SAAHO Trailer | Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh | Bhushan Kumar | Sujeeth | Vamsi Pramod

Last week, there was a theft
of 200 million in Mumbai As per our sources, police
still don’t have any leads We should be ashamed
of ourselves From now on, this case
will be handled by an undercover police officer Who, sir? He’s like the no smoking ad
before any feel good film, sir The content is correct But the visuals are
very disturbing Amritha Nair, Crime Branch What will his next plan be? You must have heard about
Waaji City A place where crime is the norm
and gangsters rule There is an important locker There is only one key
to access this The Black Box If we can get our hands on it I’ll be a frickin’ billionaire, man Violence There is too much violence You know something like.. Romance? Yes. Romance, Swami Our relationship is like
day and night Both are bound to each other And yet cannot stay together This is what we call
a masterstroke, sixer Everyone is a Tendulkar
in gully cricket The actually talented person
is the one who can smash a sixer
right out of the park There is no point
shooting you here Because everything
is up here


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