SAINT JOAN at Folger Theatre

Dria Brown: Audiences should expect…miracles. Eric Tucker: I have such a great love of the
play. I’ve always thought it was an amazing…maybe
one of the best plays ever written. Sam Massaro: The play is so much about being
truthful and speaking truth to power unabashedly and reclaiming strength. Edmund Lewis: I think Joan has always fascinated
people in that she’s actually an historical character. Dria: Joan to me is a rebel. She is one that refuses to conform to the
gender norms and prejudices of her time, and frankly, our time. Edmund: You know, for someone like Joan, who
was poor, young, and a woman…you know, three strikes you’re out in 1429. I think we’re fascinated with characters like
Joan because we almost don’t believe that this could have happened. Dria: It’s all about the story-telling, the
play’s the thing now. The words are the thing and it’s simple and
it’s specific and it’s ripped-down and stripped bare and that brings about humanity and it
doesn’t allow the audience to disconnect with what’s going on and they’re on the forefront
with us. Eric: We try to make it feel like the audience
is as much on a journey as we are. Sam: It’s time for it. Eric: Obviously, it’s a time that’s really
important for women and she’s such a strong character, maybe one of the strongest I can
think of in literature. Dria: I think audiences are really excited
to see Joan in this time because we see her so much in our daily walks of life. She’s no longer this icon on a pedestal, she
is every day woman. Eric: It is the right time for this play. Edmund: The audience can expect to be very
moved. Dria: I think it’s going to resonate with
a lot of people on many different levels. Sam: I think they can expect to see four actors
having a really great time, and we demand it of our audience to join us. But I think more importantly than that…I
think they can expect to hear amazing arguments and amazing text and I think they can expect
to hear things that demand them to lean forward and make a choice for themselves.

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