robber get to the bank? And how will we catch him? He is not the police; he is a thief. He must be a step ahead of us already. Shall we drive to the office?
Where’s your car? All okay? You seemed fine till now. When I was a little girl,
mom was learning to drive. Dad sat in front,
and I was in the back. She was driving fast, I was thrilled,
I egged her on to drive faster… Dad was worried, but she drove faster
to make me happy. But… When I opened my eyes, my parents were looking down at me… Drenched in blood. Their lifeless eyes staring at me. I’ve been affected
by that my entire life. I am happy again after a long time. I’m also scared,
what if I lose it all again? You were right, Ashok. I’ve never had anyone in my life to share my joys and sorrows with. Except for my shadow. At this moment, your shadow is
also not here with you. But I am. Even I don’t have anyone in my life. Just like you.In your thoughtsMy heart keeps wanderingMy love, you don’t realizeI am your belovedIn your thoughtsMy heart keeps wanderingMy love, you don’t realizeI am your belovedAll night, I miss you all the timeWhy do I find youSo enchanting?I have become yoursBe mine, and complete meIn my eyesI will hold youWhether you want it or notI will make you mineIn my eyesI will hold youWhether you want it or notI will make you mineYou have become my lifeWhy do I find youSo enchanting?I have become yoursBe mine, and complete meWhy do I find youSo enchanting?I have become yoursBe mine, and complete meWhy do I find youSo enchanting?I have become yoursBe mine, and complete meShow me your hand. Predicting my future? Not just yours. Our future. Looks expensive. Had to sell my car to buy this ring. But it’s nothing compared
to my love for you. What happened? You’ve asked me to lead the entire team. So I am a little tense. I’ve got everything you’d asked for. Blueprints of the bank,
details of their security system. The police control data of that area. It’s not easy to enter the bank. The moment anyone breaks in
through the front door, all the nearby police stations
will be alerted. Every corner in the bank
has a CCTV camera. Plus, these high voltage
electricity laser tags. Once you cross all these, finally… It’s impossible to open the vault. So let’s make it possible for him. How? We want the device and the one who steals it. Got it? This plan has to be foolproof. Till we get the thirsty to the well, how will we get both? By the time he realizes,
we’ve taken the device, he will be in our hands. We must get the Black Box. David. The minute I press
the button on this watch, I’ll get your location details.Shinde, the mistake we made at the
traffic signal, should not happen again.There won’t be a scope
for any mistake. I have never seen a more
intelligent police officer before. Next warning won’t be given
over the phone, but at the gun point.What is his name?Ashok Chakravarthy. Ashok Chakravarthy. Guys, you can’t escape. Surrender. This is your last warning.
The police have surrounded you. Two down, but Shadow isn’t there. Get down. Sir, the Black Box is not here. What! What do you mean it’s not there? The entire bank is empty. Sir, there is some problem. Tell me. What? It’s time to finish the game you started. The guy caught by your team
is an undercover officer. -Who, sir?
