Sahir Ludhianvi Biography | Indian Poet and Film Lyricist

“I am a poet for a second or two.. story lasts a second or two.” We are talking about the
great poet, Sahir Ludhianvi. Mister Sahir was born on 8th March 1921. When he was born, he was named as Abdul Hayee. But like every poet, after
growing up Mister Sahir.. ..chose a new name for himself. And that name is Sahir Lundhianvi. Sahir means magician, and in true sense.. ..Sahir Ludhianvi was a magician of words. “What if I settle my heart in your eyes?” “What if I close my eyelids
and punish this heart?” Mister Sahir belonged to Ludhiana. He spent his childhood in
a lot of hurt and pain. His parents had broke off their relation. Mister Sahir’s mother had
only fed and nurtured him. Mister Sahir completed his
graduation in Ludhiana itself. “I will put flowers of love in your hair.” “What if I tweak my hair and
make these flowers fall?” “What if I settle my heart in your eyes?” Since early times, there was
a lot of pain and passion.. Mister Sahir’s heart. He inculcated that pain in
his first book as well. This book containing poems was named Talkhian. Mister Sahir started writing songs for movies.. ..and his first movie was Azadi Ki Raah Par. The movie came in 1949, but
the songs written by.. ..Sahir, did not amaze any one. But the movie Naujawan, that
came in 1951, in which a.. ..pair of S.D.
Burman and Sahir Ludhianwi was formed.. ..earned a lot of praises. “If your head starts feeling dizzy,
or your heart feels like.. ..drowning, come lovable, come near me.” “Why are you getting scared?
Why are you getting scared?” Mister Sahir’s work with
Mister Guru Dutt very well. Whether it be the movie Baazi or Pyasa. “Don’t know how those people are whose.. gets love in return.” “Because whenever I have asked for flowers.. ..I have always got a garland of thorns.” It is believed that Sahir
Ludhianvi is such a poet.. ..that when he was alive, two
movies were made on his life. Mister Guru Dutt’s movie Pyaasa is.. inspired by Sahir Ludhianvi. The main lead in the movie is
a poet, with the name Vijay. The poet writes against the
system, has lost the war of.., says that even if he
gets the world, it wont matter. “These money hungry people,
this world of rituals.. ..even if I get this world, it wont matter.. ..even if I get this world, it wont matter.” Years after the movie Pyaasa,
a unique movie made by.. ..Sahir Ludhianvi’s friend, came. That movie was Yash Chopra’s Kabhi Kabhie. If you pay attention, you will
realize that the main lead.. the movie is a poet. And has lost the battle of love. His lover gets married to someone else. And he himself marries someone else. Sahir Ludhianvi had himself
said to Mister Khayyam.. ..the music composer of the movie, that this.. is based on the
life of your friend, Sahir. “Sometimes, my heart has a thought…” Sahir’s affair with the
famous writer Amrita Pritam.. ..was always in news, as also.. ..with the singer Sudha Malhotra. But in both the relationships, Sahir stopped.. ..right before a marriage. “Whatever you said, whatever I heard.. ..something meaningful happened.” The fame that Mister Sahir earned as a poet.. nothing compared to the fame that.. ..he earned as a lyricist. Sahir LUdhianvi is of the
poets who wrote pure poems.. well as songs for movies. “I have complain with them.” “What should I tell, what could I have
said, why would I have said?” “Nothing I could say,
and my eyes became teary.” “I everyone is there is gathering..” “Everyone still held their drinks.. ..I drank also and refilled it also.” And in the year 1980 on 25th October, Mister.. ..Sahir Ludhianvi died on
account of heart attack. He was merely 59 years old. “Reduced my hearts burden,
whatever sadness I got.” “Whenever I asked for flowers,
I got a garland of thorns.” Sahir Ludhianvi definitely portrayed.. ..his life in his songs. “Many poets came before me and went.. ..some sighed and left,
some sang songs and left.” “There were a part of a second, I, too am.. ..a part of the second.” “I am a poet for a second
or two, my story lasts.. ..only a second or two.” “My youth lasts only a second or two.” Sahir Ludhianvi’s name will always be taken.. ..with pride in the Indian cinema. “I am a poet for a second or two.” For more bollywood updates and news, log on to.. And


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