-What do you mean by who? Our undercover officer
Ashok Chakravarthy. But sir… If this is Ashok,
then who is the thief?Sometimes what appears isn’t the realityand sometimes reality
isn’t what it appears to be, Amritha-ji. He is not a police officer,
he is a thief.He will always be a step ahead of us.Saaho. My name is Saaho. Do you know how you were born? With the umbilical cord around
your neck, drenched in blood and kicking your mother’s stomach. You struggled to live. If you give up now, you will die. Go get them. Or else don’t come back alive.Someone stole the Black Box from the bank.A thief infiltrated our department,used all of youand pulled off a heist. And no one suspected him? How did he hack
into our database so easily? What the hell was our hacker doing? We thought he was our hacker… but he was working
for him all along.When I was investigating
at the jewelry shop…He showed you my footage
and convinced you that I was the thief.David showed me his footageand sent me to the coffee shop.Black Box. He shared his plans
and labeled them as mine.He knew where I was
and my escape plan.He planned it all.I suspected something was amiss.As I entered the bank…I realized how deeply… Saaho had trapped me into his plan. He used your name better than you. You need to take a break. Henceforth, don’t tell anyone your name. Do you know how much this
mistake of yours has cost us? Sir, I couldn’t recognize him. Just take a look around you. You weren’t even able to spot this? You… worked very closely with him,
right? Can I get more information… of this hero? He’s not a hero… He is a villain.If I come close
I’ll blow your mindYou have no idea the pleasure
My touch holdsEverything is written in your eyesI’m a little bit innocent
And a little bit mad, girlHigh! Baby, I stay highI-S-T-A-Y-F-L-YFly, like a helicopter, yo!I’m so sick
Someone call the doctorAll cash, no checksEven if I say nothing
My swag will flexIf I get in the mood, babyI’ll make sure
Your boyfriend becomes your exYou’ve taken my heartKeeping my distance from you, boyIt’s become really toughYou’ve taken my heartKeeping my distance from you, boyIt’s become really toughYou are fire, I am gasoline, boyJust like you
I’m also a mad girlWhat a party! The next mission
will be a tough one. Franco Brothers. They say
they aren’t scared of anything. If you have such guys working for you… why will anyone be scared? If you guys join hands with us, the rest of the board members
will have no choice but to join us. Then no one can stop Devraj
from claiming the throne. Now that Roy’s son is back… why do we need Devraj? You should first get all the money
from that secret locker and then think of claiming Roy’s place. Look at their faces now! There was a village named Karana. What you are standing on isn’t sand, it’s the ashes of all the villagers
that were burnt here. To you, this might be a barren desert… but for me this is my victory ground. We never thought
we’d lose the Black Box. That device has a tracking system which will remain active
for the next 48 hours. We can track him down
from anywhere in the world. But if we can’t find it this time… I won’t spare you. Amazing place, right? Why don’t we just get settled here? But tell me, Saaho,
why do you love me so much? Stay here, I’ll be right back. One biryani, please. Hurry. Why are you so frustrated? We can sit and talk in peace. Who is it, man? At least, tell me before you shoot. It took me two days to find this place. Babes, where’s the biryani? The magazine is empty, darling. Having known you so well,
you think I’d pack just one magazine? Looks like the police have become smart
after spending time with a thief. Shooting you here is pointless. Because everything is up here. What would you do
if you were me? I wouldn’t have wasted so much time. I was kidding. Are you trying to kill me? Just a small confusion. It’s definitely room 105.
God promise. Discussing all this now is a waste. Go, go, go. They hate you more than I do.
Who are they? Why are they so violent? They won’t leave till they kill me. Only you should kill me. But please leave now. I’ll come straight to the point. You stole the Black Box,
now hand it over to me. I’ll let you join… my gang. I’ll give you a million. Ten million, final. Everything in this world has a price. His is ten million. The Black Box is much more precious. And the person
who stole the Black Box… Just imagine how much he is worth? A lion and a deer can live in a jungle… but not in the same cage. If the deer tiptoes
into the lion’s cage… it will be ripped apart by the lion. So tell him… not to tiptoe into my cage. Let him go. I’ll have to inform Saaho. Bro. The police are all over the place. We should just scoot. -I am talking to you, what are you–
-Saaho. Where is the socket? In the right corner. Oh! What is she doing here? I am asking you, sir. We are being chased by
mafia from all sides and you’re falling in love with her now? We’ll be dead.
It’ll be the end of our story. Why have you come here?
Why? Don’t you know? Because I got her involved
in the robbery without her knowledge. And then the police department… fired her. And now you want your share. Is something happening? Something is definitely happening to me. Nothing is happening to him. Beware of these police officers. They are very shrewd. Are you saying this?You are an honest police officer.But… The department suspects you.In the paths of our dreamsOur destinies are entangledWe’ll remain entangled foreverWe’ll never go separate waysWhy did I meet you?Why did you meet me?Did we come togetherIn every era?Your heart beats in mineMy heart beats in yoursYour world revolves around meAnd mine revolves around youI’m like a little storyYou’re the sweet words I speakI’m a sweet whisper on your lipsYou’re my coveted secretI am drowned in your memoryDrowned in your conversationsYour fragranceIs all around me like a blessingI want to stay in your armsAnd go with the flow togetherLet me soar highYou’re my skyWe’ve come togetherAs we’re meant to beThe path of loveWe’re destined to walkYou and me cannot describeThis magic that is flowingAnd everything is lit up magicallyWe just have seven days… to get the money
and keep the Roy Group afloat. She is right! I heard you’ve returned
after Roy’s death. I thought I should meet you,
but I couldn’t. It’s the same place
where we heard Roy for the last time. His voice is still ringing in my ears. And then suddenly… life changed. If you need anything… Now it’s perfect! You turned my dreams into reality, but… some things
just can’t be fixed. Just like us. What do you mean? Our relation is akin to day and night. Both depend on each other, but we can never be together. Twilight!
The most beautiful time of the day. It comes about only if
both, night and day blend together. Our relation is like that. It brings both, hope… and fear. When I was a kid,
I was very naughty. Never slept in one place. That’s when my uncle told me
if I don’t sleep, the monster under my bed
would eat me up. That fear made me sleepless forever. I couldn’t sleep after that. But one day, I mustered courage
and looked under my bed. And guess what, no monster! My fear turned into anger. I plunged my uncle’s scissors
into his chest. And then I was scared again. So I ran and hid under the bed. That’s when I realized… the monster wasn’t under my bed… it was inside me. So when anyone disturbs my sleep… it awakens the monster inside me. I don’t want the device anymore. But I’ll tell you
what you need to do with the device. Saaho… I am coming for you. What’s the plan? The money is in this building. I’ve attached bombs to the ceilings of
all the 28 floors below the locker floor. The minute we press the trigger… You wanted to destroy Roy’s son. Maybe that’s what Saaho is doing. No harm will come to Amritha. Saaho is in our control
till we have Amrita. Prince, keep an eye on Amritha. The fish rules the roost in water Water is its life.Touch her and she’ll cryPull it out of the water, and she dies. You are playing hide-and-seek
with my department. No harm should come to my daughter. Don’t worry. She’s safe… with your wife. But your wife… Because we have her in custody… If something happens to your wife… You look nice when you’re scared. We should give Saaho a gift. Return his girlfriend to him. But not alive. We’re reaching in five minutes. I met Ashok last night. He threatened to kill my family. I was scared. I told him your entire plan. He can hear us right now
at the other end. What do we do now? He has only two options now. Either he’ll abort the mission or he will challenge me. In both cases… we win. The last time, you whispered something
into my ears. Today, I’ll teach you a lesson… which will blow out your ear drums. Ashok Chakravarthy. I thought you knew me.You didn’t see this coming?I’ve cooked up so many stories. Don’t you think… I could come up with
David’s fake family?You made Saaho an offer.But Saaho gave me… an even better offer.He returned the Black Box to me.I gave him back… what was his. What the hell! Hitting a home run
in a minor league is no big deal. It takes a special talent
to hit it out of the park
in a major league match. The match is taking place
in Devraj’s stadium, not ours. And now the dragon is after you. Are you ready? You are not an ordinary guy, Saaho. Saaho, there is a road block ahead. Listen to me carefully,The Jetmen are coming after you.Both trucks are in our custody, sir.Trucks are of no use. I want Saaho’s head at any cost.After you cross the next bridge,
you’ll be in a safe zone.What happened, Ashok? He made the entire Waaji police
chase him and led the money trucks
through another route. Till the board meeting gets over, guard the device. Okay, sir. How do you know about this place? When they caught Saaho,
all the attention was on him. You suspect Shinde
all of a sudden? I always suspected him.
I just need to confirm it now. Alex… Fernandes. What’s the connection
between Shinde and him? No one is going to come. Because everyone is afraid of
the story of this village. When kids don’t listen to you, you tell them stories. And when grown-ups don’t listen, you tell them secrets. I am going to tell you a secret which Roy and you
always wanted to know. That secret is… Karana. This used to be a village full of people. It had oil beyond one’s imagination. To vacate the village, we threatened the villagers. But Roy supported them
and no one listened to us. So will I stay… quiet? I’ll inflict immense torture
upon him in that village… that the collective pain of the villagers
will pale in comparison. You shook Devraj to the core. Game over! Do you know Alex Fernandes? Back in Mumbai, you ran away
when you saw me. Why? By the time they reach you,
you will be dead. So tell me. Why did you run?As you instructed,
we tapped everyone’s phones.I checked the call records
of the Roy Group.And we know who leaked
all the information.It’s none other than…Kalki. We trusted you. When a man betrays,
he’s hailed as a mastermind, but a woman is known as a fraud? The story is so long, I don’t know how to begin. Disappeared! So let’s start the story with a thief. We have the Black Box, Devraj. Look at him! They beat him
within an inch of his life. No one has ever troubled me so much. I want to know how your brain works. Let’s smash your head open
and sneak a peek.The one with elevated consciousnessHit them in front of me.The one with elevated consciousnessDuring the investigation
of the three robberies in Mumbai, I found out whom
the stolen money belonged to. It belonged to the Roy Group. I thought about it. Even after losing all this money… you were so quiet. Why? But then I realized something. The robberies were just a medium
to create the thief. Saaho used the police… to steal the Black Box from the bank. And the Black Box was used to destroy Devraj and Prince. That means, in total… Two trillion. I can ask you a million times. But I don’t have the time. The throne and the empire are
waiting for me. You created the Black Box
to steal Devraj’s money. So now… what’s in your locker that can only be opened
by the Black Box?If there’s no money,where did all the money go? I was stunned when I found out.The cash in Devraj’s locker…and the cash burnt on the ship…were same. But it wasn’t in the trucks either. So where is the money now? All my questions are answered. Except for… one question. What’s the relation between Saaho and you? What’s the connection
between this and Saaho? So the rest of the questions
will be answered by this little box. Tell me. Whom did you see before you ran away? Tell me. You sold guns to three guys. Where will I find them? I can kill you as easily as I saved you. Lal Bungalow. What is this? The one with ele… elevated… The one with elevated consciousness
who is fair of speechHe brings peace like a kingwill define the true
qualities of a leader Many a times in history, kings had to rise as warriors to save their kingdom from enemies. For 25 years,
Roy had been raising a secret.He waged a war.And won it too. And now… he will return to his throne and crown. To become an emperor again. Roy protected Karana for 15 years. But Devraj destroyed it in one night. So now you know…
who the emperor is. For 20 years… I stayed away from my father. Hello.I stayed away from my father
ever since I was a kid.I always feel,
you want to tell me something. But you never do. What is it? Nothing, dad.I thought I’d stay with him
from now on.Tomorrow, I’ll introduce you
to the whole world as my son.You won’t have to stay away
from me any longer.What happened?You want to say something?I’ll tell you when I meet you tomorrow. Dad?Dad? Dad?Did you ever imagine you’d die
like a dog in the middle of a street? I imagined it.I always feel you want to say something,
but you never do.What is it?We won’t spare anyone. We will kill all of them. Roy had started something and we have to see it to its end. Don’t forget that. So we will just let them go? No! Thirty-six bullets were fired upon you. Will avenge each of them…
with one thousand bullets in return. I could have killed you that very day. But I wanted to shake
the foundation of your world. I want to share something
very important with all of you. All of you have heard
the truth about Roy. But… none of you have seen it. You took him to be Roy’s son… but he isn’t. He is actually my son. Iqbal. I am in a meeting.
Why are you chewing my brains right now?This is my favorite lighter.It’s an antique.But a part of it is missing.If found, it will be invaluable.Meet Roy’s son… Siddhant Nandan Saaho.Roy Group of companies has started
providing electricityto many underdeveloped villages.The investors feel
that fortunes are looking upafter Siddhant Nandan Saaho took charge
as the CEO of the company.Are you following me? Didn’t I tell you… even if your shadow leaves you… I’ll always be there for you? If you don’t love me,
don’t shoot me here. Shoot me here. Everything is here.

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